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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 129 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Heavy Destruction


Long’s Dining Hall had a beautiful environment with a decorating style that gave off a majestic atmosphere. And inside the magnificent and dazzling oblique hall, Tie Long greeted the 4 experts from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School and mentioned them to take a seat.


“How should I address the four of you?”


Tie Long squinted his eyes as he carefully sizing up these 4 people.


One must know that the Magnificent Dragon Martial School was the most powerful martial arts school in Star City; its reputation had even spread to the outside. The School Master, Jiang Feng’s manner and reputation soared to the clouds in the sky, and his attainments in martial arts had long reached the zenith. He had traveled extensively and laid an illustrious fame for his fighting prowess. 20 years ago he returned to Star City, his hometown, and founded the Magnificent Dragon Martial School.


After 2 decades of development, each generation of the Magnificent Dragon Martial School had produced talented people, and most martial artists in Star City came out from this school.


Tie Long was very clear that if one were able to become an instructor at Magnificent Dragon Martial School, they would definitely have powerful skills.


“I’m Fei Qiang, and these 3 are my Junior Brothers.” The one who spoke with a deep tone was a strong and robust man.


Tie Long slowly nodded and said, “Instructor Fei, I entrusted Sun Dazhi to help contact you. I have a business deal I need to talk to you about, do you have any interest?”


Fei Qiang said indifferently, “Tell me about it first!”


Tie Long said, “Recently, I just offended a powerful figure, and his ability is really frightening. I’ve sent more than 20 people who are used to fighting, and all of them have been severely injured by him. My men are still being treated at Star City’s Chinese Medical Hospital right now. So I would like to invite and hire you to help me deal with that guy. As for the price, we can discuss it.”


More than 20 people were severely injured by one person?


Fei Qiang’s complexion slightly changed, and his 3 Junior Brothers also showed a look of disbelief. Although they did not care for those young thugs who had always been fighting all days, but it was an undeniable fact that those guys were experienced in fights, and were very difficult to deal with. And a person now was even able to make those 20 people seriously injured. This meant that the man’s attainment in martial arts was extremely high!


Fei Qian replied realistically, “If it’s our School’s Master, perhaps he might be able to achieve such a feat with quite an effort. But the 4 or us, that won’t do. Not even anyone of us is able to knock down more than 20 young thugs.”




Tie Long was quite stupefied. If they could not do it, then who should he ask for help? Could it be that he could only use his last resort, using firearms?


Fei Qiang said, “If it was one of us to go alone, we might be not an opponent for this guy, but if the 4 of us move together, we are sure to be able to waste him. However, it’s really risky, and the 4 of us perhaps would also be injured. So, about the price…”


Tie Long was quite happy inside, and he immediately said, “1 million.”


Fei Qiang raised his thumbs up and praised, “Boss Tie is a straightforward person, so we’ll no longer be pretentious. Give us the information about that guy, and we’ll move fast to solve him. If we can’t beat him, we won’t take even a dime.”


Tie Long let out a forced smile and said, “I don’t need to give you any information about him. That guy now is in our company’s office. He’s already rampantly broke our gate.”


“So rampant?”


Surprised looks were revealed on Fei Qiang and the 3 others’ complexion.


Tie Long said helplessly, “It’s not it! That guy is really way too arrogant, to the point that it’s even ridiculous. So, I could only hope that the 4 of you are able to clean him up for me.”


Fei Qiang said, “Let’s go now!”


At Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company, inside the General Manager office.


Tang Xiu was sitting in Tie Long’s desk, and the angry looking woman was standing in front of him. He waved his hand and said, “OK, you’re done here, get out!”


The woman stared fiercely at Tang Xiu and turned around toward the door. She knew nothing about Tang Xiu’s origin, so she was afraid to act recklessly. After all, Tang Xiu was not even afraid of her boss. She was just Tie Long’s secretary as well as his plaything, and simply had nothing to offend him with.


However, when she just went out of the door, she saw 2 tall and sturdy guys. She was wild with joy and exclaimed, “How come you just got here? There’s a bastard in our boss’s office and is raining curses at him.”




The two tall and sturdy big guy sprinted to the office. When they looked at Tang Xiu who sat on the boss’s chair, one of them snapped in a stern voice, “Get your ass up! That seat is not something a punk like you can sit on!”


Tang Xiu said with a sneer and ridiculed, “So it’s only for Tie Long, eh?”




The big burly guy smiled coldly and gloomily. The way he looked at Tang Xiu was as if he was a butcher that was about to slaughter a lamb.


Tang Xiu slowly stood up. His vision looked at the 2 guys’ waists as his eyes immediately narrowed into a slit and calmly said, “You 2 are that broken, huh? Such being the case, I won’t have to worry about anything when I act.”


The 2 tall and sturdy guys looked at each other with a ridiculing expression on their faces. In an instant, they pulled out the pistols from their waists and pointed the dark muzzles at Tang Xiu.


“Punk, I know that your Kung Fu is f*****g powerful. But even so, are you faster than our bullets? Humph… what bullshit and stupid, a f*****g greenhorn baby boy thinks that your abilities are on top of others and provoke everyone? Today we’ll teach you how miserable your fate could be if you dare to go against Big Brother Long.”


He had committed murder, and even more than once.


His most favorite scene was looking at his enemies drowning in their own pool of blood, begging and struggling with those desperate, tragic expressions. Whenever he encountered this moment, he felt like he was a thirsty guy who had not drank water for a few days and then drank a few mouthful of ice-cold beer, giving him a cool, comfortable feeling.


The moment the 2 tall and sturdy big guys appeared, a schadenfreude expression hung on the beautifully thick-makeup secretary as she watched and ridiculed Tang Xiu, “How is it now? Stupefied? You’re such a blockheaded idiot. You didn’t even investigate our Rivers and Mountains Real Estate’s inside story. But if you kneel down and beg for mercy right now, and nicely speak to us a few times, maybe we can spare your life.”


“You also need to be reformed.”


Tang Xiu snorted coldly, with an instant movement he appeared in front of the 2 big guys. He flipped his wrist and grabbed the 2 big guys’ wrists instantaneously. In an almost effortless move, he easily broke their wrists as the guns in their hands fell instantly.


Tang Xiu’s figure appeared at the door in a split second after. Whilst closing up the door, Tang Xie let out a faint, vague smile and said, “Now, you have only two options. The first is to jump from the window, the second is your dead body will be carried out from here by someone else.  Choose which one you want!”


The two sturdy big guys’ wrists had been snapped broken and their guns had fallen to the floor. The piercing and acute pain made the 2 of them almost scream out as thick beads of sweat permeated their foreheads. With a horrified expression, they looked at Tang Xiu with eyes as though they were looking at a terrifying God of Death.


“The guns!”


They were also vicious and ruthless people, and upon seeing that Tang Xiu did not take away the guns, they instantly squatted and tried to pick up the guns, and quickly aimed the muzzles at Tang Xiu.


“Bang bang…”


It was not the sounds of gunfire. But it was the sounds that came from their faces that were being smashed by the repeated punches sent by Tang Xiu’s fists. Along with the “peach blossoms that reflected on their face” being in full bloom, the two guys were directly smashed and sent flying to the back.




An ear-piercing scream came out from the woman. She was as though a frightened little rabbit. Her body shivered at the same time as she avoided to the side corner.


A cold and grim smile was sketched out on Tang Xiu’s mouth. He kicked the gun to the woman and spoke with a faint and vague smile, “I’ll give you an opportunity to stay alive. I really don’t mind throwing you off this floor. And I believe you know the consequences of falling down from the 12th floor. When you fall down from here, your head should be the first to hit the ground, and it will be just like a watermelon being smashed… peng…”


“D-Don’t… D-Don’t kill me!” The woman screamed in fear.


Regret was such a venomous snake that bit her heart. She was regretting, that she should not have depended on the 2 goons of her boss, even jumping out to provoke Tang Xiu, and also regretting why did she not escape earlier.


Tang Xiu said, “No can do. It’s impossible. You have 2 choices. First, you pick up the gun and shoot twice at each one of them. Do remember, you must shoot the other parts of the body, except their hands and feet. Secondly, I’ll throw you off from this floor and you’ll fall down there. Well, I’ll give you half a minute, gimme the answer after you think about it.”


Half a minute?


The woman’s complexion turned deathly pale. She looked at the 2 fainted big guys and also swept over toward the cold and detached expression that Tang Xiu had on. She gritted her teeth and made a choice in a less than 10 seconds. She slightly ran to the nearest gun, picked it up, aiming the muzzle at their four thighs, and then pulled the trigger.


Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Four shots were aimed at their 4 thighs as blood instantly flowed down from the four bloody holes.


The woman looked at Tang Xiu, but not even a bit of courage could she muster to point the muzzle at him. With a miserable crying face, she asked, “Can I go now?”


Tang Xiu nodded and exclaimed in sarcastic admiration, “Today I have experienced the saying that the hornet’s most back is a tail that’s sharp as a needle, and the most poisonous thing is the heart of a woman like you. You did just pick a good choice. You do have to look out for yourself, else the Heaven and Earth will combine to destroy you. Now, throw the gun away and you may leave. Do bear in your mind that today, you’ve shot these 2 guys. If the police get their hands on this matter, I think it’s highly likely that you’ll sit behind bars for a few years.”


“I-I-I won’t say anything! A-Absolutely!”


The woman was trembling with fear as she replied.


Tang Xiu waved and said, “Then you get out of here! Do remember, after you get far away, leave this f*****g shit Rivers and Mountains Real Estate and get the hell out of Star City. I hope that you never see me again for the rest of your life.”


“I’ll leave- I’ll leave immediately.” The woman said with a firm tone.


Although she was sarcastic and liked to bully people, but she, nevertheless, was a smart person. Therefore, she could tell that Tie Long had provoked a horrifying existence. Perhaps, Tie Long would end here. Even experts in martial arts with guns were unable to defeat this guy, then, whoever dared to provoke this guy, they would simply be courting their own death.


She already made up her mind to go to her place and take away all of her money and belongings. And then, go to a faraway place. Never again would she return to Star City, ever. She even began to pray, that she would never come across a vicious and ruthless God of Death like him for the rest of her life ever again.


Tang Xiu looked at the bullet holes as he woke up the 2 tall and sturdy big guys, who were still alive. Then, he said with ridicule, “Just when you were about to take the gun, do you remember the words you said to me, no? My memory is so damn messy. Care to repeat those words again?”

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