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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 48 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Concocting Body Refining Liquid Succeeded

“Big Brother, take your bankcard back!” At Longwan Resort, when Long Zhenglin accidently found and pulled out a bankcard from his pocket, he was momentarily dumbfounded before he gave the bankcard back to Long Zhengyu with a bitter face.


“It’s alright, since Brother Tang doesn’t want to take us cheaply, we will accept this.” Long Zhengyu looked at his bankcard that was sent to himself as he showed a funny smile.


Because the villa that had been given from Long Zhengyu to Tang Xiu, and wasn’t bought by his friend, but rather he left it as his own spare. It was not because the villa couldn’t be sold, but it was out of the South Gate Town’s landscape blueprint and was the grandest type of all, even the richest couldn’t buy it.


The reason for Long Zhengyu intentionally saying that it was just another elegant villa that way, was because he was afraid that Tang Xiu would know the villa’s real value and then be unwilling to receive his gift.


“Zhengyu, Zhenglin, is Tang Xiu really that good?” A middle-aged man put down the newspaper in his hands as he asked with a doubting expression.


Long Hanwen had always felt that his two sons were geniuses. He was also extremely fond and favored his own 2 sons, and simply didn’t believe that there would be other youngsters that were better than his children.

But after Long Hanwen came home today, the conversation between his two sons was bombed as the topic centered on an unfamiliar young man, which made Long Hanwen extremely puzzled.


Even if Long Hanwen knew that Tang Xiu was the one who won the gamble against Jia Ruidao, he also only thought that his two sons resorted to tricks and dishonest means and made Jia Ruidao deliberately lose to Tang Xiu, rather than that Tang Xiu really winning against Jia Ruidao through his own gambling skills.


In fact, if one did not directly witness the gambling scene between Tang Xiu and Jia Ruidao, there was basically none that dared to believe that someone in the Shuangqing Province was able to crush Jia Ruidao in gambling.


“Big Brother, in father’s eyes, it seems that apart from us, the others are all idiots and morons. We really don’t have to work had, huh.” Upon hearing his father’s words and seeing his expression, Long Zhenglin couldn’t help but let out a sorrowful speech and then went upstairs directly.

“Dad, I admit that your two sons are very good. But you have to know that there will be people outside that are more talented than us. This time, if there was no help from Tang Xiu, your sons might have lost to Zhang Deqin and the others.” Long Zhengyu spoke a few words before he also went to his bedroom.


Long Hanwen looked at the back of his two sons when they left, as a deep pondering expression was drawn on his face.


At South Gate Town, Tang Xiu had spent half an hour to observe his villa up and down again, and then circled around his villa. When he found that his villa was far away from the other villas’ cluster and almost isolated, he was feeling more satisfied with this villa given by Long Zhengyu.


After having familiarized himself with the villa and its surroundings, Tang Xiu then went to the rented freezer compartment as he took out some of the python’s blood’s essence and part of the internal organs and meat from the python. He also took the medicinal herbs and minerals he picked up from Walled Hill Village.


The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis consisted of 3 big stages, one of which was the Stars Tyrannical Body that was divided into—Vitality Tempering, Skin Strengthening, Flesh Strengthening, Bone Transformation, Meridian Transformation, Marrow Transformation, Viscera Transformation, Blood and Qi Circulation, and Nine Core Phase Forming.


Tang Xiu was now still at the Vitality Tempering phase. Since the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis had to temper the body first, that meant he needed to concoct Body Refining medicament that was comprised of a 1st Rank Monster Beast’s blood’s essence, internal organs, and flesh. The medicament also needed Star Spirit Grass, Poisonous Demon Cane, Green Jade Stone Essence, and other materials.

In particular, the fresher the Monster Beast’s blood’s essence, internal organs, and flesh, the better the medication’s efficacy. This was why Tang Xiu was impatient to seek for a place to close up and cultivate after he killed the python, rather than wait for 2 months after the College Entrance Test and slowly temper his body again.


In an orderly procedure, the Star Spirit Grass and the Poisonous Demon Cane also must be cleaned and grounded along with the Green Jade Stone Essence into powder. Then, Tang Xiu also had to wash the python’s internal organs and flesh several times before carefully putting these ingredients into certain proportions.

While doing that, Tang Xiu also had to boil the already long frozen python’s blood essence in the cauldron.


Tang Xiu tightly stared at the boiled python’s blood essence as he put the Star Spirit Grass and Green Jade Stone Essence powder into it.


Along with the Star Spirit Grass and Green Jade Stone Essence powder being blended, the previously red-colored blood quickly changed, as the stench that filled the air gradually faded. The blood’s color then quickly turned into a deep blue color as white specks could be faintly seen amongst the mixture, as if the vast blue sky was being painted with countless stars.

When the stench in the air had completely disappeared, Tang Xiu put in the python’s internal organs and meat into the mixture as he also took out the Poisonous Demon Cane he had prepared.


Although the Poisonous Demon Cane was named as a cane, but the fact was that it was extremely hard, just like an iron stick.


The moment after he took the Poisonous Demon Cane out, Tang Xiu’s face turned extremely solemn, because he knew that the stirring speed would directly affect the success or failure in concocting this Body Refining Liquid.


Concocting Body Refining Liquid also required an extremely high degree of control and concentration. The slightest carelessness would create an accident and/or explosion.


Although Tang Xiu had prepared several materials for the Body Refining Liquid, and the villa’s location was also quite isolated, so he didn’t have to worry that an explosion would attract onlookers… But Tang Xiu didn’t want to experience the feeling of failure.

While Tang Xiu was still stirring the mixture, the hard internal organs and lumped meat gradually softened as it turned into juice and then blended into the liquid. The most bizarre sight was that the Poisonous Demon Cane in Tang Xiu’s hand was as if it was being gnawed at since it became a little thinner than before.


“If there was an alchemist assistant, I wouldn’t have to do such a trifling and boring thing like this.” When Tang Xiu was still stirring, a wish crossed his mind.


Because this was his first time concocting Body Refining Liquid, Tang Xiu was quite nervous.


Slowly, after Tang Xi got used to it, his mind began to loosen as he became absent-minded.


In an almost unconscious state, all kinds of pictures when he was in the Immortal World emerged in Tang Xiu’s mind. For a moment in this dreamland, he couldn’t even tell whether he was in the present modern era or when he was living 10,000 years ago in the Immortal World.


While Tang Xiu was still drowned in his imagination, a yellow bubble suddenly gushed out from the boiler as an unbearable stench suddenly filled the air in the house.


“Holy crap, it’s going to explode!” Tang Xiu shouted loudly when he saw that the boiler suddenly turned into a big bubble. He rushed outside the villa without hesitation.


The split moment when Tang Xiu had just left the villa’s door, a loud explosion sounded. All the previous efforts Tang Xiu had made were destroyed.

After having spent less than half an hour to clean up the residues, Tang Xiu began to start the second concocting process again.


Having learned from the first lesson, Tang Xiu didn’t dare to have any stray thoughts again as he completed every step in a meticulous manner.


Only when the Poisonous Demon Cane in Tang Xiu’s hands became smaller did Tang Xiu’s thought strayed again. The boiler then exploded without exception.


“No, the problem is not because of me. It should be because of this Poisonous Demon Cane!” In the first attempt, Tang Xiu felt that he wasn’t careful. But for the second attempt, Tang Xiu’s mind was only distracted for a moment as to figure out where the problem was.

Tang Xiu took out a knife and scraped a layer of powder on the tip of Poisonous Demon Cane.


At the next moment, mixed and various images from the Immortal World uncontrollably gushed out and filled Tang Xiu’s mind.


“No wonder The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis said that concocting the Body Refining Liquid is very difficult, and the success rate is very low. It turns out that it’s not because it’s difficult to control one’s feelings in the concocting process, but rather that the hallucinatory effect caused by the Poisonous Demon Cane is really hard to guard against.”


When Tang Xiu wanted to start the third concocting attempt, he saw the remaining materials on the floor, causing him to become cautious.


After he hypothesized the concocting process in his mind, Tang Xiu analyzed each stage that the boiler had the possibility to explode at.


In the next moment, Tang Xiu scraped a layer of powder down from the Poisonous Demon Cane again and directly applied it onto his own skin.


There was no accident at first. Then, Tang Xiu’s mind got distracted again.


“Fortunately, I promptly thought about this possibility. Otherwise, it would have wasted more materials. This Poisonous Demon Cane is really too powerful. It can permeate into the human skin’s pores and affect people’s thoughts.” A trace of fear was revealed from Tang Xiu’s complexion as he looked at the iron stick in his hand.

Although Tang Xiu could be said to have reached the peak in alchemy and pills’ concocting in his past incarnation, but he didn’t dare to boast that he knew everything about the raw materials for medicines. This Poisonous Demon Cane was precisely one of the herbs he hadn’t known of yet. He could only seek it out through the aid from looking at its picture that was recorded on the prescription above the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis’s record.

The respective materials and ingredients needed to concoct the Body Refining Liquid were written above the Breathing Practice line in the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis’s record. However, there was no information about each material’s properties on it.

It was quite fortunate that Tang Xiu was very familiar with most of the materials. The one that he had yet to know was only the Poisonous Demon Cane.


Had it been others that were blindly concocting the Body Refining Liquid, it could be said that that person would possibly fail hundreds of times. It was because any slightest error would lead to failure in concocting the Body Refining Liquid.

Even if it were Tang Xiu, he was also unable to say that he would have a 100% rate of successfully concocting the Body Refining Liquid. He was only a bit familiar with the Poisonous Demon Cane’s property. Tang Xiu believed that if he were to completely understand the Poisonous Demon Cane’s properties, he could guarantee that he would be successful in concocting the Body Refining Liquid.

In the next few hours, Tang Xiu did not rush to concoct the Body Refining Liquid and instead repeatedly researched the Poisonous Demon Cane diligently. Only after another hour did Tang Xiu believe that he had completely grasped the Poisonous Demon Cane’s nature and began to concoct the medicinal liquid again.


Boiling the bloods’ essence…


Putting in Star Spirit Grass and Green Jade Ore Essence powder…


Putting in internal organs and flesh…




Holding one’s breath…


Closing the pores…


Shielding off the five senses…


Doing all the steps in thorough and orderly procedures…




Time passed by unknowingly.


Tang Xiu’s mind and heart completely hung in the air, undisturbed and fiercely thumping.

Suddenly, a crackling sound sounded from the Poisonous Demon Vine in his hand, causing his heart to slow down by half a beat. In an almost unsubconscious state, Tang Xiu opened his eyes.

The medicinal liquid in the boiler had turned into a golden color as it also exuded an exotic and refreshing fragrance.


“Have I succeeded?” While looking sluggishly at the medicine liquid for a moment, he found that the fear for it to explode didn’t happen. The medicinal liquid color was exactly the same with the record, causing Tang Xiu’s eyes to burn with a boiling and hot light.

Tang Xiu hadn’t noticed that his clothes had been completely drenched in sweat at this moment, as beads of sweat had also permeated on his forehead. He was just like someone that had been drowned and just got fished out from the water.




  1.    I forgot to add that the Supreme Art of Quintessence Space in the previous term has been changed into the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis.
  2. Fierce Beast (Xiongshou) wrote by the author in previous chapters just changed into Monster Beast (Yaoshou). Please don’t ask me whether it was intentional or not XD. Anyways, I think the author has just found his style after 40+ chaps. I have fully read RFTIW until the latest chaps in raws (Chapter 903), he got better in writing style, although I also found a lot of plot holes… well… what can I say…
  3.   I was trying to keep the consistencies with the terms transliterated by the previous translators, especially for the stages of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. However, I was just pondering when I read the contents in the raws. I think that the first stage in the Stars Tyrannical Body Stage was not Breathing Practice, but Vitality Tempering. 练气 (Lian qi) usually transliterated into Breathing Practice. But for the cultivation stage in this novel, I have to change it into Vitality Tempering.

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