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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 26

Chapter 26


Unsteadily, I was staggering inside the house. Tinkering with the decorative items, I pursed my lips with a difficult expression.

Right now, the clock on top of the shelf is being constructed.

I was drinking tea from the mug that I made when I tried calling out.

“I think it’s precise, Tonbo-chan”

The dragonfly looked at me with a sideways glance, and started snickering for some reason.

“I want to say so as well but…… I really don’t think so?”

“Is that so?”

Indeed, because there’s a problem in producing personal computers in this world, I felt shabby.

……there’s no use in overstraining it.

Let’s reflect.

It might be good to take a break and think things through. The dragonfly brought a chair to the desk I’m occupying and she sat down. It seemed like the dragonfly also thought it was a good time to take a break.

The clock was ringing, and one could hear a ‘tick-tock’ coming from it. I was nodding with a slightly troubled expression as I stared at the clock I was making.

“Hmmm so, this one is so-so? I somehow want to change how it’s structured though!”

The prided clock that she’s looking at, was already a wonderful object from my perspective.

The dial is decorated with small jewels, but it wasn’t too gaudy. Actually, it was very nice and chic.

It was surprisingly balanced with the wooden frame engraved with sculptures of flowers and fairies.

“This is a clock? It’s very elaborate and interesting!”

The dragonfly that was left on her own used the sample clock as a pillow. She happily rolled on the desk.

Anyway, I assembled it from scratch but I seemed to stuck on only being able to make the exterior.

I’m surprised that this one is actually created.

“Tick tock tick tock~ I like this rhythm! Now what? What do you think?”

“Hmmmn, it’s not very good”

It would be a hard to make computers this way. I held my head.

Well, it’s not hard to make approximate shapes.

If we use a mirror for a screen, it seems that magicians already use magic that could project characters and images.

It’s true that I could often hear that level of magic used in fairy tales.

If I wanted to, I could make 3-dimensional images – like what I’ve seen from a certain letter. It could even be more advanced that the modern computers.

About the magic to store information, there seems to be a class among magicians that have thoroughly studied it.

Magicians are individualistic. They have independed secret researches and it’s consistent with their character to save the results of their own study.

Kawazu-san isn’t an exception either. Using that technique, he can store as many images and sentences as he wants.

You can edit the collected information anytime, and it’s not like it can’t be projected on the mirror.

If you use this instead of a server, it may be possible to make something akin to chats and bulletin boards.

Depending on how one would use it, a homepage may even be possible.

Moreover, the magical formations for it is quite efficient as the research had already advanced. It’s wonderful how the magic itself only uses a bit of magical power.

It’s just that this would only be used my magicians.

“We’re working on the premise that it could be used by people with low magical power, but I don’t know what to do about that. As I thought, for it to always use magic, you have to somewhat take magical power. The ones making it now combines various types of magics, making it more complicated. It would be difficult to maintain unless it could absorb magic from a source”

It would be fatal to ordinary people without a lick of mafical power, even a little bit.

On top of that, adding other functions like Teleportation would definitely demand another power supply.

That reminds me of a story where an object cannot be used unless by a chosen one. I didn’t think it might turn out to be that kind of tool.

“If I cast the spells myself, it would be meaningless……”

I feel hazy.

If possible, I want it to function for a long time.

The dragonfly wasn’t really interested in that so she just let out some carefree sounds.

“Hmmmn, I don’t really get it. It’s too early to expand to the humans cause they’re poor. Why bother making something that troublesome?”

The dragonfly was rolling and tumbling on the desk said that in a strange voice. I also gave a fluffly reply.

Even I had to think that deeply, didn’t I?

“Yeaaah, if I have to say, it’s ’cause I’m bored? Also, I want to eat delicious cuisines. Now that I’ve said that, isn’t it convenient?”

Even if I make it, even if I want to eat it, I won’t be able to because I don’t know what they are.

As much as possible, I wanted to explain it to be easily understandable.

“Cuisine? What’s a cuisine?”

What come from the dragonfly was an unexpected question.

“……Tonbo-chan, you don’t know what a cuisine or a dish is?”

I can’t believe it but looking at Tonbo-chan, she had a serious, blank look.

Hmm, it seems like the fairies don’t have a concept of cuisines.

“Yea. What’s that?”

Trembling, I decided to try to explain.

“Before you eat things, they need to be processed. Like frying or boiling”

Ever since I was born, it was the first time that I had to explain cooking.

Tonbo-chan looked like she was also trying to understand, but for now, it seems like it wasn’t ringing a bell.

“Hee~. Humans even play with food huh, that’s troublesome”

I got some strange insights from the dragonfly.

“Hold that thought, you can’t judge this yet, okay? What kind of food do fairies usually eat?”

“Us? We can live off of just the magical power drifting around. Ah! Occasionally, we eat fruits and honey! I like honey from flowers!”

Oh just as expected of a fairy, it’s a performance that reminds me of an idol from long ago.

“Hee~, then, you don’t eat meat or fish?”

“Nn, I’ve never heard of such a thing. It’s just because we don’t need to eat, I think they could be eaten?”

I see, I see. It’s not like they can’t eat.

If that’s the case, there’s no rule that says they can’t enjoy cuisines.

When I determined that there would be nothing that hinders my judgement, my decision was quick.

“Hou……yosh! This is a good time to try a dish!”

“Really? So you say but I really don’t understand?”

The dragonfly just shook her head at what she didn’t know, so I hit my chest.

“It’s okay. Leave it to me! Though that’s the case but I’m not too familiar with the details either!”

“……is that really okay?”

“We~ll, we’ll come up with something. Kawazu-san went to go out to buy different kinds of food. We can make something like cookies”

There should be some viable materials.

As long as it’s there, we should be able to make something appropriate.

I made some back then so it’s probably alright.

Besides it’s basically just wheat.

It should be acceptable even to the fairies who don’t usually eat meat.

“Are you gonna use that? Isn’t that no good?”

“Thaaats~, well it’s still a powder. There’s a ritual before it’s cooked”

“What’s that?”

“Sing a song”

“Hee~ , what kind?”

“♪ ~”

I pulled out a cupid-like theme song from somewhere and started humming it.

On top of my head, the dragonfly was also nodding her head in time with the tune.

“Well today, we would like to make some cookies. First let’s mix the butter, stir it until it turns white!”

“Stir it!”

“Next add eggs and sugar right here, let’s do our best to make it smooth”

“Do our best~!”

“Next, add flour until it’s not powdery anymore. Please mix it well”

“Hm? There are no more materials, you know?”

“That would be the end of our mixing”

“Eee~e…… it’s like that first. When it’s mixed and kneaded, it looks like clay”

“Let’s let this rest in the fridge for thirty minutes”

“You’re letting it be? Will the clay sleep?”

“It’s not clay. Let’s call this a cookie dough, Tonbo-chan”

“Gotcha! So what should we do while the dough sleeps? Tarou-san”

“The one who slept is right here!”

“When did you prepare it!”

“I made it’s time go faster”

“…… absolutely a waste of magic! Do not imitate this guys!”

“Finally, flatten it and cut out the shapes. Complete it by baking in the oven!”

“Uuun it’s more troublesome than I thought! But it’s interesting like playing with clay!”

Then we have to bake the cookies for a few minutes.

Place it in a hot oven and we’re done.


We have to wait for about 10 minutes.

Once I decided that the cookies had a good color, I took them out. A sweet fragrance laced with a buttery scent spread throughout the room.

“Uwaaa! This scent! I know this! This belongs to sweets!”

“Nn? We~ll kinda?”

“Hee, so sweets are a kind of dish huh. I could sometimes obtain some from the belongings of the lost humans who wander near. Girls are more likely to have them!”


In any case, faries are scary creatures.

But the smell of freshly baked cookies was great.

“We~ll anyway, it’s done so let’s eat”


I took one and had a taste, it’s unexpectedly good.

Fresh from the oven, it’s a cookie that has a slight softness. It’s better than I expected, how satisfying.

I snuck a glance, wondering how the dragonfly beside me is eating it.

There seems to be no need to ask what she thinks of it.

“What is this, delicioouus!”

“Right? This could also be dipped in honey”

“! I’ll bring some!”

I nodded in satifaction as the dragonfly flew away in a hurry.

It seems that cookies are well-received even to faries.

The cookies made by the dragonfly is quite amazing though. A statue of a goddes was molded through a cookie.

A fairy’s skill is enviable.

While I slightly let my guard down, a huge frog came into the kitchen while sniffing his nose.

“Aaa man, it’s impossible. We should switch our target to just magician…… what’s that? I could smell something good”

“Oh, Kawazu-san. Wanna try eating this?”

“Nn? What do you have with you. I came when I smelled something nice, are those cookies? Let’s see, let’s see…… oh! This is good”


“Fumu, yes. Who made these? Was it Tonbo?”

“I did”


When Kawazu-san heard what I said, he dropped the cookie.

“Eeeeeee…… doesn’t suit you. What’s this, a new joke?”

“……I won’t let you eat anymore”

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