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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 113 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Incurring Hatred

Ouyang Lulu hung up the phone with a deadpan expression as she looked at Wang Hu and said, “I know you’re indeed very famous in the Xibei region since my old classmate has also heard your name. However, you’d better not think that you could get out easily after offending me today.”


The tall and burly youth said with contempt, “Pretentious.”


Ouyang Lulu no longer spoke as she folded her arms, leaned on the sofa, and watched the burly youth and those few youths indifferently. She was somewhat worried upon seeing their strength. She did not know when Tang Xiu would arrive and whether he was able to face them.


“Cultivators should be very powerful, right?”


Ouyang Lulu pondered inside.


The tall and burly youth turned toward Wei Chao and waved as he spoke with a light laugh, “Young Master Wei, you seem to have been gone for too long from Jingmen Island that even the people have already forgotten your name. Wasn’t your family very powerful? But this Regent Amusement Clubhouse turns out to not give any face to your father.”


Such a sarcastic remark made Wei Chao’s complexion turn crimson. He looked at Ouyang Lulu and Huang Duoduo with a more unsightly look. He secretly made up his mind to make these 2 girls pay the price after this matter ended.


20 minutes later.


Tang Xiu appeared outside the private box. When he entered the room, his brows wrinkled upon seeing his security personnel knocked down everywhere as well as seeing a burly young man trample on one of them.


With an ice-cold expression, he looked at Ouyang Lulu and said, “Are you alright?”


Ouyang Lulu eyes brightened up as she suddenly jumped up from the sofa. She pointed at the burly youth and 3 others and said, “I’m fine. But those damn chaps are hoodlums and very arrogant, they even wanted us…”


With cold eyes, Tang Xiu could tell that Ouyang Lulu came out to drink tonight. And it was obviously because he occupied her villa. But her red forehead and a few footprints on her body told the truth that she clearly had been hit.


“Who hit her?”


The burly youth was about to stand up, but another youth got up and came over before Tang Xiu with a contemptuous look, speaking at him with a mocking tone, “Che, who the f**k is it? Playing hero to save a beauty and coming alone?”




Tang Xiu kicked the youth in the chest with a lightning speed. He didn’t look as strong or as sturdy like the burly youth, but along with the thumping sound, his body was directly sent flying onto the coffee table, smashing the coffee table’s glass.


Who else, come at me and get the hell out.”


Tang Xiu’s voice was extremely pressing but carried along with it an extremely cold tone.


The burly youth and the other youth’s complexion changed. Although Tang Xiu’s kick could be said to be a sudden attack, but the speed was extremely fast as they were unable to see it clearly even though they were staring at him.


“An expert!”


They nodded at each other. Since they have fought countless fights together, they moved forward 2 steps at the same time to face Tang Xiu, saying, “I’m the one who hit her! Playing a deity, aren’t you? Why don’t you mind your own f*****g business!?”


Tang Xiu did not reply, nor did he ask about their identities. He trod on forward with a strange footwork and bolted 4 or 5 meters in an instant as he appeared in front of the 2 of them. He gripped his fist and as he kicked and sent the burly youth flying,  at the same time, he severely hit the other youth’s face.


“Crack, crack, bang, bang!”


A clear sound of broken bones and screams followed from the youths.


When Tang Xiu’s fist hit the youth, his kicking leg was blocked by the burly youth’s arms. However, Tang Xiu’s body then twisted and moved in a strange posture as he swayed as though he was flying toward the burly youth’s left side and hit him with a meteor-like fist strike. He did exert sufficient speed, but only used half of his strength.


“Bang bang…”


The tall and sturdy youth growled lowly as Tang Xiu’s fist smashed his arms. He retreated backward again and again and was forced backward to the wall. His complexion greatly changed and he was in pain as Tang Xiu followed and used his leg as though a whip to fiercely kick his face, causing his body to be lifted up, as his head then severely hit the floor.


Tang Xiu coldly snorted and bolted directly toward the unconscious burly youth. He grabbed his neck as though grabbing a dead dog and fiercely slapped him.


“Pa pa pa…”


The burly youth was slapped more than 10 times, causing his cheeks to be swollen up as he was awakened by the slaps.


Tang Xiu then easily threw him to the corner and then rushed toward the other 2 youths. Under the gaze of everyone’s eyes, he beat those youths ruthlessly as he hit them and made the 2 youths scream again and again. Only after the two of them screamed and begged for mercy did he stop beating them.


Huang Duoduo, who had run toward Ouyang Lulu’s side, held Ouyang Lulu’s arm. At the moment, her eyes were as though filled with blazing fire as she looked dumbfoundedly at Tang Xiu, who savagely beat his opponents.


“So damn handsome, he’s so cool!”


“He’s a man amongst men, the best amongst the best!”


“Damn, it’s not good, I really like him! Lulu, you must not compete with me! I’ve fallen in love with him!”


“Hit them good! Hit them again…”


With a dumbfounded expression, Ouyang Lulu looked at the miserable burly youth and the others. She then looked at Tang Xiu, who moved as though a light cloud that was blown by the wind, and then sat on the sofa. Her heart was throbbing and palpitating.


Yes! He was really cool and handsome!


At this very moment, Tang Xiu in her eyes was like a knight in a shining golden armor. A hero who trod on the colorful clouds and descended to save a beauty. Not even a word that was full of admiration and worship; what her boudoir friend, Huang Duoduo, had said entered her ears.


Li Xueming, who was originally restless and anxious, also did not expect that such a scene would unfold in front of him. What he was expecting was that the Ouyang Family would send one of their elders to rescue Ouyang Lulu as per her plead, and then let the Ouyang Family handle this kind of big matter. But this unknown youngster unexpectedly cleaned up the 3 youths with such formidable martial arts alone.


He’s really strong and powerful!


Deep in his heart he shouted his admiration. All the security personnel employed by the Regent Amusement Clubhouse were all experts who had undergone training. If they were such street thugs or local hoodlums, they would be able to deal with 2 or 3 of them easily. But those 3 youths were able to knock down more than 10 security personnel.


Tang Xiu grabbed a bottle of beer, opened the cap and sipped it. He looked at Ouyang Lulu and then said, “I’ve packed them up. Are you satisfied now? If you have yet to be satisfied, you can beat them to your heart’s content. Remember, you can savagely beat them and leave injury marks, but you’d better not kill them. I’m only a little nobody and have neither the influence or power, so killing them would be troublesome. Of course, since your Ouyang Family is powerful and has more power, you can directly kill them should you not be afraid to face the responsibilities!”


Ouyang Lulu gulped her saliva. Her dull eyes turned sober and calmed down. She then looked at the burly youth and the others who tried to crawl and get up but fell again and again. Then, she grabbed a bottle and turned around toward Wei Chao, whose face had turned deathly white as though a piece of white paper. Ouyang Lulu fiercely hit his head and said, “You said We Guoqiang is your father, didn’t you? Your family is the Bright Radiance Group? Causing you to be arrogant, harping, and boasting around and unable to see a Mt. Tai? And even dare to hook up with these three hoodlums…”


The bottle cracked and blasted as liquor and blood then mixed together.


Ouyang Lulu smashed six bottles onto Wei Chao’s head, causing him to directly faint. Then, she took a smashed bottom bottle and walked toward the burly youth and pressed it two times in a crossed shape onto his cheek. After that, only then did she stop.


The two wounds, interestingly formed an “X” shape.




The private box’s door was shut after Tang Xiu entered, and now somebody kicked the door open from the outside as a 30 years-old man then strode and rushed into the private box, followed by 4 men with steady footsteps, especially a particularly strong and sturdy middle-aged man.


“Lulu, are you alright…”


When Ouyang Lei rushed into the private box, he happened to see Ouyang Lulu carving the wounds on the burly youth. The sudden words “holy shit” he was about to shout was blocked inside his throat.


Ouyang Lulu replied with a laugh, “Brother, I’m fine.”


Looking at the scene inside the private box, Ouyang Lei then spoke with a sinking voice, “What the hell has happened? You texted me that somebody hit you. Who was it?”


Ouyang Lulu pointed to the burly youth and angrily replied, “It’s him. He even shouted to make me accompany him for a night. Big brother, he harassed me with a lot of profane words and insults.”


Ouyang Lei strode forward. He did want to wake up the four of them and give them another series of savage beatings. However, upon seeing the miserable state they were in, his mouth twitched a few times and finally did not act.


It was awful and way too miserable!


It was unimaginable for him as to whom had acted that ruthlessly, to even turn the four of them into such a state. Even if they were not killed, weren’t they also beaten half dead?


Knowing that Ouyang Lei was Ouyang Lulu’s older brother, Tang Xiu put down the bottle in hand and immediately spoke lightly, “Ouyang Lulu, since your family has come, I’ll go back first. I’ve spent most of the night only to comply with your call. If it were not because of you, I would have rested already!”


Ouyang Lulu quickly blocked Tang Xiu. Her attitude now and before was completely different as she smiled gracefully and said, “Have you finished your important matter? Can I go back with you? You can see that I have been beaten, so I need to go back and have some medication.”


Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Fine, you can go back with me!”


With a silly expression, Ouyang Lei looked at Ouyang Lulu and Tang Xiu. It was the content of their conversation that made him shocked.


Going back together? Are they in a relationship? Are they already living together?


Ouyang Lei’s body trembled as he quickly stopped Ouyang Lulu and asked, “Wait, Little Sis. You didn’t create the trouble but yet you haven’t told me about it clearly! Also, who’s this guy you want to go back with? Are the two you living together?”


Ouyang Lulu squinted her eyes and replied with a smile, “Big Brother, I’ll tell you about the matter later. In short, you just wake them up and make them crawl when they leave this clubhouse. Ah yes, help me escort Huang Duoduo back home, it’s so late and I don’t want someone I can’t trust escorting her home.”


Ouyang Lei shouted angrily, “Hell no, you haven’t answered my question!”


Ouyang Lulu said with a laugh, “Big Brother, why should you be angry! You didn’t even let me find a boyfriend previously, so I might as well marry quickly! And, he’s very good!”




Ouyang Lei was left speechless.


Ouyang Lulu looked at her brother’s defeated expression. Her smile immediately getting thicker and then said, “Ah, well, I’ll tell you then! He’s Tang Xiu, my savior. Today, if it were not for him, I could have been bullied by these hoodlums! He lives in my villa, so I’ll just go back with him.”


“He lives in your house?!!”

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