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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: Accepting Disciple


Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen suddenly got up as their expression turned extremely cold and grim as a slight murderous intent flashed in their eyes. A lot of people knew clearly about their background on the surface, but little did people knew about their secret influence and power.


“Who are you?”


Miao Wentang asked coldly.


Her complexion was calm and unperturbed whilst looking at Ouyang Lulu who pushed the cart on the street below. She thought for a moment before she said, “Since the 2 of you are full of curiosity about me, then I’ll clear away your suspicion. As per your words, I’m that Ouyang Family’s little wild cat’s mother. Of course, I really don’t want to be called an old wildcat.”


Old … old wild cat?


Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen looked at each other in dismay as they took back their pressing aura. A slight embarrassment was cast on their faces since they had mouthed somebody’s daughter, even saying that she was a little wild cat. And they did not expect that the woman was the mother of that little wild cat.


“I apologize!”


Shao Mingzhen cupped his fists over and smiled wryly.


She faintly smiled and said, “It’s alright! I’m not easily offended by people I found it interesting though. May I sit here and have a talk with the two of you?”


Miao Wentang made a gesture to sit as he said with a smile, “It turns out to be the Ouyang Family’s Patriarch’s Madam. Someone that’s reclusive, just like a Dragon God that one can only see its head and not the tail. Meeting you today is really our fortune. The content of which you are interested in speaking with us should be related to Tang Xiu, shouldn’t it?”


She replied with a smile, “Having a chat with smart people has always been easy and joyful. Yes, on one hand, I do want to talk about Tang Xiu, and on the other hand, I also would like to know if there would be some opportunities for us to have some cooperation.”


In the evening…


At Jingmen Island’s upscale villa area. There was a magnificent, European-styled private villa that belonged to Ouyang Lulu with more than 10 servants.


“I have ordered some people to prepare the guest rooms. Do all of you want to rest directly or have dinner? Dinner should already have been prepared in the kitchen.” This was the first time Ouyang Lulu invited outsiders to her private villa, even her hospitality was very warm. Especially her treatment toward Mu Qingping, of whom her impression toward her was very deep. In her view, unhesitatingly doing everything for her daughter at the expense of bankruptcy, drifting everywhere in destitute to visit famous doctors, and even kneeling toward others without hesitation. This was the kind of great motherly love one could rarely see.


Tang Xiu said, “Let’s eat first and please let someone prepare some food for Yinyin.”


“Che, I didn’t ask for your opinion!”


Ouyang Lulu snapped at Tang Xiu and rolled her eyes. She was very warm to Mu Qingping and her daughter, but it was different with Tang Xiu. So it was obvious that she still resented him.


Tang Xiu did not care about Ouyang Lulu’s attitude, he was just enjoying the feeling of having someone serve him. Since Ouyang Lulu had knocked at his door, he was too disinclined to lower himself and bicker with her.


After enjoying the sumptuous dinner, Tang Xiu looked at Ouyang Lulu and asked, “If my guess is correct, this villa is not the only place you have on Jingmen Island, yes?”


Ouyang Lulu proudly said, “That is of course! Although I usually live here quite a lot, but since I’m the respected young lady of the Ouyang Family, it’s easy for me to have a lot of houses.”


Tang Xiu raised his thumbs up and said, “That being the case, then you can go. Ah yes, if anything, give one day off to your villa’s servants here.”


“You what?”


Ouyang Lulu was dumbfounded. Even in her dream, never once had she expected that Tang Xiu would say such words.


Who was she really? She was but the owner of this villa. Where in the world would a guest be able to kick out the host?


“Divine Doctor Tang, you…”


Mu Qingping was also stunned. She looked at Ouyang Lulu whose complexion greatly changed and quickly spoke with a low voice.


Tang Xiao raised his hand to interrupt Mu Qingping and lightly said, “Miss Ouyang, I do thank you for your hospitality today. But we really need to borrow the villa for one night, and we’ll return it by tomorrow. Moreover, I have something important to do tonight and I can’t be disturbed by an outsider’s presence. If you don’t want to leave or don’t want your servants to leave temporarily, we will leave right now.”


Important things?


Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s explanation, Ouyang Lulu felt much better. But, Tang Xiu still insisting that she must get out from her own home, this made her quite bitter.


“Are you threatening me?”


Tang Xiu said, “No, it’s not. I’m just explaining it to you.”




Ouyang Lulu observed Tang Xiu’s serious expression whilst cursing this guy’s strange taste. Other men would have been ecstatic to spend the night here even though they might be unable to sleep for a night since they were not sleeping in the same room, right? But this guy, he actually wanted to kick her out? Was he still a man?


“Have it your way.”


Ouyang Lulu’s ego was hit severely. She angrily drove out all her servants and then took her favorite roadster. With the loud rumbling sound of her engine, she bolted like an arrow out of the villa area.


Inside the King-type villa, there were only Tang Xiu, Mu Qingping, and her daughter that remained. At the moment, Tang Xiu had just become this villa’s master. He told Mu Qingping and her daughter to the sit on the sofa in the living room. He personally poured 2 cups of tea and placed them on the coffee table.


Mu Qingping was quite nervous. She also remembered that Tang Xiu had said that he must talk about her daughter’s condition. She did not know whether Tang Xiu would tell her good or bad news. After having stayed silent for a moment, she took the initiative to talk.


“Divine Doctor Tang, if there’s a problem with my daughter, please do tell me about it! I should be able to bear it!”


Tang Xiu said, “Only little do I know about the two of you. Could you tell me about your situation? There are some things, but I must know about your circumstances first before I give you my final decision.”


For a moment, Mu Qingping stared blankly before she nodded and said, “My husband and I are orphans. We grew up in the orphanage together and then married later, after which, we lived quite a rich and good life. My husband was a very capable man, either in managing the family or the company. More than 2 years ago he got into a car accident, leaving me widowed and my daughter orphaned. My daughter was very sad, leading to her sickness and her high fever for 7 days and nights. After that, she had this strange illness.”


“It’s been more than 2 years since I quit my work. I sold all of our property plus the compensation from my husband’s car accident for a total of nearly 2 million yuan. After the expenses for 2 years, there is only 300,000 yuan remaining now. I want to give you the remaining 300,000 yuan since you have cured my daughter.”


Tang Xiu waved and said, “I don’t want your money. I just want to know our family’s situation. Since Yinyin and you only have each other, then, have you considered about the future? Where will you live and how about your livelihood?”


Mu Qingping shook her head and said, “Today, it’s very fortunate that we came across Divine Doctor Tang as my daughter’s strange illness has been cured all of a sudden. Due to this, I don’t have the time to think about that and prepare for our life in the future.”


With a satisfied expression, Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Since you have yet to have planned for your future, then how about I make an arrangement for your life?”


“Your arrangement?”


With astonishment, Mu Qingping looked at Tang Xiu. She did not understand his words.


Tang Xiu said, “In fact, Yinyin is not sick, but it’s because she has a special constitution. The kind of physical constitution she has is very rare and called, “Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix”. An extremely rare constitution which is a type of sacred body most envied by Immortal cultivators.”


“Immortal cultivation?!”


Mu Qingping was shocked. She was an atheist and she neither believed in the existence of gods, spirits even those of fortune tellers. She thought that those were only lies and was only used to deceive people.


Tang Xiu said, “Yes, I am a cultivator who practices immortality cultivation. Perhaps there are only 2 immortal cultivators on Earth. The other one is an unofficial disciple who I just received a while ago. Certainly, there also other cultivation practitioners on Earth such as Taoist cultivators, Buddhist cultivators, and so on.”


Mu Qingping shook her head and replied with a laugh, “Divine Doctor Tang, please don’t make fun of me. How could there be Gods and Buddhas? Those are fabricated things created for those who lack a strong mentality and spirit”




Tang Xiu said with a sneer, “You’re the type of people whose brain has been washed by the mighty torrent of this age. Do you really think a person’s imagination can fabricate those myths out of nothing? Do you believe that people from ancient times were all ignorant and idiots? This world not only has cultivators, but also immortals, demons, spirits, Buddhas, even higher planes, and the existences of Gods.”


After having spoken, Tang Xiu fingers bounced as the 200 kg coffee table in front instantly flew. With his accurate strength control, after the coffee table flew up 2 meters high, it paused for a few seconds and then floated mid-air. However, when the coffee table would soon to fall, Tang Xiu moved again as he flicked his finger, and easily pinched the edge of the coffee table before he gently put it down.




Mu Qingping eyes almost popped out as she looked at the scene in front of her with a flabbergasted expression. Her heart trembled. Tang Xiu’s action had broken her common sense and also changed her view of the world.


“Big Brother Tang is so powerful!”


Gu Yin clapped as she exclaimed with a surprised expression.


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Look at me, and look clearly.”


The moment his voice finished, his body instantly disappeared from his spot and appeared in another hall as though a phantom. A few seconds after, whilst Mu Qingping was still fallen in her trance-like state, with a lightning speed, Tang Xiu had appeared again on the opposite sofa.


“Are you… are you a man or a ghost?”


Mu Qingping’s body was trembling as she hurriedly hugged her daughter and exclaimed out loud involuntarily.


Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Didn’t you say that you don’t believe in ghosts and gods? Why do you ask such absurd questions? My cultivation base is very low right now. But in the future, I definitely will become an Immortal and ascend to the Immortal World. We are on Earth now, but in the starry sky, the universe as you know of is only an ordinary space. But on other higher space planes, there are many worlds, one of which is the Immortal World.”


Mu Qingping was completely shocked. Her world view was changed abruptly. She easily believed Tang Xiu’s words since he was, after all, was her daughter’s savior, a capable person with mysterious and magical abilities.


“Tang… Divine Doctor Tang, why do you want to tell me these things?”


Mu Qingping hesitated as she asked in a low voice.


Tang Xiu replied with tranquility, “I want to take your daughter as a disciple and teach her to cultivate an Immortal cultivation technique.”




It’s kinda hard to translate when the raws itself censored with asterisk (*), and I don’t like putting asterisk in my translation. I tried my best so the flow won’t be disrupted. But the problem is with the name. I don’t know Ouyang Lulu’s mother’s name. So I came up with she and woman and replaced it with Ouyang Lulu’s mother in the sentence. It was because her name replaced with asterisk in the raws. However, as I’ve said in chapter 109, please blame the site or the CN government’s censorship policy, not me.

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