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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 27

Chapter 27

An eerie thundercloud rumbled a sound similar to a beast’s creepy groans.

A bolt of thunder flashed from the windows.

Later, one can attribute this on Kawazu-san’s prototype.

I saw it execute it’s uses and purposes.


A pale bluish flash illuminated the room, I opened my eyes wide.

“Fuhahahahaha! Finally…… it’s finally completed!”

It was supposed to be an impression of a cool scientist but I failed. This is Tarou.

“……I felt it. Thinking about it, there’s no meaning if you used magic”

I twitched my finger and immediately, the lightning effect on the windows disappeared. It reverted to the usually refreshing fairy village.

Regarding image projection, I’ve become better at it.

Going back on the topic, I fearfully began to touch the mirror in front of my eyes.

The feeling of magical power leaking out is……. absent.

After that, the mirror that I touched displayed a completely blue screen. A cutely drawn frog logo appeared.

By the way, the one that drew this logo was Tonbo-chan.

But now’s not the time for that.

The screen steadily started up and I ecstatically danced.


Kawazu-san gave up, but I didn’t.

I searched over and over with [Magic Creation], and I finally found it.
“Kawazu-san! It’s done! It’s done, I say!”

“Haaa? Are you sleepwalking?”

“No way! It’s finally done!”

I brought the newly made computer to Kawazu-san who was distractedly fishing by the lake. It’s normally unbelievable.

It’s Kawazu-san being skeptical.

“It’s true, take a look at this!”

I showed the completed magic computer to Kawazu-san, he had an understandably delayed reaction.

“Fumu, isn’t this the prototype we made this morning? What did you do?”

“I cast a magic that made it so that it can accumulate magical power by itself!”

“……is that true?”

I smilingly nodded to the doubting Kawazu-san.

“Aa, didn’t Kawazu-san mention it when we found the Fairy Village? About that [Line] or [Spot].
Since it definitely had magical power, I thought that I could use it somehow. I tried searching and there it was! The method to use the magical power from a [Line]”

If there’s nothing, I thought it would be fine to use an external source. I found it with after I searched using the new keywords that I remembered.

It was quick work once I found it.

Kawazu-san seemed to be really interested but his pride wouldn’t allow it.

“Oh……hou, that’s an interesting story, but that’s not something that could be used with human magic, you know? In a sense, it’s like unprocessed oil”

“Right? Then in order to use that magic, you seem to need something called a manastone. The magic for making that manastone eats and ridiculous amount of magical power”

“Y-you made a manastone, you say!!”

While I was proudly boasting about my solution, Kawazu-san raised his voice.

I looked at Kawazu-san’s face that was dripping with water. Kawazu-san quickly turned to me.

What could he possibly mean? It’s impossible to understand.

“……what’s wrong, Kawazu-san?”

“N-no? It’s nothing? It’s not a big deal. It’s that, if you keep quiet for a while, your voice would suddenly be loud for abit, wouldn’t it? And so…… that manastone that you made, what was it like?”

“…… aa, I made a few prototypes”

Thinking that something was weird, I took out failed manastone from my pocket. The color of Kawazu-san’s eyes had a drastic change.

It’s like…… those were eyes blinded by greed.


I tried to move the manastone to the right.

Kawazu-san’s eyes blatantly followed the manastone.

Then to the left. Chased again.

This….. what could this magic stone be.

My eyes shone with a gleam.

“Well, this one can store a little bit of magic. It’s too small so I’ll throw it”

Then I held the manastone and threw it to the lake.

“……thiis idioooot!!”

Kawazu-san’s face suddenly changed color then he jumped into the lake.

I was also surprised by this.

Additionally, Kawazu-san’s swimming technique was butterfly stroke.

I looked at the manastone in my hands, wondering what kind of object it was.

Wondering what kind of reaction he’ll have, I threw a pebble.

“It was a joke so come baack-”

As expected, it became awkward right when he started free diving. I waved around the manastone and called Kawazu-san back.

A, he’s back.


Kawazu-san who crawled back up from the lake was silent. He was dripping with water.

“E-er, yea! Dripping with water is being a man!”

“Right now, I don’t care! Doing something like that isn’t good!”

And I got scolded with teary eyes.

It was really quite pitiful, it also feels like the consequence of being blinded with greed.

“No see, I never thought that you’d jump……”

“Hmph! You’d also jump if you only knew even a little bit of that stone’s value”

Kawazu-san was croaking all at once.

Is this strange stone really worth that much.

It looks glossy and completely black but it’s quite plain.

“……so this is high?”

It doesn’t look like that at a glance though.

I rolled the manastone on my hand and Kawazu-san explained with a sigh.

“……aa, you can buy a mansion even with that small manastone, but that’s not all. For magicians, they want it even to the point where hands would sprout from their throats”

“Hee, this stone. Why though?”

“Haaa…… that’s because you can store your magic in it”

Kawazu-san said that without taking his eyes off the manastone.

“……storing the magic then what?”

As I asked normally, he looked like he wanted to say something but gave up.

“……we~ll, this won’t be of much use to you though. In emergency situations, it’s normally advantageous to be able to store magical power. Moreover, you can later add and use your accumulated magical power.
For example, if you have a 100 magical power and a manastone that could store another 100, you can use Magic that requires 200 magical power. Simply speaking, doubling it is remarkable, normally”

Kawazu-san’s gaze was filled with resentment, directed at me – check.

“……heee, that’s quite a pebble but isn’t it quite overhyped? Since I can just make it”

We~ll, in the end I settled with that kind of impression: since I can just make it.

“……aa that’s right! Damn! It’s ’cause of this you’re a guy that can’t see the value of things!”

“Hey hey, Kawazu-san, if the value of things could change, they will change, you know? Even more so when you come from another world”

“Yea~ there’s that too…… anyhow, manastones are rare items. Well~ originally, a small one can store 10 or 20 at the most. Big ones can store up to 50 but the price would also rise accordingly. I’ve heard of something that can store up to 500, but that would be classified as a national treasure if it’s on that level”

“He~e. That’s amazing. About half of Kawazu-san’s?”

“……if you say it like that, it sounds depressing so stop it. But if you will, skilled magicians would bet their lives just to use it, that patch of magic”

“……I see. That might be amazing”

Depending on how you say it, the impression would change.

Certainly, you’ll die if you use up all your magical power, so even if you have 1000, you can’t use all 1000 on a Magic.

In that sense, this advantage is a lot of help.

I finally showed a tinge of understanding and Kawazu-san gave a huge nod.

“That’s right! There’s nothing that has the same effect as manastones, except for sacrificing people”

“Now that you mentioned it, when I was summoned, weren’t you making a commotion about me being a muderer or something?”

“Aa, you could can squeeze magical power from living beings too. That’s why this is close to the same value as life, for magicians. No matter how much it can store, there are countless magicians that would want to obtain this”

That’s what Kawazu-san said.

“But I already have a use for it”

However, if it’s such a valuable item, I should also consider some safety devices huh.

Shall I put destruction magic that triggers when disassembled?

Though I secretly thought of doing that, I don’t feel like stopping people from using it.

Kawazu-san was also used to that part, so he readily agreed.

“I know, what a waste~”

There was dripping reluctance, but without this, the results from our research up to this point would pop like water bubbles. This must be used.

“We~ll in any case, it’s completed, there’s also something that should go with it. What about the [Transfer Magic]’s box?”

“I’ll do it. But isn’t this faster? Why not start by increasing this first?”

I was thinking of mass production from here. Kawazu-san had a frankly fed-up look.

Too bad Kawazu-san, I have my secrets.

“Fufu. Kawazu-san, did you think that I haven’t considered things to that point? I’ve properly downloaded magic for that sake”

The PC project has advanced to the production step, the method has already been developed.

I applied the downloaded magic unto the computer, and it split just like an amoeba.

Of course, the mechanisms inside are identical.

“Behold in amazement! [Replication Magic]!”

“……re-replication, you say?”

“That’s right, there’s a technique that would build it from scratch, but it would be easier if you could just duplicate it”

There’s a certain amount of magical power required, but it’s cheap.

“Being around you just destroys me sense of value”

“What’s with that, isn’t it interesting?”

“Aa it’s interesting. My stomach seems to be churning”

I was grinning after I convinced Kawazu-san. I began thinking where I should bring this.

To the sea…… or maybe the mountains?

As a prerequisite, it must be somewhere with a [Line].

The storage for magical power is made, food is delicious, this technology will prove to be beneficial.

My, it’s hard to throw something interesting.

Anyway, I have to find someone who fulfills the conditions- but for me without land detectors, I’m picking on bones.

“I wonder if there’s anyone qualified that I could give this thing to”

“You’re right”

Muttering that beside the lake, there was suddenly an excited commotion on top of my head.

“If that’s the case, this Mistress will introduce you to the caretaker you’re looking for”

A rose sprouts out, and something came out of it.


We raised our heads and there was the Queen wearing a smile, and she’s surrounded with roses.

There’s some pattern in this appearance scene.

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