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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 131 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Threats


With a turn of his hand, a sharp Mitsubishi army knife appeared in his hand. Then, he sneered again, “I’ll give you a multiple choices question. Do you want me to cut off your legs? Or hands? Of course, you also can cut off one leg and one hand!”


Tie Long stepped back subconsciously. Suddenly, he realized that there was still the 4 experts from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School. The hanging worry in his heart suddenly went back to normal as he said with a sneer, “You’re so f*****g crazy, brat! Do you believe you’re able to pack me up?! Don’t you think that it is I who’ll solve you?! These 4 men are instructors from the Magnificent Dragon Martial School. Martial arts’ experts. They are especially invited to deal with you. If you brat knows your own good, apologize to me and we’ll end this matter. Otherwise, I’ll f**k you up.”


Magnificent Dragon Martial School?


This was the first time Tang Xiu heard this Martial School name. He calmly shook his head and said, “I am just a high school student. Never once have I heard the name. The four of you, it’s a resentment and grudge I have with Tie Long. I hope that you don’t meddle nor you involve yourselves in this. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee that you will come out unscathed.”


Fei Qiang trod 2 steps forward. He coldly looked at Tang Xiu and said, “You were hiding before, so you should also have heard our words that we’ve taken the money from Boss Tie to stand for him to avoid this disaster. Since we’ve received Boss Tie’s money, we’ll handle the matters for him. I heard that you are an expert in martial arts. We are also martial artists. So, we’ll ask you to have a match with us.”


Tang Xiu shook his head and replied grimly, “The taboo that martial artists must avoid is fighting to determine who’s stronger. Practicing martial arts is to have a healthy and strong body, to protect the loved ones around you. But you… you all are not worthy to be martial artists. It seems that your Magnificent Dragon Martial School is that of the rotten kind. Since you insist, wait until I solve all of you and then I’ll visit your Martial School.”


“That is, if you have the chance to do so!”


Fei Qiang nodded toward his 3 fellow apprentices as the 4 of them flushed over toward Tang Xiu.  But they did not attack and only surrounded Tang Xiu, looking for his flaws.


They might have no good character, but they did know the logical truth; that if an expert move, even the slightest negligence may cause them to fall into eternal damnation. Tang Xiu was able to knock down and injure more than 20 youth thugs, and for this they did not dare to take him lightly.


Wanting to gang me up? A bit of disdain sprouted in Tang Xiu’s heart. He instantly moved and appeared in front of the first man in the front line. The man could only sense that something blossomed in front of him as a big fist punched the bridge of his nose.




The man’s arms half lifted as he let out a miserable scream. Then, he felt his chest was severely hit and that huge force made a sweet taste raise up to his throat. His body flew upside down as a mouthful of blood spurted out crazily.


“You’re all only trashes!”


Tang Xiu moved to the side to avoid the punch and kick the other 2 men threw at him. He straightly charged forward and attacked, and easily overthrew the two of them down. However, he was also quite surprised that Fei Qiang’s strength was really strong. If his martial arts were to be compared to the present standard, although he had yet to reach the point of the Grandmaster of martial arts, but the difference was not far. If he was able to immerse his heart into martial arts, he would undoubtedly be able to reach the zenith in no time.


“You are NOT my opponent!”


Tang Xiu moved quickly as his feet unceasingly sent intense flying kicks forward toward Fei Qiang, who was in the reverse, stepping backward. Although his every kick from each foot contained only 10% of his strength, but it still at least had the force of a few thousands of pounds. Fei Qiang could only avoid it and hardly block the kicks off with both of his arms. But his hard arm bones were then broken into several sections due to blocking those series of powerful kicks.




Fei Qian made a donkey roll and avoided Tang Xiu’s foot with difficulty.


Tang Xiu ignored him. He needed not to guess since he knew Fei Qiang’s thought. Fei Qiang did not admit that they were unable to beat him, but was hoping for this matter to stop at this point. However, the friends of my enemies are my enemies. Much less that Fei Qiang had taken payment from Tie Long to stand for him against the disaster. So it was necessary that he must accept the consequences of pains and bitterness from failures.




Tang Xiu kicked his chest from the side. Along with the sounds of Fei Qiang’s broken breastbones, he grabbed Fei Qiang’s arms without hesitation and forcefully twisted and broke his hands.




The piercing pain was really unbearable, even Fei Qiang pitifully screamed.


Tang Xiu slapped him to the ground and said with a sneer, “As a man, you have to have accept defeats as the defeated. By the time you’ve agreed to help Tie Long, you also must think about the fate when you’ve failed. Now, each one of you, waste your right hand. Just think of it as small lesson for all of you. If you all dare to break the laws and commit crimes later, I will personally break all of your legs and your left hands.”


Having said that, he no longer care about the 4 of them who miserably wailed. His vision shifted to the face of a frightened-terrified expression, who had run away for tens of meters away but was constantly looking back, Tie Long.


“Since you’ve come, you can never leave in such a perfect condition.”


The moment he shouted, Tang Xiu moved as fast as lightning. In just a few breaths, he already appeared behind Tie Long’s back. He exerted his strength and bombarded Tie Long’s back, sending him flying 6 or 7 meters away as he fell heavily on the ground.


“What a fast speed!”


Even though Fei Qiang howled a bitter and painful wailing, but his consciousness was extremely sober. From the beginning, his eyes had never left Tang Xiu. From the fight before, even though he knew that Tang Xiu was very fast, but he did not expect that his speed would be that fast to this degree. Only Tang Xiu’s shadow that was left behind was what he was able to see.


He was struck with disbelief. How could the human body reach this state?! Even Grandmaster level martial artists would not be able to do that. And now, he was full of regret, regretting that he had received this personal task.


Previously, he concealed the truth to the School Master’s Jiang Feng, and stole the time to fulfill this private work. But he had never thought that this day would come this fast.


And even more, he was defeated in the hands of a young man that was about 20 years-old.


Tang Xiu strode toward Tie Long’s side. He picked him off the ground and mercilessly slapped him on the face. After having pumped him into a pic, he continued to twist and break both of his legs. And finally his foot stomp down on Tie Long’s head. Whilst looking at the wriggling Tie Long, he coldly said, “Surnamed Tie, when you were scourging others, have you ever thought that one day you would be harmed like this?”


“If you’ve got the balls, just f*****g kill me!”


Tie Long was still unyielding. His 4 limbs had been broken. He was under such pain that made him miserably howl as he loudly roared.


In contrast, the Mitsubishi army knife in Tang Xiu’s hand flashed and cut off Tie Long’s ear. Whilst looking at the blood flow as though it was injection scene, Tang Xiu ridiculed, “You’re indeed worthy to be an unyielding iron-man of steel, no? Such an unyielding tough guy like you is the kind I love to torture. Now, you f*****g listen to me! And use your brain to think about it. Where should my f*****g knife cut next? Your other ear? Ripping your nose? Ah, I know, digging your eyeballs is also a good choice! It’s your call! You’re the unyielding tough guy, you decide it, will you?”


Tie Long was being stomped on the head by Tang Xiu. He could feel the warmness in his ear. In such a particular taste, when he saw that his ear was ripped and cut off, the tough, unyielding heart of his instantly went up with the smoke. Something was clear for him; Tang Xiu was too ruthless and vicious.


He was not old!


He was only in his 40s. He had been working hard and had made millions and millions of family wealth and property. If he were to be killed by Tang Xiu, his half a lifetime of hard work, the enterprise he had been working on, would come down. His riches would be for naught, a joke. It’s just like giving your own wedding dress to others.


He did not want it!


He was afraid of death!


Listening to Tang Xiu’s words made his heart bitter and frightened, as though it was being frozen in the middle of the winter solstice.


“Cough, cough… beg you, I-I beg you to let me go! I’ll promise you anything, never will I dare to crisscross with you again.” Tie Long begged.


Tang Xiu moved his foot away from Tie Long’s face. He picked him up once again and sneered, “You’re begging me, eh? You’ve hurt my mother, injured my men, and even so rampantly and arrogantly sent your men to the hospital’s entrance to intercept my men. Why the f**k didn’t you beg me that time, hah?”


“I was wrong! Please forgive me.”


Tie Long coughed up a mouthful of blood, begging as he looked at Tang Xiu with a frightened expression.


Tang Xiu coldly snorted and said, “Wanna hear the truth? I really don’t want to kill you. But I fear that releasing a tiger to the mountain, is only raising the tiger to invite the calamity. Now tell me, how should I handle this? Ah, right. You can look around, even though here is only a hilltop, but it’s halfway up to the mountain, no? This is a good place to kill someone, robbing, and destroying his corpse. And there’s no trace.”


Tie Long’s pupil shrunk and hastily assured, “Don’t worry! I’ll never have the idea to revenge on you. Look at me, do you think I dare to retaliate later? As long as you let me go, I’ll give all of the fixed assets under my name to you and leave far away from Star City, and never will I go back again ever!”


Tang Xiu was silent for a moment. He slowly shook his head and said, “You are a rich man. Nowadays, even devils can be ordered to work with money. Like those 4 f*****g greedy guys. You can spend your pennies to buy those of the devils and retaliate. Never once have I ever wanted to be targeted by those humans all the time.”


“I’ll give you the money!”


Tie Long called out loudly.


Tang Xiu’s mouth outlined as he said with a grim expression, “That being the case, then I’ll accept it. Do you know Long Zhengyu?”


Tie Long hurriedly nodded and said, “Yes! He’s the General Manager of the Long Group, from which I have once handled some projects.”


Tang Xiu indifferently said, “Then, after you’ve returned back, all of the assets under you will all be transferred to Long Zhengyu. I’ll call that fellow to give them to me.”


“You know Chief Long? What’s your relationship with him?”


Tie Long hurriedly asked.


He had the thought to revenge in mind. And it was a crazy retaliation. However, hearing Tang Xiu mentioned Long Zhengyu, it was as if his head was being poured by ice-cold water. So most of the thought and will to retaliate reduced instantly.


Tang Xiu lightly said, “He could barely be regarded as my friend.”


Tie Long was perfectly aware of Long Group’s inside story. He was also crystal clear about the strong brand the Long Family had. Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, apart from deep regret, not even any other emotion filled his heart again. Had he known that Tang Xiu was Long Zhengyu’s friend, even if he had more courage, never once would he dare to smash Tang Xiu’s restaurant, neither had he had the guts to injure his mother and underlings.


It was the cycle of karma!


Each and every thing would be reported!


Tie Long was low-spirited inside. He completely dispelled his thoughts to retaliate against Tang Xiu. Thinking that his fate had ended up like this, if later he stayed still in Star City, those people who he had offended, would perhaps crazily storm over at him to have their revenge. After having stayed silent for a moment, with a bitter and astringent expression, he said, “Then I’ll transfer all of my assets to Chief Long. Even if I want keep some of my private assets, perhaps he can find those. And now, since I’ve become a disabled, after I go back, I’ll take my wife and immediately leave.”




  1. Tie Long name in EN is Iron Dragon.

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