Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

“Honestly, you did such a useless thing…….stupid, really stupid”

The huge frog which was facing the desk inflated it’s cheeks and croaked in rebellion.

Right now he is wearing a loose-fitting robe which was found in the house, held together by a piece of cloth around his waist.

Mood, only slightly relaxed from earlier.

“That’s why I said I’m sorry. I never thought that it would be body that you’d really hate. But I’ve also been forcibly kidnapped so, we’re even?”

“What even!? I gave up my life for you as a present….”

I already admit it that it turned out bad, of course the old man is sulking.

I hollowly smiled while a blue vein was trying to pop in my temple.

“If you put it that way then I’ve also made it so you can use magic.”

That’s that and the kidnapper is suddenly attentive.

You should properly pay attention to the magic you’ve supposedly got.

The old man just had a surprised look on his face.

“…..mmm, as you said I can feel my magic. What in the world did you do?”

“We~ll that’s…. a secret”

Looking at it in another way, it has gone well but let’s not say that out loud.

“Anyway I used such a flashy magic, will my life get sucked out as well?”

I belatedly asked what concerned me but the old man just furiously shook his head.

“……rest assured. The Mana that you’ve used to perform magic will be replenished when you sleep. What I’ve given you is the more fundamental……that’s right, think of it as a reservoir. There’s no problem as long as you don’t use all your magic at once.”

I didn’t know a very basic and important information, I felt ill.

Honestly, I’m glad that I didn’t fully go on a spending spree.

I’d be sorry if I notice it too late.

“I see……. I’ll be careful”

“Hmph! Such a magic that costs 8 million in one go doesn’t exist!”

The old man angrily spat that out.

He has a point.

“Is that so?”

Nodding, the gramps bit on a handkerchief to express his frustration.

“Guuuu. Why! This is unfair!”

“Even if you ask me that, you’re the one that brought me here right?”

“Muuu. That’s why! In the first place, what with that stupidly huge Mana! It’s not fair no matter how you look at it! What kind of devil turns a person into a frog!”

“While we’re on topic, let’s talk about spiriting people away, what’s so sinister about just remodelling them! How surprising!”

I finally snapped.

When it comes down to it, I also have a lot of things to say.

Anyway, I brought him back to life to do just that.

A few hours later, we~ll there was barely any reason to continue.



But shaking hands and drinking tea together, I don’t think it took an hour.

We both sipped from our respective cups, then placed them on the table.

For the mean while, uncomfortable silence prevailed but we sighed with relaxed shoulders without minding the other.

“……in any case, we both have our thoughts, but let’s just agree we’re both responsible.”

“Indeed. Though it’s true that we’ve wronged each other, continuing to fight is an act of futility.”

“Mhm. Shall we talk of do from now on. What are your plans from here?”

Of course I’ll be asked such a question, but I’ve already thought of my answer.

“We~ll, I’ll try to return to my previous world”


My answer seems to be unexpected to the old man, so he reacted by twitching.

“Magic, can’t you use it?”

“……now that you mention it, maybe I can.”

That’s right.

My magic is unexpectedly high and probably on a scale that Gramps hasn’t seen before.

It’s possible to make quick work out of if using my outrageous Mana.

Even bring the dead back to life….. even with slight hassle, it was easy – going back to my original world should be a piece of cake.

Gramps sighed with his froggy face and naturally groaned.

“…..that’s right. With that stupidly high Mana, there shouldn’t be anything you can’t do.”

“Right? Then let’s see whether I can or cannot return”

I immediately activated [Magic Creation], and used search.

Search words…….another world, deportation or something.

As I searched, information was directly sent into my brain.

I see, that magic indeed exists.


“……are they serious?”

However, I was speechless when I saw the search results.

“……whatever is the problem?”

I can’t even muster the ability to answer gramps.

Even I don’t know what it means.

I immediately tried to look for different magics but the end result is still the same.

Gramps naturally got curious, for now let’s tell him what I found.

“Oh no….. I can’t go back”

“How come??”

“This magic needs 10 million Mana to activate……. actually using it will probably cost more”


The frog turned to stone.

“Why are you so surprised? Gramps, didn’t you use the same magic?”

“My, I can’t use magic the same way you do. The Mana will never be enough. Which is why I only use the bare minimum per cast.”

In the end, the magic that I found…….frankly, the cost is too high.

Reviving the dead was possible, but returning to my previous world is not?

Why is it like this?

Telling me that it’s just like that, that those are the limits, is very hard to swallow.

Is the way humans think really different from how the world thinks?

However, no matter what I say, the results won’t change.

The only thing that I can do is to save the space between my eyebrows from wrinkles.

“Ha~a…. it seems that I can’t go back anyway”

“……hmmm, hardening or stretching, you’re reactions are too small”

“Is magic something that could be increased?”

“Ah, of course. It will increase with training. But there are limits to it. I was orignally around 100 but I increased it to 1000 after five hundred years.”

In the face of the lauging old man, my expectations were crushed and I could only sigh.

That’s right, even with five hundred years, the increase is only 900. I can’t even rely on it a little.

I felt it a bit too troublesome, so I just laughed it off.

“The possibility isn’t actually zero, just a number approaching it…… such a bad news”

“Mhm, we’ll have to make some arrangments so you could stay in my world. But don’t worry, I have wished for you to exist here. Which is why I’ll look after you. By the way, can you tell me your name? I must have missed it.”

“You say that when you caused all this…… now that you mentioned it, I haven’t heard your name as well.”

“Is that so? Then I am called ***, the Mage ***”

“My name is Kouno Tarou”



“”What did you say just now?””

We immediately stumbled upon a problem with just our introductions.

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