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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 24

Chapter 24

[Unedited, I’m pretty low on the queue. I’m continuing the TL so feel free to point out errors]

“Now then! Let me officially introduce myself, I’m **** and I’ll be your guide! May you show some respect and reverence!”

“Greeting, Tonbo-chan. I’m Tarou, nice to meet you”

“I’m counting on you Tonbo. I’m **…….no, Kawazu-san is fine”

“Like I said! What’s with that ‘Tonbo’! *****! You’re not revering me enough!”

“But you’re a dragonfly”

“No no Tarou, shall we call this one ‘Tonbo-sama’?”

“You have a point. She would be our guide after all”

“”We’ll be in your care, Tonbo-sama””

“That’s enough! Just Tonbo! I might as well get used to it!”

She went as far as to make a ‘punpun’ sound while inflating her cheeks, it feels like I could hear her pout.

Isn’t this quite a half-baked guide for the Fairy Village.

Although, with our flashy entrace, it’s no wonder why there aren’t any other candidates willing to volunteer.

Then again, the dragonfly may have just drawn the shortest stick. The person herself seems to be having fun though, so I decided not to think too much on it.

We went around the Fairy Village with the dragonfly as our guide. It was a beautiful place.

It seems that the whole Fairy Village is surrounded by the barrier.

The barrier doesn’t just keep outsiders from entering, it also creates the most livable environment for it’s inhabitants. Because of this, it’s quite a formidable magic for this world.

Before my eyes is a vast blooming meadow and a large lake.

It was a lake huge enough that the other side of it isn’t visible, I can imagine the lake to resemble Lake Biwa*. There was a sizable islet in the middle of it, and at the center, a large, unfamiliar Tree stood proudly.

That seems to be the castle of the Queen that Kawazu-san fought against.

Beings that are ranked higher than dragonflies, those called High Pixies, live there and protect the Queen.

It’s really quite different compared to what’s outside the barrier. To think that it conceals such a place.

We may have continued to move forward through that barrier but it should normally confound the five senses with illusions. For humans would be lost within five seconds, crazy withing three minutes, enough to cripple a person. That’s already a scary ordeal.

“It seems that we’re lucky to be alive”

It’s not like Kawazu-san thought nothing of the dragonfly’s story.

“Firstly, mind magic doesn’t work on you. The difference in magical strength is too big. I had training when it comes to illusions so I won’t go down easily”

“Is it something you can do with training? You were able to go toe-to-toe with the Queen”

“That’s because she let her guard down. The Queen herself said that it was only a game. A few seconds would be my limit.”

But even those High Pixies were thoroughly caught within Kawazu-san’s illusion, so his abilities should at least be the same as theirs.

No, that Queen was more powerful than Kawazu-san yet she was also affected by the illusion. It should be that Kawazu-san is very skilled.

“In the first place, a technique like [illusion] isn’t something that you could just use on any opponent. It can’t close the gap in terms of power. Still, I dared to use [illusion] precisely because I was fighting against a fairy. It’s because I heared that fairies often use this kind of magic. If I performed well, I was hoping to gain their approval”

As things spledidly went just as planned, Kawazu-san was quite talkative.

“Oh~h, so you thoroughly thought it through”

That’s why he only used illusion at the very last moment.

Now that I think about it, Queen was still able to see through it at the end. The technique can’t really be called invincible.

Listening to Kawazu-san’s story, the dragonfly above my head was grinning and giggling.

“A- but her Highness might actually mind that. We like messing with people but we hate getting messed with. Also she might pretent to be kinda cool, but that doesn’t last”

“……that’s some disturbing information”

Kawazu-san made a genuinely bothered face at the information supplied by the dragonfly.

Thinking back on it, that smile when they were honoring each other after the fight – it was like a smile that was holding back some heavily boiling emotion…… I cannot unsee it.

It’s an aspect that we wouldn’t have noticed untless it was pointed it out by someone who knew the queen well. We can easily imagine how frustrated she must’ve been.

“For the time being, let’s put aside the matter of Kawazu-san hurting a maiden’s pride. Are we there yet?”

“In a bit. Putting aside Kawazu-san who spat on her Highness’ pride, I was told to guide you to the barrier’s entrance”

“……you two. Is it really so hard to show a softer attitude to me?”

“We were just kidding, Kawazu-san. Earlier’s Kawazu-san was really cool, you know? I was thrilled! [Kawazu-san Three-Story Drop]!”

“That’s right! I was also moved! I never thought that humans could jump that high! Even I felt inspired!”

“……why are you two breathing so hard? Actually, shall I put a curse that sews your mouths shut?”

But too bad, mind magics don’t work on me.

The giggling dragonfly was quick to hide behind me.



“You can use this area as much as you like”

“Ohh, it’s quite spacious”

The place we arrived at showed nothing of note.

The square-ish space was adjacent to the forest, and it appears to be a small hill.

It’s near an entryway should be where people can come and go but, it’s still a matter of consideration that one can’t enter without the fairies’ permission.

“But since it’s that kind of place, nobody wants to live here. It’s the most dangerous when there are intruders after all”

“So then we’re going to act as guards, aren’t we”

“That’s the case, but I haven’t really seen intruders arrive”

The dragonfly shrugged her shoulders.

Indeed, I haven’t seen anyone entering here other than the fairies. Those words are probably the truth.

“Speaking of which, there’s really nothing here. Not a single person”

“That might be because you guys are here”

“…… go figure”

It was quite a shock how the beautiful fairies would pinch their noses at us.

Ah we~ll, the location itself isn’t bad, rather it’s quite convenient.

The view from the hill itself is the scenic Fairy Village, and there are no people around.

I would be able to use magic without worrying if it’s in this place.

Seeing that Kawazu-san was sporting a satisfied look after he looked around, there’s no particular complaint.

Well then, what should we do from here on out?

Shouldn’t we make a house if we want to live here?

I was just thinking that I don’t want to keep on living using the tent that we brought; for some reason, Kawazu-san became spirited and tapped my shoulder.

“Well now, as a practice for magic, I’ll have you build a house”

“As I thought, it’s like that”

I had seen this coming.

“I could also do this task, but I’m tired so I’ll pass”

“……even if you say that, can you really do it, Kawazu-san?”

With the magic in Kawazu-san’s arsenal, I doubt if there’s one that could do that. He directed a huge nod to the skeptical me, so it’s probably not a lie.

“Of course, it’s a piece of cake with earth magic. Aside from me, famous magicians can build a fortress overnight”

“It sounds like it would turn out to be a cold house”

With the limitation of the soil, a Japanese style would be difficult.**

A temple-like building comes to mind, and if I try hard I could make a structure reinforced with concrete. Isn’t this quite interesting?

“Well it’s hard so it sacrifices comfort. But you can do a lot for it, can’t you? If you can make use of it’s functions, that magic can really do anything. As usual, let’s think of the different ways of using it”

“I see…… then I guess I should try it out”

In other words, I’ve to show what I’m capable of.

I’m also quite accustomed to using magic. This time, it might be good to show Kawazu-san how good my imagination could be.

“You look confident…… then can you make something that could pass my standards?”

Kawazu-san raised the challenge and I dared to accept it.

“Hohho. Is it alright to say that? I’ll go crazy with my sense of style, you know?”

Rather, I’ll make you regret that provocation.

Getting a little carried away, shall I show the full potential of my artistic side, my sense of aesthetics?

Since it’s come to this, I’m now competing on the same field against Kawazu-san. I got ready.

Did he say earth manipulation? My material will be marble.

Imagine a big tower.

It’s white and beautiful.


The image materialized.

A magic circle made the ground shine brilliantly, and something distorted and rose from it, all the way up to the skies.

The control of the magical output was stable.

But the tower was huge enough to divide one’s vision into two.

In a matter of seconds, the form of the tower became clear.

“There, done! How is it! This beauty!”

When the light hit it, a pure white tower with a height of around three hundred meters appeared on our lot.

Be it in medieval Europe or somewhere else, maybe even fit to appear in movies – this tower certainly has a gallant appeal.

“How about it, Kawazu-san!”

I turned around, fully expecting to be showered with praise. The two were breaking their necks to stare, and I notice their mouths hanging agape.

Oh? The reaction is slower than I thought it would be.

“……well, even if you ask what we think about it” (Tonbo)

“Amazing…….but a bit too overboard?”

“I-is that so?”

I also followed their gaze and looked up at my tower.

I’ll live there from now on, huh……

No matter what angle, it’s too much.

“What are you gonna guys doing!!”

I sat down in seiza* as mom lectured me.

“……then bring it back to normal. Let’s act with common sense after that!”

“……I am very sorry.”

While keeping my head down, I watched the retreating back of the Queen who had a dissatisfied expression. I scratched my head.

It seems like I overdid it. I repented.

But I never thought that a fairy would lecture me about common sense and moderation.

“A-anyway, let’s pretend this never happened”

I immediately cleaned up the tower using the same magic that I made it with. Someone people started to clap.

The commotion seemed to have attracted some spectators.

When I tried to face the applause, they ran away.

“…… anyway, I’ll have to do it all over. It was well-made too” (T)

“Fumu, that thing just now wasn’t half bad” (K)

“I know right. The only downside was that it was too big, yea. I don’t want to live there though” (T)

Indeed, though it was spledid, I didn’t want to live in it.

It’s too bad that it was well-made but it can’t be helped if it’s still not good enough.

“Well then, I’ll do it seriously this time. Functional, right”

“Oh, then I’ll help this time around. We’ll fiddle with the fine details later, but make it however you like”

“Yes! Yes yes! I also like decorations and stuff!” (Tonbo)

The scheming Kawazu-san, as well as the dragonfly who enthusiastically raised her hands to help, were quite motivated.

Fumu, this has become quite interesting.

Then there’s no other choice than to pour my heart into making this base.

“First, let’s flatten the ground!”

Just make it nice and even.

High-tensioned, I extended my hands and placed them on the ground.

The magical circle formed, and after a milder vibration – compared to the one from the making of the tower, the irregular and uneven ground became flat as if it’s been cut off.

And it’s perfectly horizontal.

The fairies that came to watch also gathered around before I knew it. They we’re ‘ooh’-ing in surprise.

No no, it hasn’t ended with just this.

Anything worthy of surprise will start right after this.

I licked my lips as I downloaded magic that should be have a distinctly different feel from what’s common.

Because it’s a forest of the fairies, a fancy ‘slow life’ house would be great.

For that purpose, everything on the ground must be modified in that fashion.

“Behold! How about this!”

From the flat ground, the magic circle raised up. In just a few seconds, my ‘Wizards’ House’ was finished according to how I imagined it to be.

It was a cabin with a red roof and a brick chimney.

There was a rocking chair on the wooden deck, and the hinged door was arched.

Continuing, I surrouded the perimeter with a wooden fence and I even made a red mailbox.

The sight of the railings and mailbox suddenly sprouting was, without a doubt, pretty good.

“And last!!”

With a snap of my fingers, picture windows appeared. The windows were made of glass.

Finally, it was completed with a mushroom lamp at the entrance.


While at it, I added a fairy-tale explosion as flourish. It wouldn’t be fitting if I build a modern house on a fairy land.

I was proud of it.

With inflated nostrils, I braced myself for the appraisal. Looking at the gallery, it seemed quite popular.

“Hohho~! You even made glass windows! It’s unexpectedly cute! I don’t dislike this style but it totally doesn’t suit you!”

“Ahaha! Right? Leave me be! Still, I saved it anyway!”

“Oh wow~. You really can do anything. What did you really want to make?”

The dragonfly asked as she tapped the newly-made house. I showed the second plan.

“A Candy House. But I didn’t go through with it cause it’s bound to attract ants”

“Oh! Let’s do that one! Absolutely that one!”

I understood how the excitedly drooling dragonfly felt.

Though I understand, I already reached the age where I knew that a house made of candy is absolutely not suitable for living.

It’s too bad.

“……no, I think you made the right choice. Fumu, then what should we do after this? I would like a workshop” (K)

By the way, I have no idea what a Wizard House should be like, so I have to rely on Kawazu-san for that.

“A-, we~ll I guess let’s just go with what feels good? This is kinda fun!”

I knew that I was excited.

It’s fun to make a house this easily after all.

Even Kawazu-san, who initially thought it was too troublesome, realized that it’s a waste to let me do everything.

“That’s right! I could also feel my tension rising! I’ll also try something!”(K)

“I can still keep on remodelling!”

“I-i also want to join in!” (Tonbo-chan)

Next are various essential rooms.

Windows that consider light intake better.

A simple black and white motif inside.

A durable interior that could withstand any magical experiments.

Material that is durable enough not to break, even if a huge dragon were to collide with it.

Additionally, a shield that could easily rebound any attacking warfare-class magic.

Finally, a large basement that won’t collapse however much you rampage, it’s a workshop with dimensional magic.

Though it was painful to see the fairies’ eyes gradually get worse, without a doubt, it was a fulfilling activity.

There should be some who noticed that our tension was at the point of caving in.

Running around like that even though lacking in stamina, it’s natural to run out of gas.

“Aren’t you overdoing it? Are you okay?”

All I could do to reply to the worried dragonfly who came to look,

“Ugh……I may look like this but I’m fine. But we did good work, right?”

“……I may have been too excited”

Kawazu-san voice was also powerless, but it managed to get through from somewhere.

When I turned my eyes, I found Kawazu-san dried up and I panicked.

“Ka-kawazu-san dried up! Water, we have to make him drink water!”

“Is that alright!”

We had a busy day, yet it was a fulfilling combined home and work activity.

……let’s go to bed early today.

T/N: If you’re overpowered, you don’t need the backing of a country. You build a base, a lair. No, you build a SUPER LAIR!!

Server crashed so I don’t know if it’s okay to post… I’m still unsure but others are posting just fine and they didn’t get a lecture soooo 😀 Anyway, this chapter was longer than usual so I give myself…. two leaves!

*huge lake in Japan
**I’m imagining a Japanese sand/rock garden… one that capitalizes on making patterns on the sand, that zen-like thing
***formal way of sitting. folding legs under one’s thigh.

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