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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 49 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 49

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Announcement: This is quite important you guys. We have a new TL who has just joined our team, pangpang. He will be working on TLDP since Udeze has family and RL things to take care of and it turns out he won’t be able to allocate time for TLDP anymore. I myself likewise will also be going on hiatus with SEAM and GS after this week because of my midterms and papers. We will be back soon, please wait for us ? may take up to 2 weeks, but we will see how this goes. As you know, we have finally created our Patreon Page!!!! Please check it out. For every 5 new patreon donors, we will release one bonus chapter. Queue will remain as is. For now enjoy 20/21 RFTIW, as well as 3 regulars to come. Udeze is on a business trip, so the regulars for the upcoming week may be out a bit slow. We have 4 chps ready to be edited, 3 for this week and 1 for the upcoming, as well as chp 50 to end the 21 chps spree.

Chapter 49: Vitality Tempering Peak Stage


In the split moment after successfully concocting the Body Refining Liquid, Tang Xiu woke up. He took out the already prepared modulated plaster made from the Green Jade Stone Essence and applied it onto his body.


Tang Xiu carefully spread out the plaster on his body carefully as not to miss any part of his body. He especially painted layer after layer on some essential spots on his lower body.


10 minutes later, Tang Xiu was just like a warrior clad in “gypsum armor”. His whole body, from top to bottom, was completely covered by plaster cast made from Green Jade Stone Essence and did not miss a spot.


At the same time, a cooling and cold sensation spread throughout his body. The comfortable feeling even almost made Tang Xiu release a moan.


However, when he looked at the boiling Body Refining Liquid, a trace of hesitation and fear flashed through Tang Xiu’s eyes.


“My body is too feeble. I don’t know whether I can withstand the fierce baptism of this Body Refining Liquid!”


“Fortunately, after my soul had been integrated, I was accidentally able to cultivate the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis and enhance my body a lot. Otherwise, my life could have been finished directly.”


“It seems that I drank too much python blood essence 2 nights ago. The more the medicine attracted, the stronger the efficacy…”


The moment before he entered the boiler, countless thoughts flashed inside Tang Xiu’s mind.


But Tang Xiu realized that he couldn’t avoid this tribulation. He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth and resolutely entered the boiler.


One foot…


The other foot…


Half of his body….


Whole body…


When Tang Xiu had submerged in the liquid medicine, he heard a loud bang. It was as if the python’s blood essence inside his body suddenly ignited, as a raging fire sprayed out from his mouth.


Tang Xiu opened his mouth for a while and swallowed the gold-colored Body Refining Liquid into his stomach.


“I must not aaaaaah… uuuuh…”


A sharp and acute pain was transmitted from his mouth and cavity as Tang Xiu subconsciously wanted to jump out from the boiler.


In the next moment, Tang Xiu was stunned because the Green Jade Stone Essence plaster unexpectedly solidified. Just when he wanted to move, he was confined by the gypsum and was unable to even make any movements or jump out from the boiler.


After calming himself down, Tang Xiu was secretly glad that he did not jump out of the boiler.


Had Tang Xiu not been careful and jumped out from the boiler a moment ago, he would’ve needed to concoct the Body Refining Liquid again. And this was not an easy task.


The most essential thing was that the materials and ingredients to concoct the Body Refining Liquid had basically been exhausted. Tang Xiu didn’t have any means to quickly find all the materials and ingredients for the Body Refining Liquid. Therefore, had he jumped out of the boiler, he didn’t know how long he had to delay to completely pass the vitality and body tempering stage.


With the lesson from almost jumping out from the boiler, Tang Xiu began to increase his vigilance as he quietly breathed and didn’t dare to have distracting thoughts again.


Even though the expression on Tang Xiu’s complexion was tranquil at the moment, but his facial muscles began to twist as a painful roar was let out from his throat.




Very painful…


Extremely painful…


Although his body was protected by the Green Jade Stone Essence gypsum, Tang Xiu still felt that his bones were being stabbed and scrapped by countless knives. The pain was extremely painful, to the point that he even wished that he could die. Words were unable to describe this extreme pain.


And the pain was not just from the surface of his body. Because the python’s blood essence was inside Tang Xiu’s body, he felt like there was a cluster of raging flames burning inside his body, scorching all of his internal organs and making his blood boil.


Tang Xiu also thought of shifting his attention, but the pain inside and outside his body was just like an unending continuous tidal wave, rendering him unable to even shift the slightest attention anywhere else, let alone practice the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis in this kind of state.


Fortunately, Tang Xiu long had the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis and had a kind of approach in practicing it. He had spent his time in reciting and studying almost crazily the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis in the Immortal World for many years, to the extent that it became his body’s instinct. He didn’t even need to intentionally control his body to practice this cultivation method.


It was just like the God Race and Demon Race that were able to cultivate their perfect particular abilities at the same time. The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis was not only a cultivation method to cultivate one’s Divine Sense, but also an ancient and powerful body refining cultivation method.


The Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, by means of limbs and body movements, would temper and stimulate the body.


These movements, including kneading, pinching, folding, bending, knocking, twisting, and other movements would temper and stimulate every large and small part of the body, ultimately forging a body like that of the Demon Race’s body.


It was also imperative that apart from the limbs and body movements, practicing this cultivation method also needed respective corresponding medicaments.


Tang Xiu was now a little happy since he didn’t neglect to temper his body. Therefore, he had been accustomed to the pain when he tempered his body beforehand. Otherwise, he could have drowned in this kind of unexpected painful suffering and fainted directly in the boiler.


After some time had passed, sweat streamed out from Tang Xiu’s body as his spirit and mind also became muddled.


The Green Jade Stone Essence gypsum covering Tang Xiu’s body began to melt bit by bit as it then fell off. His skin, under the baptism of the boiled medicine liquid, turned scarlet, causing him to look like a cooked shrimp.


A violent and overbearing energy was rampaging inside Tang Xiu’s body as his internal organs and tendons were nearly exhausted and damaged. However, at the same time, a strange energy wrapped those damaged tendons and internal organs as it was quickly repairing, enlarging, and strengthening them.


In the middle of the wanton destruction, construction, and reinforcing, music composed from the hoarse and anguished howls were uncontrollably exuded from Tang Xiu’s throat.


Suddenly, without even preparing his mental force, Tang Xiu had entered into a cultivation state as the extreme twisting muscles on his face gradually calmed down.


Tang Xiu hadn’t even noticed that, when he entered cultivation state, the moon this night was at its brightest, as he was sitting in the courtyard bathing under the moonlight.


The moon shone, bright and dazzling, as the stars filled the vast sky like birdsongs and fragrant flowers accompanying the fluttering cheerful music.


Suddenly, from hundreds of millions of miles away at the end of the dome of the sky, the countless stars transformed into specks of starlight like blooming fireworks. It rained down from the sky above the South Gate Town as it completely enveloped it.


Since the South Gate Town’s location was far away from the city, coupled with the scene occurring late in the night, many people hadn’t realized this magnificent and bizarre phenomenon.


Tang Xiu’s body was just like a huge magnet as it continued to attract the starlight from the sky to enter his body.


Tang Xiu’s practice time today was particularly long as he absorbed an unprecedented large amount of starlight into his body. It was as if it was caused by the body refining medicinal liquid.


Along with the increase in starlight absorption, the star energy inside Tang Xiu’s body also slowly increased.


Five spheres…


Six spheres…


Seven spheres…




When Tang Xiu suddenly opened his eyes, he found that the first light thread of the dawn from the horizon had already fallen into his courtyard. At the same time, an extremely invigorating feeling spread throughout his body as he was unable to control his voice and moaned.


Tang Xiu looked down and saw that the body refining medicinal liquid in the boiler had long turned transparent. It was as if it was just like a pot of boiled water with some black residues at the bottom of the pot.


Tang Xiu stretched out his arm a bit as he heard a burst of crackling sounds. At the same time, he also felt that his body was extremely comfortable.


Tang Xiu then jumped out from the pot in the next moment.


Crackling and rattling sounds resounded as Tang Xiu jumped out from the pot. 2 big footprints had been carved in the large iron pot that had been especially bought by Tang Xiu from the food market last night. At the same time, Tang Xiu also saw that the blue stone under his feet also had 2 cracks.


“Could it be that my height grew?” Tang Xiu suddenly felt for the first time that his angle and field of vision seemed to be unusually different from before. He walked toward the door for a bit and realized that his height really had increased by quite a bit.


Tang Xiu’s height previously was only 1,67 meters. But after he had soaked himself in the Body Refining Liquid, his height grew by nearly 10 cm overnight.


In fact, the biggest change Tang Xiu had was not his height, but his strength.


Tang Xiu was quite astonished when he found that his strength had an explosive growth. It was nearly 10 folds stronger than previously.


Tang Xiu looked around as he saw a giant stone teapot decoration in the courtyard. There was a line carved on the stone teapot “worthless things will become extremely valuable in time of need” [1]. Tang Xiu smiled as he stretched out his hands to hold the teapot’s body and easily lifted it up.


This giant stone teapot was 500 kg in weight. Tang Xiu estimated that his strength had at least reached 1500 kg, and that was only the strength of his arms.


Apart from the increase in his height and arm’s strength, Tang Xiu’s Spiritual Sense also had been enhanced sharply.


Tang Xiu’s Spiritual Sense could only cover a few meters scope around him before. He also had to completely concentrate to be able to achieve it. But now, his Spiritual Sense was able to completely envelop nearly 100m in radius, and Tang Xiu also didn’t need to concentrate beforehand.


“9 stars. I actually have 9-star spheres inside my body right now. 9 in the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis is the peak. That means that I have reached the peak of the Vitality Tempering stage. So the next stage would be Skin Strengthening stage?” When Tang Xiu observed his body with his Spiritual Sense, he found that the Star Spheres inside his body had increased to 9 spheres from the previous 4 spheres. Therefore, he couldn’t help but exclaim out loud.


Although he had long known that cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, which was a peerless secret cultivation method from the God Race and Demon Race, would enhance strength very fast, but when Tang Xiu really felt the effect of this cultivation method, he was quite scared.


“At present, I only have brute force. I don’t know for how much my defensive power has been enhanced by. Only when I complete the Skin Strengthening will I have the invulnerability and will be barely able to fully protect myself.” Tang Xiu quickly awakened from his surprised condition due to his strength promotion.


His state of mind had returned to normal. But Tang Xiu was stunned when he prepared to put on his clothes.


Because not only was Tang Xiu’s height had increased, but his body was also bigger and became sturdier. He couldn’t wear his previous clothes.


“Ah, I have no choice but to buy new clothes.” When Tang Xiu looked at his short old clothes that didn’t suit him anymore, he had no choice but to take out a phone from his old clothes to ask for help.

Just when Tang Xiu saw a list of dense missed calls from his phone’s screen, a look of puzzlement expression emerged on his face.



[1] The raws for this line only had 4 characters 一壶千金 (Yī hú qiānjīn) literally a pot of a daughter or a thousand jin (500kg) pot. However, the line is also a metaphor that means worthless things usually become extremely valuable in time of need. Usually used as a reminder in decorative carvings. I used the metaphor here since the villa was designed in Chinese architectural design.

[2] Cultivation level in the novel in advance:

Cultivation level for normal cultivation method could be found later. It’s just like in other novels…

Qi Refining à Foundation Establishment à Gold Core à Nascent Soul à bla bla bla 😛

For the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis… well, it’s quite different and confusing even though I’ve read the latest raws. Firstly, the author had stressed out that it was a different cultivation method, thus the cultivation level’s power was also unknown. Secondly, the author will (only shortly) explain later (takes hundreds of chapters) that a certain stage in Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis is comparable with a certain stage in normal cultivation method. Thirdly, it seems that the author will prolong the story… even the previous gambling scene spends too many chapters.


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