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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 115 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: Returning to Star City


Such thoughts that Ouyang Lulu had, did not occur to Tang Xiu, nor did it distract him. He was basically treating Ouyang Lulu entirely based on a doctor-patient relationship. At the beginning, he massaged gently and began to add more strength in the later part. His technique was unusual and constantly focused on Ouyang Lulu’s back and the side of her waist.


Time passed by…


The pain gradually lessened until Ouyang Lulu felt no pain, and instead, she felt very comfortable. The comfy feeling made her infatuated, even giving birth to the thoughts of letting Tang Xiu’s hands continue to do it eternally.


At this moment, bursts of intermittent ripples in her heart had all disappeared as a deep enjoyment replaced it and covered her face. Gradually, she began to fight her eyelids from closing as she unconsciously fell into a deep sleep under Tang Xiu’s massage.




After a long while, only then did Tang Xiu stop massaging. He secretly took a deep breath and grabbed the blanket on the side to cover Ouyang Lulu’s body. Then, he turned around and left the bedroom. Some might say that a man bullying a woman was the same as a beast, but a man who did not bully a woman was even worse than a beast. But Tang Xiu did not defer to this saying. To him, the things between men and women were particularly and heavily reliant on each other’s feelings and willingness. If there was no emotional attachment between them, having sexual intercourse was the same as ‘people that behaved like animals’.


The next day…


It was 10 AM when Tang woke up from his sleep. He took a short shower and went downstairs to the first floor. When he saw that the nanny who was busy cooking in the kitchen and Mu Qingping sitting on the sofa, he asked with an astonished expression, “Ouyang Lulu has not woken up?”


Mu Qingping said with a smile, “Since Yin’er and I have woken up, we haven’t seen her. Wasn’t she driven out by you yesterday? I thought that she hasn’t come back yet!”


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “She came back last night. Anyways, just forget it, regardless of her issue, we’ll leave for Star City after we have our lunch! Ah, yes! Can you book plane tickets online?”


Mu Qingping said, “OK! I’ll do it right away!”


The lunch was great and the nanny who returned this morning realized that Tang Xiu was an honorable guest, so all the dishes being prepared were unusually delicious, coupled with the hot soup that made their appetite grow.


“Let’s go!”


After having sated their hunger and thirst, Tang Xiu still did not see that Ouyang Lulu had woken up and he did not have the intention to personally bid her farewell. Whilst carrying his travel bag, he held Gu Yin’s small hand as they left. As for the medicinal herbs and the materials he had bought, he already sent them to Star City via the courier company on the way to the villa yesterday.


A lot of things had happened in the last 5-6 days. Tang Xiu secretly sighed when he stepped his foot into Star City again. Even though he got quite the harvest on this long journey, there was also some slight regret because he still did not know the Everlasting Feast Hall’s founder. As to whether the restaurant had a special relationship with his first apprentice that he had received thousands of years ago.


In South Gate Town.


The first thing Tang Xiu did when he returned home was to charge his phone’s battery. He had experienced a lot of things in the last 2 days, but after he boarded the plane he remembered that there were no phone calls in the last 2 days. Having seen his phone, it turned out that his phone was out of battery and had long shut down automatically.


After booting the phone, Banshou was the first person Tang Xiu contacted, of whom he got the news that the fierce beasts’ remains he bought from Tang Dong had already been sent to the freezer compartment in the Old Street River area. Then, he ordered Banshou and Dingzi to wait momentarily for the 6 fierce beast corpses that were being delivered there.


There were a few days left to report to school from the one week of holiday Gong Dalong had helped him get. And Tang Xiu did not want to go back to school ahead of time. He had long finished learning the high school’s curriculum and could take the College Entrance Test at any time, so he felt that it would only be a waste of time to stay in the classroom every day.


So, for the last 2 days, Tang Xiu decided to make the Golden Bell Liquid. His cultivation was stuck at the Vitality Tempering Peak Stage, causing him not to rashly cultivate. Only after he reached the Skin Strengthening Stage did he feel that he would have the assurance to safely survive in today’s society.


After having properly settled Mu Qingping and Gu Yin, he rushed to the Old Street River area where he had ordered Banshou to drive a small container van and wait for him there.


In the afternoon.


Banshou and Dingzi were squatting next to a small container van in front of the freezer compartment at the River Street Old area. Seeing that Tang Xiu had come, they immediately put out their cigarettes and quickly greeted him.


“Boss, what are your orders?”


Tang Xiu said, “I’ll choose some fierce animal bones and remains, and you help me deliver them to my South Gate Town house. Take the 1 million yuan in this bag I got on the way here. You’ll need the money and will have to go to many places later to help me. And do remember to call me whenever money runs out.”


1 million?


At the same time, Banshou and Dingzi glanced at the black bag given by Tang Xiu. They had never seen such a huge sum of money, especially 1 million yuan in cash. Immediately after, their attitude toward Tang Xiu became more deferential as they felt that their choice to follow Tang Xiu was becoming more and more correct.


After a long while.


Tang Xiu had selected some good materials and ordered Banshou and Dingzi to move them to the small container van. Since the materials composition for the Golden Bell Liquid’s recipe now was different from the recipe in the Immortal World, he prepared a lot of materials for it, even filling half of the small container.


“I should take the driver’s license test if I have time later.”


Tang Xiu felt that a car was really inconvenient. He couldn’t help but secretly think that once he was able to use a flying sword, he would be able to traverse thousands of miles in one step. But now, he had to start everything from scratch, and having no means of transportation was really troublesome, especially in present society.


On the way back to the South Gate Town, Tang Xiu asked Banshou about his mother’s situation. And upon hearing that the restaurant and its business was doing well and flourishing, he felt slightly relieved.


“Boss, I don’t know how to say it to you, but there’s something I want to report.”


Whilst driving, Banshou hesitantly spoke.


Tang Xiu asked, “What’s up? Tell me!”


Banshou said “Boss, Su Shangwen came to the restaurant yesterday and wanted to borrow some money from your mother. And your kindhearted mother kept thinking that Su Shangwen had helped you, so she came up with 100 thousand yuan and lent it to him. But he thought that it was too few, so not only did he not accepted the money, but he instead spoke a lot of curses.”


Su Shangwen?


Tang Xiu’s brows slanted as cold lights flashed from his eyes.


He thought that after the things that happened at Star City Medicinal Herbs Market previously, he had learned his lesson and would no longer disturb his family again. But he had never thought that he still dared to be arrogant to his mother even though his visit was to borrow some money.


Such a family like Su Shangwen was just like a fly in Tang Xiu’s heart and he really disliked him. If he could, he would have Su Shangwen’s family disappear from this world forever.


“Blood is thicker than water? What a big joke! Without feeling and emotional attachment, what’s the use of being of the same blood and coming from the same root? If he dares to do anything excessive again, I won’t hesitate to kick his family out of Star City, even out of the country.”


Tang Xiu silently thought as he turned his head and looked outside through the window.


Star City Purple Gold Garden upscale area.


With an unsightly expression, Su Shangwen sat in his study room with a notebook opened in front of him, looking at the screen that showed the interface of his remaining bank account balance.


He had heard the saying that “when the tree was toppled down all the monkeys would scatter”. He was personally experiencing it right now. Ever since Chen Zhizhong targeted his real estate company, his business faced a lot of difficulties and was on the verge of bankruptcy.


Even though afterward Chen Zhizhong spared him, it was becoming worse day by day. A lot of suppliers intentionally raised the price of building materials, causing serious miscalculations in the budget of his most important project. And just like a house that leaked along with the heavy rain, the bank that previously gave their words to lend him a large sum of capital also did not give him any news.


Recently, he had visited the bank a lot of times and even promised a lot of commission for the bank’s executives, but then they intentionally played “Tai Chi” with him, even the manager’s attitude had indicated that he could not give the load even though their friendship would continue.


Under such desperation, only then did he think about that cheap nephew of his.


However, he knew what he had done before, so he did not dare to find Tang Xiu directly and instead went to the restaurant to find Su Lingyun. Much to his surprise, Su Lingyun’s restaurant business was booming, and she unexpectedly was only willing to lend him 100 thousand yuan.


What would 100 thousand yuan be enough for?


It was even lower than one tenth of the money he gave to the bank executives.




Su Shangwen fiercely smashed the ashtray in his hand as fierce anger light flashed from his eyes whilst he cursed in a whisper, “What a f*****g shitty sister and damned nephew!? Outsiders are even better than them. When they were down in the pit this father was the one who provided relief for them. But now that they have climbed and risen, they want to kick this father aside, what a f*****g illusion! If it were not because that bastard Tang Xiu, how could my Shangwen Real Estate end up in such a dire situation? How could I even be regarded as a plague and being excommunicated by so many friends?”


“I can’t put my hope in the bank, neither can I rely on my f*****g shitty old friends. My last hope is only to rely on Su Lingyun and Tang Xiu. I must think of a way to satisfy them and obtain my goal, so they would put out the money on their own initiative. Moreover, it’s best to yield first to that small bastard Tang Xiu to approach and create a relationship with the Long Group. If I could climb up to the Long Group’s top brass, only then will my Shangwen Group rake in money.”


Light flashed from Su Shangwen’s eyes as he was deep in thought. He cast away each and every deriding thought that reappeared in his mind as he made up his mind in one go. But since he felt that he could not get to Tang Xiu, he thought that he must focus his efforts toward Su Lingyun.


In South Gate Town.


After having put all the materials into his villa’s warehouse, Tang Xiu sent Banshou away before he entered the warehouse. Everything had been prepared, and the only thing left was some small crucial items before he began to concoct the Golden Bell Liquid.


“By night, the medicinal ingredients should have been delivered. What should I do now? There is still time till noon!”


Tang Xiu stood in the warehouse as he found that he suddenly had nothing to do and was really bored.


“Ring ring ring…”


His mobile rang and interrupted his thoughts.


Tang Xiu took the phone and looked at the caller ID number. It was Long Zhenglin. Then, he pressed the answer button and asked, “What’s up? I’m very busy right now and have no time.”




I pray for Manchester, Marawi and Jakarta. I don’t care whatever God, beliefs, goals or intentions those people have, but for whatever it is, this insanity must stop.

Aside from that, sorry for the late updates everyone, kinda very busy at least until June since I got occupied with work and family. But, I’ve stated that I will at least translate 5 chaps a week and those chaps will be published at least on Friday-Sunday.

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