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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 56 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: Small Hints of Traces


For 2 days and nights, Tang Xiu had been in deep thought. He constantly altered and changed the concocted pill formulas in his mind and was finally able to compose a few formulas that could be implemented on Earth.


However, the costs for the products were in line with the manufacturing process, products’ marketing, running the company, and other company management aspects that made Tang Xiu baffled.


Tang Xiu’s past incarnation had long been used to being a lone wolf. He had his servants take care of everything he needed to the point that he only handled his own matters and cared for nothing else.


But in his current lifetime, not only did Tang Xiu have very few friends, he also had no servants, causing him to feel a kind of helplessness, as if his hands and feet were tied.


Although Banshou, Dingzi, and the others were available for him to use, but Tang Xiu didn’t think that these people would have the ability to help him manage his own company.


“It seems like I have to start headhunting for my company or take the initiative to find talented people. However, gaining trust would waste too much time.” Tang Xiu sighed as he continued writing and painting on the paper.


In these 2 days, he had written and painted several thick blank papers in his notebook. When later he realized that painting in his own notebook was only wasting them, he even used the blank exam papers on his desk to write and paint his thoughts.


“Eldest Brother, have you ran into trouble? Are you worried about the College Entrance Test?” Whilst grabbing the painted papers Tang Xiu was drawing, Yuan Chuling seemed to have been drowned in anxiousness as he asked with a worried expression.


“I am planning to rob the bank, do you want to join me?” Recalling those fast-sh*tty-rotten ideas for making money Yuan Chuling had given him, Tang Xiu blasted his instakill reply over to Yuan Chuling.


Having heard it, Yuan Chuling blushed with shame as he smiled, before he replied immediately, “Eh, if you’re really short on money and is rushed, you could really make money that way though. Besides, apart from robbing and gambling, it’s not easy to play in other businesses, since it needs a lot of money and experience.”


“I know that. Anyways, I’m just bored and painted out of boredom. Hey, you’re busy with your study, off with ya!” Tang Xiu pushed him and then continued lowering his head and painted.


Suddenly, Tang Xiu felt a dazzling ray shoot at his face, causing him to frown immediately.


Had it been for an average person, being hit by a light from a glass reflection definitely wouldn’t make them startled, since it was in broad daylight after all. The sun was scorching outside and some people might perhaps play with a mirror or switch the window, causing the sunlight to be reflected onto their body, of which would be deemed as a normal occurrence for them.


However, after Tang Xiu had completed his first cultivation sub-stage, his five senses, as well as Spiritual Sense, was strengthened by numerous times. To the point that he was just like a video camera that was able to completely capture all scenes in a radius of 100 meters inside his mind.


Tang Xiu knew that the touch of light on his face was the sunlight’s reflection. What made him frown was because he sensed that the sunlight’s reflection was strange.


He felt strange because it happened too early in the morning as he was also sitting by the window and the sun was shining on him. In fact, apart from the students who were sitting by the window and a few students who were still outside, it was almost impossible for the sunlight to shine down on the other Class 10’s students.


What made Tang Xiu feel strange was that, because he was perfectly aware that the reflected sunlight was coming from the West, whilst this classroom’s western side was not being shined on by the sun at the moment. Not to mention that this school classrooms’ building was a 10-storey high building and basically would overshadow the residential buildings around it. It was impossible to have sunlight reflection from the residential building below it.


With his lightning fast eye movement, Tang Xiu was able to figure out the direction where the sunlight reflection came.


Tang Xiu saw a devilishly handsome man holding a binocular and gazing toward his classroom’s direction. He was focused on his desk mate, Yuan Chuling.


“Peeping? Surveillance? Or maybe it’s just a coincidence?” Tang Xiu turned vigilantly in an instant as a touch of coldness flashed across his eyes.


Tang Xiu took back his vision and continued to draw on the exam paper. But the corner of his eyes swept toward his right side from time to time to see the movements of those people upstairs in that residential building.


“Holy f*ck!!! Tang Xiu couldn’t have found me, could he?” Almost at the same time, Tang Xiu found that the transvestite man, he also saw that Tang Xiu looked at his eyes. He couldn’t help but suddenly exclaim.


“B*tch! You’re thinking too much! It is 1000 meters away from that building. You can see that Class 10’s classroom due to using binoculars, but Tang Xiu has no binoculars. How the hell is he able to see us?” The moment the transvestite shouted, the frameless glasses man ridiculed him. The transvestite then thought for awhile and realized that he really had thought too much. He felt relieved and continued to monitor Tang Xiu’s actions and movements again.


When the transvestite found that Tang Xiu only glanced at his direction, he retracted back his vision and no longer looked at his direction. He subconsciously felt relieved and a self-mocking smile was revealed on his face, “Sh*t, students these days are really forgetful. It’s only been a day since such the big incident happened, but they have completely forgotten about it today, and are fully occupied with their study as though nothing happened.”


“Then, why don’t you remind them again?” The frameless glasses man repeatedly stroke on a keyboard before he took out his cell phone and dialed a number.


The second the frameless glasses man dialed the number, Class 10’s Tang Xiu got up, making Yuan Chuling, Cheng Yannan, and the other students confused, because he directly left the classroom.


For everything, it might be better late than never, but it was much better to prevent things before it happened.


A torch was ablaze in Tang Xiu eyes as his mind revolved and analyzed everything meticulously. Had there been no such as the thug incident at school 2 days ago, he might have ignored it. But now, he had no choice but to pump up his spirit and mind to prevent the same accident from to happening again.


As the saying goes — Behind the occurrences of all abnormalities, there must be demons pulling the strings in secret.


Some people particularly did surveillance and monitor students with binoculars. And the one who was being the target of surveillance was Yuan Chuling, who was involved in the gangster incident yesterday. This made him certain that those people were absolutely up to no good.


When Tang Xiu had just arrived at the office on the corridor, he saw that Han Qingwu was bending over and cleaning something inside, aiming her plentiful buttock at him at the right moment and angle. Her waist was slim but seemed to be very supple and flexible.


“Teacher Han, are you busy?”


Han Qingwu turned around and was quite surprised to see Tang Xiu at her office. She intentionally scolded him and pretended to be angry, “Hey, why aren’t you studying in the classroom, why are you running here for?”


It took quite a long time for Tang Xiu to choose his words, “Teacher Han, I’m not feeling well. I want to have a check up at the hospital.”


“You’re sick?”


Han Qingwu’s complexion changed. She instantly put the broom down as she half-rang forward and arrived before Tang Xiu in a few steps. She raised her slender white hand to gently stroke Tang Xiu’s forehand.


1 second!


10 seconds!


Half a minute later, with an expression full of concern Han Qingwu softly spoke, “Your body’s temperature is normal. It’s not a fever. But your body might have contracted something. Let’s go! I’ll take you to the hospital myself.”




Tang Xiu hesitated at first before he nodded and agreed. He originally wanted to leave by himself and then go to the residential building where those people did the surveillance. But in order to not alert them, going outside of the school along with Han Qingwu would provide a much better cover, and would not cause suspicion to those people.


At the residential building.


The man with frameless glasses put down the cell phone. He rolled his eyes when he heard a “hey” exclamation from his companion. With a disgruntled expression, he yelled, “Shut the f*ck up B*TCH! And don’t make a fuss over nothing! We still have more important things to do. Don’t be such a p*ssy and get frightened over such small things. Even if the Mt. Tai is collapsing in front of you, there’s no way in hell you must get panicked.”


The transvestite retorted angrily, “Bastard, keep calling me ‘B*TCH’ and I’ll f*ck you up! Get your ass off here and see for yourself. That brain damaged boy is coming out with a woman. I know her. She’s that Class 10’s teacher-in-charge.”


The frameless glasses man’s eyes flashed as he grabbed the binoculars and gazed over whilst stroking his chin gently. He chuckled and then spoke, “It’s Tang Xiu, he’s nothing to worry about. His brain is damaged and wouldn’t pose any threat to us. But this woman… holy f*ck! This Big Daddy has long been dallying with a lot of chicks. Never once have I ever f*cked this kind of hot chick. As soon as we solve this problem, I must snatch her and f*ck her good for a few days!”


“We don’t need to watch them?”


The transvestite was somewhat hesitant and anxious. He didn’t know why, but he faintly felt that the frameless glasses man made a wrong judgment. Although his brother didn’t consider Tang Xiu as a threat, but the moment Tang Xiu saw him, anxiousness and tension filled his heart.


The frameless glasses man sneered, “Why the f*ck should we monitor a retard huh? It doesn’t make sense. What we must closely monitor now is that Yuan Chuling brat!”


“Fine, okay, okay!”


The transvestite quickly got rid of the haze in his heart.


Outside the school’s gate, Tang Xiu took a seat in the co-pilot seat and suddenly spoke, “Teacher Han, please stop at the supermarket at the street corner. I’m thirsty and want to buy some water.”


Han Qingwu said, “I’ll help you buy it.”


Tang Xiu did not refuse her since he also planned to make Han Qingwu buy it. Only after Han Qingwu left him would he have the opportunity to slip away and sneak into the residential building, where those people were doing their covert surveillance.


A few minutes later, Tang Xiu smoothly slipped away from Han Qingwu. He quickly rushed over to the neighborhood near that residential building. He stopped for awhile and carefully observed his surroundings. He found nothing abnormal in particular. Based on his memory of the floor and apartment where those people were in, he hurriedly rushed upstairs.


Through his Spiritual Sense, he clearly “saw” his targets in an apartment on the 8th floor. There were 2 men. One man was the one he saw from the classroom, he was holding the binoculars at the moment. The man was at the opposite side of his school as he still gazed and watched the school’s situation. As for the other man, his complexion was overcasted with gloomy shades and cold-chilling eyes while stroking and typing on his laptop keyboard.




Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled. For the first time, a chilling cold light flashed over his eyes.


He clearly found a gun and 2 three-bladed army knives on the computer desk.


For a moment, Tang Xiu deeply pondered. He was 100% certain that these people were the criminals. If they were the police in surveillance that was monitoring his school in covert, they also must have guns. But it was absolutely impossible for them to have those Mitsubishi army knives. In addition, the bearded murderers at school before also had this kind of three-bladed army knife.


“Since I have identified their true identity, should I report to the cops?”


The thought crossed Tang Xiu’s mind, but he quickly cast it out. He was a supreme expert in the Immortal World. Even though his cultivation now was only one millionth from before, he was confident that he would be able to handle these worthless thugs.


He finally made his decision.


Just like a vigorous and powerful Spirit Ape, Tang Xiu silently approached that apartment’s door.

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