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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 114 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Tuina Massage


The anger on Ouyang Lei’s face disappeared and was replaced by a deep surprise. He was perfectly aware of his sister’s judgment ability, and her standard was unusually high. How many outstanding youths had his sister refused and not taken a liking to? But this youth called Tang Xiu, could he be more outstanding than those talented youths?


In the next moment, with a smile surfacing on his face, he walked toward Tang Xiu and carefully observed him while speaking with a smile, “You’re Tang Xiu? Since you and my Lil Sis have an unusual relationship, then I won’t say thanks to you. I’m Ouyang Lei, Lulu’s big brother. Since we brothers will be closer in the future, I’ll ask you to help with the problems in my family…”


Helping their family?


With a quizzical expression, Tang Xiu looked at Ouyang Lei. He could feel that these words had profound meanings of which he couldn’t guess at. Eventually, he secretly shook his head as he looked at Ouyang Lei and then said, “I’m very tired and quite sleepy. So I’ll leave the aftermath here for you to handle!”


Having spoken that, he brushed past Ouyang Lei and stepped out of the private box.


For a second Ouyang Lei stared blankly. He watched at the leaving Tang Xiu’s back and also saw his little sister that was like a small maidservant who followed him and went out, leaving the older brother gaping and at a loss for words.


This ‘brother-in-law, the husband of his little sis’…


Wasn’t he way too eccentric?


Huang Duoduo turned gloomy. She just heard that Ouyang Lulu said that ‘she and Tang Xiu lived together’, giving her an intense feeling of loss. Although she knew that Ouyang Lulu was not really living together with Tang Xiu, she could tell from Ouyang Lulu’s expression, that she did have the thought about it.


Did I just fall in love at first sight?”


Huang Duoduo stamped her foot as she helplessly turned her head and looked at Ouyang Lei.


With a wry and forced smile covering his whole face, Ouyang Lei shook his head as he also realized Huang Duoduo’s expression. He immediately smiled and said, “Well, I’ll send someone to escort you home! I’ll stay here and take care the aftermath. Ah, right. If you’re not rushed, can you tell me about what had happened in detail?”


Huang Duoduo was in a depressed mood and she didn’t want to say anything more, so she asked Ouyang Lei to be escorted home directly.


Inside the private box.


Li Xueming and Ouyang Lei had a small chat as Li Xueming told him everything he knew. He didn’t know much about what had happened since he only received a call from Ouyang Lulu and then led his people to rush over.


“What did you say? You brought more than 10 security personnel and all of them were knocked down? Then… Tang Xiu knocked those 3 down alone? Are you joking me?” Ouyang Lei looked at Li Xueming in disbelief as he involuntarily exclaimed out loud.


Li Xueming let out a forced smile and said, “Mr. Ouyang, do you think I would be joking with you? There are a lot of people here! Mr. Tang is really powerful, and I’ve never seen such a powerful expert like him.”


Ouyang Lei gulped down his saliva. He became more curious about this future brother-in-law of his. He secretly analyzed that the 4 big guys he brought here, each and every one of them was an outstanding master. They were special force members in the army, and were very powerful. But if the four of them were to knock down these 4 playboys like that, perhaps they would not be able to do so!


“Old Biao, between an expert, you should be able to tell clearly, what do you think about Tang Xiu?” Ouyang Lei turned around as he asked in a deep tone.


“I can’t see his depth!” The big man shook his head and said.


Ouyang Lei narrowed his eyes. He took out his mobile and dialed a number. After the call was picked up, he then said with a deep tone, “Investigate someone for me. He’s called Tang Xiu, about 20 years-old…”


20 minutes later…


Tang Xiu and Ouyang Lulu had returned to the villa. Ouyang Lulu’s attitude toward Tang Xiu had changed and her tone had become particularly cordial. Tang Xiu quite accepted such a change since he, and everyone else, also disliked being treated with bad manners.


Since the servants had all been sent home and Mu Qingping and her daughter had also slept, the entire villa was empty and unusually quiet. Since he just went out and his body was dirtied with blood and also smelled like liquor, he asked where the bathroom was, and then went out to take a bath.


“Ah, I don’t have any clean clothes.”


Having finished his shower, only then did Tang Xiu realize that he did not carry any clothes.


After half a minute passed by, he thought that Ouyang Lulu should have been upstairs resting. Then he only put on his boxers and left the bathroom whilst holding his dirty clothes.


“You done showering?”


Ouyang Lulu was folding her arms as she stood at the corner of the corridor. Upon seeing that Tang Xiu was out, a faint smile hung on her beautiful face.




Tang Xiu was stunned. He was nearly naked, but Ouyang Lulu unexpectedly looked at him over and over again. Subconsciously, he covered his lower part with his dirty clothes.



“Is there a problem?”


Seeing such an awkward and embarrassing Tang Xiu, Ouyang Lulu suddenly was struck with a big sense of interest all of a sudden and then said with a ruminating expression, “It’s just a little thing. No matter how I look at you, you’re very thin, and I didn’t expect that. But your streamlined and trained muscles are really attractive. No wonder even those 3 guys with such powerful fighting strength were totally defeated and beaten so miserably by you.”


Tang Xiu replied with a blackened face, “You don’t even have a little bit of shyness and shame at seeing a guy not wearing any proper clothes? Don’t you know that men and women have some lines about this? Since it’s only a small problem, then bother me no longer and take your time to rest!”


Ouyang Lulu said, “But, I’m afraid of the pain.”


With a confused expression, Tang Xiu replied, “Just go to sleep will you? What relations could it have between pain and your fear?”


Ouyang Lulu said, “That bastard kicked me so hard that the spots kicked by him are very painful now. Although my family has the medicine to treat bruises and such, I feel no effect even though I have used and spread the medicine on the wounds. You’re a highly skilled Divine Doctor, can you help me relieve the pain?”


With that said, she pitifully pointed to her waist and back.


“She’s really troublesome!”


Tang Xiu whispered inside as he replied with a calm expression, “Fine! For the sake of making you leave tonight, I’ll help you with a Tuina Massage! Let’s go to your room!”


Tuina Massage? In my room?


Ouyang Lulu’s beautiful face flushed crimson to the ears as she involuntarily thought of the aftermath of the single man and woman staying together in one room.


“Haih, will my chastity that I have been preserving for more than 20 years be handed over today?”


But the second this thought emerged, she immediately vetoed it. She did admit that Tang Xiu indeed attracted her a little bit, but it had yet to reach the point for her to the ‘be faithful till death do us apart’ situation. She could only give her pure and chaste body to her most beloved husband in the future, and it absolutely must not to be surrendered over so easily.


After having thought of up to this point, she secretly suppressed down her swaying heart and then said, “You want to go to my bedroom?”


Tang Xiu stared blankly for a moment. He looked down at his body as awkwardness and embarrassment suddenly emerged on his face. He strode back to his room and quickly put on clean clothes and secretly felt relieved.


It was an undeniable truth that Ouyang Lulu was a beauty. And even heroes had a weakness in front of the charms of beautiful women.


He did have a habit in admiring beauties, and he would also never refuse if a stunning and outstanding beauty seduced him. However, since he was a cultivator, he liked to let nature took its course and did not want to be controlled by his innermost feelings nor lust.


It was said, a women’s chamber was the most mysterious place, but was also the most yearned place for countless of men. Tang Xiu had had a partner, but she was very simple and lacked such an ambient young girl usually had, so her companion’s chamber decoration was also very simple. Shortly put, it was his first time ever entering a young girl’s chamber in the truest sense.


“This… is your bedroom?”


The moment Tang Xiu followed Ouyang Lulu and entered her bedroom, Tang Xiu asked in disbelief.


Ouyang Lulu replied with a shallow smile, “What? Is there a problem?”


Tang Xiu smiled wryly as he shook his head and then said, “It’s not that. It’s just… I didn’t expect that a girl’s chamber would be like this!”


Inside the bedroom!


Apart from a large bed, bookshelves filled the room, with a variety of books placed on each bookshelf. In a glance, Tang Xiu could tell that the number of books inside this bedroom should at least reach 20,000.


Ouyang Lulu rolled her eyes at Tang Xiu. Whilst taking off her white coat, she said, “I love reading. I spend most of my time reading, apart from managing my business and occasionally hanging out with my girlfriends. Each of my houses has the same interior, and the books here are only part of my reading collection.”


Tang Xiu asked in astonishment, “You have read all these books?”


Ouyang Lulu said, “That is of course, otherwise, why would I put so many books here? Besides, I do have a habit of putting the books I have read in my bedroom. So whenever I’m bored, I don’t have to find other books and turn over the books I want.”


Tang Xiu was speechless.


He had seen a lot of eccentrics and freaks, but never once had he ever met such a reading freak like her.


“You will really give me a Tuina Massage?”


Ouyang Lulu asked again. She was afraid that Tang Xiu would do something ‘illegal’ to her.


Tang Xiu said, “Relax, my massage technique is even better than a Tuina Massage. I dare guarantee that after you’ve been Tuina Massaged by me, the bruises on your muscles and skins will be restored and you won’t feel any pain also. Don’t stand idly and be stunned, continue undressing, apart from your underwear, take everything off.”




Ouyang Lulu’s complexion was blushing red as she hesitated. According to Tang Xiu’s order, that meant that she had to take everything off apart from her underwear. If she was at the beach, she dared to put on only a bikini and play at the beach. But wearing only underwear and exposing herself in front of a man inside her boudoir, it was kind of unnatural for her.


“Lay on the bed!”


A new decree from Tang Xiu came out.


Ouyang Lulu’s face becoming redder. But still, she laid on the bed obediently.


Looking at such a perfect devilish body, Tang Xiu secretly praised it inside. Whether it was her body or her skin, they were absolutely one of a kind and absolutely the finest amongst the finest. And shortly after, his eyes quickly fell on Ouyang Lulu’s waist and back.


“That bastard was really ruthless and did not even show any tenderness in doing this!”


Tang Xiu cursed secretly as he stood beside Ouyang Lulu’s back and began to gently pressed her back with his hands.




The innermost heart of Ouyang Lulu trembled as she almost hummed out loud. Apart from her father who touched her when she was a child, no man had ever touched her before. She could clearly feel the warm emitted out from Tang Xiu’s hands, as well as sensing a jolting feeling like an electrical current stung and flowed in her body.




For Tuina Massage you can click the link embedded on the title.

Ugh.. such a golden opportunity… LOL… don’t try this at home kids, it’s bad for your health… hahaha

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