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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 28

Chapter 28
Note: I thought it was typos or something but it seems like Tonbo-chan calls Tarou just Taro because… it’s… shorter…?

“Uwu, I’m going dizzy~ Taro. Let’s stop with that movement already~”

“Uuun, but going fast means fast”

The dragonfly’s eyes were spiraling, definitely nauseated.

Not feeling too well, she kept her mouth shut but she didn’t know something like Teleportation exists.

It might be a lack of consideration.

“Telepowrt you say? I get that it’s fast but getting continuously thrown in the air is a little tough ~”

“How can you say that when you have wings”

“Then let’s fly in the sky normally. It’s okay! If Taro gets in a free fall, you won’t die!”

“No~ I might die so……”

“No no, definitely won’t die. Even in the skies, Taro can fly faster than anyone!”

I was stumped at the dragonfly who gave me a wink and a thumbs-up.

“Kuh, stop it, Tonbo! Even if you say pretentious words to give me hope, I won’t be happy! Of course, I’ll also use it to return. I also don’t want to go through motion-sickness anymore. I’ll also cast magic on Tonbo when we go back”

“Don’t forget it on our way home, okay?”

“……if we can get home, that is”

“……that’s right”

We were aware of our disappointed chuckles and lamented on the current absurd situation.

About one hour of continuous Teleportation.

We completely passed through the forest and arrived at a place devoid of even a single blade of grass.

Dust danced through the air.

The ground exposed from the red soil was barren, this continued on to the other side of the horizon.

But more than that, there were massive rocks, countless of which were floating in the air.

Rather than rocks, they were closer to being islands. I doubted my eyes at first.

The rock islands are slightly glowing blue as they drifted in the air. There was power, it was and insanely fantastic view.

“Amazing. Is this the Valley of the Dragons?”

“Yea, probably. It should be a sanctuary where no one lives in except for the Dragons. That’s what the Queen said”

That’s right, this is called the Valley of the Dragons. As the name suggests, it’s a place where dragons live.

Tonbo-chan provides most of the explanation but it seems that it was also her first time coming here.

The bulk of the details came from the Queen.

“Is this okay…… to get closer?”

“It’s not like there’s are rule that you absolutely cannot get close. Nobody just get’s close just because it’s dangerous. It’s because Dragons live there, like the name suggests”

“……why do we have to go to such a place?”

I had an inkling, but now I understand that these guys called dragons are a dangerous bunch.

Eternal Boss character. These creatures called dragons are something that a Fantasy cannot do without.

Standing in front of the hero to give him hardships, it’s the Best Boss Character.

In the most recent games, it doesn’t live up on being the last boss, maybe because there’s not enough stimulus with dragons anymore. Even still, it’s undeniably a powerful character in fiction.

Especially in reality, one can’t simply be rude.

In my head, a fire-breathing monster had exterminated me about three times now.

But I really don’t feel like acting that out.

The dragonfly might’ve been thinking the same way as I was, since she had an unenthusiastic face.

“It can’t be helped, since it was the Queen’s recommendation. But why do I have to go?”

The dragonfly that got involved unhappily mourned.

It goes the same for me though.

“”I can’t accept this””

Why have we arrived at such a scary place?

It’s because of the Fairy Queen’s direct recommendation.



“The dragon’s have sent and envoy in order to meet you. Won’t you go and meet them?”

Of course I wasn’t able to digest it after suddenly getting told that.

“Wa? By dragon, you mean the one that looks like a lizard with wings?”

I tried describing my image of a dragon as specifically as possible. The Queen was nodding her head while suppressing her laughter as she listened to me.

“Kukuku, that’s right. That’s a dragon. The Dragon’s Chief is an acquaintance that I’m on good terms with. You’re a hot topic right now”

I feel like I was hearing it underwater.

I had a bad feeling about it, but it was all I could do to ask.

“Um……what does that mean?”

“Isn’t it obvious? For better of for worse, you’re now a resident of this Alheim. There’s no was magic-sensitive creatures won’t notice. But showing their hand is too dangerous”

At the Queen’s cue, it was Kawazu-san’s turn to interject.

“Fumu, so they came to where we live in order to check him out?”

“We~ll that’s the gist of it. What do you think? That thing’s meaningless unless you distribute it, right? Why not start with the dragons?”

She said so while pointing at the magic computer that I’ve made.

Honestly, I can’t imagine having a dragon use a PC.

‘Cause it’s a dragon.

I can’t picture a gigantic dragon fiddling with this computer, even as a gag.

“My…… you have a point there, but can dragons even use computers?”

I spoke with reservation but the Queen replied with full confidence.

“What, if it’s a tool for humans, there shouldn’t be a problem for them in using it. Regardless of their appearance, they’re a clan with profound knowledge and deep insight. Much more than humans”

“No, it’s a matter of size…… besides, this is a thing to exchange things and words”

“If so, then it would be beneficial for you to be able to trade with them. I heard that there are rare ores that could come out from the dragon’s land that cannot be found in lands owned by humans. Besides, they also seem to have a hobby of hoarding treasures”


Like nitpicking from my words, the Queen went on talking without giving me a chance to refute.

She had a smiling expression but there was a strange pressure behind it.

Does it even allow me to say anything other than ‘yes’? Anyway, I can’t refuse.

“You’ll be going, won’t you? I heard that you’ll have a guide once you get there. Take *** with you from here on out. Don’t be rude, okay?”

The Queen who won’t budge from her stance on the request even involved Tonbo-chan this time.

The dragonfly who received the surprise attack had watery eyes.

“E~e! Me!?”

“……is there something?”

“……no, nothing at all”

However, there was a problem before the judgement.

The Queen smiled in satisfaction looking at us, as we remained silent.

“Splendid, then I shall be waiting for good news?”


I trembled when I remembered how she smiled then.

I verified that you can even use smiles for intimidation.

“That’s the smile she kills with…… I don’t thin I ever had the right to refuse”

“And Kawazu-san is also skipping this time”

“Right right! He obviously sold us out. He was planning it from the start to save his own life!”

“What ‘you’ll need someone to respond on the other computer, right?’- as if. His were cleary saying to keep him out of this”

Yes, it’s what I’m dissatisfied with. Kawazu-san will be the answering machine this time.

Although it was a valid reason, I still can’t accept it.

It’s just that I was the one requested, not Kawazu-san. It’s true that he doesn’t have to come, and that just makes me angry again.

‘”We~ll, just think of it as a practical test and do your best. I’m also busy with figuring out the electrical appliances that you summoned!”‘

That excited face from Kawazu-san totally did not feel even the least bit guilty.

“Along those lines, he even asked for souvenirs”

“Do you mean to bring back a part of a dragon’s body or something? Though I can use different kinds of magic, am I quite a strange person huh?”

Just met and already talking about body parts……

“Um excuse me, can you share some of your nails?” (T/N: Tarou is just doing a simulation)

Meeting with such a guy, my confidence would shrink a bit.

The souvenir is discarded.

“Is the meeting place around here?”

“……I think so. It’s quite a gloomy place”


The specified place was said to be a red rock on the shape of a dragon, and it was indeed an easy-to-find rock.

It looked like a naturally-formed rock with the characteristics of a dragon.

But looking closely, the painted red was the color of blood, and there were white bones rolling around in the vicinity. What would be the correct reaction for this?

The dragonfly and I aimlessly checked out the surroundings.

But in the end, we decided to wait there.

“Hey, Tonbo-chan? What was the agreed time?”

“I think they’ll easily know when Taro arrived. I think they’ll come if we wait?”

At the dragonfly’s words, I remebered when we met.

“You didn’t know though”

I said that to tease her but the dragonfly turned red and appeared miffed.

“Mou! That was a thing of the past! I wasn’t thinking straight then!”

“……even so, Tonbo-chan, the Queen was even waiting with armed guards. In a sense, it’s amazing that you we’re unruffled. Are you just bad at sensing magic?”

“I-I can’t say I’m good. But I can properly tell now! A, I feel like this one won’t die”

It was understandable and upsetting, but I felt that those words were strange.

I only had to wander within the forest and the demon I’d encounter would surrender and shake it’s tail – that level of magic.

I didn’t mind until now, but anyway, I felt a sense incongruity when this underling of a dragonfly still doesn’t seem to be affected.

“Really? That extent isn’t normal huh”

Speaking my thoughts out loud, the dragonfly replied while looking as if nothing was out of place.

“That’s right. Since we already know each other, I just lost my fear”

She had a sincere face, but when I decided to drop it, the weather suddenly changed.

That’s that, it was difficult.

“You’re…… quire a big deal” (Tarou)

“Really? I thought so too!” (Tonbo)

Then the dragonfly started to laugh cheerfully on top of my head while holding her chest.

The time I waited while chatting with Tonbo-chan was about ten minutes.

Right when I began to think that I was getting tired of waiting, the sun was suddenly obstructed by what I noticed was a big shadow.


“A, it came”

I placed my hand over my head and looked at the shadow.

The shadow blotting the sun was spreading it’s huge wings, but it suddenly disappeared.



He crashed from the sky, having a momentum enough to make a crater on the ground.

No, he’s landing properly so I can’t call it ‘crashing’?

But what surprised me was that it was a figure of a human.

He straightened his knees that cracked the ground, and he slowly stood from there.

Pitch black hair and golden slitted eyes.

It tells me that he wasn’t human. Wearing a warrior’s armor and that fearless expression, I can’t see him as a human.

Moreover, there was a dignified feeling coming from this young man.

When the young man approached me, he suddenly widened his eyes and stopped moving.

That openly startled face isn’t normal.

Can anyone be so shocked by just meeting us?

Is it my magical power?

I think it’s troublesome when there’s fear, it can’t be helped so I’ll start the conversation.

“Ah, um, you are?”


However, the man’s actions were so far out of the universe of my expectations.

“You there! Won’t you have children with me!”

Eeeee…… I can’t comprehend.

What oh what is this person saying.

Fortunately, it seems like the weird misunderstanding wasn’t particularly directed at me.

Yes, this young man’s line of sight was on the top of my head.

It was targetting the dragonfly.

However, when I thought that the dragonfly would be dumbfounded, she flew in front of the young man in an instant. Then she replied like lightning.

“Buzz off ☆”

With a gesture of slitting the neck.

In that brief exchange, the young man crumbled to the ground.

Instant kill.

This much is shocking, but the second death, this was the first time I saw a confession that came out of nowhere.

The man that was shot down can no longer move.

“Erm……what? You’re merciless aren’t you, Tonbo-chan?”

“I think my response was normal, since I felt disgusted”

“You have a point”

But how long does he intend to stay in this position.

I tentatively tried to talk to him, there was a slight reaction.

“Um…… are you okay?”

The young man raised his head while trembling.

That appearance was far from dragons, it was more like a newborn deer.

But the young man made the damage he took disappear from his face then he touched his chest.

“Gufu…… there’s no problem. Excuse me, I’m a bit late. First son and heir of *****, who is the leader of this place, I am called ***. I apolgise for having you wait. Are you the guests who came from the Fairy Village?”

“……that’s right?”

For some reason, there seems to be some insurmountable gap.

At the least, my image was a far cry from this youth, he’s a lecherous young man.

“What kind of nickname should it be?”

“Isn’t Hentai good enough?”

Tonbo-chan thoughtlessly quips.

“……so cute”

Yet the young man was still blushing.

We~ll, though I agree with that opinion, it would be hard for me to keep on calling someone ‘Hentai’.
T/N: The dragons and fairies are similar in how they send their most fearless (insensitive? lacking in common sense?) member to deal with Tarou.

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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