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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 130 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: The Evil Star


The two tall and sturdy big guys felt ashamed and resentful at the same time. At the moment, they were drenched in sullenness, they even almost cried. They thought that they had won and everything was in their hands. They treated Tang Xiu like a lamb that was placed in front of them to be slaughtered. But the wind of karma had reversed and turned. They were the ones who had been miserably f****d up.


“A-are you a human, or a ghost?”


One of them endured the piercing acute pains as he asked with a terrified expression.


Talking nonsense with the level of underlings such as these 2 goons, did not interest Tang Xiu. He deftly snap broken their carpal bones, ensuring that they would never be able to take up these things again for the rest of their lives. Then, he stepped toward the windows.




The most annoying thing to deal with for Tang Xiu, was facing cops. Especially because under his Spiritual Sense influence, he also found the arrival of the Criminal Police squad. And they were led by his old acquaintance… Cheng Xuemei.


4 minutes!


Tang Xiu silently calculated the fastest time the police would need to arrive at this place as he made his plan. He mercilessly slapped the big guy’s face and asked with a sinking tone, “Call Tie Long! Tell him to go to the Solitary Cloud Temple in the suburb. Do f*****g remember, do not reveal what you’ve been through, else, I’ll break your neck immediately.”


The tall and sturdy big guy was slapped and spat out a mouthful of blood. But looking at the killing intent on Tang Xiu’s expression, he did not dare to disobey Tang Xiu, as he hinted him to take his cell phone in his pocket and let Tang Xiu dial the number for him, and tried to make his tone normal. After the call was connected, he then spoke, “Big Brother Long, I just received a report that the youngster who made our brothers injured went to Solitary Cloud Temple.”


“Okay, I will immediately rush over. You take some men and meet me there.”




Tang Xiu decisively hung up the phone as his fingers pressed at the sleeping point on the burly big guy’s body. His technique was very unusual and it could make these 2 big guys sleep soundly for 2 days and nights. Even if some people used a knife to cut their flesh, they would not sober up.


Afterward, through his Spiritual Sense, Tang Xiu quietly went to the building’s control room. The 3 people inside had yet to realize about the situation, as Tang Xiu directly moved to stun and knock them out. After that, he destroyed all the surveillance videos and thoroughly smashed all the equipment before he quietly sneaked away.


He believed that if those 2 big guys woke up after 2 days and nights and the police interrogated them, they would not sell him out, because such people like them were absolutely dirty. And it was highly likely that they would try to avoid any questions from the police at all cost.


Besides, the 2 of them were not fools. When they knew Tie Long’s fate, they would be even more afraid to sell him out. Otherwise, for the rest of their lives, they would live in fear.


After having left the building, Tang Xiu took a taxi in the vicinity and rushed to the Solitary Cloud Temple.


At Solitary Cloud Temple…


The temple was located in the great Yuzhou Mountain Ridge. It was rarely visited by people, and the temple was a rarely incensed. And according to Tang Xiu’s memory, there was also close to nil Buddhist monks in the temple.


Choosing this place was his plan to avoid the eyes of the police. Although he did not intend to kill Tie Long from the beginning, but he must make him suffer. Even if he did have the intention to kill, he had no means to commit such an open slaughter. Because doing this could easily expose his identity. Today’s society had an established the legal system, and even though he was not afraid to do illegal things, but after all, the troubles it courted, would be annoying.


Having gone back to the modern era, the hope Tang Xiu had the most, was to accompany his mother, living a serene, peaceful life, and immersing himself in cultivation practice. And then, someday in the future, he would return back to the Immortal World and strive to the zenith, so those enemies and people who betrayed him must pay a painful price.


At the Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company.


Cheng Xuemei, along with 4 Criminal Police members, strode in big steps into the General Manager’s Office. Their complexion greatly changed when they saw the scene inside the office.


The Vice-President who was accompanying them also revealed a terrified expression.


“What happened?”


Cheng Xuemei and the 4 Criminal Police officers immediately acted to contain the scene.


A Criminal Police member took 2 guns from the floor and quickly checked the 2 big guys’ injuries. And then he reported, “Chief, their injuries are very serious. Although it’s not life-threatening, but if they are not treated quickly, the excessive bleeding will kill them. Also, apart from having 2 gunshot wounds, their wrist joints had been broken cruelly. I think their bodies also have multiple fractures.”


Cheng Xuemei’s complexion looked gloomy as though water. Then she spoke in a solemn tone, “Collect the evidence and send them to the hospital. Vice-President Li, I’ll have to trouble you to contact Tie Long immediately. We have important cases that need his cooperation.”


Vice-President Li immediately took out his mobile phone to call Tie Long, but it was disappointing since he could not get through.


“I can’t contact the Boss!”


Cheng Xuemei asked, “About your boss’s whereabouts, how much do you know? What’s he doing today? Where did he go today? Do you know the people he met today? Tell us everything you know!”


Vice-President Li let out a forced smile and said, “How would I know about Boss’ whereabouts?! If I were to ask about his position, my Boss would have suspected me, that I was conspiring some errant.”


Cheng Xuemei coldly snorted, “A major case happened in your Rivers and Mountains Real Estate Company, and your Boss is the target of the suspect. Who the perpetrators are, we will clearly investigate this.  The case this time is that the suspect was intentionally doing this to harm people. Moreover, there are also firearms left at the scene, which is very serious. If you manage to call your Boss, please contact us immediately.”




Vice-President Li nodded immediately.


Cheng Xuemei looked around and asked, “Vice-President Li, your company should have a surveillance installation, yes? Take us there right now. The perpetrators who have done this violent crime should’ve been recorded there.”


“Please follow me!”


Vice-President Li complied immediately.


Everyone rushed to the control room, and after they got there, the scene inside made them shocked. The 3 staffs were fainted as though they were dead dogs that lied on the floor. The surveillance installation had been smashed; video HDD, Memory Cards, all had been damaged and could never be used again.


Cheng Xuemei looked at Vice-President Li in disbelief as she asked, “Such a big incident has happened in your company, and yet no other employees know about this?”


Vice-President Li said with a wry smile, “I did hear that there was a young man that broke into our company before. Not only did he injure the 4 security guards of our company, but he also broke into the General Manager’s office. I was busy taking care of some matters until you arrived here. As for the other employees, I don’t think they know about the young man who broke into the company.”


Cheng Xuemei immediately asked, “Where are the four security guards? We need to ask them some questions.”


“They have been sent to the hospital. I could send someone to accompany you there,” Vice-President Li’s complexion slightly changed.


“No, tell us the address now!” Cheng Xuemei directly refused.


After a long while.


After Vice-President Li had sent away Cheng Xuemei and the other 4 policemen, the forced smiling expression on his face suddenly changed. Bewildered lights flashed in his eyes. He was thinking as to what kind of big figure his Boss offended.


After quite a while…


More than 20 men of Boss’s underlings were beaten and seriously injured. They had been sent to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital. He was sent to the hospital to take care of the formality procedures and pay the expenses. Now, Boss’ 2 right hand men, his most powerful dogs, were even disabled by someone in the very office of the Boss. What kind of sacred person was it? Could Boss even pass through this and survive?


Also, where was the Boss right now?


Offending someone and now was getting revenged in return. He naturally did not dare to easily expose this kind of issue. He even ordered those 4 injured security guards to keep their mouths shut. And they must not cooperate with the police’s investigation.


Two hours later…


Tang Xiu was hiding in the path that must be taken toward the Solitary Cloud Temple. His feet were on a tree trunk and his body was completely hidden in a thick cluster of leaves and branches. Only those pitch-black eyes of his that constantly glanced at the end of the road could be hardy seen.


“He has come!”


Tang Xiu’s spirit sparked. He watched through the foliage gap and could clearly see 5 men quickly rushing over and advancing toward this direction. They were not using vehicles and were on foot, since the path was only a mountain passageway.


On the path…


Tie Long was panting. Although he also was once a fighter and often risked his life, but after having been living pampered for many years, his physical condition had long deteriorated compared to the past. In contrast, Fei Qiang and the other 3 men around him, each and every one of them looked vigorous and fresh, as if they had not the slightest fatigue traversing by foot.


“4 brothers, my men have yet to arrive. If we bump into that brat ahead of them, I’ll have to trouble you to take care of him! This time, that brat can come but he must never return!” Tie Long breathed heavily as he shouted bitterly with throbbing blue veins on his forehead.


Fei Qiang lightly said, “Receiving someone’s money and standing for him to avoid calamities. We do understand this truth. But can you speed up faster? We have courses at night, and if the School Master finds out that the 4 of us have disappeared at the same time, I’m sure that we will be doubted and suspected that we have personal interests outside. Even for the 1 million yuan you’ve given us, we don’t want to lose our current instructor position.”


Tie Long stopped as he took out his phone and said, “I’ll call my men to ask them where they are.”


“Our time is precious, tell them to hurry up!”


Fei Qiang said with dissatisfaction.


Tie Long let out an at a forced smile. He dialed the number and called, but no one answered.


“What happened?”


Fei Qiang, who stood at Tie Long’s side, asked with wrinkled brows.


A bad premonition was breeding inside Tie Long’s heart as he said in a low voice, “I called my trusted confidants, but nobody answered. Such a thing is absolutely impossible to have happened in the past, since I’ve ordered them to make sure that their phones must be on for 24 hours. If I call them, they must promptly answer.”


Fei Qiang asked with a cold tone, “What do you mean?”


Tie Long said with a wry smile, “I suspect that they have run into trouble.”


“You’re right, they ran into troubles and accidents. Their fate is even more miserable than those who wanted to hurt me in front of the hospital’s entrance. I’m the one who threatened them with their very life to tell news to deceive you that I’m at Solitary Cloud Temple. Words said that good deeds will be rewarded and evil deeds will have its retribution. And now retribution has come.” Tang Xiu quietly slipped from the tree and appeared in front of Tie Long, Fei Qiang and the 3 others.


Tie Long’s complexion greatly changed as disbelief burst out from his eyes. He involuntarily exclaimed out loud in alarm, “How could it be? My 2 men had 2 guns. How could it be possible for you to injure them?”


Tang Xiu said with a ridicule, “You are just like a frog at the bottom of the well. It’s worthless to explain it to you. I won’t kill you today. But you’ve harmed and injured my mother and also hurt a few of my men. We shall settle this debt and account.”

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