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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

A shining sun and refreshing breeze.

The shirt stuck to me with my sweat, it felt okay.

I’m at the garden behind the house, wearing a straw hat and towel, standing while holding a hoe.

It may be a narrow space but it still took me some time before the field took form.

I’ve never held a hoe before so my hands are covered in blisters, but I can heal it in an instant.

I might be gradually getting farther and farther away from being human.

“What are you up to? Kou, hou”

Pausing to look at the field I plowed, I suddenly heard Kawazu-san’s voice from behind me.

“Hiya Kawazu-san! Great weather we have here!”

“Umu……it’s rather hot. And? Why did you start making a field? …… kou, hou”

He’s quite blunt even though I just gave a refreshing greeting.

There were indeed some reasons, you can call them reasons, but I don’t feel like saying them.

“Umm……. killing time?”

“Heyhey, you should just research magic…… kou, hou”

I was upset with Kawazu-san clinging to that so my momentary pretense came off.

“That…… it’s that? I just felt like moving my body for bit, especially me!”

“…… ha haan”

It’s just a small matter, yet Kawazu-san seemed apprehensive about something.

He let out a meaningful sound so I turned towards him and faltered.

“Wha-what are you doing?”

“Have you ever thought of…… strength training? Kou, hou”


This frog can definitely hit the sore spots.

Is it possible that he had noticed my secret complex?

By the way, my physical strength increased quite a bit, 20 now, probably because I’ve been walking around recently.

Thought it’s nothing compared to Kawazu-san.

“W-w-why would you say that”

“You’re too easy…… kou, hou”

Kawazu-san was pointing such things out while slowly doing a weird dance, deeply inhaling.

In front of the weird Kawazu-san was the large TV that I summoned.

“…… back to Kawazu-san, what exactly are you doing? Is ‘kouhou’ a person from some place?”

“No no, it’s from something that you gave me. This ‘Tai Chi Manual that even Monkeys Can Follow’ DVD”

“Ah, that”

Kawazu-san wasn’t wearing anything on his upper body; he seemed to be sweating from doing Tai Chi.

Indeed, projected on the TV screen, there was a Chinese person moving very slowly.

I summoned it along with a DVD player, and it seems like Kawazu-san has been using them.

“This TV? Isn’t it a waste not to use it? I’ve been making various changes with it. Shall I?”

“Was there any need to drag this massive TV outdoors?”

“Size is of no significance for a magician”

“…… is that so. There’s floating objects too”

Even I floated something much more massive just a while ago. I’m convinced.

“Well, this body is finally able to move well but not quite at the level that I would like it to be. Ah, being this way if fine too”

“U……, yea that’s true”

After the session was done, Kawazu-san adjusted his breathing and bowed lightly.

I could hear him laughing with a ‘hohhohho’, then he stretched his smooth body.

He did an amazing split, the unbelievable 180 degrees.

“So how’s your field turning out?”

Kawazu-san suddenly asked, so I announced today’s achievements.

“Me? I set up a fence, I guess the plowing is finished? My body ached but I healed it”

“That’s something you would do. Are there any animals that you want to keep away, for you to build a fence? In this Fairy Village”

“Yea, there seems to be some small animals here. When I consulted Tonbo-chan, she said that I should set up a fence. Those creatures seem to eat seeds. I had just the right thing too”

“Just the right thing? You didn’t build them with your magic?”

Kawazu-san probably hasn’t considered what that suitable thing could be. Well, it’s true that it’s not commonly used as a fence.

“Yea, look”

I pointed to my newly-made field, and Kawazu-san’s face which was calm until now immediately became really strained.

“Are those not the cursed blades!?!”


“Have you no respect for legends at all?!”

“But it’s not like they’ll rust, and they give off this weird aura that’s just perfect for warding off animals”

“It’s frustrating how they become suitable for the job when you say it like that! But then wait! In legends, aren’t they treated more preciously? ……right?”

“Is that right? But even so. It’s convenient so it’s fine to use them. Oh man, something about this just feels great! I always had to play the tsukkomi back in the Dragon’s Valley!” (T/N: tsukkomi, the “straight man” or the normal one compared to the “boke” which is the idiot/weird guy in comedy duos)

I felt delight that even I could not fully understand. On the contrary, Kawazu-san sagged his shoulders.

“……so that’s what the Dragon Valley is like. It seems frighteningly tiring”

“Ahaha, you’re one to talk when your existence is the ‘boke’ here”

“Oh shut up!”

Yup, this makes Kawazu-san.

Kawazu-san still looked like he wanted to say something, but he turned back to the TV, probably as an attempt to change the mood.

The playback aspect aside, it can’t get any signals here. Just what is he up to?

I also took a look as it piqued my interest. He even had a remote control, the mystery deepens.

“What have you got there? Though there’s no signal here”

“Fumu, and that’s why you’re still a novice. Well, just watch”


Kawazu-san held the remote control in front of the TV and pressed a button.

I thought that it would be just static, but there was actually something else showing.

“Eh! It’s working!”

“Fufu, isn’t it great?”

“Nn? But what is this?”

The only thing showing on the TV is just the forest and it’s ground, I don’t get it.

It’s almost the same thing every time, even if you switch channels.

I don’t know just what it’s supposed to do.

“……Kawazu-san, this”

is a failure, isn’t it? I wanted to point that out with pitying eyes, but he corrected me before I could say anything.

“This isn’t a failure! Listen well, this is a golem’s vision!”

He insisted while slamming the buttons for the TV.


Somehow, when I was thinking on how it was like as a game monster, Kawazu-san gave an explanation on that golem thing.

“Yes, it’s a doll infused with a counterfeit life. I left them to wander within the barrier. There’s 12 of them, just like the number of buttons on this remote”

“Ah, I see! So you use the remote to switch between their views. Can you see them all at once?”

“Yes, of course. I made a map of the place, so you can locate their position with light dots. It’s this button”

It’s good that the remote control has a lot of buttons, the sorting seems easy.

However, Kawazu-san is good with electronic equipment.

Even if he went to my world, he would probably adapt quickly.

“Then again, there’s really not a lot of changes”

And those images are boring.

It would have been great to see a good show. For a while now, it’s only just wandering inside the forest.

Kawazu-san seemed to hold the same opinion. In the first place, the purpose was something else.

“We~ll, it’s the inside of the forest after all. It’s not meant for entertainment, it’s alright like this”

“So it’s a surveillance camera?”

“Mhm. It’s for monitoring purposes. Right now, you can see the scene clearly, yes? But this is actually inside the barrier’s fog. They’re tasked to pick out people who lost their way and passed out, then throw those people out of the barrier”

“Ohh, so they can see clearly in the fog…… but that’s a bit brutish”

“Not really, they’re very light”

How often are there intruders anyway?

Half-convinced, I absentmindedly watched the videos on the screen. Suddenly, I caught something at the corner of my eyes.

I felt like I glimpsed something.

“Hm? There was something just now?”

“Is that so? They’re supposed to detect humans automatically, which number?”

“Number three, I think”


Kawazu-san pressed the #3 button.

The screen changed and a huge cat showed up.

“Cat?” (T)

“It’s upside down though” (K)

It was like a huge printed picture of a cute cat.

“Can you zoom out?”

“Just push the #3 button and give out an order”

I did as told.

Then the whole body was exposed.

“…… what is this?” (T)

“I don’t know what it means” (K)


It looked like a cat-printed pair of panties.

We ordered to bring the human back to us so we could take a look. We didn’t exchange a lot of words.

“…… oh wow”

“…… the method may indeed be a bit brutish”

Kawazu-san had to admit that the girl who was brought back was in a terrible situation.

Gargoyle #3 carried the girl by grasping her legs.

If I had to describe her current situation, she was suspended in the air with her underwear exposed.

Even so, it doesn’t feel obscene.

Only the whites are seen on her eyes, snot running down from her nose, tears from her eyes – who in the world would feel that way while looking at a red-faced unconscious person?

“Even a hundred-year love would surely cool down” (T)

“It’s not the time to be saying something like that. Rather, you brought her back simply because you saw her underwear – I’m wondering what kind of maniac are you” (K)

“Stupid! It’s not like that! Those clothes are look like they’re from my world! So it had me wondering!”

“…… I see, then I’ll leave it be if that’s the case”

“I said it’s not!”

We laid the girl down whilst arguing.

The girl who was lying on the ground seemed to be safe for the time being.

“The fog must’ve gotten to her. I don’t know why she’s here but she did well on her own”

“Still, she’s probably from the same place that I came from”

Once again, I inspected the unconscious girl.

Probably a high school student, and if you look closely, she’s quite a beauty.

I think she’s slightly younger than me, but I’m not sure.

The clothes she came with is a uniform from Japan, I think. But I can’t say that I’m familiar with it.

She was blonde and looked like a foreigner.

Then again, I can’t say that she’s a normal school girl. Her upper body had something that belongs to this world.

Leather armor, a huge sword, and several knives. I’d love to see a high school girl that went around like that.

She’s a real Sailor Soldier.

I kept my idiotic opinions to myself.

T/N: Kawazu-san made a translation magic, so maybe he can speak/read Japanese(as those summoned appliances are bound to be in that language)? If somebody else sees them, would they also wonder what the language on those buttons are? Even numbers…

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