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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 112 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Conflict


Ouyang Lulu rubbed her head and then shouted in rage even before she saw the other’s appearance, “Are you blind or something? You’ve hurt me!!”


The one who bumped into her was a bald shaved, arm tattooed youth. His build was tough and stocky with fiendish looks. Especially coupled with the shining thick gold chain on his neck. A cigarette was clamped on his lips, and his brows were wrinkled. He was obviously in a bad mood.


Upon hearing Ouyang Lulu’s curse, the tall and burly youth stared as he strode forward and kicked Ouyang Lulu’s forehead, causing her to be kicked down to the floor. He even kicked Ouyang Lulu’s waist a few times, followed by his curses as though he was venting his mood, “F*****g bitch, it’s you who is blind. You even dare to blame this father. If you dare to f*****g curse with your foul mouth, I’ll sew your lips.”


Huang Duoduo, who just came out from the private box carrying the bags, happened to see the scene where she was being kicked. Her complexion greatly changed as she immediately rushed to Ouyang Lulu’s side, and spread her hands to protect Ouyang Lulu. She glared angrily at the tall and burly youth and snapped, “Who the hell are you? Why did you hit this girl?”


The tall and burly youth did not see Ouyang Lulu clearly, but he could see the graceful Huang Duoduo clearly. His face changed immediately as the angry expression on his face disappeared. He touched his chin and even showed a harassing look as he said with a fiendish laugh, “Hehehe, I’m indeed in the wrong, I really shouldn’t kick this girl. I should use my other body part to show her how powerful I am, hahaha! How about it? Are you her sister? Do you want to try my other powerful body part?”


“You … you are shameless!”


Huang Duoduo cursed in rage.


The tall and burly youth evilly laughed, “Hehehe. Wait until we’re on the bed, I will make you know how shameless I am.”


Having said that, the tall and burly youth moved his hand to catch Huang Duoduo.


Huang Duoduo dodged to the side and easily pulled up Ouyang Lulu from the floor. After a few steps backward, she shouted, “You damned thug, get the f**k out.”


The first time Ouyang Lulu hit him she was not fully aware, but now she had gotten back her composure as she stared at the burly and tall youth and then shouted, “You can’t let him get out. Nobody except my father dares to hit me on Jingmen Island.”


The moment the tall and burly youth saw Ouyang Lulu’s appearance, his complexion immediately blanked for a short moment as a burning light suddenly flashed from his eyes. He was somewhat regretting hitting such a beautiful girl. However, since the arrow had been shot, there was no turning back again, so he could only bite the bullet and brace himself. Whilst sneering and showing an arrogant manner he said, “Acting big, eh? Talking big and powerful? Let alone on Jingmen Island, even if I was in Shanghai or Beijing, nobody dares to speak to me like that!”


Ouyang Lulu rubbed some parts of her body that were very sore because of the kicks. She ferociously glared at the tall burly youth. Whilst in extreme anger, she still spoke with a smile, “Well, you’re even more arrogant than me, huh? But if you have the guts, then wait here. If I can’t make you fall down to the ground, I’ll follow your surname.”


After having said that, she immediately took her mobile and dialed a familiar number. Her eyes flashed and suddenly pressed the dial button directly. The number turned out to be Tang Xiu’s number she got from an investigation.


“Who is this?”


A low and deep voice came from the phone.


Ouyang Lulu loudly said, “Tang Xiu, since you live in my house, don’t you owe me one? I don’t have a place to spend the night, so I had to go to the Regent Amusement Clubhouse to karaoke, and somebody hit me here. Now I need your help. Can you come here?”


“If you’re hit by somebody just find your dad!”


After having silent for a moment, Tang Xiu whispered his answer.


“What did you say?”


Ouyang Lulu’s voice was raised by a few decibels.


Tang Xiu spoke again helplessly, “Okay, just wait there. I’ll catch up with you quickly. Pay attention… to your safety.”


When such a caring voice came out of the phone, a slight beyond expectation expression was revealed on Ouyang Lulu’s face. She was not worried about the means to deepen her relationship with Tang Xiu, and now the opportunity was right before her. She knew that Tang Xiu was a cultivator and his strength should be powerful. After hesitating for a short while, she decided not to call her subordinates again.


“What an ability! Asking for help in such a daaamn fine way to lure and goad somebody to act, huh?”


After he watched Ouyang Lulu make a call, the tall and burly youth sneered afterward.


Ouyang Lulu stared angrily at the burly youth. She pulled Huang Duoduo back into the private box and at the same time also dialed Regent Amusement Clubhouse’s General Manager’s number. She quickly reported in a simple explanation and then hung up the phone.


“If you really got the balls, just come in and wait.”


After Ouyang Lulu entered the private box, she didn’t forget to loudly shout those words.


The burly youth rolled his white eyes as he took out his phone and made a phone call, calling his companions, and then they entered the private box. He quickly swept around the private box’s interior and then swaggeringly went over to sit down on the sofa, curling one of his legs onto the other. He then smoked a cigarette as he said whilst laughing, “Hehehe, looks like you are very rich, eh?! You’re even able to spend the money for such an upscale private box! But I gotta tell you something, you’d better apologize to me if you don’t want to drag your family into a calamity just because of a little trouble, and then wait comfortably to serve me for a night.”


Ouyang Lulu angrily, “In your f*****g dreams.”


The burly youth proudly replied, “You can play hard and reluctantly admit your mistake, but you can wait for your reinforcement to be utterly defeated, then I will have your mouth softened, hahaha…”


Huang Duoduo gently pulled Ouyang Lulu’s lower hem and whispered, “This guy is way too arrogant, he might really have some background. Is that thing Tang Xiu you’ve called reliable? Else, should I call my Dad?”


Ouyang Lulu thought a second before she shook her head and said, “It’s fine, I’ll send a message to my Big Bro.”


“Hey, what’s going on here?”


At the moment, more than 10 strong big men burst into the private box’s door led by a middle-aged man in a suit with gold-rimmed glasses. He looked at the inside of the private box to see the situation as he asked loudly.


The sturdy youth rolled his eyes and cursed, “Who the f**k are you? Just get the f**k out!”


The middle-aged man glanced coldly at the burly youth before his complexion then changed with concern, fear, and trepidation, asking, “Miss Ouyang, are you alright? I’m really sorry for the problem and hope you can forgive us. Our security will take care of this problem. Anyone who dares to make trouble for our Regent Amusement Clubhouses, we will deal with them.”


“Bah! You don’t fear that you’ll swallow those big words back it seems… I wanna see for myself today, what ability does this cheap Regent Amusement Clubhouse got, even daring to deal with my brother.”


From the private box’s entrance, three youths came in whilst smoking their cigarettes. The one who just spoke was a very handsome young man in the middle.


Li Xueming frowned. He had encountered a lot of young master playboys from a lot of powerful families ever since he became the Regent Amusement Clubhouse’s General Manager, but never once had he ever seen these youths in front of him. He knew perfectly well that today’s incident would create big trouble. After all, Ouyang Lulu was the young lady of Ouyang Family, while Huang Duoduo is the only daughter of the Huang Family’s head. These two little ancestors’ background were absolutely scary and had a tremendous influence on Jingmen Island.


“Who are you?”


Li Xueming asked with a sinking voice.


That youth replied with a sneer, “Do you know Wei Guoqiang? He’s my father. I have been studying abroad in recent years, but I’ve never thought that when I just came back and wanted to entertain some of my friends from afar, you swept that excitement away. Regent Amusement Clubhouse’s manager, eh? What bull crap! Even if your big boss came, he’d also have to bow down in front of me.”


Wei Guoqiang? The big boss of the Bright Radiance Group?


Li Xueming wryly smiled secretly in his heart. Although the Bright Radiance Group’s strength could not be compared to the Ouyang Family, but it was also a very powerful family on Jiangmen Island, almost on par with the Huang Family.


He knew that today’s matter would not end peacefully, and he could not run away from this trouble in front of him. Regardless of that, after having weighed the pros and cons, he decisively stood at Ouyang Lulu’s side, and then spoke with a sank voice, “Wei Guoqiang is indeed a respectable person, but his son turns out to be a rotten straw bag. Take those four and catch them.”


More than 10 security personnel swarmed over after getting the order as though ferocious wolves and tigers as they rushed over toward the four people.


“You dare!”


Never in his dreams had Wei Chao ever thought that even though he had used his father’s name, this Regent Amusement Clubhouse would still dare to act against him. Today, he invited his two friends from Xibei, and each one’s background was no worse than his family’s.


Shame! He felt that his face was swept clean at this moment.


A cold light flashed from the burly youth’s eyes. His body burst out instantly as his big fists fiercely punched several security personnel and knocked them out. His speed was very fast, swift, and sharp, easily avoiding a security personnel’s hands which were about to catch him, as his fist punched down at the security guy’s forehead.


The other two youths were also not idle. Their looks were ordinary, but their martial arts were also extremely amazing. Not only they acted fast, but their strikes were ruthless and vicious.


“Bang bang bang…”


More than ten tall and strong security personnel were all overthrown by the burly youth and the other two youngsters within just half a minute.


The burly youth trampled on a security personnel’s head as he stared at Li Xueming and coldly snorted, “Only a few people dare to hit this father since my childhood up to now. You did have the courage, and your Regent Amusement Clubhouse is also good. But I dare guarantee that today’s matter will end with you will kneeling before me, begging me to break your legs, and sewing your mouth!”


Ouyang Lulu and Huang Duoduo were not frightened by the scene in front. Although they were shocked by those three youths’ fighting strength, but the two girls were, after all, from a powerful and respected family, and had seen a lot of amazing scenes.


“You do indeed have the capital to be arrogant. However, you can hit more than 10 people, but more than 100? A 1000? I really want to see you showcasing your skills facing a gang up!” Ouyang Lulu clapped her hands with eyes full of contempt.


The burly young man replied with a wild laugh, “You’re such hot girl, eh?! You’ve got style. If you have the ability, regardless if you call 100 or 1000 people, just bring them on. This Big Daddy will take them on. Do carve in your mind, I’m called Wang Hu from Xibei. Don’t need to wait till having a one night stand with me for you to know this Big Daddy’s name.”


Ouyang Lulu was silent for a moment. She took her mobile in front of the burly youth, Wang Hu’s face, and dialed a number, asking, “Old friend, have you heard of Wang Hu from Xibei? A big arrogant chap?”


“Ye, I heard of him. A little nobody.”


Chu Yi’s sleepy and hazy voice came over from the cell phone.


Ouyang Lulu said, “OK! I got it!”

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Long Zhengyu’s friend that Tang Xiu met while gambling. He’s also Lulu’s school friend



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