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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 36 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: The Way to Control Subordinates


A dumbstruck expression appeared on the faces of 4 people headed by Banshou when they saw the piles of snake meat and snake skin on the ground.


“B-B-B… B-Boss, you couldn’t have killed this Evil Dragon from the Walled Hill Star Lake, right?” A look of surprise and horror covered Banshou’s face as he glanced at Tang Xiu whilst asking in a stammering voice.


“Evil Dragon? What’s that all about?” Tang Xiu originally wanted to scold Banshou since he talked too much, but he swallowed his words back because Banshou seemed to be very familiar with Walled Hill Village.


Since Tang Xiu wanted to know more about Walled Hill Village, he had inquired about it to the farmers from the hill’s foot village yesterday afternoon. However, these locals were tight-lipped, and obviously had a wary and vigilant mentality against foreigners. Thus, it was very hard for Tang Xiu to get accurate information from their mouths.


“I… I actually came from this Walled Hill Village. I heard from my grandfather that there is an Evil Dragon from the Walled Hill Star Lake hiding in this Walled Hill Village. Whenever a full moon arises, it will go out from the Walled Hill Star Lake to prey on the livestock raised by the villagers. As time passed, the people in Walled Hill Village were simply afraid to rear any livestock again, since it meant that it was the same as feeding and raising the Evil Dragon.”


“For fear of being attacked and injured by the Evil Dragon, every house in this hill must hang a red lantern in front of their houses and all the lights also must be lit on. The hunters were also afraid to hunt in the hills as to avoid accidentally being preyed on and devoured by the Evil Dragon.”


“But speaking about it, it’s strange though. It’s been 20 years, and never once have we heard the news about this Evil Dragon again. We thought that the Evil Dragon had died or moved from this place. So I never thought that it would appear again now. Moreover, you’re the one who killed it.”



Due to excitement, Banshou told everything he knew about the Black Python’s information in an intermittent manner. He also told the rumors, even if he didn’t know whether the rumors were true or fake. It was because Tang Xiu himself obviously had heard some of these rumors fabricated by the villagers.


“There was no news of movement in the past 20 years. This means that this Black Python was trying to break through a bottleneck for 20 years, or because it was in a weak state due to injuries?” Suddenly, a trace of brilliance flashed over Tang Xiu’s eyes.


If the Black Python was in a weak state for 20 years because of injuries, then it meant that there was another fierce beast hiding in the Walled Hill Village. Thus, the materials needed to concoct the Body Refining Liquid to cultivate the Second Layer of Stars Tyrannical Body for the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was already solved.


With 5 people’s muscles, all the snake meat on the ground had already been loaded onto the big truck in half an hour.


Almost at the same time, Banshou also received a phone call from Dingzi, who informed him that he had rented a freezer compartment.


“Boss, do you want to rent the freezer compartment to store these snake meats? But it’s quite a lot, you won’t be able to completely use it by yourself. How about we supply the remaining great amount of surplus to Linjia Restaurant and sell it there? We can make another source of income as well as pay the rent for the warehouse this way.” Halfway to the destination, Banshou mumbled.


“All of these snake meats are extremely poisonous. Besides, I have other uses for them, and it’s not edible food.” Tang Xiu stared at Banshou for a moment and spoke in a deep tone.


Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s explanation, Banshou couldn’t help but sweat. He knew that he had said something wrong and hastily apologized.


Tang Xiu also knew that Banshou was speaking out of his good intention, so he didn’t say anything. If it were not for fear that Banshou would take the snake meats for food, he was also disinclined to explain it.


After running his mouth like that, Banshou no longer dared to speak again. The others also saw that Tang Xiu seemed to be thinking about something, and they afraid to make any noises as to avoid disturbing Tang Xiu and provoke his anger.


Driving all the way without any words, the big truck quickly arrived at the freezer compartment located in the Old River Street area, where Dingzi had already been waiting for Tang Xiu and his gang.


“Anyways, all of you actually don’t have a rotten character. From now on, don’t do those kinds of extortions and blackmailing again, as well as stop harming people and smashing others’ properties. If you want, you can go to the restaurant and work there. You don’t need to stay there all day long though. Just help there occasionally. You can use your physical strength to work for your own livelihood such as lifting up goods or use your mouth to publicize the restaurant.” When Tang Xiu saw the great physical strength from Banshou, Dingzi, and the others when they were moving the snake meat into the freezer compartment, so he spoke out these words seriously.


After having realized through a few days of observation, Tang Xiu found that, although Banshou, Dingzi, and his gang had been mixed with Hei San, but at the bottom of their hearts, they were not willing to live that kind of life. It’s just because they had no particular professional skills, while they also having always been jeered at and ridiculed by their families or friends. Thus, it caused them to wish to have something that could give them a good standing, face, and make their families and friends see them in admiration and respect.


Banshou, Dingzi, and the others had never thought that their wishes turned them into sh*ts after they followed Hei San. Not only did they not gain recognition and respect from their families and friends, but it also increased the cold treatment and loathing from them. They were simply becoming more rotten and broken. Thus, the cycle repeated and developed into a vicious circle as it started getting out of their control.


“Thank you for taking care of us, Boss! We will not disappoint your expectations!”


“Please be assured, Boss! From now on, the restaurant’s tiring and heavy jobs will be taken care of by us. We will make sure to never let Auntie get tired.”


“If there are some bastards that dare to cause havoc in the restaurant, we’ll clean them up and kick them out!


Upon hearing Tang Xiu’s words, the weary and exhausted looks on Banshou, Dingzi, and the gang’s faces suddenly turned excited in a flash, just like men seeing hot chicks.


Although Linjia Restaurant’s business was not quite good before, but they could really see that Linjia Restaurant was very flourishing these days.


The proverb said that, “drawing back a step before walking forward 10,000 steps”. Even if Linjia Restaurant’s business was deserted, it didn’t matter for them, since they had other motives in mind. They just wanted to be able to get closer with Tang Xiu through working in the restaurant. Only after Tang Xiu was happy and approved them, might he be willing to teach them his Half a Loaf Kungfu even a bit. With this, they were guaranteed to rise.


Besides, Linjia Restaurant’s business was very hot recently. With their understanding about Su Lingyun, as long as they get Su Lingyun’s approval, she absolutely would never treat them wrongly. They could also get back their self-esteem and respect from their families and friends with this kind of work.


“This is some money for all of you. Take it! Just consider it as your compensation for renovating the restaurant.” Upon seeing the excited expression from Banshou, Dingzi, and the others, Tang Xiu was also perfectly aware of their thoughts, but he didn’t mind it and only smiled. Tang Xiu then took out his ATM card and then gave it to Banshou and Dingzi.


“Ah, there’s another thing! Buy new clothes and change your current style! All of it! If you help at the restaurant with this kind of shi**y looks, every one of you will only scare away the patrons.” After having stared at Banshou and the gang for a moment, Tang Xiu added his command.


The reason as to why Tang Xiu gave the money to them was because he accidentally overheard Banshou and Dingzi’s conversation in a remote corner a moment ago.


Although Dingzi had already rented the warehouse, but he only paid a deposit of 1,000 yuan and had yet to pay the whole sum. The reason was very simple —He had no money, not a single penny left.


All these years, Banshou, Dingzi, and the others were simply living for this moment only. As for tomorrow… that’s for tomorrow. They were just like the typical Moonlight Clan that used all of their money early in the month like there was no tomorrow.


Before renovating the restaurant, Hei San, Banshou, Dingzi, and the others had amassed nearly 600,000 yuan. In the money they used: 100,000 yuan was down payment from Shangwen Real Estate; 200,000 yuan from threatening and intimidating someone from Shangwen Real Estate; 200,000 yuan gathered from Hei San, Banshou, Dingzi, and the others after they scrapped all of their possessions, including all of their savings, to be contributed to the total sum.


Thus, after the restaurant’s renovation had finished, Banshou, Dingzi. and the others were completely broke. Therefore, when Tang Xiu asked them to do something, they were also strapped for cash.


They were just like the foals that were supposed to run and yet there was no grass for them to eat. So Tang Xiu couldn’t do such a thing.


Besides, Tang Xiu had always been extravagant to his servants in the Immortal World. He had never been stingy with money.


After throwing his ATM card to them, Tang Xiu walked to his school on foot.


Although Tang Xiu had already collected all the materials and ingredients needed to concoct the Body Refining Liquid and couldn’t wait to immediately close up and practice, but he calculated that it would take at least 10 to 15 days of him disappearing temporarily. This gave him no choice but to go to school and take a long leave from the school.


But, Tang Xiu didn’t know that when he went to school, Banshou, Dingzi and the others were completely shocked because of the amount of money in his ATM card.


At first, Banshou and the others tactfully refused when Tang Xiu gave them his ATM card. However, since Tang Xiu insisted and they were afraid to make Tang Xiu angry, they reluctantly accepted it.


Banshou and the others firstly thought that even though there was some money in Tang Xiu’s ATM card, the amount wouldn’t be a lot.


However, since they had no money to handle the current task, they couldn’t help but find an Automated Teller Machine, out of their curiosity to check the amount of money inside Tang Xiu’s ATM card.


When they saw the huge amount of the six-digits number on the ATM’s screen, they almost didn’t believe their eyes and thought that their eyes were having a problem.


“273,000 yuan? Holy crap, I didn’t read it wrong, right? How could Boss be so rich?”


“Could it be that Boss is a rich and powerful person in disguise? Hass everything we have seen only been a facade?”


“Well, I say, since the Boss’s skill is that good, how could Boss be a poor person? He must be only taking a trip outside and living as he wishes… Ah, he also lives carefree enough to not worry about everything.”



Banshou, Dingzi, and the others were only staring at each other with eyes opened wide as they started to discuss it.


They seemed to be pre-occupied and were thoroughly shocked with Tang Xiu’s formidable martial skill since they racked their brains and thought of all kinds of possibilities afterward. The only thing they had never thought of was that this money was only in Tang Xiu’s hand for a night, after he got it from the Game Hall.


“Banshou, Dingzi, the 2 of you are the oldest and the most experienced amongst us. What should we do with this money? Should we divide it or give it back to Boss?” After having discussed for a long time, everyone was unable to guess the reason, as they finally threw the decision to Banshou and Dingzi for this difficult problem.


“Giving it back to Boss is certainly wrong. Judging by Boss’ character, once he has given something, he must never want it back! I suggest that we save this money first. Apart from necessary expenses, we’ll use it for any tasks given by Boss!” After having pondered for a while, Banshou gave his suggestion.


“I also think so. The Boss has clearly said just now that he hates our previous conducts. So to say, we can’t dally with chicks, extort, and blackmail again. We must do honest work seriously now. If the Boss acknowledges us, he might teach us his Half a Loaf Kungfu a bit…” Dingzi also gave his agreement from the side. But he obviously was slightly absent-minded, because his mind was completely focused as to how and in what way to learn Kung fu from Tang Xiu like he had said just now.



Damn… he’s on the way to becoming a Godfather…

Half a Loaf Kungfu… I won’t explain this tho, since all of you can guess it too… 😀

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