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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 39 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Cleaning Up Enemies in a Flash


Tang Xiu’s attention seemed to be concentrated on Zhang Yongjin. He didn’t seem to even notice the 2 suited-bodyguards’ arrival, to the extent that he didn’t avoid or counterattack the two bodyguards, while the attacks from the 2 bodyguards almost hit Tang Xiu.


“Bumpkin bastard. The world is big! Don’t you ever think you can boast and be arrogant of your brute strength in front of us!” Hu Wanjun coldly snorted as he turned around and walked to his car.


It seemed that in Hu Wanjun’s eyes, even if Tang Xiu was powerful, this time his death had been decided.


Just when Hu Wanjun’s feet lifted up and still hung in the air, and had yet to get in his car, he heard a loud dull thumping sounds twice as he felt his car violently shake.


“Holy sh*t!” When Hu Wanjun had found out what had happened, he couldn’t help but let out a curse.


Because Hu Wanjun’s imagination to have his 2 bodyguards brake Tang Xiu’s arms didn’t happen, and instead he saw Tang Xiu’s foot sweep at his 2 bodyguards with a kick.


If the two bodyguards just fell down at their place, at most Hu Wanjun would only feel shocked in his mind, and wouldn’t have felt this distressed.


But the thing that made Hu Wanjun’s heart bleed, was that his 2 bodyguards unexpectedly fell down and hit his beloved off-road car, causing his car’s front cover to be flat trodden.


“F**k!!! I don’t know if the car’s  engine has been smashed or not. If the engine has been smashed, I’m really f**ked big time!” With a pained expression, Hu Wanjun looked at the completely flattened front cover of his car as his facial muscles twitched.


Before this happened, Hu Wanjun had always felt that his 2 tall and sturdy—bold and powerful—Polar Bears bodyguards were very precious and extraordinary. But now, he wished that he forked and pierced them out with a thin bamboo pole.


While Hu Wanjun was distressed over his dear car, his 2 bodyguards rolled up from his car and rushed towards Tang Xiu once again.


But this time, the 2 bodyguards’ faces no longer showed their usual contempt and indifferent expressions again. Instead, they faces were full of a dignified expression along with a faint trace of shame, resentment, and anger.


They were retired veteran soldiers. Although their fighting prowess might be a lot worse when they were at their peak and couldn’t be compared with soldiers on active duty, however, they felt that their combat prowess was enough to cope with ordinary people, let alone just to deal with a skinny high-schooler.


Never had these 2 bodyguards ever dreamt that they would be unable to find out as to how that youth moved, kicked and threw them out. For these two bodyguards, this was absolutely a huge insult as well as a deep lesson.


“I have let the two of you off once. But if you continue to help your bastard evil employer and are still unable to distinguish which is right and wrong, don’t ever think that I will hesitate to teach the two of you a lesson that you will never forget!” With a cold expression in his eyes, Tang Xiu snapped at them in a stern voice.


Upon hearing his words, the 2 bodyguards’ bodies froze. They couldn’t help but look at each other.


“Brat, you’ve just only caught us by surprise, letting you successfully attack us. Do you really think that you’re very powerful?”


“Bastard, you’re plotting against us and want us to be quiet and make peace? Never in hell will you have that chance! We originally wanted to break your arms, but you shamed and insulted us, you will pay for this and suffer!”


The 2 bodyguards sneered. They completely ignored Tang Xiu’s cold eyes and rushed at Tang Xiu with rage.


Upon seeing it, Tang Xiu couldn’t help but sigh.


It was because he heard from his mother’s relatives that his father was an honorable and glorious soldier. For years, Tang Xiu had been longing for a military career. He was a full die-hard fan of the military. Not only would he watch all kinds of stuff about soldiers on TV, such as movies and documentary films, but he also had always been reading everything related to soldiers and military. Not even once had he ever missed news and information about them.


He even had hunted all old book editions about Military Boxing from the bookstore, to the extent of forcing himself to practice the Military Boxing frequently for several years.


This was the true reason as to why Tang Xiu had only aimed these 2 bodyguards lightly, since he had noticed these 2 bodyguards’ background as retired veteran soldiers, and didn’t act too extreme.


But since these 2 bodyguards really ignored his words, the sympathy and mercy for them in Tang Xiu’s heart vanished in instant.


In Tang Xiu’s eyes, when soldiers had degraded themselves into purely hired thugs and were unable to distinguish which was right or wrong, as well as drowned themselves into evil things, they were unworthy to be called soldiers anymore.


The two bodyguards now thought that after they treated him seriously, Tang Xiu would no longer able to escape the disaster, and could only be caught by them obediently as they moved and rushed once again.


When the 2 bodyguards had yet to react and realized what had happened, they could only hear “cracking” sounds a few times as their body fell slowly to the asphalt.


Only until a few breaths’ time had passed did they feel intermittent acute and intense pains from their legs, as they finally realized that those sounds were the sounds of their legs being broken.


For a short moment, the two bodyguards completely forgot to scream out loud, they only looked at Tang Xiu with a horrified expression. They couldn’t even say any words as endless regret surged out and filled their hearts.


When they remembered that Tang Xiu had just kindly reminded them, as well as recalling how they thought that Tang Xiu’s reminder was only a timid compromise and arrogant words, the two bodyguards could only feel that their face was hot, and was burning with pain and shame. They even wanted to find a tunnel to drill themselves into it.


The 2 bodyguards’ heart were filled with a stormy and tumultuous feeling, while the watching crowd in the surrounding were flabbergasted and rendered speechless for a very long time.


The most shocked people with the most exaggerated expression were the trio—Hu Wanjun, Xue Renfei, and Zhang Yongjin.


The trio knew perfectly well the combat prowess these 2 bodyguards possessed. Therefore, they had full courage and confidence from the beginning to end, to the extent that they wouldn’t have to worry to suffer any losses in regards to having any conflict with other people.


Even when Zhang Yongjin was in absolute disadvantage, he was still calm and composed. Not even once he had the thought to lower his head toward Tang Xiu.


But when the greatest pillars they had been relying on were wasted by Tang Xiu, only then did they really panic.


A deathly silence enveloped the surroundings after the 2 bodyguards had been wasted.


Zhang Yongjin was still in his shameful appearance with his head still being pressed down on the asphalt by Tang Xiu’s hand.


Xue Renfei sat frozen on his own Wrangler Jeep and didn’t even start his car.


One of Hu Wanjun’s feet was in his car while the other one was still on the ground in an awkward position of not getting in or out of the car.


At this moment, Hu Wanjun basically wanted to fiercely slap his own face. Never did he ever abhor his cheap mouth to this extent before. He knew that it was because of his mouth. Had it been otherwise, this matter could have long been settled, and wouldn’t be developed beyond redemption like this.


“Yo Big Bear! How come you turned mute huh? Continue babbling your shit! Try m*e!” While everyone was still dumbstruck and drowned in their shock, due to Tang Xiu’s marvelous fighting strength, Tang Xiu snorted coldly as he pressed Zhang Yongjin’s head again to the asphalt.


“I… I…” Although Zhang Yongjin had single-minded brain and stubbornness, but a terrified feeling had filled his heart.


The youth behind him was not only skillful, but his conduct in dealing with problems was unrestrained as well as didn’t have the slightest scruples. He was just like an unfathomable existence to ponder about, and even a bit unscrupulous. Zhang Yongjin even suspected that he still could continue to let out stubborn words, but now, it was very certain that he would pay for it bitterly. His lips wriggled for a long time as he was unable to speak any complete words.


Zhang Yongjin was still hesitating as to whether he had to bow to Tang Xiu or not. He thought to temporarily do that perfunctorily and then seek for opportunities to take revenge in the future. When a loud and clear military ringtone suddenly pierced his ears, he was so shocked that he felt a faint pain due to the shock, while also feeling scared which almost made him jump.


Under Zhang Yongjin’s angry eyes, Tang Xiu looked around with a bewildered expression before he slowly opened his school bag and took out his brand new cell phone.


“… Hmm?… I heard you… But I don’t really gamble you know… ah… WHAT?… Apart from 1 million yuan you’ll comply with any condition? Great, I’ll be there immediately!” At first, Tang Xiu’s answer was a little bit impatient. But when he heard the other conditions from the caller, his face turned excited instantly.


The one who was calling Tang Xiu was Long Zhenglin, who he casually became an acquaintance of at the Health and Prosper Club.


Long Zhenglin got Tang Xiu’s number from Yuan Chuling.


Long Zhenglin had repeatedly told Yuan Chuling, that he must call him ASAP when Tang Xiu had returned back to school.


Yuan Chuling also had noted his message, albeit he never thought that Tang Xiu’s arrival and leaving would have been so sudden and quick so he hadn’t had the time to call Long Zhenglin before Tang Xiu also quickly disappeared again.


In desperation, the last thing Yuan Chuling could do was give Tang Xiu’s phone number to Long Zhenglin.


When Long Zhenglin had got Tang Xiu’s number, he naturally couldn’t help but directly call Tang Xiu and ask for his help.


It was because the gambling event was about to begin since the opponent’s Gambling Master had already arrived at the appointed place, while the Long Family had yet able to find any famous Gambling Masters, of which made them very anxious and passive.


Since there was no way left to deal with the situation, Long Zhengyu could only choose to believe Long Zhenglin and give his word to let Tang Xiu gamble in their stead.


“Just consider yourself lucky today! But if next time I find that the lot of you are still unable to distinguish right from wrong, setting up and framing others, I will never hesitate to give you a more profound lesson.” Tang Xiu quickly left after speaking, since the caller urged him to come quickly before hanging up the phone.


Only until Tang Xiu’s figure disappeared did Zhang Yongjin finally believe that he had escaped from his tribulation. His body turned weak in an instant as he was paralyzed and fell to ground. He gasped heavily with his mouth opened wide.


“Yongjin, I am really sorry, I was impulsive just now. I shouldn’t have incited you to deal with that bumpkin.” When Zhang Yongjin was sitting on the ground and gasping, Hu Wanjun hurriedly rushed over to him first as he apologized to him in an apprehensive expression.


Zhang Yongjin quietly stared at Hu Wanjun for a moment. Only after a long while did he let out a wry and forced smile, “Old Hu, we have been friends for a long time. I don’t know about those small thoughts you have in your mind, but I know that you were also adding fuel to the fire. The other reason was truly because I really couldn’t stand seeing that son of a bitch… Ouch… Damn, f**king hurts…”


Zhang Yongjin could only finish his sentence in half bursts as sharp and acute pains suddenly came from his two wrists.


When Zhang Yongjin saw the bruises on his two wrists that were so twisted that they had turned bluish-black, he couldn’t help but take a deep cold breath, while a trace of fear appeared on his face.


“Xue Renfei, you go to my car’s trunk and take a bottle of wine out, I’ll use them to rub Yongjin’s bruises.” Upon hearing Zhang Yongjin’s words, the knot in Hu Wanjun’s heart finally eased up. And in the next moment, he didn’t hesitate to grab Zhang Yongjin’s wrists and carefully rub them up without any hesitation.

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