Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 7

Chapter 7

“Oh I see~! It’s probably that heh! A mistake in my translation magic!”

Convinced that he had single-handedly solved the mystery, the old man seemed kinda happy and delighted.

I don’t think it should be taken lightly.

“……what’s that supposed to mean?”

With a surprised face, the gramps embarassedly began to fuss.

“I can’t help it! Translation magic isn’t my specialty! Even though I did my best, you know? Additionally one of the causes for the malfunction should be the fact that you’re from another world!”

“Ah-. Now you’re just shifting the blame, aren’t you?”

Somehow I imagined that a trip to another world would be kind of easier.

“No really, language is exclusive to it’s people, right? It’s something that someone made to understand another. That’s why the adjustments are difficult, it’s a magic that requires fine-tuning. I even made a great effort to study language patterns, but the naming system is different from the language itself. That’s why the translations went smoothly but the naming is overlooked.”

“That’s another problematic thing, right there”

That’s language making for you, translation softwares may or may not properly translate names in English.

Plus, the native speaker’s tone of voice is cut out of the consideration

That’s why the (non) translations seem to make me hear other names as meaningless noise.

It’s nice that I don’t hear superimposing translations, but this way, I can’t even recognize a single name.

“Then I’ll do a proper translation magic”

“No, you better not. That kind of magic will turn into jibberish in the hands of a guy who knows nothing: if you do it badly it may have bad repurcussions.”

“….then solve that somehow”

“Impossible. I was barely able to rush things through, much less solve additional problems.”

I clawed the frogs face without warning.

“Ouch owwowwow! What do you think you’re doing!”

“Spare me! Just how sloppy could you get! You froggy!”

“……E~e ♪”

“To hell with your ‘E~e ♪’”

“I can’t be helped, could it! I wish you’d appreciate that I did well while I was dying! Ei, let me go!”

Fending off my hands, the old man released a sigh as he stroked his head.

“I can’t be helped….. give me a minute”

Gramps said so like he was doing something troublesome and placed a hand on my head. Like so, he began mumbling something.

I stayed silent to observe and gramps poked my forehead.

Then a small magic light appeared for a moment and dashed between my eyes.

“…….alright, now you try telling me your name once again~”

“…..Kouno Tarou”

“Great! It’s a success! So you’re Kounotarou!”


I didn’t think that I would be so touched to be called by my own name.

Probably from satisfaction, gramps proudly puffed his chest.

“Hehehe~! It’s amazing, right! ….anyway, from this, you can do basic correspondence~. Your name should be translated for the people of this world without a hitch. There are fundamental flaws that would take a long time to study…… it’s impossible.”

“Please do your best there. What then…. I’ll be a pitiful person who’ll never be able to remember another person’s name?”

Now that I said it out loud, it really does sound like a stupid situation.

“Well that should be the gist of it. Then let me tell you my name…. let’s see”

Saying so, Gramps once again placed his hand on my head and the light from before reappeared.

“My name is ***. Can you remember it?”

“……not good, can’t hear.”

“What did you say? Hmm, as I thought it’s problematic”

It seems that this defective magic really can’t be patched up that easily.

Uwaaa this is too frustrating.

“……Oh we~ll. Should we call it a win just because my name could be called? Originally, I’m not even good at remembering people’s names….. that said, how about I try picking out nicknames?”


It’s a last resort but this situation can’t be avoided, can it?

“Yes, it’s something that I’ll just use to call you. Without further ado, shall we try it out? Well then…. Gramps shall be called ‘Kawazu-san’ from now on”

“Kawazu-san? For some reason it sounds vaguely disgusting, huh”

“That’s not true. It’s really very charming”



I firmly nodded in all seriousness.

“Hmmm, we~ll whatever~. And what does it mean?”


“Got it. Let’s take this outside.”

Round two, start.

T/N: I owe you guys a lot of chapters for last week. I tripped a few days ago and sprained my toe. Yes, toe, not ankle. I was writing in pain and I couldn’t find a good typing position (it’s hard to describe). On to the good news, I could lower my toe a bit now, without feeling the scary rush of blood (proud wuss right here), and yet I got an excuse to slack off on my irl job. Hehehe.

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    “Got it let’s take this outside”