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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 135 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 135

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Chapter 135: Managing People in the Right Way


Tang Xiu took out his phone and called Long Zhengyu and asked that question. After getting the answer he said, “I’ll have time tomorrow, so we’ll meet and talk about other things then.”


“OK, we’ve already analyzed a plot of land for the building and will soon buy it. So, we’ll go there tomorrow to take a look.” Long Zhengyu said.




The call ended.


Tang Xiu said, “Long Zhengyu said that after the building is built, it won’t be sold directly, but will be leased for renting and the rent dividends will be given annually. If someday the entire building needs to be sold, I still get 10% of the total selling price.”


With a look of disbelief, Kang Xia said, “Boss, why do I feel that Long Zhengyu and them are not buying a design from you, but rather giving you money intentionally?”


Tang Xiu was surprised and said, “You could tell?”


Kang Xia was speechless and pressed further, “Boss, I don’t get you. Don’t you know that Long Zhengyu and the bunch are intentionally giving you money?”


A trace of a smiling expression was exposed on Tang Xiu’s face as he said, “Those two friends of his from Beijing are very interesting. I have yet to see them. I even know nothing about them. They only relied on Long Zhengyu’s evaluation about me and want to befriend me. This 10% of the shares is their goodwill to approach me.”


“You what?”


Kang Xia was dumbfounded. She looked at Tang Xiu with a disbelieving and preposterous expression. Even in her dreams, she never dreamed of having to even hear such a reply. Just wanting to make friends, with at least 500 million yuan for goodwill only?


“Holy Mother!”




Jack, the interviewing staff who had just replaced Kang Xia, turned his head and exclaimed with a worshipping expression on his face. While Kashif, who was reorganizing the documents at his side, also could not bear to exclaim in admiration.


Andy, who looked like a foreigner-doll, turned over her delicate small face and was also dumbfounded and tongue-tied as lights flashed over from her round eyes.


Little did these three know about Tang Xiu. They mainly knew him through the exchange between Tang Xiu and Kang Xia. But now, Tang Xiu shocked them so much, that even it birthed a strong admiration toward him inside their hearts.


Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and continued speaking, “Anyway, I’ve told you the matter. How are things going with your job recruitment here?”


Kang Xia shook her head and said, “We are only recruiting ordinary employees now. It would be best if we also find a few Department Managers and Assistant Managers. As for each Department Manager and the company’s other important positions, we have yet to recruit one. Andy can take charge of the Marketing Department, Jack is outstanding in managing the Planning Department, and Kashif is an expert at Logistics. They have been following me for several years and have made outstanding results. But for the amount of posts our company must have, it’s still far lower in between and we still need more…”


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Take it easy, no need to be anxious. As long as we give a high enough salary, I believe that there will be a lot of outstanding people with abilities who will offer their services and work for us.”


Upon hearing it, Kang Xia’s eyes quickly glanced outside for a few times and suddenly spoke in a low voice, “Speaking about talented people, I think I’ve found a good one. Take a look outside. Do you see that middle-aged-man with that down and out of expression? I know him, he’s a person I once admired.”


Tang Xiu said with astonishment, “Who is he? If he’s really good as you said, why would he come to the Job Fair to find a job?”


Kang Xia said, “I’ve heard some news about him. In the past he was in the United States, and he’s not only a genius in sales and marketing, but is also an IT expert. He once established a US high-end cosmetic brand and sold the product to the entire world and made the company’s asset multiply by thousands of times in a short span of 6 years. However, 5 years ago, he broke into some IT company’s internal system and stole the most confidential data the company had, and then got sentenced to prison. I don’t know when he came back to the country, nor do I know why he came to this talent Job Fair.”


Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled as he replied in a low voice, “Such a talented person, but why don’t you directly invite him?”


Kang Xia shook her head and said, “I only know that he’s really good, but since he has some problematic aspects, I have my worries. So I’m going to clarify about those first before inviting him.”


Tang Xiu looked at the middle-aged man who lined up behind. He thought for a moment and slowly said, “How about I interview him?”


Kang Xia said with an astonishment, “You know how to interview?”


Tang Xiu said with a laugh, “Nah, but I understand human nature.”


Kang Xia shrugged her shoulders as she said with a smile, “Since the Big Boss wants to act personally, then please be my guest. I hope you can get a good talent, Boss.”


Time passed by.


In a moment, 20 minutes had passed by. When the down and out-looking middle-aged man sat on the interviewee chair and saw that the interviewer was replaced by Tang Xiu and Kang Xia, a trace of astonishment was revealed on his face. Then, he nodded at Kang Xia and said, “Chief Kang, have you been good?”


Kang Xia replied with a surprised expression, “You know me?”


The middle-aged man nodded and said, “I heard a business genius was leaving Wall Street, so I did pay a bit of attention and know something about you.”


Kang Xia took the document holder handed by the middle-aged man. She handed it over to Tang Xiu as she said with a smile, “Our country does produce talented people in each generation! Anyway, without further ado, the one who will do the interview for you is our boss, I’m only a bystander.”


Tang Xiu read the middle-aged men’s data which was very simple. His name was Wei Zhongfeng, 42 years-old. Experienced in sales and marketing, married and settled down in Blue City’s provincial capital.


Tang Xiu put down the document, looking at Wei Zhongfeng and said, “Three questions! If your answers satisfy me, I’ll hire you.”


“Please ask!”


The moment Tang Xiu carefully observed Wei Zhongfeng, he also did the same toward Tang Xiu. His purpose in coming to Star City, was mainly to apply for a position in The Magnificent Tang Corporation. He was interested because of the business world celebrity, Kang Xia, as well as the new boss Kang Xia was working for.


Tang Xiu said, “First question. Since ancient times, it has been very difficult to satisfy both loyalty and filial piety. If you had to choose one, which one would you choose?”


Wei Zhongfeng was stunned.


He did not expect that Tang Xiu would ask such an unexpected question. He thought for a moment in his heart and then slowly said, “I’m just a little man, a nobody. Never can I do things like a saint. If anyone threatens me with my family’s life, I will choose to betray loyalty and preserve my family.”


Tang Xiu nodded and continued, “Second question. Who do you think is the most important? Your mother or your child?”


With a strange expression, Wei Zhongfeng looked at Tang Xiu and said resolutely, “Both are important. I’ll draw an analogy: if my mother and my children fell into the water at the same time, if you ask me which one I have to save, then I can tell you clearly— I’ll save whichever is closest to me. If I can, I’d use my life to exchange it for another.”


Tang Xiu nodded again and said, “The third question. You seem to be in awfully dire straits, so why did you choose the Magnificent Tang Corporation?”


In his heart, Wei Zhongfeng intrinsically thought of something. Tang Xiu’s third question was seemingly asking one point, but in fact, he also concealed another question; that was, why he seemed to look down and out?


He deeply thought about it in his mind and replied, “My answer for this question comes from two aspects. Firstly, I was just released from prison a year ago. My family has been through a storm and I was quite depressed for more than a year. I’ve just recovered recently and actually got rejections from a lot of major enterprises since the domestic circumstances are much more different overseas. Secondly, I’m interested about the famous Kang Xia, but more do I feel interested toward the person who could make such a proud person like her to willingly work for him. I need to seek work with a considerable income, and I also want to continue working hard for my career.”


Tang Xiu applauded, “I’m satisfied with your answers. I welcome you in joining the Magnificent Tang Corporation and becoming our member. But, in the view of my first question, I have to tell you that if in the future, you encounter problems where you cannot satisfy both loyalty and filial piety, you can tell me and I can help you satisfy both.”




Wei Zhongfeng’s brows slanted as he looked at Tang Xiu with an astonished expression.


Tang Xiu did not explain further as he continued, “I’ll give you two days to solve your personal problems. Two days later, go report to Kang Xia. As for your position, I think you should be a good sales staff. You must start from the bottom. And I’d like to see your track records in working carefully, making steady progress to achieve the seat you want to get.”


“Ordinary salesman?”


Wei Zhongfeng was shocked. And Kang Xia at the side was also stunned.


They stared at Tang Xiu with puzzlement in their eyes.


Tang Xiu asked, “You’re not satisfied?”


Wei Zhongfeng paused for a moment before he shook his head and said, “It’s not it. It’s just… unexpected. Don’t worry Boss, 2 days later I’ll come back on time and find Kang Xia to report.”




Tang Xiu said.


Along with Wei Zhongfeng’s departure, Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu as she asked with a puzzled expression, “Boss, Wei Zhongfeng’s answers were to your satisfaction, right? Since you know his ability, why did you make him start from the bottom? We are now exactly in dire need of talented people, so he could be made into a Sales Manager. I think he will be able to competently achieve it.”


Tang Xiu said indifferently, “People often are unable to cherish things they receive too easily. And for ones that have gone through great tribulation, we only need to deepen his unforgettable memories.”


With an astonished expression in her eyes, Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu. She had always felt that Tang Xiu was unlike a 20-years-old young man, but instead looked like a mature and stable middle-aged man. But at the moment, she felt that Tang Xiu was like an astute scheming old fox.


Tang Xiu stood up. He looked at Kang Xia and said, “Anyway, I have some things to do so I’ll go first. You do everything you see fit here!”


Kang Xia secretly turned supercilious. Having such a “do everything as you see fit” boss all the time, she really did not know whether she should be happy or worry. Before, the things she was most afraid of was that her boss would restrain her rights, but now, she felt that she really had too much liberty.


“Take care boss!”


Andy looked at Tang Xiu as though she was looking at a Deity. It was as the saying goes, “seeing is believing”. She knew a lot about Oriental cultures and she really thought that the sayings were too true. The Boss was so young and he already was this amazing, to what extent would the Boss go to in the future?


He might be heaven-defying later, mightn’t he?


Kang Xia retracted back her sight from Tang Xiu’s back. Upon seeing Andy’s expression which was quite happy and in a good mood, she patted her shoulder as she said with a smile, “Bad girl, quickly wipe off your saliva will you?”

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