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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Pond of Alcohol.

Water springs up, then there is a magic that changes the accumulated water into alcohol.

Once it was made, there was only one thing to do.

A party.

It was big. There were creatures that I can’t recognize which were roasted whole; dragons brought out their favorite drinking vessels from their treasures; it was a haven for drinking.

“Ahhahahahaha! You’re a great guy! A really great guy!”

“Delicious! I haven’t had this kind of liquor before! And this amount! I once snuck in a human feast with enough alcohol to soak in, I never thought that I would be able to do so in my real form!”

“Soak? You can swim in it! Don’t underestimate my magic~. This isn’t your normal alcohol~.”

The magic that I placed enables all the water that comes into the pond to become alcohol.

However, this isn’t just some intoxicating drink.

I’ve got it infused with magical power, it’s could be called as a sacred wine.

It doesn’t rot, nor does it get dirty, it is always clean.

It’s umami is as deep as the sea, and it sweetness is unimaginable.

This could nourish your body, heal your wounds, and recover your magical power.

And since it was originally water, it will turn back into water inside you overnight – you won’t get a hangover. What more could you ask for?

“However-, the magic is tethered to the pond itself-, if you take it far away from it, it will go back to being water-. You can’t take it ho~me”

“I see, I see! Then we shall drink from here!”

“We can drink as much as we want!”

Kamase-san was like a fish that got water, and the Elder gave a huge nod.

I was also surprised when it was far more delicious than I expected.

Back then, I didn’t really like the sake that I have had. But this is different, I really think it’s delicious.

I’m also assured that I won’t get a hangover, so my cup was constantly refilled.

Same as me, the dragonfly was also drunk while holding a small cup.

I couldn’t keep up with the dragons’ who are heavy drinkers.

However, Elder-san and Kamase-san were also pleasantly tipsy.

“Uwahahaha, this somehow turned out great ~”

My head was spinning.

With how I looked, the red-faced dragonfly was laughing.

“Yew drunk too musch~. Taro dthrunk too musch~”

“You’ve also been drinking for a while now~…… Huh~? I could see three dragonfli~ees~?”

“Ahhahhahhahha! You’re already drunk!? Humans are weak!”

For some reason, I stood up to Kamase-san’s cheap taunting.

“Whaddya say~! Hey you Kamase-san! Let’s have a drinking contesttt! I can still go on ~eh?”

“Who are you calling Kamase-san! Fine! I’ll make sure to beat you!”

“Heyhey, you guys. Take it easy, yea? Right, son!”

“……wan gurl, tu gurl, sri garrl……ZZZ”

Getting to that state of drunkenness is a good end, a good end.

With accordance to the body size, I had a cup and Kamase-san a had a barrel.

But I had a bad flag.

“What’s wrong? Nn? You don’t look well?”

“Ngh gugugu, urgh”

The smell of alcohol from my stomach already came up to my nose.

It can’t be helped, there’s only one way.

“Itch come to thiiss! Then I’ll use a cheat thooo!”


Once I declared such, I used magic that cleans toxins off the body.

Laugh all you will at the cowardice! Victory itself is justice……

I ended up being sober.

And noticed the real state of the surroundings.


We notified the dragons aside from the ones I was with, and though I felt the beginnings of it, it seems like this had turned into a party before I realized.

For some, drinking vessels aren’t enough so they lowered their head on the pond to drink.

There was one who drank too much and was sprawling face up…… it was quite something.

However it still wasn’t quiet.

For hot-blooded dragons, there were those who are drunk and fighting.

That dragon over there is actively breathing fire and is in a violent fight.

I didn’t care when I was drunk but there are fire pillars over there, it was unbelievable.

“…… my, oh my. Good think they can’t break anything here”

Is it okay to leave them be?

One shouldn’t drink too much.

I scratched my cheeks and contemplated with a cool head.

“Eh, whatever”

In the end, I concluded that the case of the matter was closed and I’ll stop thinking about it, then I went back drinking.


“My~, it was a lot of trouble after that, cleaning up and all. Ah but they were unanimously against turning it back into water. It can’t be helped that they’re such drinkers. Yup. Though it seems that you can’t go near it unless you’re a guest of honor”


“But it was fun! So exciting! Dragon’s aren’t that mean after all, are they?”

“What’s with that! I’m jealous!”

Kawazu-san exploded after I finished my report on my highly satisfying trip.

He seems to want to squeeze my neck.

Nono, Kawazu-san. What are you complaining when you were having fun on your end too?

But anyway, it was unmistakably an eventful and fun trip.

Lastly, Suke-san wanted to go and live in the Fairy Village. Tonbo-chan and I politely turned him down.

“By the way, I got some souvenirs”

We got a lot of souvenirs on our way back home. I pulled them out of my magic purse and spread them all over the desk.

Elder-san wanted me to take them by all means, and when I showed them, Kawazu-san’s pupils shrank.

“You got them…… mithril, scarletite, orichalcum, and damascus…… you got quite a lot of gifts huh”

“Aren’t those nothing but legendary metals?”

I thought I’ve heard them somewhere, they were actually legendary metals that shouldn’t exist.

I’m quite surpised cause I thought what I received were just ordinary metals.

Now that I look closely, they’re emitting a faint light but there’s no way that I’ll know about them.

Also, I also got some other swords or something……

I’m somehow nervous, so I showed Kawazu-san just in case.

“Heeey…… Kawazu-san, could this also be amazing?”

“What is? ……that’s!”

Ten in total.

I rarely used swords, but I still got them. Looking at Kawazu-san’s reaction, it seems like they’re really quite a treat.

“These are all named, cursed blades and holy swords…… did the dragons really owned these? There’s even a dragon-slaying sword here?”

“Ah hm, they said humans who entered the Valley of the Dragons had them”

I told Kawazu-san what they said when I got the swords. I wonder if he’s convinced as he seems to stare at a distance. Oh yea, it’s already twilight.

“…….it’s a tough world. It’s not that easy for humans to defeat a dragon even with a great sword. One look and you’ll know”

After hearing what Kawazu-san said, I dropped the sword that I was holding.

I see. These seem to be the weapons of heroes who dreamt of killing a dragon.

……should I try to exorcise them?

Author’s note: End of Dragon Valley.

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