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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 107 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Treating Illness


Tang Xiu was the type of person who would respect someone more if the other respected him. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. No matter what status Chu Guoxiong had, let alone a Divine Doctor’s successor, even if he were an Emperor or the Son of Heaven, he would never give him face. He forcefully pushed Chu Guoxiong to the side and sat down on the chair in front of the bedside.


“Young man, don’t act crazy.”


The old man looked at Tang Xiu with a grim expression and coldly spoke. He had just said in public that even if Hua Tuo and Bian Que came back to life, they would be unable to cure this girl’s strange illness. Tang Xiu was too young, but he did not believe his words, his face turned unsightly.


Tang Xiu did not even turn around as he replied, “I indeed couldn’t be compared to Hua Tuo and Bian Que, I do remember very clearly who has just spoken such bullshit words. But the outcome is still the same, you have no way to cure her.”




The old man was furious. But after seeing Tang Xiu had extended his arm to check the girl’s pulse, he quickly held back his anger as he spoke in a disdaining tone, “Fine then, since you want to bring contempt upon yourself, I’ll look forward to seeing your disgraced appearance.”


At the moment, Mu Qingping had already fallen into desperation. She had just screamed hysterically and now found something to vent her emotions. Her mood changed in that instant. But looking at the young appearance Tang Xiu had, she actually didn’t hold much hope. She also heard the ridicules from Chu Guoxiong and the old man, but as kindhearted as she was, she then hesitatingly spoke in a bitter tone, “Little Brother, thanks for your good intention and kindness. How about… even if I presume…”


Tang Xiu did not answer.


His attention had been completely focused on the little girl at the moment. Although the little girl was still in a coma right now, but Tang Xiu was able to perceive her body’s inner condition through her meridians and blood vessels.


“My guesses are correct.”


After a moment, Tang Xiu opened the little girl’s wrist as he turned around to see Mu Qingping and said, “If you believe me, buy a few medicinal herbs within 10 minutes.”


Mu Qingping stared blankly as she asked with a confused expression, “What are you gonna do in making me buy herbs?”


Tang Xiu said, “Save her!”


Mu Qingping asked in disbelief, “You can cure my daughter?”


Tang Xiu replied with tranquility, “If you were asking someone else, then I’m afraid their answers would be that they are powerless. But fortunately, I can cure her. Now I want to know, do you believe me or not?”


“I believe you!”


Even if Mu Qingping had doubts inside, but she resolutely replied. She had been desperate, and Tang Xiu’s words gave her the last line of hope. Regardless of whatever Tang Xiu told her, she was willing to go and do his orders.


Shortly after.


Tang Xiu wrote 4 herb names on the paper. These 4 medicinal herbs were common, but they should be aged hundreds of years and must be grown in the wilderness. He handed the prescription to Mu Qingping and also took out his bank card, giving it to her and then said, “These medicinal herbs’ price is very expensive, and your 300,000 yuan will not be sufficient. I have a lot of money on my card, enough to buy these 4 kinds of medicinal herbs. The PIN is on the back of the bank card. I’ll be waiting for you here.”




Mu Qingping hesitated. She had never liked to be under another’s charity. And Tang Xiu in front of her was not only willing to treat her daughter but also gave her the money to buy her daughter’s medicine. For a time, she felt awkward and completely at a loss, not knowing what to do.


“Take it!” Tang Xiu spoke clearly in a low voice.


Mu Qingping’s body shivered. She looked at the serious expression Tang Xiu had before she finally made up her mind to take the bank card and then said, “Regardless of whether you can cure my daughter, Mu Qingping will engrave this kindness and benevolence in my heart.”


After having said that, she quickly went to buy the herbs.


Under the platform.


An old man over his 50s spoke with a clear and resonant voice, “Young Big Brother truly is one of a kind, with a high moral integrity. Your heart is just like a Buddha, of which this old remnant really admires. My “Hundred Medicine Hall” even if it could not be said to be the first, but nobody dares to say the second. I have a lot of medicinal herb types. If Young Big Brother trusts this one, you can give me that prescription and I’ll give you those 4 kinds of medicinal herbs for free.”


Tang Xiu was quite astonished as he looked at the old man. After thinking for a moment, he then slowly asked, “The world has always been revolving around benefits and advantages either in peacetime or in a chaotic era. I rarely feel moved by compassion, but I did feel touched by this mother’s heart. So this time I decided to help her to save her daughter. But, you’re a businessman, profit is what you have always been after. I want to ask you, what’s your purpose… or what conditions do you want?”  


“Clap clap clap…”


The old man applauded as he said with a smile, “True heroes truly always comes out from the youths. Your mind is really keen and you have an outstanding intelligence. This old good truly admires you. What you say is true. I’m a businessman, and it is the profits that I’m after. But this time, profit is not the only thing I want, but also reputation. If you can cure the patient’s illness, I also can take the credit. You can let the world know the achievement of my Hundred Medicine Hall.


“In addition, since you spoke about the conditions, then I will mention one. If you can cure the patient, I’ll give you the medicinal ingredients for free. But if you cannot cure her, then you must pay for those four medicinal herbs. How about it?”


Tang Xiu looked at the old man’s eyes deeply. He suddenly grinned and then said with a smile, “The saying that an old and experienced person is just like a ghost is really true. Fine then, I promise that I’ll use today’s matter to advertise your Hundred Medicine Hall. But I also have one condition for you.”


The old man replied with a confused expression, “You also have a condition? Do say!”


Tang Xiu said, “Her illness is very difficult to treat. These 4 kinds of medicinal herbs are unable to completely cure her. If you can come up with 500 year-old wild ginseng, I have the confidence to cure her completely. Of course, as per your words, you will give me that wild ginseng for free if I can cure her. If I fail, then I will buy the wild ginseng for 10 times of the market price.”


The old man hesitated.


A 500 year-old wild ginseng’s price was 8 digits in number. If Tang Xiu really can cure the patient, wouldn’t he have to pay too much of a price?


What should I do?


The old man with a straw sandal at the side sneered. He looked at the boss of the Hundred Medicine Hall and said, “Since you cannot make a decision, then I’ll help you. If he’s able to cure the patient, I will pay for the 500 year-old wild ginseng for you. If he fails, then you split half of the 10 times the price with me.”




The old man was overjoyed as he complied happily.


Tang Xiu glanced coldly at the old man with the straw sandal. He secretly sneered inside. For others, this little girl’s illness might be really strange, but for him, the illness was not even worth mentioning it. After he had finished checking the little girl’s pulse, he perfectly knew the little girl’s physical constitution, the Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix.


If such a child with this special constitution appeared in the Immortal World, all Supremes would have fiercely fought over this child and take her to their Sect as their disciple.


There was a legend in the Immortal World that hundreds of thousands of years ago, a woman with the Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix appeared. Relying on her peerless constitution, not only was she able to become an Overlord in the Immortal World, she was even able to break through the Immortal World’s limitation and ascend to the God Realm.


Therefore, this little girl had not gotten a strange illness. If one wanted to treat her, the only way was to teach her a suitable cultivation method and technique, helping her to step on the cultivation path. Only then would all the roots of the problem be easily solved. The reason why he started out with these 4 kinds of herbs was, firstly, he needed to deceive everyone’s eyes and ears as an Immortal Cultivation could not be exposed. Secondly, those 4 kinds of herbs were to be used to improve this little girl’s physical fitness.


As for that 500 year-old wild ginseng. This was his open machination of robbery. He needed quite an old wild ginseng to aid his cultivation, so he could not waste such a good chance in obtaining it.


10 minutes later.


A shop assistant from the Hundred Medicinal Hall sent 5 kinds of medicinal herbs. They also delivered some utensils to boil the medicinal herbs.


“You want to boil the medicinal herbs here, yes?”


Tang Xiu looked at Mu Qingping and asked.


Mu Qingping nodded and said, “Yes, I have been boiling a lot of Traditional Chinese medicines for my daughter many times in these 2 years.”


Tang Xiu said, “Saving a human is just like fighting a fire. So, if you want to decoct the medicinal herbs here, take 3 bowls of fresh water, aside from the wild ginseng, put all the four kinds of medicinal herbs into the pot according to my order.”


“Yes!” Mu Qingping quickly complied.


The gathering crowd in the surrounding were getting bigger, almost reaching 500 people. They had been paying attention to this event. And upon seeing that Tang Xiu would let Mu Qingping decoct the medicinal herbs, they suddenly talked with each other secretly.


“For real, is he a fake? How would this young man be this bold? He even dares to let the girl’s mother decoct the medicinal herbs in public? Doesn’t he know that he would be reviled by everyone once his true face got exposed after the girl takes his traditional Chinese medicine and proves to have no effects on her?”


“Damn, what a reckless act. Even the Divine Doctor Gui Jiànchou’s successor and that mysterious old man were unable to cure that strange illness, how would this young man be able to cure it?  For traditional Chinese medical doctors, the older they are, the more outstanding their medical skills would be. He even has not grown his hairs fully. He wouldn’t be intentionally doing some vulgar claptrap to please the crowds, would he?”



“This young man is acting too recklessly. If he fails his treatment, he will have to pay a huge sum of money. I don’t know the price for those 4 herbs, but I know clearly that a 500 year-old wild ginseng is priced at 15 million yuan by the Hundred Medicine Hall. 10 times the compensation means that he would have to pay 150 million in indemnity.”


“The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. That Mu Qingping has set the platform more than 10 times at Jingmen Island’s Medicinal Herbs Market, and nobody has been able to completely cure her daughter. How could this damn baby boy be able to show any weights, eh?”


“Pretentious and nothing much! Let’s see this bullish show!”




Tang Xiu completely ignored those comments from the crowd. It was the muddy instinct of people to judge someone solely based on the appearance. Those people looked down on him, so he might as well let them know how outrageous would it be when they knew that they were wrong.


Time flew by…


4 kinds of medicinal herbs were put into the pot according to the order, as the three bowls of water quickly left only half a bowl. After having calculated that the time had almost come, he then ordered Mu Qingping to take it out.


“Little… Little Brother, my daughter is still unconscious, how would she drink the medicine?”


Mu Qingping looked at Tang Xiu nervously.


The onlookers in the surrounding, including Chu Guoxiong and that the old man who wore straw sandals, were all showing jeering and gloating expressions. The patient was unconscious, and there was no way for her to drink the medicine. They wanted to see, how would Tang Xiu handle it?


“It’s easy!”


Tang Xiu sat on the bed head position. He took out the little girl and placed her on his arms. His fingers then gently pointed and pressed a few points on the little girl’s body as he lightly pressed her body’s center acupuncture point.




Under the gaze of public eyes, the little girl’s eyelashes vibrated a few times as she opened her eyes. Even her wrinkled brows, while she was unconscious, were now gradually stretched out.




To be honest, I’m only a replacement translator for this series, and actually had no plan to take over the translation for the novel from the previous translator. However, due to some problems of which I don’t want to speak here, I took over the novel.

Starting from next month, I plan to stop receiving donations through sponsored chapters for all of my projects. But all novels will have steady release at least 5 to 10 chapters a week. Honestly, it’s not the limit I can give though. But I still need at least 1-2 days off since weekend is also a family time. My other 2 projects are Monarch of the Dark Nights and Great Dao Commander, both of them are hosted on Wuxianation now. Great Dao Commander was hosted on Zenithnovels previously, but since Wuxianation got the license from Qidian, I moved the novel there. Both novels will also be updated regularly.

It’s not that I’m greedy on taking quite a lot of projects. But sometimes, translating only one novel is quite boring, and shifting from one project to another really helps to refresh the passion I have. It’s been 8 months since I began translating and the pace is getting faster along with time and the more I got accustomed with the author’s style and dictions, coupled with the improvement on my Chinese proficiency.

If you can support our team patreon please do so out of your goodwill and conscience. But I’m really sorry that I don’t have a plan to give early chapters for all the novels I’m translating. I will release bonus chapters once in a while out of my respect to the donors and because of some special occasions. The reason being is because I don’t have a plan to make a living from translation right now. I began translating out of my hobby as well as to improve my Chinese and English proficiency in reading and writing. From the beginning that I got my first donation, I donated the money back for all social activities I’m currently supporting in real life. I live in Indonesia and there are many people who need support around me of which my government unable to do it ‘properly’. But please don’t get me wrong, I’m not that good a man nor do I want to enter the heaven in doing this. It’s kinda a self-fulfillment desire based on the words, “what if I…” it’s quite ambiguous right? lol

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