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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

“No ahahaha! I made you see something unsightly. That was the first time for me to be splendidly dumped that quickly!”

The youth was somehow laughing in a carefree way, he even heaped praises on how amazing the dragonfly was.

Tonbo-chan wasn’t just hiding behind my head and won’t come out, her alertness was also on MAX.

This inevitably makes me the spokesperson.

I fearfully opened my mouth.

“Aa……erm, are you human?”

“A, no no, I’m a dragon. Not just humans, I have magic that let’s me transform into any race. Today, I determined that assuming the form of a human would be the most convenient for being a guide.
By the way, that confession from earlier is my usual route whenever I meet a beautiful woman, the success rate is zero. There’s something wrong!
At this rate, it might be a good idea to think up a new comment!”

“……erm, what can I say, do your best?”

“No no, it’s just this much! Though I’m easily felled, I’m proud to say that I can recover just as quickly! For starters, there’s a reason for this magic.
Back in ancient times…… though I say that, it’s just on the time of my great grandfather, there was a time when the dragon population sharply declined.
Dragons boasts of having the strongest physique this world, but because of that, the birthrate is low.
That time overlapped with an era of war, many hot-blooded dragons died and weren’t able to lend a hand, this made the ancestor-samas worry and contemplate.
Rather, they were thinking of magic that will allow us to have children with other races.
We weren’t very good at magic, and after a bloody effort, we were finally able to succeed on developing this magic.
The prideful dragon race, after being told that it should not breed with other races and other such berations, killed whoever would say that, then spread this great invention among dragons…… well I said my piece”

The young man cleared his throat here, and said with a very good expression.

“Everything is the power of eroticism!”

“No, I wonder how you summarized it that way……?”

“That’s not the case. It’s the way I respect my ancestors! By the way, the Fairy Village where there are a lot of beautiful fairies must be a land of dreams! I would like to hear more of that in detail! As much as possible!”

“……my, it’s not like it’s going to be a long talk”

“Is that so…… there isn’t enough wild living! Tarou-dono!”

He insisted while firmly grasping my hands.

Somehow, it might cause anemia.

“…… what are you gonna do with this full-blown lecher”

The dragonfly secretly whispered in my ear. Looking at her, I can tell that the dragonfly is mad.

“I knew from the start! It’s not good to pay attention to this guy”

“No, it’s not good to do that either, right? For now, he came to show us around”

“That right but, no matter how you think about it, this guy isn’t fit to be our guide, is he?”

“No…… maybe it’s better to have a man-to-man talk with this kind of person ……I think?”

“……with how stupid he is?”

“……don’t say such complicated things”

Looking at the cheerfully laughing youth, it’s like glancing at my useless aspect, I had a bad feeling.

“Is something the matter, Tarou-dono?”

“No no, don’t mind me, by the way, the woodlands were amazing but this place is amazing as well”

“Is that right. I’m overwhelmed with what I heard”

Talking about the scenery without disruptions, the youth unexpectedly gave us a normal explanation.

“Aa, this is the first time I’ve heard of comments coming from outsiders. Afterall, if we find a different race wandering around, it basically spells their death.
Have you looked at our floating island? It contains minerals that allows it to float, young dragons live there. Eliminating foreign enemies is their job”

“Ee…… so that’s the case”

He explained it that way, but the content wasn’t normal.

As I thought, dragons are scary.

“Please rest assured. My father clearly released an order not to attack you. You are our guests, please feel at home”

The security slightly makes me uncomfortable, I worried if things are really alright.

Speaking of, I heard the Queen saying that she was on good terms with the chief of this dragon tribe, but I can’t see their bond.

“Hey, why is the Queen on good terms with these guys?”

“I don’t know. But it seems that she occasionally speaks with the Dragon’s chief? But they don’t really look like they get along”

The fact that the dragonfly doesn’t know only deepens the mystery.

“I see”

But in the end, I feel like I’m seeing those scary eyes.

I noticed that we were entering a deep valley as we continued to follow our guide.

The walls on both sides got higher, there was a cliff with what I can see, and there’s a huge dragon flying on the expanse of the skies.

“This valley is where the relatively older dragons live. The innermost part is where the Chief resides in. In other words, it’s where my father lives”


I let out a noncommittal sound, but I was completely scared.

It’s too late to think about it but I wonder what’s in store for me? We~ll thinking of magical power, it might get noise. I hope it’s nothing big though.

But that expectation is easy betrayed.

“Hey, heey look?”


The dragonfly pulled my hair to make me look up. I noticed how the wings that shadowed on the sky earlier have gotten closer.

The expressions of everyone who saw it gradually grew hard.

“……this is kinda bad. My uncle came”

The young man muttered.

“Your uncle?”

“!! This is bad! Please run!”

The situation changed just as I heard that.

“Like I’ll let you escape!!”

An angry thunderous voice struck us, at the same time with a violent gust.

“U hiyaaaa!”

“What what ~a!”

It feels like we’ll be blown away but we held on and endured.

When I opened my eyes, an enormous body blocked our path.

It had red scales and the big golden eyes were glaring at us.

“That power! It will harm not only us, but also the world! So I shall destroy it!”

The dragon from the sky roared at us with the voice of a man. It was the guy charging at us who said spoke.

I lost my words at the power.

The dragonfly on top of my head seemed to be in a panic.

“Wha-wha-wha-wha-what is this!”

It would be presumptive to ask for an explanation from an opponent who’s this prejudiced.

“It’s easy for blood to rush up to uncle’s head! I’m sorry! ”

“But we haven’t done anything!”

It’s just that no matter how we were shaking, the other side won’t know.

“We do not fear your strength, the Dragon’s pride won’t allow us to retract our fangs! I will harvest your life with these fangs!”

The dragon declared with a bitter voice, it would be pretty cool if seen from a third party’s perspective.

However, it’s nothing to laugh about when seen from our view.

“Ba-ba-ba-battle, do I have to!? What should I do!”

“G-get him Taro! Send that Dragon flying”

Please don’t say such irresponsible things, Tonbo-chan!

And Mr. Guide, please stop silently pushing me!

“No, if it’s come to this there’s no choice. It’s a good chance to show your skills”

“Stop saying that!”

Finally, it was the time when I definitely had to fight seriously, I want to cry.

The hand that saved me came from an unexpected place.

There was a raised voice coming from the side, just behind the red dragon.

A black arm soundlessly appeared from there.

“Stop it! You fool!!”

It yelled even louder than the previous dragon, then those arms smashed the red dragon to the ground.

The appearance and his attack affected the rock like a bomb exploded from it.

Some of the debris even reached us but I can’t even blink, I was only amazed.

“Nn guh!!”

Once the dust calmed down, the red dragon groaned painfully as half of his body was on the ground.

As for the principal suspect, a huge black dragon appeared before us.

“Excuse me…… you must be Tarou-dono?”

“Let me go! You senile old fool!!”

“Silence! If I’m a old then so are you!”


The red dragon struggled only to have his head sink further on the ground.

That’s definitely the angry black dragon exerting force.

I was taken aback, but I was able to answer the black dragon.

“……erm, that’s right”

“My apologies, this idiot is too hasty. I’ve heard from the Fairy Queen that you’re cursed of not being able to hear other people’s names. For me, that’s right…… Elder, i’m called as such by the ones from this Valley”

“Ahhh, Elder-san, is it”

“You apologize for your rudeness too! Hare-brained idiot! Do you want to destroy the village!?”

“……I understand…… so let go my head……can’t open jaw”

“Dragons are quite amazing”

The dragonfly stupidly muttered, and I’m pained to agree.

“Each and every scale is big”

The flashy introductions happened in front of me, I don’t know what to do since I felt my life was in danger.

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