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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 116 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: What’s in Your Brain?


Long Zhenglin’s exaggerated voice came out of the cell phone, “Heavens! Eldest Brother, you’re finally on! I’m dead tired of being bugged by my big brother. He said that Kang Xia has been trying to contact you and couldn’t get through. For this day only, I’ve answered my big brother’s call for 18 times already.”


Tang Xiu said, “I know, I will call Kang Xia. Tell your brother my regards!”


Long Zhenglin cried, “Eldest Brother, you’ve returned to Star City? How about the preparation for our getting rich plan?”


Getting rich plan?


Tang Xiu stared blankly for a moment before recalling the time when he was about to leave for Jingmen Island. That time, Long Zhenglin looked for him and talked about the mass production of the men’s sexual enhancement and medication products. After having thought for a moment, he slowly said, “I just got back to the Star City and will return to South Gate Town soon. I’ll tell you the answer tonight.”


Long Zhenglin said with a laugh, “Then, I’ll wait for the good news. Ah, right, are you bored? Want me to accompany you? Although you are not a beauty, but since you can make me rich, you are still quite attractive though.”


“Damn you!”


Tang Xiu cursed and laughed loudly as he then directly hung up the phone.


Tang Xiu called Kang Xia after having found her number.


The phone had just connected when Kang Xia’s voice then came out, “Boss, you’re really just like a Dragon God that’s very hard to reach, even your tail is unable to be seen. I’ve been calling you dozens of times since yesterday, and I couldn’t get connected to you. Where are you now? I’ve arrived at Star City and I want to see you immediately!”




Tang Xiu smiled and was very satisfied with the name Kang Xia called him. Through this address, he knew that Kang Xia had complied to work for him.


“Come to South Gate Town! I’m waiting for you at home. I’ll text the address to your phone!”




About half an hour, Kang Xia called him, and it was unexpected for Tang Xiu since she was held by the villa complex’s security. After having called the security chief, only then was Kang Xia able to enter the villa complex.


“Boss, it’s really not easy to see you.”


Kang Xia was wearing a working blazer suit with gold-rimmed eyeglasses, giving off a spirited, capable, and competent look. After having seen Tang Xiu, a wry smile was revealed on her beautiful face.


Tang Xiu gestured her to sit on the sofa and spoke, “Has the test results come out? There is no problem with those 2 formulas, yes?”


Kang Xia nodded and said, “It has been tested. And it indeed has no harmful substances for the human body. In addition, I also have already registered the company and need to arrange the organizational structure. But, since I couldn’t contact you, I named the company group on my own initiative.”


Tang Xiu asked, “What is the name?”


Kang Xia said, “Magnificent Tang Corporation.”


Tang Xiu savored it a few times inside before he replied with satisfaction, “That’s a very good name. It’s to my taste. I’ve told you before that I’ve given you the rights and privileges to create the company as well as managing it. You only need to inform me the issues that you cannot handle, and I’ll figure out the solution.”




Kang Xia gave an OK hand gesture and then said again, “This is the company’s original registered documents and I’ll be holding the copies. The company’s owner and main stakeholder is you.”


Tang Xiu received it casually and skimmed through it. Then, he placed it on the table in front of him and said, “I think having only 2 products is not enough. Moreover, we cannot solely have our business in cosmetics. We should expand to some other fields, such as beverages…”


Kang Xia interrupted Tang Xiu, and then said seriously, “Boss, we have just founded our company and there are many issues we have yet to handle, such as packaging, logo designing, factory construction, production lines equipment, and many others… Besides, the money you gave me for our starting capital is too few and it won’t be enough. I think it’s too early to develop new products.”


Tang Xiu took out his phone and transferred 80 million through online banking to Kang Xia and said, “I don’t have much money right now. You use this money first, then you can call me later if the fund is insufficient. You can use it according to our financial situation.”


Kang Xia was astonished, “Didn’t you say that you had no money 5 or 6 days ago? How come you have so much money in just a short time?”


Tang Xiu let out a forced smile and said, “It’s just that I had some opportunities. But now I’m 2.5 billion in debt! Therefore, you have to work hard and strive to make money for me.”


“2.5 billion?”


Kang Xiu stared at Tang Xiu in disbelief as she said, “What did you do?! How come you have a debt of 2.5 billion? It’s not 250 million nor is it 2.5 million. It’s 10 digits, 2.5 billion?!!”


Tang Xiu replied casually, “I participated in an auction and found an extremely valuable Feng Shui place. So I bought it. As long as you work hard for me, I can take you to have your vacation there.”


“What kind of Feng Shui treasure would have a price of 2.5 billion?!” Kang Xia exclaimed in disbelief.


Tang Xiu said, “It’s a private island in the Pacific Ocean.”




Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu. If it were not that she believed that Tang Xiu was not someone who would joke about this matter, she would have thought that Tang Xiu was only bragging. After having hesitated for a moment, she finally braced herself to ask further about it and asked cautiously, “Boss, you indeed have the ability, but who has such boldness to even dare lend you 2.5 billion?”


Tang Xiu originally did not want to answer Kang Xia’s question. But then, he thought that she would be his right-hand person, so he could not help but answer it with difficulty, “He’s my disciple, Chen Zhizhong.”


An apprentice? Chen Zhizhong?


Kang Xia’s mind searched the name. Ten seconds later, her eyes turned into saucers as she exclaimed, “The Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s Boss, Chen Zhizhong? He’s your disciple? How could this be possible?”


Tang Xiu calmly said, “And why would it be impossible? Do you think I am not worthy as his master?”


Kang Xia gulped down her saliva and replied with a disbelieving expression, “I really can’t swallow it. For what does he need to learn under you? I know that Chen Zhizhong’s Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical only has a few billion in market value. However, with the shares he had bought from other companies, he has a lot of money from his shares’ dividend each year. And speaking about personal wealth, Chen Zhizhong’s net worth absolutely exceeds 10 billion yuan.”


Tang Xiu said lightly, “Even if someone has trillions in asset, if I don’t like him, I will never accept him as a disciple. Anyways, you don’t need to inquire blindly about this topic again. Let’s get back to our main topic. I think if you have the energy and will, you can separately branch-out the subsidiary company, and manage its business development. I already have an idea, so if you think that it’s feasible, then do it. If you think that you don’t have time and energy to manage the business for the new type of products, I can give it to someone else.”


Kang Xia shook her head and said, “I have the energy, but I still don’t recommend to make a subsidiary company. If you really wanna do it, then it’s fine with me. I’ll let another subordinate handle it. If you feel that it’s not appropriate, it’s also fine to give it someone else to manage it.”


Tang Xiu said, “Alright, then I’ll give it to the others!”


Recalling the two products that had been given to her, it slightly made Kang Xia’s mind move and she then asked curiously, “Boss, as far as I know, the beverage market has been dominated by major brand companies nowadays. And I think that a new kind of beverage product entering the market would be very difficult. Only if you spend a huge amount of money for marketing would it be possible to become well known and take some market share. Of course, this also must be supported with the premise that it has a good flavor, taste, and uniqueness…”


Tang Xiu calmly listened to Kang Xia and admitted that there was still a lot of knowledge he had yet to learn. And since had met Kang Xia, then, he nodded and said, “You’re good. Your business knowledge is far beyond mine. In actuality, I want to run a beverage business. The uniqueness it has is that it’s able to strengthen a man’s sexual ability.”




Kang Xia was stunned as a strange deadpan expression covered her face.


Tang Xiu said, “Speaking about this drink, maybe it’s better to say that it’s medicine. The effect is to nourish Yin energy and invigorate the kidney, which is a very good supplement to aid in the increase of one’s health. Its unique characteristic is that it can help men greatly in sexual intercourse, prolonging the playing time. For women, it would nourish their spirit and would greatly improve body metabolism.”




Kang Xia suddenly stood up from the sofa as her beautiful eyes stared at Tang Xiu and hastily asked, “Is that for real? Does it really have those effects? And… no side effects on the human body?”


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Yup, I tell you, the effect is true and no side effects exist.”


Kang Xia’s breathing quickened rapidly and then said, “Boss, I take back my words. I was wrong. I’ll take the said product under my management. I’m sure that once this product is listed on the market, it will absolutely cause a great sensation. Its future prospect can’t be compared in the slightest bit with the 2 products you have given me earlier.”


“Are you sure?” Asked Tang Xiu.


Kang Xia replied firmly, “Yes, absolutely.”


Tang Xiu snapped his fingers and said, “You handle the company’s establishment first since I have yet to thoroughly study about this product. Gimme a few days and I’ll send you the product sample and you can try it if you want to.”


Kang Xia’s mouth twitched a few times.


If the effects were truly as Tang Xiu had said, she would definitely use it. But she somehow felt awkward, because the said product as Tang Xiu had said, after all, had a unique feature; that was, to increase one’s sexual ability.


With a complex expression, Kang Xia glanced at Tang Xiu and could not help but sigh, “Boss, I’m really clueless as to how deep your brain is, for having grasped such strange knowledge, you’re even able to use it perfectly. The said three products of yours, had one of them fell into the hands of other businessmen, they would have produced a heavenly overturning wealth.”


Tang Xiu faintly smiled and said, “I have some knowledge about medicinal herbs and I usually find something while researching randomly when I have nothing to do in my free time.”


Kang Xia nodded and said, “I’ve sent the 2 product samples you’ve given me before to be tested, and the test reports explained that they have a strong traditional Chinese medicine characteristic. Speaking about that, I actually have a suggestion that I think you can consider, Boss!”


Tang Xiu replied in astonishment, “What suggestion? Do tell me. If it’s good, I’ll take your advice.”




I pray for Manchester, Marawi and Jakarta. I don’t care whatever God, beliefs, goals or intentions those people have, but for whatever it is, this insanity must stop.

Aside from that, sorry for the late updates everyone, kinda very busy at least until June since I got occupied with work and family. But, I’ve stated that I will at least translate 5 chaps a week and those chaps will be published at least in Friday-Sunday.

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Lets get rich, Richie rich

Kaito Chrom

ah that old cartoon.


Tang Xiu “What suggestion? Do tell me. If it’s good, I’ll take your advice.”
Kang Xia “Take me as your wife and lets make a happy family!”
Tang Xiu replied in astonishment “No way! I didnt even graduated yet!”
Kang Xia “Then its a promise! You shall marry me after you graduate!”


Thanks for the translation!


And the funny part is that is how the conversation goes in a 100 chapters or so.


lol 2.5 billion in debt, but considering how Chen Zhizhong is his disciple telling about the island he bought it and allowing him to to go to it should be fine~pong


Yeah, I’m sure he’d be happy to spend even 5 billion if it meant being able to cultivate to a higher realm lol.

Sr. Sarcasmo Garcia

2.5Billion or Immortality? Ufff hard decision…. I will give half of my little Johnny for immortality




Thanks for the chapter! Working with smart people is always easier.

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