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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – brought to you by Caarlos Marruedo Garcia. Many thanks and enjoy!

As we were suddenly surrounded, Kawazu-san was the only one who didn’t have a change in expression. His confident attitude didn’t crumble as we faced the beautiful fairies that appeared.

As for myself, I was totally chickening out.

By the looks of it, it won’t be strange if a spear or an arrow comes flying.

I don’t think I’ll die but, the fact that the tips of those weapons are aimed at me is quite scary. That’s just the instinct of animals.

And above anything, the ice-cold smile that the beautiful woman directs at us is terrifying.

“It seems like you are the lord of this place. We shall go straight to the point, should I take it that you are aware of the current situation?”

“…… we shall not yield to threats. Though I don’t know for what purpose you have come, leave at once”

As expected, our arrival is not welcomed by these fairies.

I was silently watching what we’re gonna do next. It seems that Kawazu-san will keep up the tough appearance.

As if the wind carried some good news, Kawazu-san revealed a bold smile.

In a frog’a way.

“Hm, that is splendid. However, if you accept our request, I think that it would quite beneficial instead of harmful”

“What do you mean?”

The high and mighty fairy was overbearing, but Kawazu-san didn’t mind and said,

“We would like you to let us live here”

What are you saying, oh Kawazu-san.

I don’t want to live in this kind of dangerous place.

It seems that Kawazu-san noticed my unwillingness, but his eyes told me to be quiet. I snapped my mouth shut.

“Are you serious? Magician”

“Of course. We are fugitives to ran away from the human world. Even just for a bit, we would like to borrow a place, that’s what we want to talk about. Of course, it won’t be for free. We would provide any kind of assistance that we’re capable of”

“…… that’s quite suspicious. If you want land, you can seize it. Do you not have the power to do so? If you won’t do it, doesn’t that mean to say that you have other intentions?”

Discreetly, and without changing expressions, the Fairy Queen’s eyes landed on me.

So I won’t offend anyone, I think I’ve done nothing at all. I’ve only remained silent.

“Of course. We would like to avoid conflicts. If we only assault and plunder, then we won’t be any different from beasts. We only seek a rational discussion”

“You say such interesting things, a rational discussion with that guy’s magical power?”

The attitude is quite overbearing but when Kawazu-san mildly answered, the Fairy Queen replied with a voice colored with contempt.

Kawazu-san was totally trembling in anger.

Damn, Kawazu-san’s patience was just struck.

Sure enough, Kawazu-san’s reply promptly came.

“…… Hohhohho. I can’t imagine that you’re not even capable of negotiating, despite the fact that you gathered this many soldiers?”

“This is only to convey our objective in an easy-to-understand manner. Even to barbarians, having at least this much will make you understand that you’re not welcome?”

Both smiled coldly at each other.

The frog and the beauty. Contrary to the comical scene, the heaviness in their words could be clearly felt.

“……however, depending on your attitude, we don’t necessarily need to act civil now, do we?”

“…… you finally show your true colors, magician. But as I said earlier, we have no intention to yield in the face of threats. We shall, even if everything goes back to the dust, fight all the way down to the last soldier”

Tensions were running high, I hid my face.

Kawazu-san totally looks fired up. This is bad no matter how you look at it.

“Blatantly threatening……”

“This atmosphere is the worst…… did you guys come for war? Say something.”

Even Tonbo-chan turned blue due to the atmosphere. What should I do?

I should show some support.

However, leaving it like this will surely result in violence.

Since there was obviously no choice, we began to form a strategy.

“Even if you say that, I myself didn’t know of this. Sh-should we try something?'”

“Try what thing?”

“…… Like this, maybe we can relax the atmosphere in the place? We shouldn’t let this guy maintain that murderous aura”

Blaming everything on the air’s tension, Tonbo-chan immediately went on board.

“I-I see! So what will you do?”

“Le-let’s see…… how about this?”

While we were sneakily discussing, Kawazu-san and Her Highness’ conflict continued as well. And then, Kawazu-san opened his mouth with the worst timing possible.

“Glaring at each other like this will not result in anything. How about it? Here’s one, how about you address the one that you are most concerned about…… yes? You say something as well”

“Turn it to me then!……but come!”

To tell the truth, there’s no way I’d be fired up for this. I want to kill Kawazu-san.

I worked with the plan.

Tonbo-chan and I nodded to each other, Kawazu-san was confused about us when we were weirdly motivated.


In response to Kawazu-san’s beckoning, I moved forward with a serious look, then I brought forth the insect container on my hand.

The dragonfly(Tonbo-chan) waved her hands and smiled.

“…… What are you planning?”

“Well then, here is a handkerchief without tricks or plots……”


I pulled out a red handkerchief and held it on my other hand.

Of course I prepared it with magic.

I placed it on the container, then tapped it with my finger.

Continuing, I mysteriously removed the handkerchief, then the Tonbo-chan inside was nowhere to be seen.

“Then here it is!”

I moved my hands as if I was kneading dough, I made the container in my hands disappear.

I grasped the fluttering handkerchief, then brought it over my head to present it.


With a popping sound, the handkerchief disappeared into a smoke.

There was a sound of fanfare for some reason, and within the smoke appeared…….


Above my head is the dragonfly, posing with both of her arms raised.

An illusion without tricks or plots.

Everything was done with actual magic anyway.

Made a handkerchief with magic, made Tonbo-chan disappear with magic. I got rid of the cage and from there, finally, I made the handkerchief disappear – all with magic.

The smoke and fanfare were just some extra flourish.

Now then, I observed the audience’s enthusiasm, and from their expression, I think failed splendidly.


A hurtful silence greeted us.

This is merciless.

I felt my back run cold as I sweated profusely.

“…… you said they would like it! You said they’d be pleased!’

The dragonfly complained with watery eyes, but the huge burn was on me.

“…… No good! It was totally no good!” (T)

“…… Read the situation! What were you doing!” (K)

“…… I wasn’t able to bear with it! That heavy atmosphere was too much!”

“…… even so, what was up with that!”

As the three of us screamed at each other, I peaked at the fairies.

My instant magic show had an unexpected reaction.

“What’s that? How many different magics did you perform?”

“It’s a magic that I’ve never seen before……”

“Just that magical power was already frightening, but did you subject everyone to an illusion……”

O-oh my? Though it wasn’t the reception that I expected, unease seemed to run through the crowd of soldiers at the back.

“It seems that unexpected results are showing?”

“…… Y-yea. Oh my, this is indeed”

It seems that it’s working so I stepped up and coughed to clear my though. Kawazu-san fixed his attitude and we followed suit.

Even the Fairy Queen must’ve realized the unease of her subordinates. She closed her eyes for bit, then sighed in resignation. She opened her mouth to say,

“…… Understood. If he wishes it, he can live her. However, what about you?”

She pointed a finger at Kawazu-san.

Kawazu-san was dismayed by the unexpected development.

“What about me?”

“That’s right. That was indeed magic that we cannot replicate. It also seems that he is also acquainted with my people, I’ve no complaints. But are you worthy? Oh human mage”

“…… oh, show you my abilities? I am this person’s companion, you know?”

Since it ultimately doesn’t matter, to the person who made a quarrel, the Kawazu-san who made me into his shield is the worst.

That’s why I made my decision because it was too much trouble.

” Eh? Do we really get along that well?”


Of course, Kawazu-san was surprised as I had said something that sounded unbelievable.

“My, that’s just Give & Take. In the end, I’ll borrow and lend a hand, however it’s impossible for me to risk my life for Kawazu-san”

Of course, it’s a life that I already saved so I don’t plan on just abandoning it; however, I don’t really have to say that in this situation.

“…… T-”



And the one who received the treachery, Kawazu-san, screamed at me.

“Scandalous. I’m just saying that you should take the test, isn’t is just fine to honestly try it? I also want to see what kind of magician Kawazu-san is.”

That said, Kawazu-san seemed determined to hold a grude but he eventually gave up and dropped his shoulders.

“…… argh! Fine, I get it! I’ll show you what I’m capable of so watch carefully!”

The Fairy Queen watched as Kawazu-san became enthusiastic.

With a deepening smile, she stepped forward.

“You finally decided to come forth, oh magician. I was just about to lose interest. This one will be your opponent”

“Your Highness!”

A cry of surprise came from the surrounding people, it was due to the Queen’s surprising proposal.

There was an initial panic among them, however they were eventually silenced.

“Enough. Stand down.”

Kawazu-san kept mumbling about my treachery but he still bouncily stepped forward.

He got into a fighting stance, on the other hand, the fairy side showed no signs of movement.

“And? How shall I showcase my power?”

“Do what you will. This is only a game so come in any way you like”

“Is that right!!”

While saying so, Kawazu-san jumped.

And soon, a lot of magical formations were deployed in front of him.

The number was more than thirty.

The fairies collectively sucked in a breath, telling me that Kawazu-san’s skill in magic is extraordinary.

“Oh…… this is quite impressive”

Massive water cannons were launched.

Each magic circle released water that could destroy a large tree, the scene looked like a waterfall. But it does not hit the target.

It was stopped by the dome from the Queen’s magic formation, stopping the water and turning them into ice.

“But not enough……”

It seems that she lightly swept them away.

But as soon as the ice wall collapsed, there were flying stones and gravel. Her expression changed at once.


The ice was crushed and fragments fell.

There was a sharp rock in the mix- it shot like a bullet to the target.

I don’t know how she did it, but the Queen dodge it in a critical timing.

Kawazu-san landed from his jump while he was high in spirit.

“Hohhohho, I’ve been a Mage for about five hundred years. If you let your guard down, I will pull the rug from under your feet.”

“…… I see, I thought you were just a frog but you turned out to be a fox”

It seems like the water was just a decoy.

He showed his good points with a frog’s croak, looking at Kawazu-san, he seems to have some prospect of success.

“Can you use magic successively like that?”

While looking, the dragonfly was caught in surprise- it was an unexpected attack.

A line of red appeared on the fairy’s beautiful face, and the guards’ faces changed in color.

And yet the Fairy Queen herself did not mind it.

“Stand down, I said that it was merely a game”

Even though she claimed that it was merely a game, a brutal smile emerged from her features.

I was so scared that I had goosebumps.

“…… I will get a little serious”

A magic circle was formed immediately after she said that. There appeared spheres of light.

They were the size of a volleyball, shining powerfully as they revolved around the Queen while rotating .

However, the number wasn’t that high.

It had a clear flow like fireflies, an army of light that mustn’t be underestimated.


Together with a single word, it was directed at Kawazu-san.

“…… what do we have here”

Kawazu-san face revealed some impatience.

However, Kawazu-san moved in a way that I never though mages are capable of.

“Here I come!”


I was astonished.

Kawazu-san recklessly plunged himself into the groups of light.

My breath stuttered, thinking that this should do it- that was an expectation of something good.

“Look! I can predict their movements!”

Kawazu-san exclaimed that like some challenger, he dodged all the magical attacks.

Like dancing with the supple body of a frog, Kawazu-san was shining as he dodged everything with dynamic movements.

Indeed, he was shining figuratively along with his expression. Also literally, the frog slime was reflecting the bright light.

But this isn’t the time and place to say such a thing.

“Wait! That frog guy is going to die?” (Tonbo-chan)

“A- , it’s probably fine”

“Why would you say such a thing? The opponent is the Queen, you know? She’s the strongest one here!”

I wanted to ask the anxious dragonfly exactly which side she was siding with.

It was indeed as she said, the act may be reckless.

And yet I was still calm as I looked on.

“Yea, is that so? But I don’t think that Kawazu-san will be easily defeated like that”

“……what’s with that confidence?”

I feel sorry for the dragonfly who doesn’t seem to know anything, but it’s not like I know the exact situation.

It’s just that, reaching this far in this short journey while accompanying Kawazu-san, I understood something.

Disregarding everything else and just talking about magic, Kawazu-san is outstanding, not inferior to someone like me.

I just can’t imagine that Kawazu-san to lose to anyone in terms of magic.

“We~ll I won’t lose easily, there’s such a thing called seniority”


Like a slippery bug against numerous destructive lights, Kawazu-san was doing his best.

“Fu ha ha ha ha! I can do it! I can do this! I can still fight for a hundred years if it’s like this!”

“…… it seems like he’s just getting carried away though” (Tonbo-chan)

“…… it’s okay……I think”(Tarou)

It looks like he doesn’t feel his age. Like a vigorous young man, Kawazu-san pulled out a light bullet. It accelerated, aiming for the target.

“Good! It should be this way! I’ll show you! My outstanding valour when I was young!”

Kawazu-san’s eyes were shining-  then high, and much higher ――― he jumped.

“Kee! Take this! Certain kill! Kawazu three-story drop!”

As he was blocking the sun, everyone was watching the uselessly cool shadow of Kawazu-san.

Everyone thought the same, that it was a powerful figure.

“Are you stupid”

That would be a good story.

All the light spheres head for Kawazu-san.


What followed was a flashy explosion, the moment of impact made the lights bulge and the air trembled.

“He got done in…… hadn’t he” (Tonbo-chan)


This way, Kawazu-san was scattered in the sky.

T/N: Different from the manga, the Fairy Queen isn’t racist against beastment. I think she just looks down on magicians in general.

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