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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 47 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Luxurious Villa

Long Zhengyu eventually gave Tang Xiu a bank card with 1 million yuan in cash. He originally wanted to give 5 million to Tang Xiu, but Tang Xiu refused to accept more money from Long Zhengyu, since he wanted the spot with Spiritual Vein on Wanted Hill Village.


However, Long Zhengyu repeatedly guaranteed that he would build Tang Xiu’s “Heavenly Palace”. He also gave his words that the place would become the most beautiful scenery and landmark of Walled Hill Village.


Tang Xiu hesitated before he finally agreed to Long Zhengyu’s offer.


On one hand, Tang Xiu really cherished the memory of the Immortal Mansion’s blessed land in the Immortal World, as he wished and wanted to reconstruct it here. On the other hand, Long Zhengyu was really attracted to the whole “Heavenly Palace” Tang Xiu had drawn, so he blurted out to develop the entire Walled Hill Village according to its design and make the Heavenly Palace as its core.


Since it also benefitted the both of them, Tang Xiu naturally didn’t refuse.


After leaving the hill, Tang Xiu went to a real estate agent.


Tang Xiu wanted to temper his body. This naturally neither could be done in his home nor the barren hill in the countryside. Although Walled Hill Village was a good choice, but it was very likely that another fierce beast was there. Tang Xiu didn’t want to be sneak-attacked by fierce beasts during closed-door practice.


Therefore, he was looking for a single, quiet, and remote house with a perfect security system to practice and quench his body.


When Tang Xiu spoke about the requirements for the house, the real estate agent looked at him with a strange expression.


“Mr. Tang, a single, quiet, remote house is easy to find. But since you also want a house with a high-security system, this is a bit hard to find. Only in the kinds of a luxury high-end district or luxury villa area will you find the house that has a high-security system. You’ll never find it in an ordinary residential district.”


“Since you have mentioned these three conditions, there seems to have only one such district in the whole Star City. But the district’s rental fee is particularly high and also very strict with identity checking…”  The real estate agent looked at Tang Xiu’s clothes and spoke with a hesitating expression.


“What’s the meaning of this strict control of identity?” Upon seeing the real estate agent’s awkward expression, Tang Xiu spoke in an amazed tone.


“Because the people who live in that district are a wealthy and respectable people. The district’s owner seems to have formed a convention, that is, ordinary people can’t live there. Outsiders could only live there if there is a guarantor from the house’s owner.” The intermediary agent hesitated first before softly explained.


Tang Xiu was completely silent after he heard the broker’s explanation.

Tang Xiu did not continue to talk with the broker, and instead took his phone out and directly dialed Long Zhenglin’s number.


“Eldest Brother, we’ve just separated for a short while, but you already want me. I knew that Eldest Brother really loves me, hahaha!” Long Zhenglin was still in buoyant mood after having obtained Walled Hill Village as he laughed and teased.


Hearing his answer sent chills through Tang Xiu as he snappily cursed at him. Then, he asked Long Zhenglin whether he knew about the South Gate Town’s owner.


“Do you want to rent a house in the South Gate Town? Hey, why didn’t you say so earlier? You don’t know that the South Gate Town is developed by our family?” After listening to Tang Xiu’s question, Long Zhenglin replied in a surprised tone.


The next moment, the person speaking on the phone changed, “Brother Tang, the houses at South Gate Town have long been sold out. It’s basically not for renting purposes, but long ago my friend had bought a house in South Gate Town. But when he had finished decorating the house, he found that the house was close to a hill and had poor natural lighting, so he hasn’t moved in yet. If you want, I could give it to you directly.”


“Either you can sell it to me according to the market price, or I find another place, I can only choose between the two.” Upon hearing that Long Zhengyu intended to give it to him, Tang Xiu got a headache and didn’t hesitate to refuse.


“You… ah, Brother Tang. It’s not that I… ah. You really have a serious nature. You will have no friends later. That house is big, but the natural lighting is too bad.  It simply couldn’t be sold at any price. Otherwise, my friend would have long sold it and wouldn’t have been vacant for so many years. Well, if you really want to buy it, 1 million yuan is fine. I’ll immediately give the key to you.”


Long Zhengyu simply didn’t give the opportunity for Tang Xiu to speak and directly finalized his decision on the phone.


When Tang Xiu hung up the phone and let out a wry smile, he found the broker looked at his face with a stagnated expression. Tang Xiu then understood the reason, because the broker also heard the content of his conversation Long Zhengyu.


“Mr. Tang, I’m really sorry. I didn’t know you were Chief Long’s friend. I was really rude a moment ago.” The broker embarrassedly smiled toward Tang Xiao smiled and hurriedly apologized.


“Is Chief Long very famous in the Star City?” Tang Xiu was puzzled and asked.


“Mr. Tang, 90% of Star City’s girls are estimated to have known about Chief Long. Could you even tell that he’s not famous?” Tang Rong said with a face flushed red.


Upon hearing it, Tang Xiu was quite stunned. Although Long Zhengyu was a bit handsome, but it was not to a degree that it would shake the world. Besides, Long Zhengyu was a businessman, not a star. How could he possible have such fame in Star City?

But Tang Xiu did not ask further, but rather turned away from the real estate agency and headed to the appointed meeting place with Long Zhengyu.


A few minutes later, Long Zhenglin personally sent the key and ID card over. When Tang Xiu handed his bankcard, Long Zhenglin refused to accept it.


“Eldest Brother, without the key you cannot enter the house in the South Gate Town. And I suggest that you use this 1 million for yourself to dress up. If you wear this kind of dress to the South Gate Town, I’m absolutely sure the security guards will stop you outside.” Long Zhenglin let out a ruminating smiling expression before he left.


Tang Xiu only smiled and didn’t put Long Zhenglin’s words in his heart


The instant Long Zhenglin was turning around, Tang Xiu slipped the 1 million bankcard into his clothes pocket in a flash.


Half an hour later, Tang Xiu arrived at the South Gate Town’s entrance.


When Tang Xiu was just about to arrive at the complex’s entrance, more than a dozen security guards swarmed and rushed over him. Upon seeing overbearing actions from those security guards, Tang Xiu was scared that he almost ran away, while an extreme awkward expression covered his face.


Tang Xiu was a little regretting his decision for not listening to Long Zhenglin’s words to dress himself up.


“Mr. Tang, good afternoon. I’m Long Xueyao, the South Gate Town’s real estate manager. I’m very pleased to serve you. Mr. Long asked me to take you to your villa. Please come with me.” The leader was a tall girl. She bowed deeply toward Tang Xiu as she greeted him with a bright voice and sweet smile.


Upon hear Long Xueyao’s words, Tang Xiu, who was ready to give an explanation, couldn’t help but be stunned. But he quickly figured out that he was played by the Long Brothers.


The Long brothers clearly had figured out his character. And knowing that he was disinclined to spend time and money to dress himself up, they deliberately came up with such a play to scare him.


While secretly cursing in his heart, a charming smile emerged on Tang Xiu’s face. He politely said a thank you and then went with Long Xueyao with the security guards behind them.


After he entered the South Gate Town complex, Tang Xiu felt like he was entering another world.


The complex had a still, deep water pond inside with hundreds of beautiful flowers. It was completely different from the noisy and bustling situation outside the complex.


For each 3 pavilions inside the complex, a five-step-wide security post was erected, with each of them occupied by an armed security guard that guarded nearby, as he saw that they greeted every pedestrian in the complex with a standard military salute.


If it for were not confirming himself that he was entering a luxurious villa complex, Tang Xiu almost suspected that he had entered an army compound.

After having passed through lawns with flowers and grasses one after another, Long Xueyao brought Tang Xiu to the deepest part of the complex as he saw a single built villa that was like “pasted” on the cliff.


The instant Tang Xiu saw the villa, he knew that he was deceived.


Although the villa’s back was against the hill, but the front was faced toward the sun, and the natural lighting was obviously very good. Moreover, lines of trees could be seen surrounding the villa above, while the design and style were simply unmatched compared to the other villas in the complex.


“Mr. Tang, this is my business card. If you need anything, you can call me at any time. I hope that you enjoy living in this complex. For your logistic needs, it would be our responsibility.” After clearly seeing the reaction from Tang Xiu, Long Xueyao promptly took out her business card, and then quietly led the group of security to leave.


At this time, Tang Xiu’s mind had been completely locked on the villa above. After he bid farewell to Long Xueyao, he couldn’t wait to hurriedly enter the villa.


After entering the villa, Tang Xiu knew that he had been deceived.


It was a 3-storied villa. Because they were built by the hill, therefore, each floor had different beautiful scenery to see. An alley paved with cobblestones directed the path to the door as a row of stone benches were on its both sides. Different shapes of flowers and bonsais were arranged on the stone benches for the feast of people’s eyes.

The door to the villa’s hall was high and stylish, with round arched windows and corners built from stone, looking completely elegant. The continually arched door and winding pathway gave off an elegant, exquisite, and cozy feeling.

The villa’s decoration inherited the essence of the traditional Chinese architecture as it maintained the elegance of traditional architectural design and its simplicity as it blended into a splendid unique artistic style. Also, it was designed to be perfectly blended with nature according to Confucianism, incorporating and releasing the Daoism and Buddhism teaching, which hid the idea of gracefulness in an obscure and elegant style.


Classical and spacious natures were blended as natural building materials and vines above it set each other nicely side by side, giving off the feeling that the classics also didn’t fall behind in fashion.


Almost at first glance, Tang Xiu deeply liked this villa.


“Apart from the villa value itself, it is estimated that this villa’s decoration would cost 1 million. I owe them a big favor.” When Tang Xiu took out his phone out and called Long Zhengyu to ask for the real price of the villa, he found that Long Zhengyu actually had shut it down. Tang Xiu knew that Long Zhengyu was avoiding him, making it impossible for him to give this villa back.


“It seems like that I could only slowly pay this favor back.” Tang Xiu originally couldn’t bear to return this villa back. But upon seeing Long Zhengyu shut his phone down, his heart was no longer tangled.

Had it been others that suddenly got this huge amount of wealth, they would certainly be clueless of what to do and be in awe. But Tang Xiu’ past life was almost that of the richest man in the Immortal World. Moreover, he also had the confidence to repay this favor to the Long Family, so Tang Xiu quickly felt indifferent to accepting the fact that Long Zhengyu had gifted him the villa.

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