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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 109 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Ashamed and Unable to Show Face


“Puff, puff …”


The old man’s body trembled as he sprayed out two mouthfuls of blood. Tang Xiu’s words had hit the deepest weakness in his heart. If he could, he really wanted to find a hole and drill himself into it, and never come out of the hole for a lifetime.


Finally, the old man did not answer Tang Xiu’s question as he left with swaggering footsteps under the contemptuous gaze of everyone’s eyes.


The surrounding onlookers now looked at Tang Xiu with blazing eyes at the moment. After all, with his ability, Tang Xiu was able to completely cure a strange illness countless famous doctors were unable to treat, even a Divine Doctor’s successor disciple was unable to achieve so.


“So damn amazing! I’m truly in awe and amazed! That Little Brother’s medical skill really opened my eyes. Never once have I ever seen such an amazingly skilled doctor!”


“He’s the incarnation of Hua Tuo! Mu Qingping and her daughter are famous in our medical community, even countless medical masters and gurus were unable to cure that girl. And now, such a young man was able to cure her. This is really like the rear waves of the ocean pushing the waves in front, as the young will replace the old!”


“Amazing! That was so damn amazing! Today, I was really too blind. How could I look down on someone else?! Today I’ve learned my share of the lesson, that we truly cannot judge others only by looking at their appearance, just like we cannot measure the depth of the sea with a pint pot.”


“We were too superficial. This young man is a genuine Divine Doctor. Truly there’s a heaven above the heaven, and this saying really doesn’t deceive me!”


“Heh, what was the name of that Divine Doctor’s successor disciple again?! Chu errr… what Xiong? Bah, he really has no ability! The way I see it, how could his Master Gui Jiànchou not kick him away?! And that old man before?! He was so cocky, arrogant, and acted so self-important, and the result? He slapped his own face and bang! The result so damn hurt, that he even didn’t dislike it, eh!?”


“Man, how I really want to hear that slapping sound to the face!”




In the crowd…


A bright smile was hung on Ouyang Lulu’s face as bright and colorful lights flashed from that beautiful pair of eyes of hers. She stared at Tang Xiu and was unwilling to leave him from her sight as the feeling she had that Tang Xiu was unfathomably deep, had increased again. But now, she could feel that she was also attracted to this arrogant fellow. She really wanted to unveil the curtain of mysteries that shrouded Tang Xiu, and look at him clearly and thoroughly.


She hesitated for a moment before she walked toward the high platform. When she was 7 or 8 meters away from Tang Xiu, she looked over and exclaimed, “Tang Xiu, let’s have dinner tonight.”


Tang Xiu turned around and was quite surprised when he saw Ouyang Lulu. He did not expect to meet her at the Medicinal Herbs Market. However, he had prepared to return to Star City tonight, so he shook his head and said,


“No, I don’t have time.”


A lot of men in the surrounding was attracted by Ouyang Lulu’s beautiful appearance and were heartbroken upon hearing Ouyang Lulu’s word to Tang Xiu. However, the refusal Tang Xiu gave made them stunned, leaving them staring blankly and stumped for words.


“Heavens!? Have I mistakenly understood? Did that guy just refuse a goddess’s invitation to dinner? Is he still a man?”


“I admit that they are an equal match, a genius coupled with a belle. But damn… isn’t that genius way too proud? How could he had such a cruel heart to refuse such a damn fine belle?”


“Jeez, he’s not a man!”


“How good is it if it were me who got invited by such a beauty?! Such a country calamity bringer beauty asking me to a dinner would make my life 2 years longer!”




Tang Xiu unable to understand those men’s words. What was so important of being a beauty? If a woman was beautiful, how could she have such privileges?


As deficient in social skills as he was, he could only secretly shake his head while taking the 500 year-old wild ginseng and looking at Mu Qingping, saying, “Can we talk privately?”


At this moment, Mu Qingping could not wait to stand up and send the offering to a deity-like Tang Xiu. And upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, she quickly replied without hesitation, “Umm, is there anything you want to talk about?”


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “I need to talk about your daughter ‘s physical condition.”


When Mu Qingping heard it, she suddenly misunderstood Tang Xiu’s meaning. She tensed up and hastily asked, “Y-young… Young Divine Doctor, has my daughter’s illness yet to bet cured completely?”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “If you don’t have any other arrangements, follow me! I promise that your daughter will definitely be fine as long as I’m present.”


“Ah, alright!”


Mu Qingping gently put her daughter on the ground. She pulled and hold her hand as they walked along Tang Xiu down the platform. Never once had she ever felt this happy in the last 2 or 3 years. But now, she was truly happy, even if it was only because she could hold her daughter’s hand and walk together.


On a high platform…


Frustration filled Ouyang Lulu’s heart at the moment. She secretly regretted her excessive impulse. She knew very well about his personality, but why did she invite him in front of the public?


But, even if she was rejected, she was not discouraged like before. Tang Xiu might be like a fortress, but she had the confidence to attack and capture it. And having a dinner together? It’s just only a way of countless means to befriend him.


Along with the dispersing crowd, Ouyang Lulu persevered to follow behind Tang Xiu’s back. Whilst another pair of eyes with a different expression, the bearded man who pushed the cart constantly swept looked at them.


“Young Big Brother, are you done buying herbs yet?”


When the bearded middle-aged man saw Tang Xiu was heading toward the Medicinal Herbs Market’s front entrance, he asked while pushing his cart.


Tang Xiu stopped. He pondered for a moment and said, “Sell this small cart to me! I’ll pay it along with your payment today.”


For a moment, the bearded middle-aged man was surprised and the said with a smile, “Young Big Brother, but you’ve hired me for half a day, I…”


“It’s alright!”


Tang Xiu waved and said.


The bearded middle-aged man thought for a short while and said, “Gimme 2,000 yuan, and the small cart is yours.”




Tang Xiu took his wallet out paid 2,000 yuan in cash to the bearded middle-aged man. He then looked at Ouyang Lulu and said, “If you still want to follow me, help me push this cart. Ah, one other thing, since you’re Jingmen Island’s local boss, please send a car for us to arrange for accommodation for tonight.”


“You what?”


Ouyang Lulu raised her arms with a foolish expression. Her white onion-like finger pointed at the bridge of her nose and exclaimed, “You mean I have to push the cart? But I’m a respected…”


Tang Xiu interrupted her impatiently, “No nonsense talk and hurry pushes the cart, otherwise, go back to from where you came. I do need not a waste to follow me.”


“A waste! You are a waste!”


Ouyang Lulu was furious, but looking at Tang Xiu’s impatient appearance, her voice was getting smaller as she was quite vexed inside for a few seconds before she finally pushed the cart helplessly.


As such, an eye-catching scene unfolded at Jingmen Island’s Medicinal Herbs Market. A beautiful fairy descended to Earth, dressing in such exquisite fashion, and yet the same beautiful fairy was now pushing a cart, following behind someone as though she was a young indignant maidservant. The more eye-catching scene was that, there were a lot of men constantly coming over and kept following along the way, enthusiastically wanting to help Ouyang Lulu. And Ouyang Lulu, kept looking at the never-look-back Tang Xiu with surging resentment inside her heart, whilst rejecting the coming gallant men.


Inside a teahouse at Medicinal Herbs Market, Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang were sitting on the second floor near the window. Although they were chatting, their eyes constantly sweeping over toward the streets below.


“Brother Miao, Tang Xiu did ask us about Jingmen Island’s Medicinal Herbs Market, but he didn’t necessarily come here today, right?” Shao Mingzhen savored his fragrant tea as a slightly wry smile was revealed on his face.


Miao Wentang said with a smile, “Although our contact with Tang Xiu is only recent and we also knew him for a very short time, but I could tell something about his personality. He does everything in such an orderly manner. He’s also decisive and resolute. So I dare say that he surely will come today.”


Shao Mingzhen involuntarily laughed and then said, “Brother Miao, since you could tell Tang Xiu’s disposition, you should also know that there’s something strange. He’s young but his conducts and actions are every decisive, just like a wily and experienced old fox. I have seen countless people along my extensive travels, and I can say that I’m quite experienced. As long as I carefully observe someone, I can find out his personality and figure out a lot of details about that person. But for Tang Xiu… never once have I ever thought that I could see through him.”


Miao Wentang said, “If you ask me, we don’t need to know him thoroughly. We only need to know his strongest trait “stick to the purpose and plan”. This trait of his is enough to figure out his whereabouts today. Trust me, he’ll pass by this main street.”




Shao Mingzhen was about to say something when his vision inadvertently swept to the streets as his voice abruptly stopped, and a surprised expression was suddenly cast on his face.


Miao Wentang was keenly aware of Shao Mingzhen’s unusual response. He followed Shao Mingzhen’s sight toward the street underneath, as his expression suddenly turned particularly strange.


“That… should be Jingmen Island’s Ouyang Family’s young lady and the big boss behind the Paradise Club, Ouyang Lulu, right? She… how would she look like that she’s just a young personal maidservant who follows behind Tang Xiu?” Miao Wentang muttered with an inconceivable expression.


Shao Mingzhen’s eyes turned bright as he raised his thumbs up quietly and praised, “Damn, he’s truly worthy of someone I could never see through. So damn amazing! He even makes the young lady of the Ouyang Family work as his personal maidservant and a manual laborer?! I believe that he’s the only one in the world who’s able to do it, right? The saying that beauties love heroes are truly true. I used to laugh about this saying, but today, I think I understand why!”


Miao Wentang’s mouth twitched a few times before he said with a laugh, “Previously, I only knew that Tang Xiu is a master in gambling and also an expert in formation arrays. But I never expect that he’s also a guru in conquering Royal Princesses. He’s the only one in the world who’s able to tame the small wild cat of the Ouyang Family. If only this old Miao was 20 years younger, I’d definitely acknowledge him as my Master.”




A woman who took the next table and was eating the dessert with fragrant tea, couldn’t help but burst into laughter. She slowly stood up and walked toward the window as her vision looked at 4 people along with Tang Xiu on the street as a ruminating and interested expression appeared on her beautiful face.


“You are?”


Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen looked at each other as a confused expression emerged on their faces.


She then said with a faint smile, “The two gentlemen’s chat is making me interested. Of course, the content of your talk that makes me interested is the young man spoke by the two of you, Tang Xiu. You are Miao Wentang, right? The patriarch of the Miao Family of Haiqing and also the president of the Miao Group. You are also the boss behind the Fire Qilin Security Company, the first of the top three security companies in the whole country. As for you, you should be Shao Mingzhen, a public figure from the Northern Su region. A martial arts prodigy and runner of the Windcast Corporation on the surface, but in fact, you are control more than 60% of the entertainment venues in the Northern Su region. These two gentlemen, is what I said correct, yes?” [1]




[1] The beginning of asterisks censorship from the raws that makes me confused. The same with the next chapter. I will replace the woman’s name with she or the woman since her name was replaced with *. Please blame the site not me! Or blame CN government’s censorship policy. LOL

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