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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 117 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: The Trick to Make Someone Do Something


Kang Xia said, “I think it would be better if we define the 3rd product as a health care type rather than a beverage. Then we shall make it a high-class product. I believe that even if the price tag is a little bit expensive, those who need it will buy it. Ah, no, they will frantically buy it.”


Health care product?


Tang Xiu thought for a moment and then slowly nodded, “Good recommendation. Then, we’ll define it as a health care product as you suggested. You decide the price and I’ll tell you the approximate production cost later.”


Kang Xia nodded. When she was about to say something, Gu Yin’s cheerful laughter sounded from the second floor as she ran downstairs and directly threw herself into Tang Xiu’s arm.


“Master, a guest came to visit?”


Gu Yin’s voice was very pleasant to hear as though it was a light and sweet ringtone.


Tang Xiu really liked this newly received apprentice little girl. It was as if he could see the shadow of his adopted apprentice in the Immortal World. Certainly, the most important thing was that Gu Yin had a tenacious and tough will. Her strong will, let alone for a young girl, even most adults did not have it.


Besides, she was very filial and sensible.


Tang Xiu stroked down Gu Yin’s black hair as he said with a smile, “Greet the guest, she’s called Kang Xia. You can call her Aunt Kang Xia.”


Gu Yin nodded in a well-behaved manner and smiled sweetly toward Kang Xia as she cried, “How do you do Aunt Kang Xia! Are you in discussion with Master? Please don’t be angry with me if Yinyin is disturbing you. Yinyin will go upstairs immediately~~~?!”


Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu and Gu Yin with a strange expression. She did not expect that she would meet Tang Xiu’s apprentice here. However, such a sensible little girl as her was very rare to find, so Kang Xia shook her head and spoke with a smile, “You’re called Yinyin? It’s alright. I have finished the discussion with your Master.”


After having said that, she shifted her sight at Tang Xiu and asked with curiosity, “Boss, how many apprentices do you have?


Tang Xiu said, “Two.”


Kang Xia asked, “What do you teach them?”


Tang Xiu calmly replied, “The things I can teach are many. But there are a lot of things you can’t understand, so refrain from asking. If you have no other issues, you can go now.”


It’s the sending away order.


Kang Xia was dumbfounded and speechless as she looked at Tang Xiu. She was the respected Kang Xia, a top class beauty, the legendary figure of the business world who countless people wished to get some time to be together with her. But how would she be degraded into a guest that was ordered to leave?


And, she had been here for quite a while, but not even a cup of tea had been fully drunk?


This boss… was truly a rare and wonderful grab!


Having whispered to herself inside, Kang Xia then got up and said, “Then, I bid my farewell first. If I come across an issue I can’t handle, as well as have an important matter in the company, I’ll contact you.”


Tang Xiu nodded and watched Kang Xia leave. He then asked Gu Yin with a smile, “Did your mother go out to the grocery store to buy some food? Why didn’t you go with her?”


Gu Yin said with a laugh, “Mum said that I’ve just recovered, so she wants me to stay at home to rest. Besides, I don’t want to go. The cultivation technique Master has taught me is really interesting. I’ve tried a few times today and I could feel the kind of energy circulation you told me about. It’s just this energy circulation is too naughty and I can’t control it.”


Tang Xiu asked in astonishment, “You feel it already? That fast?”


Gu Yin was confused, “Very fast? I think when I first tried it, I could feel it!”


Tang Xiu touched the bridge of his nose as a forced smile emerged on his face. Others would need at least a few months to feel the energy circulation after they began their cultivation practice. But this treasured apprentice of his was even able to feel the energy circulation within only one day. This Sacred Body of Twin Pulse Ice Phoenix’s constitution was really defying the heavenly order!


“Yinyin, you must remember that you cannot rush your cultivation. Since you are already able to feel the energy circulation now, try slower. By the time you can control this energy circulation, tell me about it.” Tang Xiu advised.


Gu Yin said with a laugh, “I’ll remember it Master.”


Tang Xiu patted her small head and said, “Go play now! I need to go out to take care of something. Ah, right. When your mother comes back, tell her that I won’t be having dinner at home tonight. One last thing, if the Real Estate sends a courier here, tell her to receive and sign it on my behalf.”


“Okay Master. Be relieved.” Gu Yin smiled and then ran.


It had been more than 2 years that she nearly did not smile nor laugh. Even if she smiled, it was because she did not want to make her mother sad, and forced herself to look happy and cheerful. In her heart right now, the closest person besides her mother was Tang Xiu. Previously, she also had learned the saying that, once a Master for a day was a father for a lifetime. She had no father now, so she regarded Tang Xiu as her father in her heart.


In the next half an hour, Tang Xiu left the villa complex.


From Banshou he learned that Su Shangwen’s intention to find her mother was to borrow some money. This made him uneasy, so he decided to visit the restaurant. If Su Shangwen dared to go to the restaurant, he would not hesitate to give him a painful lesson.


After having an expansion, the restaurant managed by Su Lingyun could not be called as a small sized restaurant anymore. Even there being too many patrons, the second extension had been carried out a while ago. And now, the restaurant was enough to accept 80 patrons at the same time.


When Tang Xiu arrived, meal time had yet to finish, but there were still a lot of patrons eating meals at the moment. Since nearly all the restaurant’s waiters already knew Tang Xiu, they smiled and greeted him.


“Boss, you’ve come!”


Banshou, who worked at the restaurant, eagerly ran over.


Tang Xiu asked, “My mother?”


Banshou said, “Big boss is doing the accounting! I just served tea for her, and it seems like she is worried about something!”


“Because of Su Shangwen?” Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled as he spoke.


Banshou smiled wryly, “It should be! Su Shangwen’s wife has just left the restaurant 10 minutes before you came. That woman is really annoying. At first, she asked for Big Boss’s help and then she actually wanted Big Boss to advise you, making you help build the bridge between Su Shangwen and the people from the Long Group.”


Tang Xiu’s brows slanted more as a fed up feeling burst out in his heart when he recalled his cheap aunt’s face. He lightly patted Banshou’s shoulder and then strode toward the office.




Tang Xiu pushed open the door and secretly sighed as he saw his mother sitting at the desk. Looking distressed whilst doing the accounting. Then he went in and said, “Mom, are you busy?”


Su Lingyun raised her head as she suddenly stood up when she found that it was Tang Xiu and then asked, “Sonny, you just came back from the other city? Your teacher-in-charge, Teacher Han, told me that you must go for a week to participate in the Subject Competition in another city. This morning I also thought that it’s about time you should come back!”


Since Tang Xiu did not want to lie to his mother, so he immediately shifted the topic as he said with a smile, “I also wanted to come back early, so I rushed back here after having finished it. Mom, your gray hair seems to have come out recently. Is managing the restaurant too tiring for you? If so, you might as well delegate it to an employee. Your health is much more important.”


Tang Xiu’s words made Su Lingyun’s heart warm. She patted Tang Xiu’s arm with a spoiling manner as she said with a smile, “I’m not that tired sonny. Our family’s situation has just changed for the better. So I must take this chance to earn more money and save it for you. Not only will you go to the college, but you’ll also have a wife and must buy a house. You’ll also need the money to buy milk powder for my future grandchildren. So I’ll have to give it to you.”


“Haih, you are thinking too far mom!” Tang Xiu was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry.


Su Lingyun said with a laugh, “This is what a mother should do for the sake of my son’s future. Ah, right. How about the competition you’ve participated in on the outside? Did you get the ranking?”


Tang Xiu replied with a smile, “It’s good. School’s leaders are very satisfied. Mom, I just saw you doing the accounting. How come you are doing the accounting during the daytime? As I recall, you always do the accounting in the evening.”


Upon hearing Tang Xiu raised this matter, Su Lingyun suddenly looked distressed and said, “It’s because your uncle. His business has just encountered trouble and now he lacks the funds. Yesterday, he came here and wanted to borrow some money! I have been saving some money since our business has been good recently. But since I did the expansion for the restaurant a while ago, I only have a few ten thousand yuan to spare. Your uncle has helped us before for many times, so I thought that I could help him.”


Tang Xiu replied with a humph, “He was not helping us Mom. It’s the charity. Mom, we know perfectly well Su Shangwen’s conducts all these years. I advised you to ignore him, letting him know what it feels and tastes like to live in uneasiness.”


Su Lingyun hesitated a bit as she said with a wry smile, “Ah, even if you didn’t say that I also know about it! But… whatever he is, he’s your own uncle, my blood brother. Oh… this is a bad karma!”


Tang Xiu said, “Mom, I’m afraid that some people would never know repentance if they have yet to get the lessons. Not to mention that we don’t have much resources. Even if we want to help, we are lacking the strength to help him. I think that you don’t need to give him money. He’ll absolutely think that it’s only pity money and charity from us. Not only will he not appreciate it, but instead he will be heartless and dislike us even more.”




Su Lingyun stared at Tang Xiu. She had never thought that her son could see it so thoroughly. Yesterday, she indeed had taken 100 thousand yuan to give Su Shangwen. But Su Shangwen rejected and despised it. Not only did he not appreciated it, but he even gave her a rain of curses. Recalling about it now, she also felt that she had been wronged.


Then, must she really not help Su Shangwen?


But if she did not help him, how would he survive the difficulty he was facing now?


Tang Xiu looked at his mother’s expression. He knew that his words had moved her, then he stressed out more, “Mom, our family’s assets are basically insufficient to even fill the gap between the teeth if we compared it to Su Shangwen’s company. It’s just a drop in the bucket and useless for him. Besides, he has been doing business for so many years. Not only has he amassed a lot of wealth, but he also has created a lot of connections. If he were really short on money, why would he rush to borrow some money from us? He knows perfectly well the situation our family is in. The way I see it, borrowing money from us is clearly his intention to humiliate us. Besides, if he were short of money, he would have thought to borrow it from his friends.”




Su Lingyun opened her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say.

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