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Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 34

Chapter 34

“What to do?”

For now, we had the unconscious girl rest in my room. We prepared some chairs by her side and decided to wait for her to wake.

I think the figure of the gorgeous blond girl sleeping quietly looked too much like a doll.

Kawazu-san shrugged his shoulders as if such matters were already decided.

“We don’t have a choice but to send her away. We’re the only ones allowed to live here”

“I get that. But there I’m thinking of various things, alright? By the way, Kawazu-san, do you think this girl is from another world?”

I might say that it’s possible she’s a human from this world who only wore those clothes. I had to confirm.

“She might be. There’s no reason to wear this kind of clothing. It’s not like there aren’t any other people who were summoned from another world”

“Seriously? But then……. it’s not easy to do, is it?”

“Of course doing easily is impossible, but a capable magician would be able to do it with the necessary preparations”

I remember when I was trying summoning magic myself.

The mana cost rises for summoning living beings.

I realized that when I tried it out.

But Kawazu-san had summoned me.

Rather, he did something really amazing……

“By the way, Kawazu-san…… ” “mnn……”

Before I finished my sentence, the girl sleeping on the bed stirred.

“Oh? She’s awake?”

The moment I looked at the girl for a bit, the sheets suddenly filled my vision.


I didn’t know what was going on.

But before I could think, my arm was twisted.

When I noticed, I couldn’t make a single move. Something cold was pressed at the back of my neck.

A frighteningly cutting voice whispered in my ear.

“I’ll give you ten seconds. Tell me who you are”

“Um…… that’s what I would like to ask”

“Shut up, don’t answer anything but what I ask”

“No no, that won’t work”


There should be a shallow wound on the neck.

But I won’t get injured by something like that.

I always put up several barriers that could block anything malicious.

The effect of today’s barrier is…… if you move to do me harm, it will reflect back to you.

The knife broke, and the person itself was hurt.


Probably feeling the pain on her own neck, the surprised girl jumped away to the corner of the room at an unbelievable speed.

“How pathetic, your reaction speed is only that much, then shoot” (K)

“……it’s impossible. I’m a modern man that doesn’t exercise” (T)

“……this is”

The stunned girl muttered as she looked around the room.

Apparently, her head wasn’t clear before. Of course she would do that.

Where did this pro come from? No, what kind of pro is she?

I never thought that there was a high school girl who would cut my throat the moment she wakes up.

But the girl didn’t say anything but only stared wide-eyed at my bed, the furnitures, and the stereo.

Her face flooded with relief, and she crumbled on the spot as if she lost all strength on her waist.

“Am I…… back home?”

I don’t know who she was asking.

But her words convinced me that she’s someone from another world.

I felt awful that I will have to say something that will betray such a girl’s expectations.

“I’m sorry, but this isn’t the world you’re from”


Looking at me again, the girl was further surprised.

I would like her to stop trying to kill people she’s not familiar with.

Of course, she’s probably surprised about what I’m wearing.

G pants and black shirt.

Since cloning can be done, I was thinking of always wearing this getup.

“Are you okay? I didn’t think that you would suddenly try to kill me. Have you been overly stained by this world?”

Laughing a bit, I intended to make a light joke but looking at it differently, I was too stiff.



Where I thought that the girl’s expression was quite resilient, she suddenly started crying with large droplets of tears.

“Aaaa, you made her cry. Tarou, look what you’ve done”

“It’s my fault!?”

It’s not the time to entertain the annoyingly grinning frog.


“E! Wai! I’m sorry! I didn’t want to upset you!”

Why am I desperately apologizing to someone who tried to kill me?

But until the girl would stop crying, I was nothing but flustered.

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