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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

[side ???]

“They’re here, they’re here….. oh idiotic ones”

From within the shadows, a pair of eyes landed on the two people.

Nobody knows why she had come, and yet she carefully observed the strange unfamiliar creatures that had wandered into their territory.

That is her mission.

This is the last line, if you step even a tiny bit across it, magic will mercilessly attack and chase you out.

But there are times that she’d like to watch the ones who lost their way.

The creatures that have come from the outside are interesting.

Especially since the things that they have with them are different from those made by fairies- it really tickles one’s curiosity.

“It’s stupid to try to run when I won’t let you escape. If you die, I’ll just claim your stuff as usual!”

While quietly stifling her laughter, she carefully observed her new prey.

What could they possibly be carrying with them?

She was only interested in their stuff however, her heart started to pound the more she watched.

It’s because the lost duo seem to be incredibly interesting.

[side Tarou]

Several days have passed since we’ve begun to wander within the forest.

This forest is indeed a place shrouded with strange phenomena.

At night, a faint light always goes flying. Plants that I’ve never encountered before are seen growing around.

There’s a huge tree that I can’t see where the top ends, even if I raise my head. There’s a vine-like movement somewhere, there’s also a tree that produces some fruits within an instant.

Yesterday when I was about to sleep, I think a saw a small someone’s eyes.

It could be anything.

Besides that, in this dense forest where natural light can’t penetrate, my sense of time is messed up.

However, the further we walk, the more I get used to the unfamiliar forest.

Thanks to that, I can now easily prepare a camp.

Make the tent, then start a bonfire.

I practiced my magic in making fire but as I thought, it’s still difficult to moderate after all.

When I let my guard down a bit….


This world will burst just like that.

At the other end of the stone pit, Kawazu-san who was covered in black soot got angry with me.

“Idiot! What are you going to do with the firewood that we painstakingly gathered now that you’ve blown them all away!”

“A-, er no it’s that, the firewood was damp. Twigs that aren’t dried enough are no good”

“Stop lying with memorized knowledge! It all the more proves that you’re lying!”

“You’re right!”

“Well remember it!”

We~ll this way, although it’s already night, it had become my job to gather more firewood.

Let’s quickly gather the wood lying around and start a fire.

This time, it went well.

“……and with this, yosh. How is it Kawazu-san? Even I can do it if I try”

“That’s why stay attentive. It’s natural that you can do at least this much”

“That may be so, but I’m still happy that I can now do what I can’t before”

And there’s also the pleasure of the game-like magic.

“But even without using such magic, if I had a lighter, it’s still sad to use it”

However, I still seem to compare the comfortable camping experience with the sadness of modern people.

Of course, Kawazu-san can’t understand what I meant.

“What’s a lighter?”

“A-, Kawazu-san isn’t familiar with it. It’s about this big, and if you press

the switch, fire will come out…. it’s faster to just show”

He was only confused withe the pantomime explanation so I quickly downloaded a magic for it.

Magic to create a lighter.

Specifying is quite difficult after all, it’s a magic that manifests objects based on one’s image of it.

“Come out ‘Lighter’!”

The magic worked without a hitch. Magic formed on my hand and there appeared a lighter within my grasp. But I failed when I tried it out.

If I press the switch, a fire won’t come out.

“This is a lighter but…. why is it? Fire won’t come out”

“What magic is that?”

“It’s [Image Manifestation]….. supposedly but it didn’t work. It should be able to reproduce something that I’ve seen.”

After I replied to his question, Kawazu-san immediately gave a follow-up.

“…..you, do you know what’s supposed to be inside that lighter thing?”

At his question, I turned my head.

Using gas, it’s a simple structure that lights up said gas right?

However, I can’t say that I’ve opened it up to see what’s inside.

“Then, is that it? This magic won’t work unless you properly understand every bit of the object’s internal structure?”

If that’s the case, then I won’t be able to reproduce most of the things from the modern world.

Kawazu-san nodded his head, probably agreeing with me. My shoulders dropped.

“I see…. and here I thought that I’d be able to make some electronic devices with this”

“It’s probably impossible with complex structures. That thing you have uses science, doesn’t it? Something that magic isn’t used in.”

“Yea. You’re not supposed to use magic in this”

I played with the lighter for a bit then tossed it to Kawazu-san. He caught the lighter and curiously looked at it.

“Then it’s easy. Don’t use magic as it’s foundation, it’s a tool that makes fire doesn’t it? Then if there’s a proper fire-making mechanism in it, it should surely produce a flame.”

“……Mumumu. Then this is a failure?”

“No, I think if it’s just making fire, it’s quite doable”

Kawazu-san said something that gave me hope so I raised my head. I felt my gloom lifted and my tension went up.

“Seriously? How do we do it?”

“It’s easy. Just do the same thing as what you’ve done with your sword.

Just put a magic that produces fire when you use the switch”


Then it’s just the same as producing a flame from the tips of your finger.

Controlling it seems somewhat easier though.

“We~ll that’s the case. It’s just replacing the previous mechanism with magic. But the end result is the same anyways” (K)

“W-well, that’s right” (T)

“I won’t say which one is better but the point is on it’s usage, isn’t it?” (K)

I was unexpectedly moved by what Kawazu-san said, and I made a sound of agreement.

We~ll if the results are the same but the methods are different, it shouldn’t really be a problem.

It’s fine as long as you recognize the final solution.

Though it seemed a little interesting.

“…..that’s right. I guess my head is a bit hard. Yosh! While we’re at it anyway, I’ll bring out random things from my previous world and show it to you, Kawazu-san”

“Ho~u, well that sounds interesting, doesn’t it”

Kawazu-san came over to see, pumped up with curiosity. So let’s try to bring out various things.

Car, airplane, train and helicopter.

‘Everyone’s favorite ride’ – series.

By the way, it’s not on scale. I controlled the growth to make them mini-car-sized. That’s important.

It seems that if you’ve properly seen the object, it will just appear and form on it’s own. The miniature vehicles were quite complete.

“Oho, this is….”

“This is the miniatures of the vehicles in my world. Furthermore there’s such….”

“What’s this! It looks interesting~!”


But in that moment, our burning excitement instantly froze up. The three lines of sight intersected.

There was something.

In the sudden commotion, she seemed to have noticed her blunder.

“Da-danger!” (F)

With an unbelievable speed, she escaped to the darkness in just a blink of an eye.

Human? No, the shadow was too small.

“…..wha-what was that?” (T)

“It doesn’t seem to be just some animal” (K)

Would it be interesting to catch it?

I’ve decided on my objective and slowly unsheathed my sword. I pointed the tip to the direction where the shadow disappeared in the darkness.

Then from the sword, a brilliant light zapped out.

“Take this! Hidden skill Homing Laser!! (Sticky)”

Let me explain what the Homing Laser (Sticky) is!

I thought that the effect would be something other than a beam, but then it would no longer be a sword. I fiddled with it in various ways and failed several times. The result is this disappointing laser.

But there’s this extra tracking function with it.

After a few seconds, it performed it’s function and there were screams in the forest.

“M’kya~a! What is thiiis!!”

The Laser’s (Sticky) prey is, just as I expected, the small shadow.

With a pair of insect-like wings, and the body of a person, Kawazu-san seemed to have recognized what she was.

“Nn? Ain’t this a fairy?”

“Really? Wo~ah so cute”

To say even I can recognize the bundle.

Fairy, that is a mythical creature that dances in the night sky.

Born from an infant’s smile, a fleeting creature that dies when a pair of lips claim that they don’t believe in fairies.

However the fairy below was caught by the shining sticky trap, struggling with it.

Desperately trying to escape, it only worsens it’s situation by struggling.

That thing is overly sticky.

And with the light, it’s easy to see even at night.

It’s an unexpected advantage.

“What’s with this~! Re-lease-me-this-instant!”

But the fairy caught in the sticky mess is, how do I say it….. should it be considered as a bug, or a small girl. It bothers me.

I feel like there’s a problem with the first and the latter….. ah well.

In any case, the cute red-haired little fairy is struggling to get free so I went to handle her with care.


T/N: Tarou, why don’t you ask Google-sensei to make a downloadable auto-adjust function? …I know the start of the plot of a xianxia I wanna write: “n a world where Google has cultivated into a God and ascended….

Also, “I do believe in fairies”

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