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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 46 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Building the Heavenly Palace

Zhang Deqin came with her people high-spirited, but they returned back disappointed.


They originally thought that Walled Hill Village was already in their grasps. In fact, after Jia Ruidao was invited to the gamble, nobody thought that Zhang Deqin would lose. While others believed that this was almost impossible to have happened, Zhang Deqin herself had absolute confidence.


With public opinion rallied and full support for her, the Union headed by the Zhang Family had the absolute advantage. As for the Long Family, they were covered by countless of dark clouds that would condense and create raindrops of tears.


But Zhang Deqin had never dreamt that she would lose this gamble, and to even lose in such inexplicable way.


“Little Brother Tang, we’re truly grateful. If it was not for having you this time, the Long Family could’ve fallen. Moreover, we would have really fallen into the abyss.”  When Zhang Deqin had left with her people, the calm and composed expression on Long Zhengyu’s face disappeared, replaced by excitement and joy. He grabbed Tang Xiu’s palm and shook powerfully.


After having watched such a thrilling and turbulent gambling, Long Zhengyu was suddenly unable to hold his feelings in as his facial muscles twitched and seemed slightly unwell.


“Big Brother Long, it’s alright. However, I have to tell you the truth. The reason I came to help is but also for a request.” After thinking for a while, Tang Xiu spoke softly.


“Ah, how much is it worth? Do you know how much value the Walled Hill Village’s development rights are? Do you know how much value the 10% share of Skylane Commercial District is? They are worth billions of yuan. Besides, there are things that even money can’t buy…” When Tang Xiu had just finished speaking, Long Zhengyu shook his head and refuted.


Upon hearing Long Zhengyu’s answer, Tang Xiu was dumbfounded.


If it were not because Long Zhengyu had gone through an advance and retreat battle with Zhang Deqin and finally accomplished the task with ease, Tang Xiu suspected that even if he didn’t open his mouth to state his demand, Long Zhengyu would have revealed everything about Walled Hill Village and the Skylane Commercial District’s values. Wasn’t this the same as inciting him to demand an outrageous price for his service?


Fortunately, Tang Xiu had once lived for 10,000 years in the Immortal World. He had long been trained his mind to stay calm and sober. Thus, even if Long Zhengyu boasted more convincingly about Walled Hill Village and the Skylane Commercial District’s values, he didn’t care about it and had no greedy thought.


“Little Brother Tang, I know I offered 1 million yuan before. It was because I didn’t want to give up hope in recruiting a Gambling Master. Because I knew when Jia Ruidao had promised to help Zhang Deqin, even if I offered higher rewards, there would be none to dare to help me. And truthfully, 1 million is not enough for a gambling expert.”


“Do you know how much Jia Ruidao asked for payment from Zhang Deqin? It was 5 million yuan! Regardless of winning or losing he would be paid 5 million yuan, and there was no room for bargaining. Zhang Deqin this time just suffered a double loss after losing to the enemy, truly miserable.”


“Little Brother Tang, since you won against Jia Ruidao, then your payment certainly must not be lower than his. So, I will also give you a 5 million check. As for the other condition you mentioned, as long as we, the Long Family, are able to meet it, then I will fulfill it.”


Tang Xiu didn’t even speak, but Long Zhengyu proposed for the reward himself. And that he would fulfill them without even a flinch.


Upon seeing Long Zhengyu’s heroic spirit, Tang Xiu’s mind wandered as he recalled memories from the Immortal World.


“Big Brother Long, you don’t need to be this much. I will accept the 1 million reward, but not more. I just want a piece of land on Walled Hill Village’s hilltop.” Tang Xiu looked at Long Zhengyu for a moment as he then spoke in a deep tone, “I don’t need too much land, 1,000 m2 is enough.”


“Why would Little Brother Tang want a piece of land on Walled Hill Village?” Long Zhengyu apparently didn’t even dream that Tang Xiu would make such a request. He could not help but become shocked, because he was completely unable to figure out for what Tang Xiu would use that piece of land in Walled Hill Village for, “Little Brother Tang, do you mind telling me what you will use that land for?”

“On the other side of the Walled Hill Village was Yuzhou Ridge, my hometown. I can see it from the Walled Hill Village’s hilltop. If I build a manor there, my Mom would be very happy.” Tang Xiu hesitated for a moment. He didn’t mention about the Spiritual Vein and casually made up the reason.


But Tang Xiu’s words were not really a lie, since he knew that his mother only came to Star City to accompany him to study and in fact, was homesick. Although Yuzhou Ridge was quite far, but because of Walled Hill Village’s high elevation, she could see the whole picture of Yuzhou Ridge on its hilltop. By using a telescope, it could even be seen more clearly.


“Ah, Little Brother Tang originally wanted to build a manor. Give this matter to Long’s Dining Hall. We’ll help you to construct a fine manor there, so you can fulfill your mom’s wish.” After listening to Tang Xiu’s words, Long Zhengyu subconsciously felt relieved.


Because Walled Hill Village was really too important for Long Zhengyu. The issue with the Skylane Commercial District was too deep of a lesson for him. Therefore, for Walled Hill Village’s development, he planned that it must be fully planned and handled by the Long Family. And with the present Long’s Family’s capital, they now had the capital to fully complete the overall planning.

If Tang Xiu opened another project in this place and intercrossed with the Long’s Dining Hall’s corporate planning, then Long Zhengyu definitely would be in an awkward and in dilemma situation. But since Tang Xiu’s request didn’t intercross, he would try to fulfill it, since he already obtained Walled Hill Village’s development rights after all. Long Zhengyu felt eased since Tang Xiu’s request didn’t intercross with Long’s Dining Hall’s plan.


Upon hearing Long Zhengyu’s words to fulfill his request, Tang Xiu also felt happy.

Long Zhengyu and Long Zhenglin brought Tang Xiu to visit the Long’s Dining Hall. After having a meal, they went to Walled Hill Village.


The Long Brothers then took Tang Xiu along with an architect and headed directly to the Walled Hill Village.


After arriving at the hilltop, Tang Xiu headed straight to the location where he found the Spiritual Vein and told them that this was the place he wanted.


Long Zhengyu and Long Zhenglin stood on the hilltop as they looked at Yuzhou Ridge’s direction. They also could see the Yuzhou Ridge’s scenery at a glance and then completely believed Tang Xiu’s reason.


Although the vegetation around the Spiritual Vein was particularly lush, the Long Brothers didn’t find any specialness, since Walled Hill Village was originally a primeval forest to begin with. Even though the Spiritual Vein’s location on the hilltop was filled with lush vegetation, they were unable to find any particularities.

“Little Brother Tang, I had surveyed this Walled Hill Village for more than 10 times and also passed by this hill for a few times. But I’ve never found this good place. Now since you’ve picked this up, why do I feel like this location is the most beautiful spot on this hill?” Long Zhengyu retracted back his sight and looked at Tang Xiu as he faintly joked at him.


When Tang Xiu heard his words, his pupil shrunk before he smiled and replied, “Hadn’t people from ancient times said that we can’t get each and every best thing in life?”


“Little Brother Tang’s words are true. It’s just my own pettiness.” Long Zhengyu couldn’t help but laugh after he heard Tang Xiu’s words. He no longer pressed more and let the architect begin to measure the land and draw the design.


When Long Zhengyu asked what type of courtyard Tang Xiu wanted to build, the Immortal Mansion blessed land in the Immortal World crossed his mind.


Almost unconsciously, Tang Xiu snatched the pencil in the architect’s hands and then painted on the A4 sized paper.

At first, the architect disagreed, since he thought that a high school student would be unable to understand about architectures and also could not draw any good things out.


But when the buildings’ outlines were slowly highlighted on the paper, the architect’s eyes turned wide. It was because the picture Tang Xiu had painted was even more exquisite than himself by several folds. The lines were gentle and beautiful and seemed not to be drawn out by a pencil, but drawn out with computer drawing tools.


In addition, Tang Xiu’s design was even giving off some kind of indescribable feeling to the architect. It simply carried along such an atmosphere of luxury, a trace of elegance and indistinct mystical and spiritual sensation, as if the design was alive.


Long Zhengyu and Long Zhenglin originally thought that Tang Xiu was carefully drawing his own manor plan, so he snatched the design paper from the architect. They also didn’t think that Tang Xiu would be able to draw so many decent things.


However, when the Long Brothers saw that several architects seemed to be shocked by Tang Xiu’s design, they could not help but also take a look.


The Long Brothers’ reaction was also just like the architects’ as they were also astonished that even their eyes suddenly protruded.


“Eldest Brother, you’re really my Eldest Brother. Not only is your gambling skills amazing, your painting skills is also this good. Man…do you really want to make others’ lives feel sad?” Long Zhenglin let out a miserable roar as his eyes expressed his amazement and worship toward Tang Xiu.


“This place is really a place where people should live. But why do I feel like that it’s like a Heavenly Palace? The atmosphere, elegance, ethereal sensation, spiritual facilities, as if it’s integrated with Walled Hill Village, this is simply blended perfectly with the hill.” After having carefully looked for a long time, Long Zhengyu couldn’t help but exclaim in astonishment.


“Brother Tang, I have a presumptuous request. I don’t know whether you can agree or not?” Having thought for a while, Long Zhengyu looked at Tang Xiu with some anticipation as he asked in an anxious tone.


“Brother Long, my College Entrance Test is drawing near, so I don’t have extra time to do other things.” Although Long Zhengyu had yet to speak his words, Tang Xiu could fully guess his intention as he answered with a smile and shook his head.


“Ah, I know that Brother Tang will refuse me.” Long Zhengyu couldn’t help but sigh when he heard it, although he then immediately relaxed and spoke, “Anyways, the whole development for Walled Hill Village will take at least 10 years. Drawing the design itself would take a year. However, with Brother Tang’s ability, the time wasted would be lessened.


Long Zhengyu wasn’t angry because of Tang Xiu’s rejection, but rather understood Tang Xiu’s choice.


Tang Xiu originally just wanted the land around the Spiritual Vein as the center. But the Blessed Land Immortal Mansion he designed was extremely beautiful. So it made Long Zhengyu excited, and he wanted the design to be completed for the entire Walled Hill’s Village hilltop. Thus, the 1000 meters squared land Tang Xiu wanted, turned into 5000 meters squared.

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