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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 106 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: Saving a Person


Traditional Chinese medical knowledge was the country’s essence and crystallization of knowledge. It was a heritage that lasted for the last 5 thousand years and accumulated over generations. The Medicinal Herbs Market in each city has always been a place that Chinese Medical sage doctors who lived in seclusion had always liked.


Mu Qingping firmly believed this point. So aside from visiting famous doctors everywhere, she also took her daughter to each city’s Medicinal Herbs Market, setting up a platform, and hoping to meet a Sage Doctor amongst countless people in the crowd to cure her daughter’s strange disease.


And as the saying goes, there must be someone skilled under the attraction of a generous reward.


Each time Mu Qingping went to the Medicinal Herbs Market, the market’s management office would send people to help her arrange the platform, and a lot of people would come around the platform as she could find someone to consult about her daughter.


“I’ll try it!”


After Tang Xiu arrived, he squeezed out and pushed from the crowd to the forefront and prepared to step onto the platform.


“Hey, I came first! And you’re too young! Don’t use this event to gain a name for yourself. Some things you can’t get.”


A middle-aged man in a Chinese tunic suit coldly glanced at Tang Xiu as he then stepped on the platform.


Tang Xiu’s brow slanted as he stood still at the forefront of the crowd and did not talk back.


On the platform.


Mu Qingping respectfully asked with an anticipating look, “What’s your name?”


“Chu… Chu Guoxiong.”


“Hello, Dr. Chu. Thank you for coming out to check on my daughter’s case. Would you take a look, please? This is my daughter’s inspection reports for all these years, including the description of the symptoms.”


“Show me!”


Chu Guoxiong nodded. He took a stack of thick inspection reports. After he carefully read for a few minutes, his brows wrinkled and formed a slanted shape. He then came over and sat down in front of the single bed and took the girl’s wrist.


It was the technique in Traditional Chinese Medical consultation, observing a patient’s condition.


Chu Guoxiong checked the girl’s pulse for over a minute as he then shook his head and let out a forced smile, sighing, “It’s really strange, I’ve been in the medical field for more than 10 years and have seen countless cases. But never once have I encountered such a strange situation. Her inner body is too cold with long-winded and chaotic meridians, of which, are slightly different than an ordinary person’s. The most important point is her blood vessels. When I just checked her pulse and her arm, there are 5 spots on her arms where the major blood vessel which encompasses several blood vessels in the surroundings. I can sense it that this has caused her to be in a deep and strong sense of pain. This shows that the problems are within her body’s meridians and blood vessels.”


After he spoke, he let go his extended arm as he let out a forced and wry smile and then spoke, “I have no means to treat her without knowing where I should start!”




Mu Qingping sighed deeply. The chilly and bitter feeling in her heart was getting stronger. She had always been deeply anticipating and was yet disappointed again and again. And her heart now had already been stimulated to the point of desperation.


Hundreds of onlookers in the surrounding also shook their head in disappointment. Half of these people had seen this scene at least once. And even a lot of people had seen Mu Qingping set up a platform here for more than 10 times.


They truly felt sorry for the poor little girl!


Just like Mu Qingping, they also hoped that a Godly Doctor would come out to cure and solve the pain on the child’s body.


Chu Guoxiong looked at Mu Qingping with a disappointed expression. After having been silent for a moment, he slowly said, “Maybe there’s one person who’s able to make a definite diagnosis for your daughter’s strange illness. He even has a great possibility to be able to cure her.”


Mu Qingping eyes lightened up as she hastily asked: “Which Divine Doctor is it?”


Chu Guoxiong said: “He’s my Master, Gui Jiànchou.”


“Wow …”


Half of the people in the surroundings turned noisy. All of them looked at Chu Guoxiong with shocked and disbelieving expression in their eyes. Who did not know the name of the Divine Doctor Gui Jiànchou in the whole country? And the middle-aged man in front, called Chu Guoxiong, turned out to be Gui Jiànchou’s apprentice!


“As the saying goes, a famous teacher always have an outstanding disciple. Even if this Chu Guoxiong has no means to treat the little girl, but his medical skill must be very good.”


“A Divine Doctor’s successor!? Heavens, I really have a good fortune today to be able to see the successor of a Divine Doctor here.”


“The Divine Doctor Gui Jiànchou has never appeared for nearly 2 decades, where is the old man now?”


“If even a Divine Doctor’s apprentice is unable to cure that little girl, perhaps she has no hopes anymore.”


“Damn, crossing across such a guru here!”




Mu Qingping has heard of the famous name of Divine Doctor Gui Jiànchou for countless of times, as an intense hope then gushed out inside her heart at this time. She then asked with a hopeful expression, “Doctor Chu, your master, where is he right now?”


Chu Guoxiong let out a forced smile and said, “In fact, I don’t know where the Respected Master is right now. He has always been wandering from place to place, even I haven’t seen him in 4 years. But every 5 years, my Master will see me once. If I see my Respected Master again, I will naturally tell him about your circumstances. If he’s willing to act, I will contact you by then.”


Mu Qingping quickly gave her contact details to Chu Guoxiong as she thanked him again and again.


Tang Xiu was still standing in front of the crowd. Upon seeing that Chu Guoxiong’s diagnosis results, his mind slightly moved and was ready to step onto the platform. When he began to check on the girl’s body, a ridiculing comment came shouted from the crowd.


“Heh, what a Divine Doctor’s successor!? The way I see it, he’s just a lowly scammer bragging as the Divine Doctor’s disciple. Gui Jiànchou is indeed a highly respected Divine Doctor, with his moral integrity and medical skill, he’s admirable. However, a Divine Doctor’s successor is actually unable to cure a child, what a joke!”


In the instant, all eyes were focused on the speaker!


He was a white-haired old man with a goatee beard, sloping upward with eyes full of mockery, with the appearance of a 50 to 60-year-old, and thick cotton clothes with scarves on his neck. The most distinct thing about him was that the shoes he was wearing was a pair of hemp rope sandals.


“Who are you?”


Chu Guoxiong’s brow deeply wrinkled as he looked at the old man with hostility.


The old man sneered, “Che, as for who this old man is, you don’t have the qualification to know. If old man Gui Jiànchou comes, he’s the only one qualified to know this old man.”


Chu Guoxiong’s eyes squinted. He was silent for a moment as he then cupped his hands over and said, “I don’t need to explain more about my Respected Teacher Gui Jiànchou. But since you look down on me for being unable to solve the little girl’s problem, why don’t you try for yourself to diagnose and treat this little girl? If you can treat her, it will be a great deed and benevolence in itself.”


The old man arrogantly replied, “Since this old man has stood, I will naturally be able to cure her.”


Words had been spoken as he walked onto the platform and sat down by the bedside.


He read the medical records, observed the girl’s condition, and checked her pulse…


The old man skillfully conducted a series of Traditional Chinese medical checking procedures as the arrogant expression that hung on his face gradually turned slightly solemn as time passed by. When his fingers pressed down the girls’ pulse, his face sank and blackened.


“Black Ice Veins, Thousand Needles Body.”


After the old man blurted out these six words, he silently got up.


Mu Qingping’s breathing became more rapid again. Although she couldn’t understand the old man’s words, but she seemed to see some hope as she then hurriedly asked, “Elder, are you able to solve the strange illness my daughter has?”


The old man shook his head and said with a touch of pity in his eyes, “It’s no use. She was born with the Thousand Needles Body and Black Ice Veins within her blood vessels’ network. I can’t cure her, and there’s no time left.”


Mu Qingping’s face greatly dejected as she hastily asked, “Elder, what do you mean? My daughter, she…”


The old man replied with a sigh, “I have seen this kind of constitution in an ancient Traditional Chinese medical book. She began to contract this illness about 2 or 3 years ago, didn’t she?”


Mu Qingping’s pupil contracted as she said, “Yes! She was fine more than 2 years ago, but ever since her father had a traffic accident, she got a serious illness when she heard the news and fell into a high fever for 7 days. Then… she became like this.”


The old man said with a hopeless tone, “If she were to be treated within that 7 days, she would perhaps have some hope, but now is too late. Being able to withstand such a painful condition for 2 years, is really… truly a miracle. The pains she has been suffering are not something anyone is able to imagine. I think if it were not because her extremely strong willpower, perhaps she would have …”


Stream of tears burst out from Mu Qingping’s eyes. Never once was she able to know that kind of pain. Her daughter had always been fainting more than 10 times a day, every day, due to the deathly pains. But for every 2 or 3 hours, every time she woke up, she continued to bear that kind of pain.


“Puff …”


Mu Qingping knelt down in front of the old man as he with teeth bit her lips. Along with the seeping blood, she pleaded earnestly and spoke with cries, “Elder, I beg you to find any means to cure her. As long as you can save and make my daughter healthy again, I’ll do anything and even give my life to you.”


The old man shook his head and said, “This is the limit of what this old man can do. Let alone I, even if Hua Tuo comes back to life, and Bian Que reincarnated again, they would also find it difficult to cure her. As for Gui Jiànchou, even that old man would be unable to cure her. Please listen to my advice, rather than letting her be drowned in that pain every day, it would be better for her to have her leave early… Alas!”




Mu Qingping screamed. She suddenly got up from the ground. Her eyes were as though a hungry wild wolf as she stared at the old man and roared, “Impossible! My daughter definitely can be cured, absolutely! You are a damn liar, bastard! Get the f**k out in front of me, get lost… get the hell out…!”


She cried, as her voice and tears were as though the wept blood.


Some tenderhearted people in hundreds of onlookers in the surrounding also began to wipe their tears. They truly felt sad and sorry for that little girl, but they were also crying, getting infected by the piercing and ripping heart’s wails and weeps coming out from Mu Qingping.


“Can I have my turn now?”


Tang Xiu stepped onto the platform as he spoke indifferently and looked at Chu Guoxiong and the old man with chilling eyes.


Chu Guoxiong previously wanted to mock at the proud and arrogant old man, but seeing that deeply saddened expression on Mu Qingping’s face, he also felt sad at the same time and gave up that foolish idea to ridicule him.


However, when he saw Tang Xiu once again, especially upon hearing his words, anger suddenly ignited from the bottom of his heart as he angrily snapped and scolded,


“Hey kid, did you not understand my words earlier? The money is this child’s life-saving money, it’s not by any means to be swindled by you. You’re this young, but how come you’re this greedy? Don’t you fear that if you cannot cure this child, you will only be disgracing yourself here?”


Tang Xiu replied with an apathetic expression, “If you say so, then if I’m able to cure her, the one who disgrace oneself will be you, won’t it?”


Chu Guoxiong stared blankly for a moment and then immediately ridiculed, “Relying on you to cure her? What a joke! If you can cure this child, I’ll change my name to your surname and I’ll kneel down to you and worship you as a Master.”


“I neither want a shameless son nor do I want a cheap disciple. It’s troublesome…”

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