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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 35 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: The Ingredients and Materials Completed


It was 3 AM, the darkest time before dawn. This was also the time when farmers around the hill’s vicinity were mostly still in deep sleep.


But a loud noise, as if a muffled thunder struck the flat land, was suddenly heard near Walled Hill Village’s foot, waking up the sleeping villagers.


The sleeping villagers only half-consciously mumbled to themselves as they turned over and continued to sleep.


Some villagers carefully listened, and apart from the roaring voice of the owls, there were no other voices, so they also slowly went back to sleep again.


Suddenly, someone surprisingly appeared on top of the serpent that had fallen to the ground.


This person and the snake had an awe-inspiring fight before in Walled Mountain Village. It was Tang Xiu and the Black Python.


The Black Python had already died at this time, its body curled up and lumped. Tang Xiu was standing in the center of its coiled body, grimacing in pain with a fearful expression lingering on his face.


At the last moment of life and death, Tang Xiu found that the Black Python was going to die, so he didn’t struggle anymore. When he turned his eyes, he didn’t hesitate to use the Black Python’s body to shield himself.


After a few breaths of time, Tang Xiu was like a dumpling being wrapped and solidly packaged, completely covering all parts of his body.


At that moment, the Black Python also aware about Tang Xiu’s intention and subconsciously wanted to use its hard-rock, solid body and tremendous strength to convolute Tang Xiu’s body and turn him into mincemeat.


But when the Black Python was about to execute this move, its body had already crashed to the ground.


The Black Python’s life was already hanging on a line, so it instantly died by the huge impact and was unable to hurt Tang Xiu again as its hard-rock, solid body cracked and was lacerated.


Only after having collected himself did Tang Xiu untie himself from the python’s tail’s wrapping as he crawled up from the ground and stood shakily.


Upon seeing the smashed and badly mangled Black Python that was covered with its blood, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but secretly feel very fortunate. Had it not been because his life was hanging on the line and an idea was born in desperation to save himself, he could have turned into mincemeat with the Black Python.


The Black Python’s body was just like a hard-solid-rock after all, while his body was that of mortal’s that could collapse in a single blow.


Although Tang Xiu finally survived due to using the Black Python’s body during the critical moment and had covered all of his body, but under such a huge force of impact, his head still received a few bruises.


After having spent a lot of effort, Tang Xiu gradually collected himself as he took out the trident dagger and cut a little piece of Black Python’s skin.


“This Black Python’s skin from its whole body, aside from being used to concoct some medicine, the skin is also enough to make 3 sets of clothes. One for Mom, one for me, and the last one is for Fatty.” Tang Xiu began to calculate after skinned the python’s skin with difficulty.


“The Black Python’s internal organs are the main ingredients for concocting medicine, but this Black Python’s internal organs are a bit too large, and I wouldn’t need this much to concoct the Body Refining Liquid. I can use the rest to concoct medicinal liquor and use it to recuperate Mom’s body, and sell the rest.”


“Part of the Black Python’s tendons and muscles will be used to concoct the Body Refining Liquid and the rest will be used to refine some tools.”


“But this Black Python’s meat, although it’s very big, but it’s poisonous and clearly can’t be consumed by ordinary people. It seems that I’m the only who can enjoy this meat.”


Tang Xiu spent the next 3 hours to finish separating the materials taken from the Black Python’s body and piled them up. But after he stood and straightened up his body, he was quite stunned.


He didn’t know for how many years had this Black Python been practicing since its body was just like a thick and hard bucket of about 20 meters in length. The piled materials separated from its whole body were unexpectedly nearly his height.


“Having no interspatial ring is really troublesome!” Tang Xiu wryly smiled and looked around. After having thought that nobody would come this early to this rocky area, he climbed back to the hilltop.


Tang Xiu had left his school bag with his cell phone, wallet and other stuff inside it before he roasted the games.


Half an hour later, Tang Xiu had successfully climbed the hilltop and found his school bag was completely in a mess.


The rare and precious medicinal herbs, along with some special emergency items in his school bag, had basically already been destroyed when Tang Xiu was fighting the Black Python.


One thing that made Tang Xiu heave a relieved sigh, was that he found that the cell phone he had just bought yesterday afternoon was still intact in his school bag. The cell phone’s screen was unexpectedly quite strong and even shined.


If the cell phone was broken, Tang Xiu was certain that a lot of people would be shocked when he shipped these Black Python’s materials’ piles to the main city.


“Banshou, find a good leak-proof truck and send it over to me. And tell Dingzi to find a freezer compartment…” Tang Xiu spoke after dialing Banshou’s number.


Banshou and Dingzi were exactly the thugs that came along with Hei San, who caused havoc at Linjia Restaurant a few days ago. After Tang Xiu ruthlessly tidied them up, they blindly followed and were only obedient to Tang Xiu.


The day when Tang Xiu had beaten up Hei San’s gang in the restaurant, he didn’t let off these 7 thugs easily but used his restriction technique on their bodies to avoid that they would break their promise to renovate the restaurant and run away from it.


When Hei San’s gang was leaving the restaurant, they indeed ignored Tang Xiu’s words. Hei San and Lumao, Banshou and Dingzi, and the others were also the same.


After having been tortured by Tang Xiu, they couldn’t wait to hide far away from Tang Xiu, and the farther from him was the better. It was because the impression Tang Xiu had carved into their souls was too deep. He was too fierce, cold, cruel, and ruthless as well as having such formidable strength, causing them to be unable to even have the chance to resist him.


Hei San and the others thought that as long as they found a place to hide, it was impossible for Tang Xiu to find them. They thought that they would be alright as long as they didn’t make any trouble with Linjia Restaurant.


For fear that Tang Xiu would track and find them to Shangwen Real Estate, Hei San and the others didn’t dare to go to Shangwen Real Estate and ask for the remaining half of the reward.


After most of the time passed by, they knew that Tang Xiu was only strolling around for a while at the restaurant’s entrance before he was leaving, and he seemingly thought that they were helpless. They couldn’t help but feel glad and thought that their decision was correct.


Only after the night came, when they were together at their gathering place did Hei San and his gang regret it black and blue.


Acute and severe pain struck Hei San and his gang almost at the same time. They even went to the hospital to look for the doctor to cure it and had a complete check-up, only to find that there was nothing wrong with their body. Thus, there was also neither any means or way to stop these pains.


When Hei San and the others asked about each other’s condition, they finally identified the same thing. These acute pains were definitely related to Tang Xiu, and only he himself could release them from this pain.


Since the 7 of them were unable to heal the pain, and it was also already midnight, they had no choice but to gather in front of Linjia Restaurant.


Naturally, it was also impossible for Tang Xiu to wait for them in the middle of the night in Linjia Restaurant. Only during the next morning did Tang Xiu calmly arrive at Linjia Restaurant, while the severe and acute pains had been torturing Hei San and his gang the whole night.


Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Hei San and his gang were just like the sons seeing their parents as they kowtowed and begged him to release them from the pain. They also gave their regret and remorse as well as giving their pledge, and showed sincere and honest attitudes.


Tang Xiu smiled and laughed. He didn’t make things more difficult and directly helped them stop the pain. He then left the message “Be good in renovating the restaurant” and quickly left, leaving Hei San and his gang standing in front of the restaurant whilst looking at each other.


But Hei San and his gang didn’t dare to ignore Tang Xiu’s words this time, neither did they dare to goof off and cheat.


Hei San and his gang basically racked their brains and gave their all to renovate the restaurant as to satisfy Tang Xiu, since they wanted the pain to be removed completely.


In just two days, Hei San and his gang had completely rebuild Linjia Restaurant.


It cost them almost 600,000 yuan. Not only did they spend more than the payment from the Shangwen Real Estate to pay Tang Xiu in front, but they also had to empty their own savings for it.


It was because the pain caused by a restriction technique was really unbearable. Not only did it ravage the body, but it also tortured their souls. Never did they want to suffer such pains anymore.


Tang Xiu was very satisfied with Hei San and his gang’s work’s efficiency and quality. He removed the restriction technique on Banshou, Dingzi and his body, and even directly cured the injuries on their body personally.


But Hei San and Lumao were the exceptions, Tang Xiu only lifted the restriction on their body, and refused to heal their injuries. Tang Xiu said that they were already very lucky that they were still alive, so they naturally mustn’t expect that he would heal them.


However, as the proverb said, “An exchange of blows might lead to friendship”. After having gone through this fight, deep fear and respect towards Tang Xiu was ingrained deep in Hei San and Lumao, as they were also afraid to provoke him anymore. But Banshou, Dingzi and the others were in awe and regarded Tang Xiu as a son of heaven. They could see that Tang Xiu regarded others justly and knew the distinction between gratitude and grudges. Therefore, not only were they not afraid of Tang Xiu, but instead brazenly and shamelessly followed Tang Xiu, in the hope that Tang Xiu would teach them a bit his martial arts.


But naturally, Tang Xiu was too lazy to respond to Banshou, Dingzi and the others, although he also didn’t deliberately alienate them either.


It was because Tang Xiu also realized that the world would eternally never lack small figures like Banshou and Dingzi. People like them were often humble and unworthy, but once they were breaking out at a critical moment, their strength could have been more terrible than that those of great figures’.


Before he had enough strength, Tang Xiu didn’t hesitate to use these muscles for his needs.


Banshou did move very fast. It was 6 AM, and he already rushed and drove a big truck for half an hour and arrived at the appointed place at Walled Hill Village’s foot.


The other 3 thugs that previously created havoc in Linjia Restaurant also arrived at the same time with Banshou at Walled Hill Village.


“Boss! Dingzi hasn’t come yet since he is still searching for the appropriate warehouse. You said that the fewer people that knew about this matter, the better. So I only called the 3 of them. Tell us what we need to do.” After seeing Tang Xiu, Banshou quickly came over and reported with an excited expression.


Banshou’s gang had been following Tang Xiu for a few days, but Tang Xiu only gave them cold shoulders. This was the first time for Tang Xiu to ask help from them. This meant that Tang Xiu no longer disliked them, causing Banshou’s gang to naturally feel extremely happy.



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