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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 19

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///: Some redundant sentences like “unexpected miscalculation” …but whatcha gonna do.

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Chapter 19

“I dare say! This is a fateful encounter! Solving the blacksmith’s family problems, getting along with them, this is all for the sake of obtaining this!”

Indeed! Just like a template.

I withdrew the sword from the sheath on my waist, showing it off while acting cool.

“This! It was all for the sake of obtaining this wonderful weapon!”

The gleaming blade is super cool.

“…..No, it’s a totally ordinary one-handed sword”

“Hm….. I wonder about that?”

I have no choice but to showcase the awesomeness of the sword to the clueless Kawazu-san.

Looking around, I conveniently spot a huge rock.

Since there is a good target, it’s only natural to make a small show right here and now.

I ran with the sword on my hands.

The moment I levelled the sword down to my waist, my arm itself disappeared.

No, it just moved in a speed that my naked eye can’t see.

“Take this ~yahyahyahyah!”

Wielding the sword, I quickly diced the huge rock.

It was shredded in an instant, with machine-like precision.

Kawazu-san turned blue: check – then I laughed.

After landing and sheathing the sword, Kawazu-san fearfully asked.

“Ta-taro, do you practice the way of the sword?”

“Don’t be stupid, Kawazu-san. There’s no way that’s the case, right? Rather look at my sword. Ain’t it amazing?”

I myself was amazed, as it far exceeded my expectations.

Kawazu-san finally realized that there was some sort of feature to the sword. He must’ve felt the tremendous magical power in the blade as I used it.

“…..What did you do?”

“Easy, I just placed some magic on the sword! It won’t break no matter how many times you cut with it!”

“….What sort of legendary sword is this?”

“Also it won’t fail to protect the owner from any sort of attack – an auto-guard function.”

“Already a demonic sword….”

“In addition, It has a function that will allow one to auto-cut in any desired shape. The option where there’s nothing it can’t cut should come next”

“That option is too overpowered!”

“As a crime prevention measure, besides the owner, holding this sword with evil intentions will call upon a sacred light that will ‘purify’ you.”

“……A – hm yea, ain’t that good.”

“Enough about that! Isn’t it too wonderful!”

Kawazu-san seems to be at a loss for words when it came to the awesomeness that I’ve presented.

Naturally, this has become a sword worthy to be called as Legendary. It’s so amazing~ my sword.

It seems that I’ve become trigger-happy, or in this case: blade-happy.

Since originally, I don’t really know how to use a sword, the result of my swings are just dicing and slicing  – like how I would use a knife.

But it’s still surprising that it can cut up this extent.

“But it’s interesting. When I was applying magic on this guy (T/N: the sword), I wanted it so that anyone holding the sword would become a master. It didn’t work.”

“Ho ~ and why is that?”

“It’s probably because I don’t have a clear image of an ‘expert’ in my head. Although I could think of a specific individual, I want able to find a better option so I gave up. I don’t really know.”

Besides that, although it could reproduce the techniques of a historical figure, in the end it’s just a technique- you have to execute it yourself and the end result is still the same.

You can only be called an expert if you can execute decisions on what’s a good move under extreme circumstances. If I can replicate something like that, it’s like cheapening a treasure.

“W-well, have you tried it?”

“Yeah. So I tried the magic that I just showed you. It’s really appropriate to call it magic rather than science, Kawazu-san”

“Is that so?”

“Will definitely hit your opponent! Absolute protection! It can even release great magic. Or something close to it, at least. Isn’t it just magical?”

On the contrary, it would be more interesting if I program it to require some motion patterns as well.

But well, I already gave up when I reached that point while I was on the search screen. That point is the how it might be different from science.

“…..the amazing part is the magic power required for that.”

“You’re right. But there’s a way to tone it down a bit”

“Hou, that’s interesting”

“Squeezing the search word. For example: it must always hit – if you say that it must pin point the head or the heart, the requirements are lowered.”

“So you’re trying to make something like that”

“It will also be a bit lower if you make it: just injure or paralyze.

By the way Kawazu-san, there’s magic that will produce a cool effect when it cuts. ‘It will absolutely make you smile’ or something, don’t you think it’s sorta moving?”

“It’s disturbing!”

“No no, think about it. ‘A magic sword that will bring you a smile’ -something; isn’t it a cool catchphrase?”

“The sword will cause an uproar, think about it. The people who are cut will have grinning faces. What a nightmare.”

“…..There’s that too.”

How about trying magic that will absolutely not injure?

No, that wouldn’t be a sword – just in interesting stick.

“Well, we~ll! If I try it out some more, I’ll surely find a good way to use it!”

“……Ha ha ha, somehow isn’t it like you’ve made a ridiculous toy?”

While Kawazu-san was busy worrying, I went back to developing another new magic.

But there was an unexpected miscalculation.

“A…. hold on, this is serious”

“……you’re such a-“

As expected, while doing it for the whole day, the body will give out. I originally had a weak physique anyway.

An HP of 10 shows it’s significance now.

It’s a body that was caught up in studying for exams, of course it would turn out like this.

Seriously, it’s no surprise.

Apart from that, it had been a tough journey.

Also, I was waving my sword while running around so it came to this.

“I can’t do this anymore!”

“…..and you can’t just use recovery magic for something like that!”

“It hurts, so it can’t be helped!”

Fortunately, thanks to magic, i’ve healed my muscle pains as well as the soles of my shoes. It’s salvation.

“But it’s too different” (T/N: serious injury vs muscle fatigue vs shoes)

It’s painful that I can’t see a place where I can refute Kawazu-san’s disgust.

“Urgh…. well I can’t deny that. In the first place I’m not used to walking on mountain paths, I can barely do it.  And my shoes are just a pair of sneakers. Wu, if it’s like this, I should’ve worn mountain shoes.”

“And yet I’m always comfortable. Is this the power of the wild? Aren’t frogs amazing? I somehow always feel rejuvenated” Kawazu-san chimed as he was jumping up and down on the same spot. He seriously looked too healthy, it made me envious.

I secretly measure his HP, it’s around 100.

Hey, that’s 10 times more than mine…..

It seems that I’ve underestimated the weakness of powerless people.

“That’s right… frogs can’t be that…… hm? Speaking of physical strength, I could download some good magic for that”

While I was looking for the lost child, I’ve not only downloaded barriers but also self-defense magic.

I wasn’t able to use it then but I may have found a necessity to use it now.

“That’s right! I have that method!”

I raised my voice and startled Kawazu-san, but that’s not the point.

I can win against Kawazu-san…. not. It’s for the sake of walking more comfortably along the mountain paths.

“What now?”

“Fufufufu. I’ve downloaded magic for strengthening the body along with the defense spells. It sounds great, doesn’t it? But I got it for a cheap price, y’know?”

I used up quite a bit of magic for those barriers so I somehow got the other stuff for a lower price. But getting stronger sounds good, so I decided not to mind.

“…….Aa, then about that”

“Oh yes!”

“……Aaah, another bad idea”

I used the body strengthening magic without further ado, and my body felt as light as a feather.

Its lightness, I would believe it if someone told me that my body composition has changed.

It’s the magic that I needed the most among many others. It’s surprising how I suddenly don’t see much a need for quite a few magics.

“Oh! Amazing! My body feels light! I can walk around more easily like this!”

I’ve never felt better than this before, so I got carried away and ran.

The effect is tremendous. My body can run around the forest like it’s flying,

and I can jump on the trees like a ninja.

“Aah, I don’t know anymore”

Kawazu-san grumbles while he watches behind me. But the face was laughing, as if he saw something interesting.

Of course, I already stopped listening.

1 hour later.

“……body hurts so baaa~~ad”

It’s my fault.

And the one grinning as he looked at me was Kawazu-san.

What happened, Kawazu-san?

Giving me an accusing gaze, Kawazu-san repeatedly nodded his head. It’s seems as if he’s gonna lecture me.

“Of course it’s gonna happen, you moron. Strengthen your body all you want but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still using your body. Obviously, you can overwork it right?”

This Kawazu, he’s a know-it-all but telling me now is too late.

“…..I get it already! Jiiii~….”

I used the last of my energy to curse, but it fell on deaf ears.

“What are you saying? Aren’t you the one who uses magic before hearing the explanations.”

“You should’ve stopped me!”

“If you use magic, muscle pain will happen. Isn’t it better to just keep quiet and watch from a distance?”

“What’s with that….”

“Well just think of it as a fee for your education. Physical reinforcement is an easy magic that anyone can use. Incidentally, people who use and train with it for a long time are labelled as warriors. They’re experts, meat bullets with muscles that are out of the ordinary.”

“I don’t care about that trivia~a~a…….”

If you look closely, Kawazu-san is unusually cheerful while he’s explaining.

And he’s laughing ‘gekogeko’ at the expense of my pained body.

“Ugh, remember this Kawazu-san…. by the way, you mean you’ll have to go through this kind of hell in order to be a warrior”

“What? Do you want to be a warrior?”

“……as if aaa~a”

“Right? I think we could camp out here~”

“I should be hospitalized….. I wanna sleep on a bed while I’m like this”

“Idiot, we’ve got a long way to go”

For a while, it was too painful to move. Once I was able to, I immediately relied on recovery magic. I was still surprised how the muscle pain disappeared just like that.



Excuses, excuses: my 2-week long project got extended to a month. After that, it’s just a spiral of depression where I stared at the ceiling. What was I doing? Nothing. Then I’d get depressed that I was doing nothing then I did nothing cause I was depressed. It’s paralyzing even though I know that the fastest cure is to just pick up work or anything that I enjoy doing. Anyway, will update 1-3 times a day starting today until i finish all that I owe you guys 🙂 thanks for reading~

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