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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 38 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: It’s Okay Looking for a Fight

It turned out that the Land Rover’s driver and that youth in the flowered shirt were the two second generation riches Tang Xiu had encountered at Walled Hill Village. Tang Xiu faintly remembered that the flowered shirt youth was called Xue Renfei, a typical stupid rich youth who had always been using money to deal with people. While that brawn-over-brains was Zhang Yongjin, the courageously stupid brawn-bullying-bastard kind.


“Kid, how much do you want? State your number! As long as we find it not to be excessive, we’ll pay. But I warn you, don’t be too excessive, else, you won’t get even a dime from us. You might even get arrested because of this.” Xue Renfei took a long glance at Tang Xiu as he asked with a disdaining expression.


At first, Zhang Yongjin wanted to speak. But under the glaring eyes of the surrounding people, he didn’t dare to say anything and left everything to Xue Renfei to deal with Tang Xiu.


“You can go, I am fine!” Although Tang Xiu didn’t like Xue Renfei’s tone and attitude, but he was not the kind of low-life who makes trouble without reason. He shook his head and spoke in an indifferent tone.


Tang Xiu’s answer clearly strayed from Xue Renfei and Zhang Yongjin’s imaginations. The watching crowds also thought that they heard it wrong and that there was a problem with their ears.


They clearly saw that this youth’s body was heavily sweating just now, and that painful expression he had shown was not faked. How could he let them off and refuse their money?


“Hey kid! Do you want to play jack-ass with us? Letting us leave for a while and then you go to the police to report a hit-and-run accident?” After a short silence, a peculiar voice sounded from the crowd. It was coming from a youth wearing a suit behind Xue Renfei.


After having heard the youth in suit’s word, an understanding expression was revealed on Xue Renfei’s face, and bursts of “Ohs” were issued by the crowd. It was obvious that everyone thought that the suited youth had correctly guessed Tang Xiu’s true intention.


“Kid, I knew that you were rotten when I met you in the hilltop. But I had never thought you were this rotten. I really don’t believe I cannot f**k you off!” The brawny—Zhang Yongjin’s eyes suddenly widened as he stared at Tang Xiu. His palm stretched out and tried to grab Tang Xiu’s collar whilst also cursing loudly at the same time.


Tang Xiu was distracted and in a dazed state when he almost got hit by the car, but since he was in a sober condition right now, it was naturally impossible for him to get caught.


A cold light flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes when he saw Zhang Yongjin’s palm stretched over at him. He seamlessly moved a step backward and successfully avoided Zhang Yongjin’s palm.


“Punk, you’re really faking the accident and want money out of it!” Zhang Yongjin was frozen for a moment when his grasping failed, before he yelled loudly in an excited expression.


Because Tang Xiu’s movement to dodge him was too agile, this was not the action an injured person could do. Moreover, when Tang Xiu was stepping back a moment ago, there was not even a trace of injuries on his body from when he completely got hit from the car’s body.


“Punk, you’ve really faked the accident and were demanding compensation, you Big Uncle will never spare you!” Zhang Yongjin only had a little bit of guilty conscience and was yet to even confirm Tang Xiu’s condition as to whether he was really hit by the car or not… And since he had confirmed that he hadn’t hit Tang Xiu, he instantly raged as he snapped fiercely whilst also rushed forward toward Tang Xiu.


Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun couldn’t help but shake their heads upon seeing Zhang Yongjin’s excited expression.


The both of them were perfectly aware of Zhang Yongjin’s character. He was narrow-minded and always wanted revenge over the slightest discord. The kind of person that never wanted to be owed by anyone.


Zhang Yongjin felt he was derailed, abused, and accused by the watching crowd because of Tang Xiu. Since he felt that he had been wronged, even if Tang Xiu didn’t die, he must teach and skin him a bit.


Hu Wanjun raised his hand and looked at his watch. With anxiousness and deep worry, he asked, “A Fei, do you think that kid really faked the accident and wanted some compensation?”


“He shouldn’t be, why? Although that kid looks poor and destitute, but he seems honest and just. He doesn’t care about money. If he really faked the accident and wanted some compensation, he would have directly asked some money a moment ago and wouldn’t let us leave like that.”Xue Renfei shook his head while answering in a hesitating tone.


“Ah, my mouth is really cheap! I was quite angry since that kid was playing us in the hilltop yesterday, so I couldn’t help but intentionally let out those provoking words!” Under Xue Renfei inquiring eyes, Hu Wanjun explained in a guilty and anxious expression.


“You… bah, even the clever you got confused at this very time! The Walled Hill Village’s project is very important. But you actually want to vent your anger toward that kid, is it really worth it?” While Xue Renfei was thinking as to how to settle the problem, Hu Wanjun suddenly spoke those words. And after having heard his explanation, his eyes darkened as he almost fell to the ground.


“If we were late there, Eldest Sister would have cleaned us up!” Xue Renfei angrily glared toward Hu Wanjun and then turned around to enter his car.


“Crap! Hey, don’t leave. If you’re gone, what should we do with this problem here?” Hu Wanjun was dumbstruck as he watched Xue Renfei leaving for his car.


“I’ll go to the hotel first. You stay here to help that Big Muscle clean his mess. I hope he won’t go too far. If he’s really playing with other’s lives, you can say that you’re out of luck.” Xue Renfei smiled and started his Wrangler Jeep.


At the next moment, Xue Renfei’s smile vanished as his mouth was suddenly agape.


“A Fei, what happened… uh…” When Hu Wanjun wanted to ask more, at the same time, he followed Xue Renfei’s eyes. His neck was as if being strangled as his throat issued stuttering and vague voices with eyes that instantly turned wide and almost popped out.


The sight that made Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun flabbergasted was the scene of a towering 1.9m height guy, that looked like Zhang Yongjin, firmly being controlled and grasped by the 1.7m height Tang Xiu.


At this time, Zhang Yongjin’s arms had been caught by Tang Xiu as he knelt in a very unusual humiliating posture on the ground. He was even unable to move even a bit while his face had swollen red and looked helpless.


“You said you didn’t make any mistakes hah? You bastard almost hit me by your car! I was generous enough to let you leave, but you went too far as to pester and annoy me. Isn’t this that same as you wanting to force me to make you drink your own pi** after you refused the meal, hah?” Tang Xiu kicked Zhang Yongjin’s ass as he snappily cursed at him.


After having swallowed a lot of python’s blood’s essence, Tang Xiu didn’t have any chances to try and vent his strength. Suddenly, such a big guy took the initiative to sell and knocked his door. So, Tang Xiu was also happy to buy the service and cleaned him up.


“Punk, I just didn’t think that you really got the balls. If you dare to let me go, I’ll absolutely make you look like sh*t!” Even though he had been completely turned upside down by Tang Xiu, Zhang Yongjin still persisted and was unyielding as he loudly shouted.


“What a big bear, the legendary proverb “all brawns and no brain” really suits you! I have checkmated you with difficulty. What the f**k do you rely on wanting me to let you go? Kneel to me and admit your mistakes and I will let you go. Else, you can kneel to me the whole day here!” Tang Xiu looked at Hu Wanjun with a provoking expression as his mouth ridiculed them mercilessly.


“Bastard! Let me go while I’m still not really angry. Quickly release me! Or else, even if you want to release me later, you will be too late!” Having heard Tang Xiu’s words, Zhang Yongjin was almost suffocated because of rage as he furiously shouted and commanded.


“Big Bear, it looks like your mind has turned insane. Then, I’ll make you come to your senses.” Tang Xiu really hated Zhang Yongjin’s arrogant character, as he was like this even in a situation like this. He sneered as he trigged and pressed Zhang Yongjin’s hands downward, and humiliated him further as he lowered his head to the asphalt.


When Zhang Yongjin loudly yelled his curses, a loud-dull thumping sound was heard as Zhang Yongjin’s head hit the asphalt. The rain of curses from his mouth turned into wailing and humming pained voices.


“Bastard, you’re dead! You’re so very dead!” Amidst his pained hums and mumblings, Zhang Yongjin was still unable to bear not to curse and threatened.


“Fine, since it’s like this, I will see who will die first in the end!” Tang Xiu’s anger finally sparked. He had been threatened again and again. He sneered and then bumped down Zhang Yongjin’s head without hesitation.


“Look out!”




Upon seeing that Zhang Yongjin’s head was going to hit the asphalt and be humiliated again, 2 voices suddenly burst behind Tang Xiu as two strands of wind blew toward Tang Xiu’s cheek.


In this critical moment, Hu Wanjun had no choice but command his bodyguards to act and rescue Zhang Yongjin. He was, after all, the one who provoked the fight between Zhang Yongjin and Tang Xiu. Seeing as how Zhang Yongjin suffered the loss, and in case something bad happened to him, Hu Wanjun would absolutely take the consequences. Thus, the only way out was to save him as quickly as possible and let Zhang Yongjin suffer less.


In order to appease Zhang Yongjin’s anger, Hu Wanjun even commanded his bodyguards to break Tang Xiu’s arms.


Although Zhang Yongjin might look simple and was only brawn with no brain, but Hu Wanjun was perfectly aware that Zhang Yongjin was not really stupid. He often was just too lazy to think and use his own brain. But once he really used his brain, he usually became more intelligent than anyone else.


The reason as to why Zhang Yongjin was too lazy to use his brain was because his family’s influence was too powerful. When a family or a person’s strength had become too powerful to a certain degree, all the schemes and tricks became useless before them, to the extent that he possibly thought that there was no need to use his own brain. And Zhang Yongjin was this kind of person.


Although Zhang Yongjin had long been friends with Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun, and often went to play together, but be it Xue Renfei or Hu Wanjun, they perfectly understood about their families’ power and capital. Both of their families’ capitals were only one-tenth of the Zhang Family’s.


A cruel and fiendish smile was revealed on Hu Wanjun’s face upon seeing that his two bodyguards were almost grasping Tang Xiu.


Although Hu Wanjun didn’t know as to how Zhang Yongjin was capsized and rendered to be unable to move by Tang Xiu, but he was absolutely confident about his 2 bodyguards’ abilities.


He knew that his 2 bodyguards were not ordinary. They were the veterans who had dozens of years of combat experience before they retired as soldiers. Their grappling skills, as well as martial arts, had reached perfection. Hu Wanjun had once witnessed the 2 of them knock and clean up dozens of thugs in just a few minutes. Therefore, he didn’t worry that his 2 bodyguards would be unable to complete their task.

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