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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Disaster to the Family Member


As Tang Xiu had expected, his desk was surrounded by other students after class. They were expressing their gratitude as well as were curious about how Tang Xiu had such a big strength. Some others also asked about the specific details of the car accident a year ago.


With big efforts, Tang Xiu spent quite some time to send them away before this group of enthusiastic and curious students left.


“Tang Xiu, do you think Ouyang Haifeng’s gang will come to find us and get revenge on campus?” Cheng Yannan who sat in front suddenly turned around and asked softly when nobody was around Tang Xiu’s desk.


“After having gone through today’s incident, I think both the police and the school will increase the security. That gang is unlikely to incite trouble at school.”  Tang Xiu thought for second and replied with a serious expression.


“Thank you.” Having heard that, Cheng Yannan seemed to be relieved and then fell into a daze.


Tang Xiu couldn’t help but be stunned as he scrutinized Cheng Yannan’s expression that was worlds apart with her usual response.


But Tang Xiu quickly figured it out. Cheng Yannan might have usually been carefree, but she was after all was only a girl, an under 18 year old girl.


She had just gone through a sudden kidnapping by a murderer and almost lost her life. Had it been for others, they could have lost half of their soul.


When Tang Xiu thought about it, he subconsciously looked at Yuan Chuling, who shared the table with him. He was also different than his usual self and was awfully quiet. He was also uncommunicative when the cops wrote the record, and his complexion now was even deathly pale as he was also in a dazed state.


“Fatty, are you alright?” Tang Xiu pushed Yuan Chuling as he asked him with a concerned expression.


“I-I… I-I’m fine…” Abruptly woken up by Tang Xiu, Yuan Chuling’s body quivered as he looked around with a blank expression. Realizing he was sitting in the classroom, he hurriedly shook his head.


“It’s OK, your vest is drenched in sweat.” Seeing Yuan Chuling’s reaction, Tang Xiu scrutinized him and then softly spoke, “Fatty, everything has passed, we are safe now.”


“Eldest Brother, tell me something. Is it this hard to see someone die? Once a man dies, is it true that his soul is really gone?” Yuan Chuling asked irrelevant questions.


“Haih, I don’t know that. Eh, why don’t you jump from the window and try it yourself?” Tang Xiu leaned his head and thought for a moment, and then he suggested with an extremely serious expression.


“You… Go to hell, f*ck you!” Yuan Chuling obviously had yet to recover from his frightened state. He was in a daze for a long time and only came to his senses after Tang Xiu teased him, as he then punched Tang Xiu over.


“Hell no, will I explore such a deep philosophical problems? Therefore, I’ll just give that honorable task to you. It’s better for you, really.” Tang Xiu stopped Yuan Chuling’s fist as he smiled and made fun of him.


“Eldest Brother, I used to think that I was very powerful. I have both good strength and courage. And I used to believe that I’d be a great hero someday. But when that damned gangster used Cheng Yannan to block my desk and I had no way to stop or change its direction, I felt that I was really useless.”


“Especially when that gangster stabbed his dagger at me. Hell, you wouldn’t be able to know how desperate I was at that time.”




After Tang Xiu teased him a few times, Yuan Chuling slowly opened up to what he felt inside as he threw out everything that deep inside his heart.


Seeing that Yuan Chuling finally broke out from the traumatic shadow due to the gangster incident, Tang Xiu felt relieved.


But Tang Xiu didn’t know that Cheng Yannan who sat in front was secretly eavesdropping on his conversation, although she didn’t turn around.


Upon hearing the constant teasing Tang Xiu did to Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan’s delicate shoulders shivered. She even almost burst into laughter a few times. But since it was still during class, she had no choice but to hold her urge to burst into laughter.


Although Han Qingwu spent 45 minutes in giving a psychological counseling for all the students, and most of everyone’s fear had been gone, but many students were still in a dazed state in the classroom.


Some of them were afraid. Some others were too excited because once they had the chance to speak, they must blurt out everything they knew about this gangster hijacking incident. As if only by doing so, would they be able to drive out their fear and pacify their excited mood to calm down.


The gangster hijacking became the number one topic at Star City First High School today. Class 10’s students, especially Tang Xiu, Cheng Yannan, and Yuan Chuling were the focus of the talks.


However, the main players that became the center of talk had long been out of the impact due to the incident. While secretly guarding against the emergence of the retaliating gangster’s members, their thoughts were more focused on their study.


One day had passed without anyone noticing. The talks about the gangster incident gradually died down under the deliberate action of the school’s authorities. A person in the residential building nearby Star City First High School silently put away his telescope as chilling murderous intention flashed through his eyes.


“The cop snitcher said that the Third Brother was killed by a student named Tang Xiu. But how the hell do I feel that this doesn’t make sense? There’s no way the cop had already found out about our snitch and deployed traps.” The middle-aged man wearing glasses amongst them held Tang Xiu’s portrait as he repeatedly looked at it a few times. Throwing it aside, he spoke with a confused expression.


“We know that Third Brother’s fighting prowess might not be the strongest amongst all of us. But his strength is definitely the strongest. How the hell did he get buckled down by such a feeble high schooler?” A youth with a cherry-apple shirt also spoke with the same puzzled expression.


“You wait a bit. I have already completed compiling these 3 people and their family’s information. It will immediately come out.” Along with a keyboard typed sounds, a man with frameless glasses confidently spoke.


“Third Brother has died. We must avenge him. Regardless of whoever killed him, the bastard will have to pay for this. Since the cops intentionally disclosed Third Brother’s death to the news media, then they must have laid traps at Star City First High School. We’ll act opposite of their wishes and shouldn’t act toward the High School’s students.”


“Those stupid cops don’t know that there is a snitch amongst them. Never will they ever think that they were being played by a mole right before their eyes. I can tell that now, they are waiting for us to walk into their trap.”


The other two men in the house were using a telescope to look at Star City First High School and were focused on Class 10.  Cold air exuded from their bodies as they stared with a dark and cold expression.


“All the information about Tang Xiu, Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan and their family members are out! Let’s take a look at them and then we’ll talk about our target to strike!” Suddenly, the frameless glasses man waved the A4 papers in his hand and loudly called everyone in the room.


Hearing the frameless glasses man, everyone quickly swarmed over and then looked at the information that had just been printed out.


“This girl is actually that sl*t’s younger sister. It’s not surprising that she is extremely daring to meddle in our business.”


“Tang Xiu’s sports class results failed for a long time. He got in a car accident a year ago and was in an idiotic-kind of condition?”


“Holy c*ap!!! This must be this f*cking dead fatty. I’m absolutely sure this is the f*cking dead fatty. He looks simple, but I would never have thought that he was a second generation nouveau-riche in disguise. He also learned Sanda and Taekwondo and is quite powerful.”




The five men who repeatedly read Tang Xiu, Yuan Chuling, and Cheng Yannan’s information a few times directly threw Tang Xiu with Cheng Yannan’s information aside. Then carefully read Yuan Chuling’s information.


It was because Tang Xiu and Cheng Yannan’s information was too ordinary. Tang Xiu only came from a low social class. He only had a mother—Su Lingyun, who came from a rural village.


They also found that Tang Xiu was not only physically weak but also had problems with his brain. Hence, he couldn’t be the culprit that had killed Ouyang Haifeng. It was also impossible for him to threaten them. With this reasoning, they decisively threw out the idea to deal with Tang Xiu’s mother.


As for Cheng Yannan, she was even weirder. Her information only recorded her older sister.


Cheng Yannan had good fighting prowess, she seemed to have learned military boxing, and her attainment in it was also quite profound. However, since Ouyang Haifeng was able to deal with her before, hence she shouldn’t be the one that was able to kill Ouyang Haifeng.


Let alone that Cheng Yannan’s sister was a cop. Even though these gangsters had more courage, never once did they ever dare to take the initiative to attack the police.


“Damn, Yuan Chuling’s father’s identity is complicated. On the surface, his company is only a high-tech limited company. But it’s inextricably linked to the government, even the profits account for hundreds of millions of yuan. The company also has a military secret advisory business credential for confidentiality services. What is his company doing anyways?”


“F**k, it’s too weird. This is way too scary. We mustn’t run into the military big shots! But this resume is only showing that he’s just an outstanding businessman. Ah, his business must be more than only surveying and mapping service fields, and could be related to the cities’ secret intelligence and surveillance.”


“I know about survey mappings, but what the hell is with these cities’ secret intelligence and surveillance?”


When they read Yuan Chuling’s father—Yuan Zhengxuan’s information, this group of gangsters were unable to figure out anything, and couldn’t clarify the real situation.


“Yuan Zhengxuan’s wife—Zhao Jing, is also remarkable. She isn’t attached to Yuan Zhengxuan, but rather has built an independent heavy-industry company by herself. Also, her company has just come into business recently. Although the current profit couldn’t be compared to Yuan Zhengxuan’s high-tech company, but judging from the long-term prospects, her heavy-industry company in no way will be inferior to Yuan Zhengxuan’s high-tech company.


“Zhao Jing seems to be an able woman and has a strong character. Because she heard that Yuan Zhengxuan is close with other women, but without any pieces of evidence, she just directly divorced him. This courage is not something an average woman could have.”


“I don’t know how these 2 people’s brains work. The both of them are very difficult, it’s hard to compare which one is more powerful. The money they could make is even more that we could get in a lifetime. F*cking comparing us with them is just driving me crazy.”


“Just blame them for giving us the way to make money. Okay, let’s take on Zhao Jing. As long as we get her, Yuan Zhengxuan will automatically take the bait.”


After having a discussion, this group of gangsters picked their target and then began to brew a plan.


At Star City First High School, Class 10’s classroom. Although Tang Xiu was reading, but in fact, his mind was wondering most of the time.


It was not because of the incident that happened this morning had an impact on him, but it was because he was thinking about a project to make money.


Tang Xiu had stayed and spent his time for nearly half a month in school and the provincial library, and basically had read almost all the books there.


What he must do now was to screen out all the information in his brain. He needed to analyze the Immortal World’s vast expanse of concocted pills’ formulas and their medicinal herbs ingredients, and find their substitutes with the materials and ingredients on Earth. Only then would he be able to see which pill formula could be concocted on Earth, and which would monetize a huge profit for him.

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Meanwhile the police know that there is a group of homicidal maniacs planning to murder them and their families…


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I was actually kinda thinking the school was decent because the 45 minutes sounded like she actually gave it to the class immediately, school I was at only went on the PA to address anyone who needed counseling could go to the center for it expecting students to actually realize they needed counseling, and how many teens would admit to that…hah.


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