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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 128 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Fly into a Rage


Chen Tao gave in as he said with a forced smile, “Officer Cheng, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you, but I really can’t tell you! You are a police officer, so please do not make things difficult for gatekeepers like us. I’ll take the responsibility to tell you one thing. The youth which you said to have been surrounded and ganged up, he’s not injured even in the slightest bit. He’s now safe and sound. They only had a small misunderstanding and everything has been resolved after an explanation.”


Cheng Xuemei turned around and winked to the other Criminal Police member, only then did she reply, “Captain Chen, I don’t know about the difficulties you have, but I still hope that you can tell me the truth. We are the Criminal Police, and we have the responsibility to maintain social order as well as punishing those rotten goods by law.”


Chen Tao was silent for a moment, and then slowly said, “Officer Cheng, if you really want to know the whole process of the matter, then you can investigate it! But I can tell you in advance, regardless of what results you get after the investigation, there’s not a minute of relationship with me.”


After having said that, he no longer cared about Cheng Xuemei. He turned around and walked toward the security room’s door. He knew crystal clear that if Cheng Xuemei really wanted to investigate this matter, in fact, it was very easy. But since the higher ups have already issued the command, it might be quite difficult for the Criminal Police to investigate Tang Xiu’s identity.


10 minutes later…


Several Criminal Police members were back in front of Cheng Xuemei with very strange expressions on their faces. One of them said, “Chief, we just did a thorough investigation. There was indeed a youth that was surrounded by more than 20 youth thugs, but the end result… it was not that youth who was injured, but instead…”


Upon seeing that he was hesitant to speak, Cheng Xuemei immediately asked with a sinking tone, “But what? Tell me!”


That Criminal Police member said with a forced smile, “The one who got severely injured was not that youth, but instead those 20 youth thugs. Accurately speaking, it was that youth alone who has made those thugs severely wounded. And now all those injured youth gangsters are still being treated in this hospital.”


“What joke are you playing at?” Cheng Xuemei’s eyes stared wide with disbelief written all over her face.


That Criminal Police member said in desperation, “I really am not joking with you, Chief! It’s the result of our investigation, unless we wrongly interpreted everyone’s confession, but certainly, the possibility for it to happen is almost nil.”


Alone against more than 20 people?


Cheng Xuemei’s mouth twitched a few times. The shock in her heart was like the surging tides. Strange things happened every year, but this year was particularly abnormal. She recalled Tang Xiu, a high schooler who was able to kill a criminal inside his school. She also recalled the murder case in the auto repair garage…




Whilst sighing secretly inside, Cheng Xuemei asked, “And those more than 20 injured youth thugs, have you clearly investigated their identities?”


The Criminal Police member said, “We’ve been asking around. Nearly all of these fellows have criminal records. They are the rotten apples of society. They have always been together, often picking up fights, and have done a lot of bad things. And in addition, they are the underlings of the Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company’s Big Boss, Tie Long.”


“Tie Long? He’s involved with a lot of homicide cases, but yet there’s not a thing nor evidence that can link to that man, yes?” With brows slanted, Cheng Xuemei asked.


“Yes, it’s him!”


That Criminal Police member replied with a sinking tone.


Cheng Xuemei sneered, “Since he’s involved and related with to case. Then we shall go to the Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company now. I wanna listen to Tie Long’s explanation.”


The Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company was located in Star City’s Economic Development Zone near Southwave Road. It was easily accessed by transportation, and had a dozens of high-rise buildings. All of them were the properties of the River and Mountains Real Estate Company. Inside a magnificent styled building’s entrance, 4 security guards were energetically patrolling and watching the passersby. When a beauty occasionally passed by, they sexually harassed her and gathered together to nitpick minute details of that woman’s appearance.


2 tall and sturdy big guys hurriedly rushed out from the building. They had fierce looks and their waists were bulging. Their cold eyes swept over the surrounding once in awhile.


“Big Brother Hu, Big Brother Pang.”


Upon seeing the 2 big guys, the 4 security guards suddenly straightened up their backs and called out respectfully.


They did not see the 4 security guards and strode forward toward the parking lot direction. They had important things to do and now the Big Boss was waiting for them.


However, when they had just arrived about more than 10 meters outside the parking lot, an angry shout came out behind them and entered their ears.


“Hey, who the f**k are you? This is the Rivers and Mountain Real Estate Company, outsiders are not allowed to enter. Show me your staff card. What the f**k? You aren’t listening to me?”


The one who was about to enter the Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company was Tang Xiu. After he learned Tie Long’s identity, he quickly rushed to this place first. He must make Tie Long pay the price, letting him know the consequences and how miserable it was to have injured his mother.


With menacing and aggressive looks, the 4 security guards scolded angrily at him. And Tang Xiu’s reply was simple and very direct. He sent his fist and directly smashed that security’s face who shouted angrily.


“Bang bang …”


That security guard screamed out miserably as he was hit and sent flying. Then, he was heavily smashed on the hard ground.


“F*****g bastard, you want to make some trouble?”


The other 3 chaps roared and rushed over.


Tang Xiu smiled coldly and moved lightning fast as his fist hit those three’s faces without hesitation. Whilst watching them fly out upside down, he strode over into the Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company’s office door.


The 2 tall and sturdy big guys in the parking lot looked at each other and turned around to bolt toward the company’s front door. They were Tie Long’s trusted confidants and also his goons. They had been in many fights and were experienced fighters. Each and every one of them was able to knock down 4 or 5 expert fighters.


Not to mention that they had firearms on their waists. If they were really unable to defeat that youth, if worst came to worst, then they would shoot him. At the moment, they had already guessed Tang Xiu’s identity. That he was the one who had injured more than 20 people of their Boss’s underlings in front of the Chinese Medical Hospital’s entrance.


Inside the first floor’s lobby of the Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company, Tang Xiu walked toward the front desk. With a cold and grim expression, he spoke to the 2 beautiful girls whose faces had turned pale, “Where’s Tie Long?”


The 2 women shook their heads hastily.


One of the women said, “We do not know, the boss did not come back after this morning.”


He’s not here?


Tang Xiu’s brow wrinkled as he spoke with a deep tone, “Give me his cell number! And on which floor is his office located?”


“T-The… 12th floor.”


The woman was trembling with fear as she replied while looking at the 4 fainted security guards at the door.


Tang Xiu coldly shouted, “GIMME HIS NUMBER!”


The woman replied with a miserable scowl, “T-This… S-Sir, we really don’t know the boss’s cell number. If you want to know about it, you need to find our manager.”


Tang Xiu pondered for a moment and then immediately left. He took the elevator to the 12th floor. In a short while, he found an office whose door was tagged with a “General Manager” tag board. He kicked the door open and looked around a few times as he heard the sound of footsteps behind him.


“Who are you?”


Tang Xiu turned around and saw a slim, young girl who applied a thick beautiful makeup. He snorted coldly and walked toward the inside of the boss’s chair desk and sat down. Then, he said with an indifferent expression, “You don’t need to know who I am. You call Tie Long now. Tell him that his creditor has come and tell him to f*****g get his ass immediately here to settle his debts with me.”


“You dare to curse our Boss? Do you want to die?” The girl exclaimed in anger.


With a cold and detached expression, Tang Xiu said, “I’ll tell you once again! You have half a minute to call him. If you do something funny, I will throw you out of this 12th floor. Call him quickly!”


The girl looked at the grim-faced Tang Xiu. After hesitating, still with anger, she said, “You do have guts. Just wait here and I’ll call the boss now. Just do be very careful that our boss will clean you up for good when he comes back.”


“Jackals from the same lairs!” Looking at that young girls’ manner, Tang Xiu secretly sneered inside.


At the Long’s Dining Hall.


Tie Long had sent his trusted confidants to go back and arranged some things, and then rushed over to him quickly. He wanted to invite some people from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School, so the standard was quite high.


“Ring ring ring…”


His phone rang and Tie Long quickly took it out. He thought that it was a call from his old friend, Sun Dazhi. When he saw the caller ID on the screen, it was his company’s administrative secretary, the one who had always been nitpicking about the accounting. Because there were some important things he must do, his was quite impatient. And after he picked up the phone, he spoke with a solemn tone, “I have got something important to do now, if you don’t have any important things to report, wait for me to go back and tell me later.”


“Boss, there has been an accident here. A bastard has broken into our company and now is sitting in your chair! He asked me to call you and tell that your creditor has come and wants you to roll here to settle your debts.”


A creditor?


Tie Long cursed in rage, “Which bastard dares to make trouble for this Tie Long? This Big Daddy has a lot of creditors, but who dares to break into this father’s office brazenly? You…”


His words abruptly came to an end.


In his mind, he thought about his goal to invite the Magnificent Dragon Martial School this time. After falling silent for a moment, he asked, “Who’s he? What’s his name?”


The secretary whispered, “He’s a young man, I don’t know what his name is.”


Tie Long shouted in anger, “If you don’t know, why didn’t you f*****g ask?!”


The secretary paused for a while before she replied back, “He said that if you want to know his name, you have to immediately come back. When he puts your… your life that you cannot take care of yourselves, he will naturally tell you!”


“F*****g bastard!”


Tie Long hung up the phone and cursed furiously.


“Oops, Eldest Brother Tie, what has incensed you so much, that you’re burning with anger?! You wanted me to help invite people and here I came. The 4 of them are instructors at the Magnificent Dragon Martial School. Their mastery in martial arts is really great!” Sun Dazhi was a chubby, fair, and white middle-aged man. His pair of eyes formed narrow small gaps as it flashed lights from time to time.


Tie Long saw that Sun Dazhi was followed by 4 vigorous and strong men. His hopes suddenly soared up immediately, as he strode over toward them and said, “Old friend, this time I really have to thank you. We’ll discuss our matter later. For now, I’ve important things to do; that I would need these 4 experts from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School. Can we talk straight to the point?”




The middle-aged man of the Magnificent Dragon Martial School nodded and said.


Sun Dazhi did not want to be involved with the matter between Tie Long and the Magnificent Dragon Martial School. So he said with a smile, “Well, have the discussion between all of you then. Since I have other things I need to do, I cannot accompany you. Eldest Brother Tie, I’ll wait for your call.”

“Mmm!” Tie Long nodded.

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