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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 27 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: The Place with a Spiritual Vein


[Heavenly Art of Cosmic Origin >>> Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis]

Long Zhenglin’s words made Tang Xiu’s eyes brighten up, and he couldn’t help but glance at Long Zhenglin.


Tang Xiu’s instinct could clearly tell that Long Zhenglin was not the kind of delinquent youngster that often hung out at the Game Hall. Although Long Zhenglin was shamelessly pestering him, but his words, actions, and mannerism didn’t have the slightest annoying low life aura.


“You’re the one who helped solve my problem with the Health and Prosper Club back there, yes?” Tang Xiu stopped walking and suddenly asked.


Long Zhenglin originally wanted to shake his head and deny it, but under Tang Xiu’s gaze, he still finally said the truth, “Eldest Brother, the Health and Prosper Club doesn’t respect any business ethics, so I gave them a warning. It seems that my actions were unnecessary because even if I didn’t act, Eldest Brother could have solved that club. Oh no! Eldest Brother, did I do something that bothered your pleasure?”


“Although I can solve the trouble with Health and Prosper Club myself, but still, I owe you a favor. The name is Tang Xiu, Class 10, third-year student at Star City First High School. If you need me, you can come to look for me.” Tang Xiu stared at Long Zhenglin and finally decided to accept him as a friend.


“Eldest brother, you’re polite, I’m surnamed Long, the name is Zhenglin. I’m schooling at Second High School and I’m also a third year. I’ll be sure to visit you in my free time.” Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words that seemed like he was going to leave, Long Zhenglin also knew when to stop, and didn’t dare to continue pestering Tang Xiu any longer.


For Long Zhenglin, he wasn’t only successful in getting close with Tang Xiu, but also knew Tang Xiu’s identity, and it would be easier to contact him further and to him; this had been a worthwhile endeavor.


After a simple farewell, Tang Xiu didn’t delay anymore and quickly left.


Gazing at Tang Xiu’s back until his figure gradually faded away in darkness, an excited smile emerged on Long Zhenglin’s face.


“Brother-in-law, we have been saved. As long as Tang Xiu takes action, we can definitely take Walled Hill Village.” Long Zhenglin gripped his fist and waved his arm, then he got into a sports car at the roadside and quickly left.


“What the… Holy shit! He’s Long Zhenglin. Big Brother Fei, its Long Zhenglin! How would Tang Xiu be acquainted with him? Moreover, how could Long Zhenglin keep calling Tang Xiu as Eldest Brother?” In a remote corner, Su Duanxin let out a low scream.


“We should have mistaken him for someone else, right? Long Zhenglin’s status is very high, how could it be that he would play in such a lowly place like the Health and Prosper Club? He’s even very humble to an ordinary person. That youth should be someone that looks like Long Zhenglin and posing as him, ain’t it?” A doubting and puzzled expression covered Tan Liquan’s face as he spoke in an unsure tone.


At this moment, Su Xiangfei clenched his fist tightly; even when his nails pierced his palms, he was unaware that his palm had bled.


Looks could be similar, the name also could be used, but that sports car could never be faked.


Six months ago, Su Xiangfei was quite fortunate as he had to accompany his father to attend Long Zhenglin’s adulthood rite ceremony. Long Zhenglin’s family had prepared a custom-made version of a Rolls-Royce Phantom sports car as his adulthood rite’s gift, with a license plate number that was the combination of Long Zhenglin’s first adventure’s fight and birthday.


Whether it was the customized version of Rolls-Royce Phantom or that exaggerated license plate number or the banquet with a variety of high-class performances. All in all, everything was a feast for all the guests’ eyes who attended the banquet. Especially for each and every boy and girl who were at the same age with Long Zhenglin. They could only feel inferior and look at him with envy and jealousy.


Therefore, even though Su Duanxin and Tan Liquan still doubted whether that youth was really Long Zhenglin, Su Xiangfei was quite certain that the bald youth was Long Zhenglin.


“How would Tang Xiu know Long Zhenglin? And their relationship also is seemingly not shallow. This is truly troublesome. It will be very difficult to deal with Tang Xiu later.” Recalling Long Zhenglin’s proud and arrogant character, and then recalling how Long Zhenglin was sticking to Tang Xiu, Su Xiangfei felt like he was in a dream, and it was also very hard for him to think that it was only the first meeting between Long Zhenglin with Tang Xiu. Moreover, Long Zhenglin was the one who took the initiative to stick and entangle to Tang Xiu.


After leaving the Health and Prosper Club, Tang Xiu didn’t immediately return to school, but rather brushed over his body and went straight to the city’s outskirt.


Due to cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, Tang Xiu’s body had been reborn and transformed into a whole new state. Even though he didn’t practice any martial and movement skills, his speed far surpassed an ordinary person’s.

Since he had decided to fully practice the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, Tang Xiu naturally had to be fully prepared.


On the cultivation path, the aspects that must be particularly paid attention to, were nothing more than 4 aspects, “The Methods”, “The Dao Companion”, “The Wealth”, and “The Land”.


The Methods referred to cultivation techniques and methods. Without these aspects, one could only blindly practice and cultivate. The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was precisely an ancient record of a divine cultivation technique that was fiercely fought by the Immortal World’s giants with bloody efforts and endeavors. Tang Xiu also had countless cultivation techniques and secret manuals in his mind, so he naturally didn’t need to worry about cultivation methods.


The Companion pointed to other cultivators or Dao companions, “The Classic of Rites” mentioned that: “Learning alone without friends will result in ignorance and narrow-mindedness”. The Earth itself was a world with the final law stage, so Tang Xiu was destined to never find any other cultivators or Dao Companions on Earth. However, since Tang Xiu only just started cultivating, he was completely indifferent toward this aspect.


The Wealth meant that it referred to certain financial circumstances because, in the early stages of the cultivation path, the greatest extent of time and mind would be consumed for practicing. Thus, there would not be enough time to make money correspondingly. If one had no underlying cultivation resources, his cultivation path would be very difficult. People from the ancient times had said, “Without wealth, it would be insufficient to bring up anything.”


The Land referred to the place of practice or cultivation place with distinct environments which had harmonious Feng Shui with distinct qi atmosphere that would greatly impact one’s cultivation.


Regarding the Method and Dao Companion, Tang Xiu could exempt these aspects. However, he had no choice but to rack his brain for the Wealth and Land aspect.


In this month, except for a small amount of time for studying, Tang Xiu had been spending most of his time in the library.


Drowning himself in the library naturally was not because Tang Xiu needed to study, but instead tried to find other cultivators’ existence on Earth, while also looking for a suitable place for his cultivation at the same time.

Even though Tang Xiu had nearly read all the books in the library, he still wasn’t able to find any trace of other cultivators, which made him suspect that there were simply no cultivators on Earth


However, he also read and flipped over a lot of books about human culture, history, geography, biography, as well as other books. Of which, had given him a plausible but possible sacred ground spot for cultivation.

The place was not in the main city but was located 70km from the main city’s suburb, which was called Walled Hill Village.


Today Tang Xiu was heading to Walled Hill Village specifically to investigate it, and to find out whether Walled Hill Village was really a suitable place for cultivation. If Walled Hill Village was really described just like in the book, Tang Xiu intended to get a piece of land in Walled Hill Village and construct his Immortal Cave for cultivation in that place.


Half a day later, Tang Xiu’s figure appeared on top of Walled Hill Village’s summit. At this time, Tang Xiu had already explored this place completely.

Looking at the vast sky full of stars above his head, which as if it could be picked with his hand and bathing the main city that simply had no Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, an excited expression was seen on Tang Xiu’s face.


“Spiritual Vein, this Walled Hill Village actually has a Spiritual Vein hidden underground. Since this place has a Spiritual Vein, then it should have precious heavenly materials. I no longer have to worry about concocting Body Refining Liquid.” Standing on top of the mountain boulder, Tang Xiu turned around, highly spirited, and couldn’t help but look up to the sky while his mouth let out a long whistle.


Since his rebirth, Tang Xiu had always been in fear and trepidation as if his hands and feet were tied.


On one hand, it was because the earth’s spiritual energy was very thin that it was even almost extinct, causing all cultivation techniques and secret martial skills to completely become useless ornaments; this made Tang Xiu helpless.


On the other hand, he had accidentally fitted himself for cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. Which made his body start to passively cultivate this Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, and he was unable to control it.

If he could practice this Heavenly Art in the Immortal World, Tang Xiu would be absolutely ecstatic. However, since Earth’s spiritual energy had almost vanished, cultivating this Heavenly Art only made Tang Xiu want to cry and feel helpless.


Although cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis didn’t need any Heaven and Earth spiritual energy. However, the key point in this Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was that it had a harsh and excessive need of precious heavenly materials to concoct Body Refining Liquid. While these precious heavenly ingredients also could only be found and in a place rich with spiritual energy.


However, there was no spiritual energy on Earth, which meant that there were no precious heavenly materials to concoct Boy Refining Liquid. Thus, when Tang Xiu accidentally began to cultivate the Heavenly Arts of Cosmic Genesis, the only path waiting for him was a dead end.


Tang Xiu was naturally very happy, since today he had found such spiritual vein in the Shuangqing Province, which was in this Walled Hill Village. This implied that he could also find other places on Earth that had Heaven and Earth spiritual energy.

“The spiritual vein seems to be under this boulder, but I don’t know whether this Walled Hill Village belongs to somebody or not, else it will be a little troublesome.” Having circled around the vicinity of the Walled Hill Village’s summit, Tang Xiu then focused his attention toward the spiritual vein in this place, while his face exposed a pondering expression.

To Tang Xiu’s knowledge, Walled Hill Village was regarded as a strangely named place by most inhabitants in the Shuangqing province. Had Tang Xiu not flipped through a large number of books in the province’s library, he would have never found out that such a hidden fairyland existed in the Shuangqing Province.


The Walled Hill Village (Zhai Shan Ping) formerly known as the Imperial City on the Lesser Cold Mountain (Xiao Liangshan), and was an ancient village. According to historical records, in the late Ming Dynasty era, when the peasant uprising army’s leader—Zhang Xianzhong—entered Sichuan, he attacked this place and occupied this mountain, and acted as king. After which, he proclaimed himself as the emperor. He set this place as his Imperial City and collected all weaponries as well as treasures from all regions, and then buried them underground, which then would be called as the Iron Built Tomb. The walled village built the South Star Gate (Nanxing Men), Peaceful Gate (Ping ’An Men), Great Plain Gate (Taiping Men), Heavenly Treasure Gate (Tianbao Gate), Immortal Gate (Changsheng Men), and 18 others city gates and roads. While a few kilometers of wall had also been built to surround the city. In addition, there was also the mysterious Li Family ancestral hall, splitting sword stone, government official residences, fort, and ruins of Goddess of Mercy Temple (Guanyin Temple). [1]


After having realized that dawn had come, Tang Xiu restrained his urge to begin searching for precious heavenly materials needed to cultivate the first stage of the Heavenly Arts of Cosmic Genesis—the Stars Tyrannical Body.


The Heavenly Arts of Cosmic Genesis was divided into four stages—Stars Tyrannical Body, Stars Heavenly Essence, Stars Essence Integration, and Stars Cluster Transformation.


The Stars Tyrannical Body stage itself consisted of Breathing Practice, Skin Strengthening, Flesh Strengthening, Bone Transformation, Meridians Transformation, Marrow Transformation, Viscera Transformation, Qi and Blood Circulation, and Nine Cores Phase Forming.


The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was created by a God Race’s genius based on the God Race’s body to strengthen their extremely weak physical aptitude. Of which, in theory, was to emulate the Demon Race’s body; thus, becoming the reason for the creation of this cultivation technique. For each sub-stage of tempering and strengthening, it would need countless of rare and precious materials, while each and every one of them had nothing in common.


Cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis required the practitioner’s strength to be extremely high. If the strength was not up to the required degree, even if the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis cultivation speed was faster, one could only end up absorbing too much star energy, finally causing his body to explode and die.


The creator of this Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis had repeatedly emphasized that, if ones were to cultivate the first stage of this Heavenly Art, the Stars Tyrannical Body, they must prepare sufficient rare and precious medicinal herbs and minerals. As well as a fierce beast’s internal organs, blood’s essence, tendons, and many others. Only then could they advance in tempering and strengthening their body.


[1] What a time consuming chapter to translate… not because it was difficult, but the historical record made me research it for almost 6 hours… not to mention that this chapter makes me baffled since I don’t know whether the Shuangqing Province wrote by the author was intentional or not, because the place described in this novel should be located in Chongqing Province. And Zhaishan Ping (Walled Hill Village) itself is an actual place. Zhang Xianzhong was a rebel leader in the late Ming Dynasty and about his treasure—of which also described in this chapter, some of them were illegally trafficked, some news about this proliferated in 2016. That’s why I’m still including the original names for the gates and also the place’s original name in this chapter.


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