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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: Crossing the River of the Dragon


Accepting a disciple?


Mu Qingping suddenly realized Tang Xiu’s intentions. But she knew nothing about the cultivation method practiced by cultivators. She didn’t know whether this kind of cultivation practice would be good or bad for her daughter, so she did not dare to easily agree.


Tang Xiu as if he was able to see through Mu Qingping’s thoughts as he slowly said, “I understand your thoughts, but you can cast away your worries. Your daughter was born to be a cultivator. I’ve helped her change her body’s condition before, but it will only temporarily suppress the chilling frost energy inside her body. If we want to thoroughly cure her, she must cultivate an immortal cultivation technique. The frost energy will not cause any injuries to her, and instead, give her huge benefits.”


“I promise you!”


When Mu Qingping heard it, she immediately nodded in agreement.


In her heart, her daughter was the biggest and the most important thing of all. As long as her daughter was safe and healthy, she would absolutely agree to everything.


Tang Xiu smiled, “To tell you the truth, I really admire you. I can see a great admirable, motherly love from you. In fact, I was also brought up from a single parent family, interdependent with my mother. Please feel relieved and trust me! You will be gladdened for today’s decision in the future.”


Mu Qingping then replied with a doubt, “Then, shouldn’t a ceremony of apprenticeship be held?”


Tang Xiu said, “The ceremony of apprenticeship is simple, kowtowing and serving tea is enough.”


With that, he looked at Gu Yin and asked with a smile, “Are you willing to worship me as your Master? And follow my practices of the immortal cultivation technique? I should make it clear that if you worship me as your Master, you will be Tang Xiu’s personal disciple. The immortal cultivation path is very long and would take hundreds of years. Along with the advancement in cultivation practice and your cultivation base becoming more powerful, you could live at least 1,000 years and even for millions of years. And in taking the cultivation path, you will encounter innumerable hardships.”


Gu Yin exclaimed with astonishment, “People who practice the immortal cultivation path can live so long?”


Tang Xiu said with smile, “Yes, of course. As long as they don’t die halfway, living for millions of years is also possible.”


Gu Yin then asked again, “Can my mother practice immortal cultivation?”


Tang Xiu looked at Mu Qingping’s eyes as he nodded and said, “Naturally she also can practice. However, her age has passed the best time for cultivation practice, so her future achievement won’t be too high. Even if I give my assistance, at best, she would only be able to ascend to the Immortal World and become only an ordinary immortal.”


Gu Yin nodded repeatedly and then knelt in front of Tang Xiu. She respectfully knocked her head three times and then took a cup of tea on the coffee table, without dropping a drop of tea she then exclaimed, “Master, please drink my tea.”


Tang Xiu looked at the tea with satisfaction and drank it down.


He received Gu Yin as a disciple to nurture her as a personal disciple, and not an unofficial disciple. It was because of her Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix. After all, if she was to be nurtured well, she would highly likely become a Great Celestial Empress in the Immortal World. Someone who would be above trillions of immortals and celestial beings.


More importantly, she would also become a formidable helper when he returned to the Immortal World.


Those number of people posed formidable strength!


This was the most fundamental truth. Previously, he did not want to accept disciples, and instead cultivated his own power and influence. However, this led to his own demise as he fell under his old friend’s betrayal, easily falling down and failing his ascension tribulation. If it were not for the destiny that his soul and consciousness returned back, perhaps his soul would have vanished just like ashes and smoke extinguished by the wind.


Mu Qingping did not even think about the matter of practicing cultivation. What she cared about was her daughter’s future. So when Tang Xiu had finished drinking tea and taken her daughter as his disciple, only then did she ask, “Divine Doctor Tang, you said you will arrange for our life in the future?”


Along the way to this villa area, Tang Xiu had thought about this problem, and he already had an idea in mind. Then, he slowly asked, “What was your previous occupation, what kind of job?”


Mu Qingping said, “I was an administrator for a foreign enterprise.”


Tang Xiu said, “If I want you to be my housekeeper, would you accept it?”


A housekeeper?


Mu Qingping was stunned. She didn’t expect that Tang Xiu would arrange such an assignment for her. After sobering up, she said with a wry smile, “I don’t know much about housekeeping.”


Tang Xiu said, “You have two options. First, I’ll send you abroad to learn and study about it from a Butler Training Organization. And second, I’ll hire specialists and professionals for you to carry out your training separately. Which one do you intend to choose?”


Mu Qingping looked at her daughter and replied with a low voice, “Can I choose the second? I want to be near Yinyin, and going abroad is not convenient.”


“No problem!”


Tang Xiu took out his mobile phone and dialed Miao Wentang’s number. He asked his help to hire two professional housekeeper instructors from abroad. After asking about the fee, he found that the price was not cheap as it would take 3 million yuan for 2 months of training.


After having called, Tang Xiu said, “I’ve contacted my connections, they should be coming over in a short time. And one other thing, I’m not from Jingmen Island, so you will follow me to live in Star City. We’ll rest here for a night and then we’ll return to Star City tomorrow.”


Mu Qingping nodded and said, “I’ll listen to your orders.”


Tang Xiu then exhorted her, “You must study hard in your butlership training. When you have finished your training, I hope you can live with Yinyin on the Pacific Ocean. I have bought a private island there. Its size is more than 10 square kilometers. So I’ll have to hire a large number of workers and servants there.”


“A private island? More than 10 square kilometers?”


Mu Qingping was awestruck by Tang Xiu’s words. Only then did she realize that she was simply ignorant and knew nothing about Tang Xiu’s status.


“Divine Doctor Tang, why would you make me and Yinyin live on an island in the Pacific Ocean? How about Yinyin’s study? Wouldn’t it be the same that she would live an isolated life, cut off from the rest of the world?” Mu Qingping asked.


Tang Xiu said, “Living in seclusion for cultivators is but a normal practice. However, since now is a new era, I won’t be that strict and old-styled. I’ll hire the topmost educators and professors to teach her. Her teachers would not be less than 10 people, and I’ll also give her 2 months of vacation each year for her to travel outside and learn through direct experience in society.”


Mu Qingping said with a hesitation, “Wouldn’t it be too exaggerated? For only one child, Yinyin, to have such a grand scale of treatment…”


Tang Xiu said, “I have my plans, you don’t need to worry and say anything.”




Tang Xiu imparted an Immortal Cultivation method to Mu Qingping, directed her, and then sent her to her guest room. Since Gu Yin had become his personal disciple, it was necessary to teach Gu Yin the best Immortal cultivation technique in the Immortal World for her. And it was very fortunate that he had a set of supreme cultivation technique which was suitable for Gu Yin’s cultivation.


“Secret Art of Nine Heavens Ice Phoenix”.


This cultivation technique was one of the supreme cultivation techniques in the Immortal World for hundreds of thousands of years. Each person who mastered this cultivation technique—as long as they did not fall down halfway— would eventually become important powerhouses in the Immortal World.


With his current cultivation base, Tang Xiu was unable to impart the contents of this cultivation technique via a direct transmission to Gu Yin. He also had no means to create the Jade Slips for it. He could only teach her step by step from scratch. For example, human anatomy identification, meridians, dantian, mind sea, and so on. Much to Tang Xiu’s satisfaction, Gu Yin was extremely intelligent and learned quickly. In the next 2 hours, she had grasped all the most basic things.


“Now, I’ll teach you the Secret Art of Nine Heavens Ice Phoenix, and you need to memorize it seriously, without mistakes. But do bear in mind that you must never disclose and privately teach this cultivation technique to anyone. Not even your mother.” Tang Xiu warned.




Gu Yin cleverly nodded.


It 2:30 AM when Tang Xiu finally completed teaching the Secret Art of Nine Heavens Ice Phoenix to Gu Yin. Then, he let her try to induce her energy circulation. Although her first attempt failed, but Tang Xiu knew that it was normal. For an ordinary person, wanting to sense energy circulation and even controlling the circulation of energy, even months would be needed for cultivation geniuses to have a first success. If ones’ aptitude was ordinary, it might even need a year or so of time.


“That’s good! Now go and rest! ”


Tang Xiu patted Gu Yin’s head and said with a smile.


“Master, goodnight!”


Having gone through suffering and pains for 2 years, Gu Yin had developed a mature disposition in comparison to her peers. Although she was only 9 years old, but comparing her to teenagers, she was more sensible.


Jingmen Island, Regent Amusement Clubhouse.


Inside a luxuriously decorated King private box, Ouyang Lulu’s mouth was fully filled with beer as an angry expression fully covered her beautiful face as her best boudoir friend, Huang Duoduo, sat beside her. The girl and Ouyang Lulu were of the same age and also had an elegant appearance.


“Lulu, drink less will you?! ”


Huang Duoduo had the makings of a lady. Even though she sat on the sofa, she still looked dignified and virtuous. However, at this moment, concern and frustration could be seen on her complexion.


Ouyang Lulu gulped clean a large glass of beer into her stomach. She was already drunk as she then said with a blazing anger, “Damn, Duoduo I’m really so damn unhappy. Who the hell does Tang Xiu think I am? After having occupied my villa, he kicked me out from my own place?!! Have you ever seen… have you ever seen such a thick-skinned man?”


Huang Duoduo replied with a smile, “Ah, I indeed have never such a thick-skinned person. However, I find him interesting. Just think! You’re the embodiment of a topmost babe, but it turns out he’s able to ignore you and your enticement. He even kicked you out?! That’s one of the rarest men in the world, of which, I thought this species has come to extinction. If later I have the chance, you must introduce him to me.”


“Introduce your damn younger sister!”


Ouyang Lulu burst those bad words out and lost her ladylike appearance.


But Huang Duoduo knew perfectly well about her character, so she did not get angry and instead spoke again with a smile, “It’s half past two right now, don’t you think we should leave? You don’t want to sleep on the streets tonight, do you?”


Still with an angry tone, Ouyang Lulu spoke, “Where to? He has taken my place!”


Huang Duoduo knew that it was a taboo word that made her angry as she smiled and hugged her shoulder. Then, she said, “Let’s go to my place! Dad gave me his newly renovated villa last month as my birthday gift. I think you’ve never been there.”


“Duoduo, you’re really the best!”


Ouyang Lulu’s expression changed lightning fast. Her previously gloomy and cloudy face turned into a bright and beautiful sunlight in a flash as she smiled like beautiful flower.  She held Huang Duoduo’s arms and gave a little kiss on her beautiful face. She then quickly jumped up and grabbed the bag at her side and then rushed outside the private box.




When Ouyang Lulu had just rushed out of the private box’s door, she bumped into a sturdy and robust chest. The impact force made her stagger and stumble backward a few steps, almost slumping to the floor.

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Thanks for the chapter! Wonder what this is all about now.

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Poor Little Wild Cat does not now the worst indignity: she was kicked out so Tang Xiu may have hours of undisturbed time with a loli. A loli! Actually, “pre-loli” if you want to be precise.

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