Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: The Hidden Mastermind


Tang Xiu originally wanted to end the bullies’ lives.

Just looking at the mother in his arms, Tang hesitated. It was not difficult to murder someone, but the aftermath was a big problem.

If his mother was not here, Tang Xiu wouldn’t hesitate to kill, as he did not have to worry about any repercussions.

With these fetters in his mind, Tang Xiu wouldn’t dare kill people recklessly like in the immortal world.

What the bullies said had evoked Tang’s sympathy.

Although these poor people must have been hateful, they only smashed things in the restaurant, they did not beat his mother. They did not deserve to die, regardless it seemed that there was someone pulling the strings.

“Tang, it was a middle-aged man wearing sunglasses, he paid us money to harass you, but only Black Three talked with him, we do not know the true identity of the sunglasses man.” Said one on the bullies. This topic in particular successfully attracted Tan Xiu’s attention.

“I do not know the identity of sunglasses, but I happened to heard a conversation between sunglasses man and black Three. Sunglasses man seemed to hate Brother Tang a lot, the purpose of  harassing the restaurant was to infuriate you and then to kill you. He even offered a price…” Another bully did not hesitate as he was speaking, but his voice became softer and softer as he was speaking.

“Ding Zi, Ban Shou, if you want to die in right now, just say it. I promise I will make it quick!” Black Three’s voice unexpectedly came up in the house.

Black Three did not know when the best time to wake up was. He stared at the two bullies with threatening eyes. That was why Ban Shou did not continue to speak.

Realising that Black Three would still be trying to cause troubles at this time caused Tang Xiu to feel nauseous.

In the next moment, the green haired bully was dragged out from the trash bin and Black Three was thrown back into the trash bin by Tang Xiu.

Right now, the green hair bully was unconscious, lying on the ground foaming out the mouth and the nose.

“Ban Shou, continue.” Tang Xiu wiped his hands with a piece of cloth.

Ban Shou glanced at Black Three who was flailing about in the trash bin, then looked at the green hair who was bubbling in his mouth. He swallowed hard and stammered gradually.

“Tang… Tang Xiu, that sunglasses man said… if we cut off your hands, he will add 100 thousand yuan. If we cut off your legs, he would add 200 thousand yuan… This is what Black Three promised.” Ban Shou said with difficulty.

After hearing what Ban Shou had to say, Tang could not help to frown. He really could not figure out who hated him so much, to the point where he wanted to cut off Tang’s hands and feet.

Staring at Ban Shou for a moment Tang confirmed that he did not lie. Tang Xiu then kicked down the trash bin, so that Black Three had the opportunity to breathe fresh air once again.

“Who ordered you to attack me?” Tang Xiu snapped at Black Three whilst kicking him harshly.

Black Three seemed to be in a semi-conscious state, his eyes stirred, but he did not answer Tang Xiu.

Tang Xiu was not anxious. He glanced at the kitchen, and saw a steaming stove pot. He went to pick up the pot with a wide grin. Soon boiling water poured down on Black Three.

As the boiling water was poured on him, Black Three fiercely twitched up with resounding screams of pain.

“Who told you to attack me?” Finding Black Three finally became fully conscious, Tang Xiu continued to ask.

Black Three hatefully looked at Tang Xiu. He would have liked to say a few words out of spite, but thought of the result from his previous experience. He had to swallow what he wanted to say.

Black Three had made a living in the underworld for more than 20 years and he had worked with all kinds of people, but he had never met a person as cold blooded as Tang Xiu.

Black Three knew that if he was ignorant about the current state of affairs, Tang Xiu would murder him.

Black Three felt extremely depressed because a high school student was forcing him to admit his mistakes.

“Still keeping quiet? Then you never speak again!” A pot of boiling water was poured to Black Three while he wasn’t thinking.

“I’ll talk… I’ll talk… ” Watching the cold and uncaring eyes of Tang Xiu, Black Three was thoroughly awake. He was crying for forgiveness while he was writhing in pain.

We need to say that human potential is infinite. Even if Black Three was seriously injured, he dodged the boiling water to avoid the fate of being scalded at a critical moment, but some boiling water still splashed on him, injuring him slightly.

“The sunglasses man is Xu Kun, the sales manager of the Shangwen Real Estate Company. It seems that you have offended his boss, and brought shame onto him, so the person who wants to deal with you is Xu Kun’s boss.” Black Three was afraid that Tang would continue to torture him if he spoke slowly. Therefore, he told all the information he knew to Tang Xiu.

“Shangwen Real Estate Company?” Tang had doubts in his mind. When his guess was confirmed, he could not help being angry, outrage burst from his mind.

Because of a variety of high-profile and show-off behaviors of his uncle’s family, Tang Xiu naturally knew who was the boss of the Shangwen Real Estate.

It really didn’t occur to Tang Xiu that he had let his uncle’s whole family go due to the blood relation with them, while they would coerce he and his mother until death in turn.

“Su Shangwen, you will pay for your ruthlessness” Tang Xiu said as he looked in the direction of the Shangwen Real Estate Building, Tang Xiu started to have murderous intent raise up from within his heart. It was the first time he had this intention

Tang Xiu was so agitated he actually forgot about Black Three.

The bullies were afraid of Tang Xiu and did not dare make a move while Tang Xiu was lost in a state of mind, after all , they got beaten by Tang Xiu more than once.

“Tang……. Brother Tang, these are the worthy things that all we have. If not enough, we will try our best to get you more.”  as Tang Xiu pondered on how to deal with his uncle whilst also not making his mother’s sad, a weak voice was sounded in his ears.

Hearing the voice of Ban Shou, Tang Xiu just noted that there were several people still waiting on what he was going to say next.

Ban Shou was holding a stack of cash, jewelry and a bank card as well.

The cash was worth about fifty to sixty thousand,  the value of the jewelry was ignored by Tang  Xiu however, instead the gold bank card caught Tang’s attention.

“You think this is enough compensation?” Tang Xiu did not reach out for the money Ban Shou was holding, but instead sneered at him.

What Tang said suddenly made Black feel gloomy. At that moment, Black Three felt regretful for what he had done.

He looked at the restaurant he had smashed up, Black Three knew that the money he brought out wasn’t enough.

“In three days, I would like to see a brand new restaurant, or there will be consequences.” Tang Xiu coldly glanced at the bullies and then walked out of the kitchen with his mother. They finally left the restaurant.

The kitchen was too dirty and smelly. After staying in the kitchen for a long time, Tang Xiu had reached the limit of bearing the smell, as he had a slight cleanness. He really did not want to entangle with them, so he decisively left.

After a long time after Tang left, Black Three and other people recovered.

“Did the demon leave?”

“He should have. If he hasn’t left, I would break down!”

“Good, the demon is too scary, I don’t want to meet with him again.”

Confirming Tang had left, Black Three and the others cried with joy and felt relaxed. Everyone smiled and sat on the ground, completely ignoring the dirt on the ground.

“Ban Shou, just now you were saying something, you actually wanted to betray me?” Black Three said to Ban Shou who was really nervous.

Ban Shou lowered his head his emotions were volatile. After a long while, his eyes flashed a firm look and said, “Black, you have controlled this area over twenty years, however it is about time to retire.”

“You!” Black Three did not expect that Ban Shou dare to challenge him without Tang Xiu. He frowned and then wanted to scold Ban Shou, but just as he was about to speak, he found the atmosphere was a bit abnormal.

Besides the green hair, the other five bullies stood around Ban Shou. They all looked at Black with aggressive emotion.

“Black Brother, thank you for sheltering us in our most helpless time and gave us meals. We did so much for you, it was enough to repay your kindness. But we do not want to continue to follow you, because you are too cruel, too selfish and there is no bottom line at all. ” Ban Shou said word by word.

“Even we are just make a living in the underworld, we still need to follow the rules. But you never follow the rules. Those are not what we want.” Ban Shou put all the money, jewelry and bank card into his own pocket, said solemnly, “from now on, I don’t want to see you again in Old River Street Area, behave yourself.”

After saying the words, Ban Shou left the restaurant.

“Black, You cannot resent us, just blame yourself for your own unreasonable and selfish.”

“Black, you’d better not to wish to take back the leadership. In these two years, when you had fun all the time and regarded us as coolies, Ban Shou got the recognition of everyone long before.”

If Tang Xiu’s attack on Black Three was only physical, then the strike by the bullies was at a  psychological level.

As the bullies left one by one, only the green hair stayed as he did not know what to do. Black Three seemed soulless, sitting in the kitchen motionless.

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