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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 40 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: Big Sister the Boss


A few minutes later, Tang Xiu appeared in front of Long’s Dining Hall’s entrance as the Long Brothers, Long Zhengyu and Long Zhenglin had long been waiting for Tang Xiu there.


“Eldest Brother, today, whether we can take Walled Hill Village or not, all depends on you.” Upon seeing Tang Xiu, with an excited expression, Long Zhenglin spoke as he stepped forward and firmly grabbed Tang Xiu’s hands.


Tang Xiu smiled and didn’t speak, but his vision locked at Long Zhengyu.


Long Zhengyu also quietly observed Tang Xiu as their four eyes collided in the air.


“I’m Long Zhengyu, Long Zhenglin’s big brother. Thank you for taking care of Zhenglin. Today, we’re truly depending on Master Tang.” When he saw that Tang Xiu didn’t eagerly greet his younger brother and instead noticed his presence first, Long Zhengyu secretly nodded. He began to recognize Tang Xiu as he extended his right hand to him.


A kind of strange and peculiar feeling sprouted in Tang Xiu’s heart when he heard Long Zhengyu’s remark and him calling him, Master. But still, he also stretched his hand out to shake Long Zhengyu’s.


“Mr. Long, to tell you the truth, I might have stronger observation and calculating abilities compared to others’. But little do I know about gambling techniques and rules. Please forgive me first. Today, I can only try the best I can and cannot guarantee that I will win.” Tang Xiu stared at Long Zhengyu for a moment as he spoke while smiling.

When he spoke these words, Tang Xiu was quite anxious. He was worried that Long Zhengyu would expel him out directly.


It was because Long Zhenglin had clearly sounded stress on the phone. that the Walled Hill Village project was very important to the Long Family. But even if the Long Family must take Walled Hill Village, he couldn’t give them any guarantees about it.


It’s true that the reason as to why Tang Xiu promised to come and help them was because of the reward factor. But the thing that really tempted him was the development and exploitation rights for Walled Hill Village.


Ever since he had discovered a Spiritual Vein on Walled Hill Mountain, Tang Xiu had been pondering and worrying about how to justifiably own the place with the Spiritual Vein. He had never thought that Long Zhenglin would take the initiative to find him. It was just like he was sleepy and someone sent him a pillow, of which, the offer was one Tang Xiu was unable to refuse.


However, whether it was his previous incarnation or this life, Tang Xiu had never relied on gambling to earn his wealth. Therefore, he had no confidence in his gambling skill. This was the reason he truthfully spoke to Long Zhengyu so as to avoid to be capsized, blamed and then thrown to the pit had they lost the gamble.


But Tang Xiu wouldn’t have thought that his honest confession made Long Zhengyu’s impression toward him increase. The confidence Long Zhengyu had, that already fell to the abyss, seemed to have rebounded and risen again.


“Master Tang is too modest. The gambling has always been turbulent and unpredictable. Nobody dares to pat their chest and boast that they are guaranteed a win.” Long Zhengyu smiled and looked at Tang Xiu with eyes full of appreciation.


When they were still greeting each other at the entrance, ear-piercing cars’ emergency brakes suddenly sounded, followed by a few people hurrying off from the cars and rushing straight toward the entrance’s direction.


When he saw these people, Tang Xiu was surprised.


Because these people turned out to be the ones that just had conflict with him — Zhang Yongjin, Hu Wanjun, and Xue Renfei.


Almost at the same time, Tang Xiu saw the Zhang Yongjin trio, Zhang Yongjin, who walked in the front, also found Tang Xiu.


The moment he saw Tang Xiu, Zhang Yongjin’s steps suddenly stopped as his body uncontrollably stepped backward.


The pitiful Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun, who were behind Zhang Yongjin, couldn’t see Tang Xiu, since their sight was blocked by Zhang Yongjin. Therefore, when Zhang Yongjin suddenly stopped and stepped back, they simply had no time to stop their pace.


Muffled thumping sounds sounded twice as Xue Renfei with Hu Wanjun’s bodies bumped into Zhang Yongjin’s body.


Zhang Yongjin’s body that was like an iron tower did not budge and shake even the slightest bit. But Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun, who hit him, fell with their butts sitting on the ground, as they immediately shouted in pain.


“Y-You … H-how the hell are you here… Y-you couldn’t want to mess…” Zhang Yongjin ignored his buddies embarrassment and distress as he looked at Tang Xiu with a panicked expression and stammeringly spoke.


The psychological trauma Tang Xiu had imprinted on him was simply too big. Never once in his life did he ever kneel and kowtow toward others, but Tang Xiu had made him kneel and kowtow.


The fact that made Zhang Yongjin grieve and be helpless was that he was really cleaned up miserably by Tang Xiu, while he didn’t even know Tang Xiu’s name and background.


Zhang Yongjin originally wanted to slowly find the information about Tang Xiu’s identity, and then slowly have his revenge on him.


Not never even in his dreams would Zhang Yongjin ever think that Tang Xiu would appear so fast in front of him again. Without having mental preparation to face him this suddenly, Zhang Yongjin naturally panicked as he lost his calm out of fear.


“Brother Tang, what’s all this about?” When Long Zhengyu saw that the Zhang Yongjin trio arrived, he originally wanted to hide to the side. But he was afraid to leave since Tang Xiu would feel that he was thrown out. So he had no choice but to brace himself to stand together with him.


At first, Long Zhengyu thought that when Zhang Yongjin trio saw him, they definitely would mock and ridicule him, and he would be unable to get out from this situation. But he didn’t expect that Zhang Yongjin’s attention was directly attracted to Tang Xiu behind him and was even losing his manner, which amazed and made Long Zhengyu naturally surprised.


He was well aware of Zhang Yongjin’s identity. In his circle of society, everyone knew the famous fiend in human skin—Zhang Yongjin. He was a kind of unreasonable and pig-headed chap.


But to see such a person was actually afraid of Tang Xiu, Long Zhengyu’s curiosity toward Tang Xiu’s identity sparked, while his confidence of Tang Xiu also increased at the same time. Unknowingly, his evaluation and vision toward him also changed.


“It’s nothing, he has possibly mistaken me for someone else.” Tang Xiu swept a glance at Zhang Yongjin lightly. When Zhang Yongjin was still thinking that Tang Xiu would blurt out that awkward and embarrassing incident, Tang Xiu shook his head and took back his vision.


At this very moment, Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun also saw Tang Xiu along with Long Zhengyu and Long Zhenglin.


Upon seeing that Tang Xiu was standing together with the Long Brothers, a surprised expression flashed on their faces as it followed with an intense and anxious feeling in their heart.


They had a confrontation with Tang Xiu twice after all. And those two encounters ended with their failure and defeat. This was not a glorious thing. They were afraid that Tang Xiu would reveal those awkward and embarrassing incidents and turn them into jokes in their circle.


The trio took a sigh of relief at the same time since Tang Xiu didn’t reveal about those embarrassing incident and even pretended not to know their appearances. This made them secretly glad, while at the same time they also felt angry because the contempt Tang Xiu had shown toward them.


With a complicated expression in their eyes, they looked at Tang Xiu before the three of them rushed into the hall and disappeared around the corner.


“Mistaken for someone else?” Astonishment covered Long Zhengyu’s face when he heard Tang Xiu’s answer. He also had the impulse to ask but stopped the words in his mouth and swallowed them back.


“Big Brother, the gambling will start soon. Let’s go upstairs.” Long Zhenglin looked at the wall clock in the hall as he spoke with an anxious and worried expression.


The Long’s Dining Hall was located in the Star City’s most prosperous commercial street. The building had up to 49 floors, and the shape resembled 2 coiling Gold Dragons that surrounded the presidential suite buildings in the middle that was built like a sphere of a globe, giving off the impression that the twin dragons were playing with a bead.


The Long’s Dining Hall, with its straight line skyscraper building, spending and magnificent appearance, had become the center of the Star City’s landmark, while it also had casted its myth as the legendary existence in the business world.


For businessmen and celebrities in the Shuangqing Province, being able to stay in the Long’s Dining Hall’s presidential suite was regarded as their honor and prestige. As time passed by, the presidential suite’s rate gradually became priced sky high.


At the moment, in one of the presidential suites in Long’s Dining Hall, 2 people sat.


One of them was a 30-years-old young woman in a tight Cheongsam gown that exposed her graceful figure, a white delicate face, and the sunglasses that made her look slightly cold and mysterious.


The other one was a 60-years-old man in a white-colored Chinese tunic suit, with a serious manner and speech, a square face, and deep and profound eyes that were unable to cover his vigorous imposing manner. At this time, his hands were fiddling with two walnuts as his face revealed a calm and composed expression.


“Grandmaster Jia, today we are really depending on you. As long as you can help us win Walled Hill Village, later you will be the largest shareholder for the Everlasting District.” The young woman lit a cigarette as she spoke with an indifferent tone.


“Miss Zhang, you can rest assured that once this old man gambles, the game already has neither suspense nor problem. Nobody in the Shuangqing Province dares to face and gamble with this old man.” The old man nodded as a proud and conceited smile emerged on his face.


After having heard his words, Zhang Deqin’s delicate eyebrows slightly frowned and quickly stretched again.


Zhang Deqin had always disliked someone who talked big, but recalling the gambling skill Jia Ruidao had, as well as his reputation in the Shuangqing Province, she quickly swallowed back the words she was about to spit out.


Ever since Zhang Deqin released the news and announced that Jia Ruidao would help her for a gamble in the Long’s Dining Hall for winning the better share rights, there were almost no gamblers that dared to respond and become the Long Family’s candidates. This was already the proof that Jia Ruidao’s reputation in the circle was truly high.


“I naturally very much admire Grandmaster Jia’s gambling skill, or else I wouldn’t have invited Grandmaster Jia to handle this matter. But driving a 10,000-years-old ship needs careful and meticulous approaches, so it would be better to be safe than sorry. Besides, remaining in vigilance and always being on guard has always been the correct thing to do.” After quite a long silence, Zhang Deqin spoke.


After hearing the Zhang Deqin’s determination to obtain Walled Hill Village, the expression on Jia Ruidao’s face finally turned serious and solemn.


When Jia Ruidao was just about to speak out his reassurance to guarantee the result, the room’s door suddenly opened as Zhang Yongjin, Hu Wanjun, and Xue Renfei entered the room in a line.


“The lot of you really never let anyone be free from worry. If it were during the normal days, you coming late is not a problem. But you are late for this very day. Do you think I can be relaxed to hand over Walled Hill Village to you?” The moment she saw the Zhang Yongjin trio, the previously calm and composed Zhang Deqin instantly reincarnated into a fierce tigress, as she faced the Zhang Yongjin trio and snapped at them with a stern roar.


“B-Big Sis … I-I… W-we were rushing here, the result was that we almost had a car accident. So we were delayed and came late.” Under Zhang Deqin’s sharp and fierce gaze, Zhang Yongjin was as if a primary student that made mistakes as he lowered his head and apologized.


Xue Renfei and Hu Wanjun, who were standing behind Zhang Yongjin, did not even dare to gasp heavily this time.


When she heard that Zhang Yongjin almost had a car accident, Zhang Deqin whizzed from the chair as she stood up and arrived in front of Zhang Yongjin in 3 steps. She circled up and observed Zhang Yongjin’s body twice. With a nervous expression, she asked, “Yongjin, tell Big Sis, what had really happened? There isn’t something wrong with your body, right?”


At this time, the imposing manner of an able and successful career woman Zhang Deqin had a moment ago, had turned into the Zhang Deqin who was the embodiment of an ordinary woman full of maternal love.

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