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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Settling a Dispute


The silent crowd was like calm water that was hit by a stone as it suddenly rippled and boiled up. Everyone was looking at the little girl who was awaken with a disbelieving expression.


“She woke up?”


Mu Qingping’s pupil contracted as wild joy burst from her eyes. She had visited famous doctors everywhere all these years. Even those famous Chinese medical doctors were unable to wake up her daughter from her unconscious state even once.


This was the first time someone able to wake her up from her unconscious state. At this moment, Mu Qingping was as though seeing a hope that the daughter had the hope to recover from her illness completely.


Amidst the crowd…


A beautiful figure appeared as Ouyang Lulu stepped out with her leather boots and wore a windproof coat. She wore pink sunglasses as her curious eyes swept at Tang Xiu on the high platform.


“Hello, can I ask what happened here?”


Ouyang Lulu gently touched the side of the face surprised young, whispered asked.


That young man frowned. An impatient expression emerged on his face. But when he turned his head to see Ouyang Lulu, his expression turned blank as the impatient look on his face instantly turned into a flattering look with speed faster than turning a book’s page. He told everything in a structured and detailed description to Ouyang Lulu. Until he had finished, he was as though still had the feeling that he had yet to explain something more to her.


“Treating an illness?”


Ouyang Lulu looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief. She knew that Tang Xiu was a cultivator and also a gambling technique master. But never once she had ever dreamed that Tang Xiu was also a Traditional Chinese medical doctor.


Suddenly, she felt that she had fallen into some kind of illusion. It was as though the longer she knew Tang Xiu, the more she felt that he was unfathomably deep.


She was not sure as to why some kind of trust toward Tang Xiu suddenly rose inside her heart. Although Tang Xiu had yet to cure the patient with his Traditional Chinese medical skill and neither did she know about whether the patient could be cured, but the emerging of this trust was actually quite absurd.


On the high platform.


Chu Guoxiong was looking at Tang Xiu with a shocked expression. For the little girl’s physical state, he was quite clear about it as he also had observed and checked her body. Even if he was very skilled, but he did not have the assurance to make that little girl wake up from her unconscious state. However, Tang Xiu in front of him was able to achieve it. He even secretly whispered in his heart: If this guy used his Traditional Chinese medical skill, would it really work? If he were to be successful, then that meant today could be regarded that he had lost his face and shamed his ancestors.


The old man with straw sandals also looked at Tang Xiu with the same astonished expression. Although he also had the confidence to wake up that little girl from her unconscious state, but he still needed to make some great efforts. But it was absolutely not in such an easy and relaxed manner as Tang Xiu.


“This kid somewhat has a little bit of skill.”


The old man praised in his heart, but he maintained his composure on the surface and quietly spoke, “Kid, more or less, I have yet to be convinced if you can really cure the patient with your Traditional Chinese medical skill.”


Tang Xiu said, “Whether you want to believe it or not, it’s your business. And being able to cure her or not is my business. but today I’ll make you know that the years you’ve been living are just like living like a dog.”


The words had been spoken and Tang Xiu took that half bowl of Chinese medicine and gently blew it. He looked down at the little girl on his arms and calmly spoke, “Your Mom worries about you so much. But she loves you dearly more. If you don’t want to make her sad, drink this bowl of Chinese medicine. I promise you that your body will not get hurt again after you drink this medicine.”


“Big Brother, you… is that for real?”


The little girl’s bright and intelligent big eyes blinked as he asked with a longing expression.


“It’s real”


Tang Xiu nodded heavily.


The little girl looked at Tang Xiu and then looked up and glanced at her mother, Mu Qingping. She then carefully took the bowl, gently blew it and found that this Chinese medicine was not hot. Then, she gulped it in and drank it fully into her stomach.


“It’s hot…”


More than 10 seconds after she drank half a bowl of Chinese medicine, her little face quickly become very red. Then, she used her arms to cover her stomach and let out a voice. She felt that a lump of raging fire suddenly ignited inside her stomach as this raging fire then almost burned the five internal organs and six bowels in her body.


The loving-dearly daughter Mu Qingping hurriedly took her daughter’s hand as she looked at Tang Xiu and quickly asked, “Little Brother, how is my daughter? That medicine…”


Tang Xiu replied with a calm expression, “It’s not a problem with the medicine. That half bowl of Chinese medicine belongs to Yang property. You cannot feel it when drinking, but after it enters the stomach, you will feel a lump of burning fire inside. But you can feel relieved! It will be very good for her and bring her no harm. I can guarantee that she won’t feel any pain from her body a few minutes later.”


Mu Qingping was slightly relieved. In order to encourage her daughter, she followed along Tang Xiu’s words, “Honey, please endure it, this Divine Doctor has said that your illness will be cured. You won’t have to endure any pains again later. Ah right, don’t you want to go back to school to read and study like a normal person? Wait for illness to be healed and I’ll send you back to school!”




Beads of big tears dripped from the little girl’s eyes. Even though she was suffering and enduring severe pains every day, but the burning like feeling inside her stomach truly was unbearable, it was even making her feel as though she would immediately die after having tasted it. However, she struggled to support and encourage herself. Because she knew that she must not die. Her father had died and if she were to follow him, her mother would have been very lonely as though she was a forsaken person living in this world. If such a thing happened, it would be very pitiful for her.


She must insist and persevere!


The little girl cheered on for her own sake in her own heart.


2 minutes later.


Beads of sweats had permeated and covered the little girl’s entire face as white smoke was emitted out from her shiny pitch black hair, even her body was trembling.


Tang Xiu looked at the struggling fierce looks on the little girl’s face. He secretly admired her in his heart. He knew the pain after taking up such a Chinese medicine. In the past, when he was still in the Immortal World, he had once drunk up this kind of Chinese medicine made by his elder. But the medicinal herbs’ age used for him were a lot older and the effect was even more overbearing.


“It’s almost time.”


Tang Xiu gently picked up the little girl and put her feet on the bed. Then he used both of his hands to grab her shoulders and began a series of strange techniques as he pressed constantly on her shoulders, arms, chest, back, waist, both of her legs and feet.


Every time he pressed his hand, the little girl pitifully screamed.


Tang Xiu’s hand movements were getting faster. When he had massaged the little girls’ every part of the joints and each meridian, he revealed a light smile and gently released his hands.




The little girl stood by herself as astonishment filled her eyes.


Along with the last wave of pain subsiding, she was surprised to find out that each and every place of her body no longer felt any pain. On the contrary, she could feel an inexplicable comfortable feeling in her body. She had never felt such a feeling for more than 2 years.


Mu Qingping looked at her daughter who stood on the bed. Then, she asked with anticipating looks to her, “Honey, how do you feel right now? Do you feel any severe pain in your body?”


The little girl looked at Tang Xiu with a grateful expression. She put up an effort and forced herself to jump as she threw herself into Mu Qingping’s arms. Her tears burst out once again and spoke with tearful eyes, “Mom, it doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s very comfortable, truly.”


Mu Qingping’s expression froze as she was speechless after hearing her daughter’s words. It was as though she was in a dream.


She did not feel the pain?


This was the sentence her daughter had never spoken even once for more than 2 years.


Chu Guoxiong stepped out as his eyes tightly stared at the little girl and said, “Child, did you say that you feel no pains anymore? You couldn’t be saying that intentionally to make your Mom feel relieved, could you?”


The little girl turned her head and looked at Chu Guoxiong and replied, “Uncle, I  don’t feel any pain really! And Mom has always been telling me since I was very little that a good child must not lie!”


Chu Guoxiong looked at Tang Xiu with disbelief in his eyes. He furiously swallowed his saliva and spoke once again, “Child, this uncle is also a Chinese medical doctor, can you let uncle take a look and check your pulse?”


“Okay!” The little girl lifted her arm.


Chu Guoxiong’s fingers pressed the little’s girl’s pulse and directly closed his eyes. 2 minutes after, he opened his eyes and loosened the little girl’s pulse as even a fool would be able to see the shocked expression cast on his face.


“How could that be? Is this even possible?”


Chu Guoxiong unconsciously muttered to himself. It was as though he did not believe such a result would come out. After he re-diagnosed it, he was amazed and aghast as he found that the little girl’s body state had been greatly different from before. Her pulse and meridians had turned smoother and steady, the chilling frost energy inside her body became scarcer, and her blood vessels had been cleared a lot, he could even feel a strand of warm energy within it as it lingered along with the little girl’s meridians and did not disperse for a long time.


A half bowl of Chinese medicine could produce this result…


Suddenly, at the moment when he realized and was sobered up, he felt like his face was scorching. It was as though he was slapped by dozens of palms severely. What was the saying that said a man could be lower than a dog? His performance today exactly showed the trueness of this sentence. He was perfectly aware that today’s disgrace was not only for him, but it also had implicated his Master, Gui Jiànchou.


He regretted it. His heart was as though getting bitten by a viper. If the world had the medicine to cure regret, he would have been willing to buy it, even if he were to lose everything.


The old man wearing straw sandals looked at the ashamed looks Chu Guoxiong had as a bad premonition sprouted from his heart. He strode forward, and disregarding the happiness the little girl had, he directly grabbed her wrist and checked her pulse. After having diagnosed, his complexion instantly turned into scarlet.


“Y-you… H-how did you do it?”


The old man’s lips wriggled. He looked like he was a living ghost.


Tang Xiu replied casually, “This is just a minor illness and it’s very easy for me.”


“Puff…” A mouthful of blood spat out from the old man’s mouth.


What was the most painful wound in offending someone in the world? It was not caused by a sharp knife. But it was caused by casual words casted by someone with a casual expression. Especially when those words were said with such powerful abilities and strength. The wound was not on the body, but it was the wound on the heart and the will.


Suddenly, the old man just like he had just become a few years older.


He took a few deep breaths, only to suppress the bitterness and dejected feeling in his hearts. Then, he raised his hand to wipe out the blood on the corner of his mouth. He then looked at the Hundred Medicine Hall’s Boss and said, “I’ll pay for that wild ginseng and send it to your shop.”


After having said that, he left with a dejected expression.


He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, rain of curses would fall down on him, cursing that he was only a worthless doctor.


Today, he just lost his old face. But he did not lose his fame or reputation since he did not send out his name from the beginning to end. Otherwise, once today’s matter spread out, he would become a laughing stock in traditional Chinese field, even his old friends would have talked about it behind his back.


“Senior, you didn’t tell your name when you stepped onto the stage! I think I am qualified to know your respected name, am I not?” Tang Xiu looked at the dejected old man’s back and spoke.




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