Ore to Kawazu-san no Isekai Hourouki – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

“Nu~oooooooouuuh…….how much farther do we have to go?”

“Still quite a bit”

“At least tell me the destination…… it would turn my motivation around ~a”

“At the edge of the world”

“What’s that supposed to mean ~a-~ah…….”

Pitifully moaning, I had a bad complexion and I wanted to die.

The journey’s end is not in sight.

Kawazu-san was seated in the coachman stand. He sighed after looking at me in disgust.

“Just how weak could you get…”

“……this ride unexpectedly dealt a great damage to me ~ah”

“Ah~aa…. if it’s like this, the next destination would be your immediate death”

It’s just Kawazu-san’s appalled face but I reacted upon hearing the word ‘death’, I twitched.

I didn’t know about this.

“……A-. Could it be that our next destination is somewhere dangerous?”

I inquired apprehensively, to which Kawazu-san immediately affirmed.

“Yes, the most dangerous place in this world. That’s why it’s hard to find. What of it? Do you prefer not knowing?”

What does it mean when he himself looks pretty relaxed? If I say so myself.

Heyhey Kawazu-san. Isn’t it the most dangerous place?

Dangerous places should be out of question.

Above that, the part where you added the word “most”, that should imply that it’s a place we shouldn’t enter right?

Such a thing, one normally proceeds with extreme caution.

“………sort of. But I hold my life dearly-”

It’s just that I don’t have energy to ‘proceed with extreme caution.’

“……you’re a quite a selfish guy, you are. You don’t need to be that concerned over it. It’s dangerous for the common people, we’re different”

“Is that so?”

“Mhm. The place we’re headed to is a land called Alheim.”

Obviously, I’ve never heard of that place.

I asked about its details.

“……is it like a country?”

“Nono, it can’t be found here. Loosely speaking, it’s a forest or mountain?”

“…..what’s that?”

Forest or mountain.

It’s hard to imagine, and Kawazu-san is just happily laughing it off ‘hoh hoh hoh’

“Alheim is somewhere further south from this vast rural area”

“…….the lazy life I’ve dreamed of is a far away land ah-”

For whatever reason, I imagined a peaceful life at the countryside, but it devolved into some riduculous place instead.

This undeveloped land.

I could imagine an Amazonian jungle filled with mysterious natives and we’ll be chased around amidst the war cries.

It’s probably not it, I laugh halfheartedly.

“We~ll, whatever happens will happen so just enjoy it. Humans are supposed to live in the moment”

The more I listen, the more I feel like I don’t mind daring to go to such a place.

Gramps is too enthusiastic for this.

However, there’s something that doesn’t quite add up.

“……but you know, I’d always like to verify, is it really alright? That we’re not going back to the country.”

“You…..you’re just asking that now?”

It’s unbelievable~…. I can understand Kawazu-san’s point of view, that our destination is just a destination because we just felt like it.

“No well, I’ve considered that too. It’s just such a suspicious situation, when we feel like we’d rather go to dangerous places”

I’d normally refuse, I think. Kawazu-san just seems like he’d be annoying.

“Ha~a…… it’s fine. I really don’t have any regrets in that country. The people that I’m really close with were a thing of the distant past. Thinking back on it, the what’s left in the country are only the favors that they’ve asked for. I’ve given a lifetime’s worth already. Recently, I wasn’t even able to see the later half of my old age, since I was just raising some brats. I’m sick of it.”

I think I saw something dark come out from the muttering Kawazu-san.

We probably touched a topic that shouldn’t ever be touched.

“In a- in any case, it’s fine if that’s the case.”

“Hmph. Whatever the case may be, there will be harships for the mean time. That doesn’t mean I can’t have fun myself. That truth is I’m interested in some spot for a long time now. Alheim can’t easily be accessed or invaded by just anyone, it’s inhabited by strong clans right now. Interest over it declined but I haven’t really experienced some unavoidable danger either. Now is as good a time as any to check it out.”

While saying that, Kawazu-san looked inexplicably cheerful.

Oh I see, it’s probably something like that.

When you’re free of burden, you’d want to be some sort of tourist.

Whatever it is, making sure of enjoyment should come first.

Anyway, it’s not like I don’t have any interest in such things.

“You’re right. That’s probably fine too.”

“Oh? How surprising. I thought someone like you would be more reluctant?”

“Nono, even I want to go sightseeing in this new world, you know? Rather than towns or cities, I’d rather see strange creatures. Then I’ll just accompany you on what you want to do, and discoverer this world, -s’what I think.”

“…..Hm. Wanting to wander aimlessly, as expected.”

“It’s the same no matter how much I think about it, right? Additionally, my mental strength has all the capacity of a soap bubble you see, I’d die a lonely death if I’m left wandering a different world alone.”

“…..the cause would be boredom. How about I personally train you?”

“When I feel like it, I’ll be in your care………yea. Eroeroeroeroeroe……”

I had a sickly, blue face, and I just signed up for battle.

Give me something for motion sickness.

“But you’re still really pathetic huh…..”

I heard what Kawasu-san said, but lack the energy to retort.

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