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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 34 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 34

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As you guys know, this week, both of Udeze’s and my work, will be off. As we will focus on RFTIW. For this week, you guys will get 21 chapters of RFTIW. Please do bear with us as our server is super full right now and we are trying to get a better one soon. For now, enjoy 5/21!!!


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Chapter 34: Life and Death Struggle


The split second after Tang Xiu rolled his body to the front, a rattan as thick as a bucket ruthlessly slammed towards Tang Xiu’s direction.


Had Tang Xiu not quickly laid and rolled his body a moment ago, he definitely would have been pulled out by this rattan.


“Hissss… hissss”


Having failed to pull Tang Xiu, the rattan’s mouth issued a sharp and angry his.


The thing that suddenly had sneak-attacked Tang Xiu was a shocking giant python.


Not only did the python’s sneak attack not hurt Tang Xiu, but it actually had been injured in the eyes by the burning wood that was kicked up by Tang Xiu.


As if Tang Xiu enraged it, the python’s body was suddenly raised high in the air as if it was flying. Its mouth sprayed a mass of scarlet mist that enshrouded the surroundings in a 10 meters’ radius. Its body bolted through just like an arrow released straight from a bowstring as it directly flushed toward Tang Xiu.


Even though he had held his breath, but Tang Xiu still felt a burst of dizziness for a while. The scarlet mist turned out to be highly toxic poison, and didn’t even need to enter the body through breathing but could penetrate deeply through the human body skin.


Tang Xiu was no different from ordinary people now, he could only try to predict and guard to take precaution against it. Thus, holding his breath in advance was already very good. But with his current cultivation, he was simply unable to control the pores on his body.


While rolling about and avoiding the python’s attack, Tang Xiu took out a trident dagger from his schoolbag and ferociously stabbed toward the python’s back.


Although he had escaped the python’s attack once again, but Tang Xiu’s face had turned extremely ugly.


Although Tang Xiu still persisted to shut his mouth and nose, and relied on his willpower to not breathe after intense and fierce movements, but the pores on his body suddenly opened, causing the poison mist in his body to greatly increase.


“Damn! I’ve got to finish this quickly or else I could die in this place today!” Feeling the toxin spread inside his body, a trace of coldness flashed through Tang Xiu’s eyes as his mind instantly became sober.


In the next moment, Tang Xiu grabbed a lot of medicinal herbs.


He quickly chewed the medicinal herbs and also rolled down toward the burning firewood.


While enduring the severe pain from his feet due to the burning firewood, Tang Xiu stared at the python with eyes full of fighting spirit.


Previously, Tang Xiu came to Walled Hill Village to find a fierce beast, but he basically didn’t calculate the danger and risk brought by the fierce beast. And this python was clearly beyond the risk that he had expected, and had even caught him unprepared.


Tang Xiu had long been accustomed to having his strength in the Immortal World, giving him the confidence to face any kind of odd and strange monsters. Therefore, he had yet to fully adapt to his current condition as a normal person.


Fortunately, Tang Xiu had picked some medicinal herbs with detoxifying effects when he climbed the hill to prevent him being poisoned. Although these herbs couldn’t fully eliminate the highly toxic poison in his body, but it could temporarily suppress it.


The reason as to why Tang Xiu was drilling into the bonfire was not because he wanted to torture himself, but because he was forced to do it.


Fire obviously had an expulsion effect towards the poisonous scarlet mist, as there was no scarlet mist around the bonfire. It was simply no different from Tang Xiu finding an excellent place to protect himself.


“Hisss! Hisss!”


The Black Python apparently also realized Tang Xiu’s intention as its tail rolled and ferociously thrashed toward Tang Xiu.


A trace of a cunning light flashed in the Black Python’s eyes while Tang Xiu jumped high in the air to avoid the Black Python’s attack.


With a banging loud sound, the bonfire was suddenly thrown out into the air and not even 1 piece of burning firewood remained.


It turned out that the Black Python was targeting the bonfire on the ground and not Tang Xiu.


“Damn evil creature, it seems that you have entered the Spirit Convergence Stage, I will never permit you to live!” Having seen such intelligence from the Black Python, a shocked and horrified expression flashed on Tang Xiu’s face as an intense murderous intent surged up from his body.


Since Tang Xiu was able to hide inside the bonfire, he was naturally able to guard against the Black Python’s attack that destroyed the bonfire.


With his rich combat experience, Tang Xiu dodged the Black Python’s attack, and at the same time, skillfully swiveled his trident dagger as he stabbed at the 7 inches spot below the Black Python’s head.


The pitiful Black Python, which was still excited after destroying the bonfire, suddenly felt a sudden burst of severe pain from its vital part of the body, causing its body to suddenly freeze and turn stiff.


The moment Tang Xiu’s hit connected, he didn’t hesitate to take out the trident dagger, stripping off a lump of flesh and blood, as he then stabbed it in and out once again.


Only after having been repeatedly stabbed 3 times did the Black Python react from the severe pain, as it coiled and rolled over its tail, attempting to coil and grasp Tang Xiu.


By now, Tang Xiu had already made a fist-sized wound 7 inches under the Black Python’s head as blood gurgled out from the python’s wound.


Tang Xiu had recited and studied the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis countless of times in his past incarnation, it had even been ingrained and became his instinct. Naturally, he also had thoroughly memorized the raw ingredients and materials needed to concoct the Body Refining Liquid for cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis.


The first blood’s essence shed by the murderer could be said to be the most quintessence part, and Tang Xiu didn’t want to miss it even for a bit.


Tang Xiu’s mouth mercilessly bit the fist-sized wound 7 inches under the Black Python’s head with lightning speed.


At the same time, Tang Xiu’s hands firmly clung onto the Python’s body as to prevent to be thrown off by the python.


The python absolutely didn’t expect that the tide of the fight could be reversed this fast and that it might even be defeated.


When it was aware that it had lost its superiority against an ant and was even facing a life-threatening danger, it became anxious.


With a loud “bang” sound, the Black Python’s tail fiercely thrashed at Tang Xiu’s arm as the pain made Tang Xiu’s face fiercely twitch.


In fact, the Black Python’s tail was originally trying to strike at Tang Xiu’s head. But at the critical moment, he didn’t hesitate to sway his head to the side and escape the disaster.


“Evil creature, I’ll don’t believe that I can’t kill you today!” Tang Xiu clearly felt that the Black Python had broken one of his arms, leaving only one arm intact.


Having been forced to endure the severe pain from his arm, a trace of a fierce expression flashed across Tang Xiu’s eyes.


In a split second, he gripped the trident dagger with his teeth as he rapidly stabbed the Black Python’s previous wound.


When the trident dagger had fully lodged on the wound, Tang Xiu continued to suck out the Black Python’s blood’s essence once again.


Under the sharp pain, the Black Python rolled and raged everywhere as it sprayed out a thick scarlet poisonous mist. It let out hissing voices as its nose sent out gloomy and cold air, sending the chills to anyone’s heart who look at it.


When the Black Python had amassed its strength back and prepared its tail to trash on Tang Xiu again, Tang Xiu fiendishly grinned as he used his mouth to rotate the trident dagger deeper into the Black Python’s body.


Under the rotating movements of the trident dagger, the Black Python’s accumulated strength that it had desperately amassed instantly vanished as its attack also was resolved in a flash.


Being aware that its tail couldn’t effectively attack Tang Xiu, the Black Python finally turned chaotic as it began to bump its body along with Tang Xiu’s body against the boulder and old trees on the hill.


Tang Xiu vigilantly observed the surroundings. He quickly and skillfully hid to avoid being hit each time it would hit the stones and trees and tried to minimize the damage to his body, whilst at the same time almost not stopping to continue sucking the Black Python’s blood’s essence.


With Tang Xiu frantically sucking its blood’s essence, the Black Python’s blood’s essence gurgled out crazily as its strength was becoming weakened endlessly.


Finally, the Black Python seemed to be aware that its life might come to an end. It didn’t frantically struggle again, but coiled up its body and fiercely shot through its head straight toward a particular direction.


When Tang Xiu’s body was raising high in the air, he was greatly alarmed as his face turned deathly pale.


It turned out that, this time, the Black Python didn’t hit against the boulder and the old tree along with Tang Xiu’s body, but it straightly flung itself and fell down the hill.


The Black Python seemed to realize that it couldn’t do anything to Tang Xiu, and even it also could lose its life. It didn’t hesitate to choose to perish together with Tang Xiu.


“Could it be that today I will die together with this python?” While listening to the whistling sounds of the wind that pierced his ears, whilst also looking at the unseen dark ground downhill, despair and desperateness gushed out from Tang Xiu’s heart as unwillingness filled him.


“NO! I came to this world and finally could see Mom with great difficulty! I must live!” In a split second of effort, Tang Xiu set firm his mind as a resolute conviction flashed from his eyes.


Tang Xiu took out the trident dagger, and in the next second, frantically pulled himself out from the Black Python’s body.


The Black Python had no strength left at this moment. Under the ravaging from Tang Xiu, it was unable to even resist and could only let Tang Xiu make shocking and terrible scars on its body.   


However, a look of astonishment quickly gushed out from Tang Xiu’s complexion. Because, aside from the 7 inches spot from the Black Python’s head, the trident dagger was unable to even pierce the other parts of the Black Python’s body.


Tang Xiu then realized that had he not caught the Black Python unprepared and stabbed its only weakness—in the 7 inches under its head—he would have been unable to even damage the Black Python’s body today. It was even extremely possible to have lost his own life to this Black Python.


Tang Xiu was dazed for a moment. It was already more than 100 meters since he had fallen down with the Black Python. At this time, Tang Xiu could already faintly see the houses at the hill foot as he could also see the peculiar rugged rocky terrains.


“My body is but no different with mortal flesh. Falling down with this kind of speed will definitely turn me into minced meat!” Upon seeing that his body was coming closer to the ground, anxiousness and deep worries increasingly engulfed Tang Xiu’s heart. His eyes were just like an eagle’s as he sharply looked below… for the chance of survival.


Looking far down at the ground below, Tang Xiu could only see stones and rocks. There were neither trees or swamps, causing Tang Xiu to almost fall into despair.


When Tang Xiu was thinking that his death was imminent, a drop of rainwater suddenly gently fell onto his face, causing him to stare blankly for a moment.


How could it be raining while the sky was bright?


A puzzled expression filled Tang Xiu’s eyes as he looked up to the sky and saw the whole, vast sky was full of stars with a dazzling and bright moonlight above his head.


“I found it!” Tang Xiu’s eyes brightly shone when he found that the drop of water that fell on his face was not a raindrop, but the blood’s essence that flowed out from the Black Python’s body.


He finally found a chance to survive.

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