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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 30

Comp died so we’ll have a mass release today and tomorrow. First up, thanks Jon Mitchell! This chapter is for you simply because it’s longer than usual, sorry for the delay.

(I already bought a new laptop though. I feel like I’ve been translating just this chapter the whole week…anyway, editors are inactive on the Sundays when I’m active hahaha )

Chapter 30

“Well then, dear guest, please be at ease”


I gave a reply but swallowed my saliva due to the atmosphere in this place.

We came arrived at the Dragon’s Temple that I’ve heard of, but it’s quite overwhelming.

The ceiling was so dark, I can’t tell how high it was. I can see that it should be high enough for dragons to fly around.

The enormous interior was illuminated by large torches at various places. We were in front of a Elder-san who was sitting on a pedestal-like place.

On his right was the red dragon who suppressing his heated look.

Finally, on the left side was that ero kid who had a refreshingly cool expression.

How should I say it… it’s a room for a Last Boss.

Even now, it feels like the Boss’ BGM is playing. (T/N: background music)

I decided to take the lead in order to eliminate this atmosphere.

“Thank you for inviting me in this occasion! I’ll have to bother you!”

Greeting and greetings!

Properly bow down your head and don’t forget to smile.

I wonder if it’s somewhat better now.

“No, please take it easy. Would it be alright to start with some questions?”

My hand was destroyed in an instant.

What……start with some questions…… he says?

Let’s reevaluate, by proposing this interrogation, another kind of tension was rising.

I swallowed a direct attack to my guts.

And it had a tremendous effect when coupled with the dragon’s scary look.

“?…… is that fine?”

“O! Of course, you can ask away, as long as it’s something I can answer!”

I hurriedly nodded then the Elder-san finally spoke in a serious tone.

“Well then, have you any intention of destroying us?”

It’s a terribly simple, yet incredibly rude, question for me.

To nuance, I have a pretty close memory of being told such.

“……why do the people of this world bring forth such violent topics the moment they look at a person’s face?”

Going back to it, that question was sickening.

There’s no way that that’s the case.

In the first place, there’s no sense on doing it.

Could it be that my face looks incredibly evil?

With a mirror, I wanted to check how they had the impression of me, but Elder-san happily laughed at my troubled expression so I stopped doing so.

“Hm…… do you not understand? Since you don’t seem to be concious of it, I shall tell you.
If I had power like yours, I’ll definitely do so. Swallow down my conditions unless you want to be destroyed. It’s very simple, everyone fears death.”

“That’s quite violent. Though you look like you can swallow me in one gulp”

I may say it like that, but I would feel fear when I’m told to appear in front of a dragon.

On that note, I sighed at that plunderer-like mindset.

It might easy indeed, but whether or not it’s acceptable is another story altogether.

Besides, if the enormous dragon in front of my eyes asked if I have any intention of destroying them, I don’t feel like saying ‘yes’.

“No no, our dragon race may indeed surpass most creatures, and we pride ourselves for that.
However, it’s not like we’re invincible.
In truth, there’s a monster in front of us that can’t be defeated even with a horde of dragons. In my long years of life…… I could feel my blood run cold just from facing you”

“Does it really warrant that level of alarm?”

After hearing that I’m seen as something like an indiscriminate murderer, I honestly feel empty.

At my question, Elder-san closed his huge eyes and scoffed. He answered as to rebuke me.

“Hmm…… it is important to have a proper understanding of one’s own strength.
Understanding the difference in power compared to you, there’s probably no one who would willingly want to go up in a fight against someone like you. I’m the same”

Elder-san pointedly stared at the red dragon beside him.

Once he noticed it, the red dragon defended for himself.

“That’s not true! I do not fear!”

“That’s why you are foolish…… enough of that. He just doesn’t know the value of his power but he certainly knows how to wield it. Or what? Are you saying that you want to teach him another purpose for it?”


The red dragon sniffed at the Elder’s words but he kept his mouth closed anyway.

To that reaction, Elder-san redirected his gaze back at me and my answer.

He quietly said,

“Actually when it comes down to it, if it’s something that I could do, it would I keep my pride or would I keep my life.
It will be a choice between those two.
In the first place, either will be dependent on your whims. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to know that you have no hostile intentions.”

I don’t know what to do after that tired and resigned statement.

“The Fairy Queen was completely armed and declared that she won’t yield to threats, you know?”

“Fufufu, that sounds like her. I might have done the same thing had I been the first to meet you. But taking on an opponent that you have no chance of winning against, that’s a fool who doesn’t know his own strength, or someone who wants to throw his life away. There’s nothing as empty as a battle you know you’ll lose…… now than, meeting you in person, my impression of you actually isn’t bad”

“……that’s quite an impressive sentiment”

If it’s a monster that becomes this tangible, getting this far is incredible.

Even so, talking intelligently like this, there’s no longer that impression of facing a monster.

Perhaps, if I was an ordinary man, I would only see him as a monster until the end.

That not being the case, it’s thanks to this power that I’m able to think this way. It’s ironic.

“If you felt uncomfortable, I shall apologize. However, I had to make sure”

“Of what?”

“Well…… I wonder what. Perhaps of what kind of creature you are?”

“……and? Do you think you’ve met the one you wanted to see……?”

“I wonder? But I think it was the right decision to invite you over as a guest. I must thank the Fairy Lord.
Well then, my speech ends here”

Concluding the discussion, Elder-san nodded in satisfaction.

We~ll, he’s seen my humane nature, or something like that?

How he sees it is up to Elder-san himself. If that’s over, then I’ll move onto another subject.

“Yosh. Now then let’s move on to what I would like to say, I have something I want to give you”

“Oh, which is?”

“About this……”

I’ve been preparing for this day, to present the best instrument.

A magic purse.

“……what’s that?”

The dragonfly didn’t say anything until now, but I pulled out some interesting goods that she might be able to gobble up. She’s quite gluttonous.

Wait wait, the main show is after this.

“This has a magic that can contain anything: a magic purse!”

Why a magic purse, you ask? That’s because a pocket is too familiar! (T/N: he already mentioned Google, why skirt over Doraemon?)

Though I didn’t dare say it.

It doesn’t matter, I pulled out something from the purse while cushioning it.

It is the debut of my PC.

When I presented my prided computer, the Elder’s eyes zeroed in on it.

“What is this? Might this be too small for us?”

“You can transform though? I heard from your son that you can. Anyway, since you’ve let me look around, I would also like to have you look at something”

“Hou? Will this fit our standards?”

The Elder happily asked and I eagerly nodded.

“Of course. You might be quite the hot-blooded race but you’re intelligent. Therefore, I think you can use this well. Of course, you’re receiving this from an unknown wizard so you might be suspicious, so I’ll give some consideration for that.
I’ll lend a hand if anything should bother you. How about it?”

We~ll it’s kinda strange to give things away while also giving out favours, but it can’t be helped this time.

New things take time before they are accepted.

Besides, it’s even more important when this thing cannot show its true value unless a lot of people use it.

However, Elder-san declined my consideration.

“Hmm…… no, we shall accept this as a proof of trust. However, can you explain what this is?”

“Ah! Of course! Then shall we have a brief explanation?”

I was nervous for my first presentation, I cleared my throat and my eyes glinted.
Then let me explain! Actually, strictly speaking, this is not a personal computer.

Rather, it’s closer to a modern mobile phone.

As a single device, it cannot do complicated things.

What it can do is to write sentences and drawings, or even edit images.

The mirror has a touch screen system but it is also attached to a keyboard, as well as a mouse.

Furthermore, this writing system is amazing.

To make a sentence understandable, it has a real-time translation function to make the person on the other side of the mirror understand the language.

It is the application of the mysterious magic from the letter that I got from Kawazu-san.

There are also other accessories, you can take preserve of what you’ve seen using a crystal, a camera in short.

Just hold it on your hands and you can save what you can see with your own eyes using the “start” and “stop” keywords.

This crystal uses magical power and continuous usage time is about one hour.

It has a stand, and you can recharge it by connecting it to the main body.

It sends the videos to the main body, then you could edit them.

Of course, it’s possible to cut scenes to make a picture. It can also be saved as it is, like a movie.

It is also possible to take a picture by the usual keyword, “cheese”.

And the function of the centerpiece, that is to communicate.

There are two modes, writing mode and conversation mode.

The writing mode is used in the Fairy Village. It is the application of magic to store information, it is a mode to input and accumulate information.

Create a space for yourself and edit the information within it.

Or share a common space and communicate in categorized places.

Send messages to individuals, as you would letters.

And so on.

These information are stored in a magical machine, you can view and edit it at any time.

Of course, mail is different.

For the conversation mode, move the handset and connect to the system, simply speaking it’s, like a TV phone.

Magicall speaking, it’s a method to converse with someone through the mirror.

Use the power of the main unit, designate the other party, and it will be just like a conversation.

Different from the magic mirror, you don’t have to use your own mana. Also you can even hide your face.

With this, a dragon and a human, for example, will have no problem talking to each other.

But well, it’s just like this right now. If everything goes well, we’ll add more things you can do.

For the time being, it’s main use is mailing and TV. It is designed to be as easy to use as possible.

It’s just enough to get used to.

It was satisfying to finish the explanation without a hitch.

“We~ll, that’s about it? I make do with my own magic, so I think even a small child can use it.
But it will explode if you disassemble it so be careful, okay?”

“…… the explosion won’t be small, correct?”

“Of course it will be a small explosion just for this to be destroyed, I don’t think it’s anything serious. It’s just so that it won’t get disassembled”

“…… hm, and if something troublesome comes up?”

“My, then if such a thing comes up, your seller will run to the rescue. This is a mechanism that anyone can use, so you don’t have to worry”

Even after I finished my explanation, I panicked from the bad reaction from the Elder.

Where did it go wrong?

I was worried but I kept that to myself and had a straight face. Right now, the Elder had a look like he doesn’t know what to make of it.

“Hmmm, well this seems like an interesting object but in the end, it’s a magical tool for communication? In that case, we can use it as well”

“That may be so but…… the important part is anyone can use it…… there’s no use if the conversation partner can’t communicate unless he/she uses magic.”

“Un, but isn’t it fine when you can communicate with familiar beings?”

“Uh, it’s not well disseminated yet, how to explain…… why don’t we try out the conversation mode?”

Anyway, it’s better to just show it.

As planned, I sent a mail to Kawazu-san at home and immediately got an ‘OK’ as a reply.

I seems to work properly.

It’s just that the Kawazu-san that was projected was kinda worn-out.

[He-hey…… how is it over there?]

“……Kawazu-san, what are you doing?”

Did some accident happen with the magical experiments?

Additionally, the other side of the screen seems noisy.

Kawazu-san’s forced smile just made me suspicious.

[W-well, it’s because when you left, a lot of guests suddenly showed up…… hey! Don’t touch that!] [Hey heeeey Kawa-chan, Kawa-chan! This thing called reifjirator, can I make other things cold with it? Ah! Something’s showing!] [Let me see? Nn? Ah! I know this person!] [*** is there too! Heeey!] [I said I’m talking right now……!]

Pushing out Kawazu-san, what appeared were some girls, unfamiliar faries.

The one who reacted to that was the person who was always hiding in my hair, the dragonfly.

“Ah! **, hi!”

[You too! We heard that you had to go to the dragon’s? How scaryyy]

“Yea! We already arrived! I somehow managed~”

[Eh! So you’re in the Dragon’s Valley! How’s it like?] [E, really!] [*** is with the dragons, i see!]

Beyond the screen is a rare sight of a group of fairies.

Tonbo-chan seems to be very good at identifying those faces.

“Yes yes, it’s my responsibility? I kinda felt that way…… well, I think it went well? I’m a capable girl…… yea!”

“Hey! Move over! Um……. can you switch with Kawazu-san now?”

However, the girls in the screen yelped and disappeared as soon as I talked.

I felt complicated about it.

[O-ohh! You’re a lifesaver!]

Kawazu-san’s face finally appeared where it had been blocked by the girls.

“What lifesaver! What were you thinking! After using other people, you’re fooling around with some fairies! And what’s up with the ‘Kawa-chan’!”

[You, how rude! They came on their own volition!]

“I knew it! You weren’t worried at all, were you!? You even put out the snacks that I made!”

“W-what are you on about? I don’t know what you’re saying?”

I seem to have hit bulls-eye.

A good-for-nothing ero-frog.

But the dragonfly came to Kawazu-san’s rescue.

“They came, probably because the scary one isn’t around? Everyone was curious after all~”

I could almost hear her say, ‘and that’s you’, I gulped down.

Rather, I just heard something disturbing.

“……the scary one, you say. Do you mean me? I can’t accept it~”

“There there, it’s fine. The experiment was a success anyway, right?”

[That’s right, that’s right]

“Don’t push it, Kawazu-san…… I’m kinda tired. Anyway, I’m ending the call”

[Alright! I bid you good luck!]

The connection was cut with a zap and a frog’s thumb’s up.

Did this become a promotion?

“So it’s like this…….”

I fearfully turned back but there was a guy who beat me to the punch.

“What is this! This wonderful item!”

“……what, Suke-san? What’s the matter?” (T/N: sukebe=lewd)

He was already close to tears.

As for me, I backed down.

“It’s not the time to ask what’s the matter! What was that just now!? By the way, by ‘Suke-san’, do you mean me!?”

“Yes, cause you’re sukebe”

“You got me! But still, It’s trivial! More importantly, this! Was that not a group of fairies!?”

Aa, so he responded there.

In Suke-san’s mind, PC equals to a tool to get along with fairies, isn’t it?

I wanted to open my mouth and say that it’s bad but……

“No…… that is”

“Father! By all means please give this to me! I shall receive this! So for the units! I shall deliver!”

……it might be better to remain silent.

“……sir sir, we have prepared two, so how about it?”

“We’ll gladly accept! Please teach us more in detail later!”

“Hold on!”

It was going so well but that guy’s angry voice disrupted us.

“……what is it, Uncle?”

The red dragon unhesitantly asked the annoyingly anxious Suke-san.

“As I’ve heard from just now, this is a device used to communicate the Valley’s internal conditions to the outside world! Do not receive that thing!”

“……for that, I’m capable of filtering out the information that will be shared. Moreover, it’s not like there are internal affairs that we have to hide at all cost”

“Kuh…… anyway, no! In the first place, that thing, having it will have a lot of disadvantages without any gains!”


We~ll if you think about it, disseminating information is despised, even in the other world.

However, not considering that to be unimportant, Suke-san glanced at me once and lowered his head with a smile.

“……please excuse me, Tarou-dono. It seems necessary to have a family conference”


He said family conference but, looking at Suke-san’s back, there’s obviously an unthinkable amount of killing intent though?

Is it just my imagination?

For some reason, the Elder also anxiously tried to convince the red dragon.

“……hey, don’t take this the wrong way. But you better give him what he wants”

But it seems like the red dragon won’t just concede that easily.

“Even you, what are you saying! It’s better for this brat to receive some discipline every now and then!”

As expected, the red dragon was unwilling to listen.

The Elder seems to have known this as well, and though he sighed, he made no further moves to stop him.

“……you, how long was it since you’ve seen this brat?”

“Nn? Around ten years or so, what of it?”

“I see…… so that much time has passed. I won’t stop you if you really want to have a go but…… I’ll give you an advice. You’ll regret it if you underestimate that boy. Especially when he’s in That State”

“……what are you talking about?”

The Elder’s voice, nay even his atmosphere, was wise and reminiscent.

He had a mysterious countenance that would make an onlooker uneasy.

“Uncle, I see where you’re coming from but…… for dragons, one can only persuade through power if there are differing opinions, am I right?”

“E-exactly right! You seem to get it after all!”

Suke-san’s atmosphere evidently changed at the face of the domineeringly arrogant red dragon.

Then Suke-san raised his eyes with a quiet and calm expression.

“For this matter, I have no intentions of withdrawing. Then I’ll have to show you myself”

“Don’t speak like it’s over!”

I could hear bones creaking as Suke-san transforms his appearance.

That figure bulged and swelled, discarding the former mass but…… didn’t he grow too big?

Not just compared to me, for the red one as well.

His consistently confident expression had a suddenly become different, but it wasn’t a good change.

For Suke-san’s real appearance, he inherited the Elder’s black scales, every bit the proud dragon.

The appearance was much younger than the other two dragon’s that I’ve seen, and he’s huge.

Same when he was a human, he had golden eyes. The red one could only murmur strangely.

“……you sure have grown big”

“Well then…… here I go!”


The super-oversized breath of flame came spilling at us, though it was stopped by my barrier.

If you directly receive it, the fire is no doubt strong enough to eradicate a living thing thrice.

“Da-dangerous~. Suke-san is amazing, Taro……”

Even the dragonfly trembled at the might of the angry Suke-san.

I know how she feels. Even I think that the change is too drastic.

“Right. Good thing we didn’t make him mad”

“No, that’s a long shot. He rarely gets angry. There are certain exceptions”

Aa, I can somehow see it.

“……is that alright? Elder-san?”

Behind my barrier, Elder-san shrugged his huge shoulder.

“I can’t stop a dragon that has become like that. Especially, I can’t stop my son. I might die”

“……is your son that strong?”

“Of course. He’s already surpassed me. I was thinking of making him the head of the family.
However…… I think it would be better for him to settle down before that”

“……I agree with that as well”

Indeed, being the family’s boss, he seems to need more time before he calms down.

Suke-san already bombarded the other with his fiery breaths, but he seems intent on pursuing the fight.

The red dragon did his best but he was dominated by sheer power.

Is this the power of eroticism…….

It was a great aerial battle between monsters that whittle’s away vitality.

“Ah, I was thinking of giving one of these to the Queen, so I’ll give you one as well, Elder-san.
If you want to talk, you can send letters with this. It should be much more convenient”

“Oh, I see, that way would make it more efficient indeed. I’ll gladly accept it”

Amidst the thunderous roars, the first historical transaction was made without a hitch.

After a while, Suke-san returned to his human form and came over while pulling an unmoving red dragon.

“Please excuse me. I’ve been somewhat delayed”

“Somewhat, yea……”

The red dragon that was twitching on the floor made a big impact on my mind that I thought of some words.

My image of a dragon is cool, unstoppable.

That appearance is like a sidekick of the main character.

A red chew dog [kamase inu]. (T/N: phrase that means all bark, no bite)

I dub thee, Kamase-san.

Though I don’t think I’ll say it directly to the person in question, but a new nickname was born.

Translator’s Ramblings: these novels may be wish-fulfillment for most of us. There are a lot of complaints on Jap novels where the MCs seems to be some “d*ckless OP tourist” while xianxia/wuxia MCs are unreasonable, greedy a-holes who thinks with their lower bodies, to paraphrase. Well, not all of them but these are the common ones.

There’s a contrast of desires there, on one, you want to have everything this world has to offer. On the other hand, you evaluate your worth on what you can give away (it’s tragic to know you’re not needed after all). Readers here probably read both types, and most of those novels reflect the wishes of said novel’s country of origin. So it may ruin the immersion but take note that there are reasons that a novel’s bad aspect may be good for others.

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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