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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 17

I’m honestly a little confused about the sudden chapter title. Ah well. Second regular chapter for the week guys!

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Chapter 17

The Way I Use My Magic 7

“Daddy! I brought the herb!”

“Oh! ***! Thank you! But it was dangerous, did you not want to live anymore?”

“Your dad was about to jump out just to look for you, you know?”

“Un….. I’m sorry”

They immediately went to bond as a family.

We were led to the house behind the inn and were made to witness this heartwarming scene…. It is uncomfortable to watch, causing us to feel awkward.

“…..is it really okay to go meet them like this?”

“…..shouldn’t it be fine? Just go with the flow”


There was a muscular guy lying on the bed. He was about the same age as his wife.

With his firm build, the difference between the two of us was like comparing yoghurt to steel.

You could really feel that blacksmith vibe.

But right now, he’s in a painful state with his bandaged arm. I can see that he’s weak at the moment.

“These people are?”

The Mister finally noticed our presence.

I give a slight nod while the landlady happily introduced us.

“Ah, they’re the guys who rescued ***”

Hearing this, the husband rushed to thank us as well.

“Why, our daughter had caused you guys some trouble! Thank you very much!”

“Oh no, not at all”

The husband joyfully lowered his head in thanks but I stop him, saying that it really wasn’t a big deal.

“You even entered the forest to look for her. I’m ashamed, I really should have been the one to go……”

“No matter what you say, please rest while you’re injured”

“No! This wound is nothing! Compared to when darling would hit me!”


In the midsts of his distress, we hear the sound of something blunt hitting the mister.

“What are you saying, you! It’s embarrassing!”

“…….as expected from darling, no mercy”

The husband went into a prone position on the bed, it felt surreal to see the landlady go red.

I see, so this is how they stop reckless behaviour.

Is mercilessly shooting down an injured person something that should be emulated?

……that was dangerous, I think I would normally die from that.

“He~y, try using the herb that I brought with me!”

“Ah, that’s right! Thanks a bunch!”


The dad looked at Ribbon-chan fondly, immediately recovering from his position earlier.

This husband is really the doting type.

It was as if he didn’t sustain any damage.

Ribbon-chan must really love him.

Like a content cat, she went to have her head petted. It’s downright heart-warming.

The landlady was beside them, and the herbs that Ribbon-chan just brought were taken to be ground in a mortar.

She’d put more herbs into the mortar making a mixture. When it’s done, they say it would be a medicine that heals wounds.

“Here, put this on Daddy”


Ribbon-chan took the mortar with the medicine from her mom, then smeared a cloth with the mixture from it.

Oh so you use it as a poultice to smear on the injury.

From the way it looked, it’s really crushed herbs.

It’s a blue-green gel that looks like it would leave a stain.

I frowned involuntarily, but I suddenly thought about something.

In front of me is a patient who is in pain.

Hmmm….. this might be a good chance to test something out.


“What is it?”

“Well, there’s something”

Kawazu-san’s sharp eyes noticed how I looked.

Before doing anything, I spoke to the the couple.

“…..hey, can I see that medicine for a bit?”

“Eh? Sure, okay”

I beg you to excuse me for being a bad guest, interrupting a father’s reunion with his wife and daughter. Ribbon-chan was confused.

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry but, can I show you something?”

“A, there’s no problem with that but….”

I looked at the husband’s injury which was treated with the poultice. Even with my untrained eye, I could immediately tell that it was a deep wound.

But I didn’t go out of my way, and take the medicine from Ribbon-chan, just to simply apply the poultice.

“Can I do it?”

“? Are you some sort of doctor?”

“…..something like that”

I immediately spouted a lie, and pat the wound using a medicine-dipped cloth.

The mister’s face contorted in pain, but the show was just starting.

I placed my hand on top of the cloth and use magic.

There was that magic I’d downloaded before we went into the forest.

The magical circle immediately appeared, radiating a warm light.

“….. this guy”

The mister’s murmuring reached my ears.

After a few seconds, everyone was left speechless in the face of the miracle that just occurred.

It was as if the wound was an image playing in reverse, healing up.

Bone, flesh, and skin came together to reconstruct their previous appearance. They also regained their function.

By the time the light subsided, the wound disappeared without a trace. It was clean, as if nothing ever happened.

” ” ” “………..” ” ” ”

The spectators weren’t able to say anything.

Of course, even I was amazed. The results were outstanding.

“Ohhh….. this is amazing, wow! You….. what did you do?”

“E-er. What do you mean? This is the effect of the herb your daughter brought, isn’t it? Riiight?”

I acted as if it was normal. Accepting what I said, the husband reacted.

There were tears on the corner of his eyes as he vigorously nodded.

“……Ah! That’s right! Thank you so much ***!”


I stiffly smile at the mother, and Kawazu-san oozed toad slime from his body – it was strange. But they were happy overall so it passed by unnoticed.

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