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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 57 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: Decision


In the vicinity near the entrance of Star City First High School, Han Qingwu dialed a number on her phone with an exasperated expression. However, “the user you’re trying to call has shut the phone down” reminder kept replying. This made her wish to quickly pack Tang Xiu up and severely crush him.


Never once in her dreams would she think that Tang Xiu would lie to her. He was waiting obediently in the car for her to buy water drink, only to fool her and slip away. She was not a fool to realize that Tang Xiu was faking his sickness to make her escort him to the hospital.


“Damn Tang Xiu, you’re really damnable. Not only do you skip classes, you even make me escort you out to ditch school. Enough is enough! I will fix you up when I find you.”


Near the residential building…


The frameless glasses man was still talking with someone on the phone. He then spoke in surprise, “You have succeeded? Zhao Jing has been kidnapped and taken to the auto repair garage? Great! However, since we’ve kidnapped her, then the cops surely have been notified. We must lay low for at least 2 days.”


“Youngest Sister and I will continue to stay and monitor here. I believe the police will certainly suspect this to have a connection to 3rd Brother. They will also come to the school to find Yuan Chuling, I’m really looking forward to seeing Yuan Chuling’s angry face as well as the cops’ helpless expression.”


“Good, that’s it …”


The call ended.


A ridiculing expression emerged on the frameless glasses man’s face. He was looking forward to the next interesting scene. But he didn’t know that Tang Xiu overheard the contents of his conversation outside.


“Is it going well? One-Eyed acted very fast and efficient!” The transvestite spoke happily.


The frameless glasses man sneered, “Have we brothers ever done our work stupidly? However, that Zhao Jing woman was truly hard. One-Eyed was barely able to grab her after he slaughtered her 2 bodyguards through sneak attacks. But still, he got injured in the process.”


“What the hell? One-Eyed is injured? Didn’t he get trained abroad? Anyways, for how long must we watch this Yuan Chuling brat?”


“We’ll wait for 2 days more…”


Who was Zhao Jing?


Tang Xiu was quite confused outside. Even if he was thinking hard and racking his memory, he didn’t know about this woman. However, judging from the frameless glasses man and the transvestite’s dialogue, he figured out one thing, that these criminals had kidnapped this woman. And this woman definitely was related to Yuan Chuling.


What should he do now?


Dealing with these 2 men would certainly enrage the other ones. They might kill that Zhao Jing in rage.


Tang Xiu carefully analyzed the variables and finally decided not to act for the time being. Since these 2 men were still monitoring for the next 2 days, then 2 days later, he would secretly tail them and crack the clues. He would then be able to catch and deal with all of them at once.


After he quietly left, Tang Xiu was somewhat anxious.


He originally planned to sneakily deal with these criminals in surveillance or kill them. Once he had done it, then he would explain to Han Qingwu. But he couldn’t act now while he also had to appease Han Qingwu.


“Well, I’ll just tell her some fake info!”


Tang Xiu took out his cell phone, rebooted it, typed a message, and immediately sent it.


At Class 10, Star City First High School.


Han Qingwu was standing at the podium with a cold-frozen expression. While sweeping at the students’ face, she spoke in an icy tone, “Starting now, everyone is forbidden to skip class. Not even one of you can request to skip class. If any one of you violates this, you will clean the toilet for 1 week.”


In the classroom.


Dozens of students not only not feared Han Qingwu’s words, but they were happy instead. They were looking at Tang Xiu’s seat in uniform as though agreeing, while some students let out ridicules, taking pleasure of his misfortune.


“Heck, Tang Xiu must have made Teacher Han furious. He really is rotten to the bone. His boldness and recklessness truly have reached the peak. If I were Teacher Han, I would have kicked him out directly.”


“He also had ditched school before for so many days. But since Teacher Han is benevolent, she didn’t punish him accordingly, causing him to be more lawless. I really hope Teacher Han immediately disposes him.”


“Teacher Han has been too good. She blindly supports Tang Xiu only to find him becoming worse. He’s really sh*tty, causing our class and the entire grade to turn into dipsh*t.”


“How come our class has such a rotten sh*t?”




The more Yuan Chuling listened to the comments in the surroundings, the more rage was in his heart. If the teacher-in-charge, Han Qingwu, was not in the class, he probably would have already stood up and beaten those foul-mouthed students.




Han Qingwu immediately frowned as her cell phone buzzed. A text message was sent to her phone.


She took the phone and opened the SMS: “Teacher Han, I have important things to do. It would at least take 3 days to deal with. I’ll come back later and receive my punishment.”


“Tang Xiu…”


Han Qingwu forgot that she was still standing on the podium as she roared after reading the SMS contents.


After roaring, Han Qingwu suddenly realized the students were still paying attention to her. Recalling how she had lost her manner, her face blushed red in instant.


“Heavens! What have I seen? Did the Teacher Han reveal a shy expression? Could it be that I didn’t have enough sleep last night and am seeing an illusion today?”


“Wow! She’s really beautiful! Teacher Han is actually shy? Damn, even the moon and flowers pale in comparison! Oh God, my heart is jolting…”


“Teacher Han should be the world’s most beautiful goddess, shouldn’t she? Holy Lord! I’m finished. Never will I be able to like another woman again in my life. Ah, that reminds me. Didn’t she just receive an SMS before?… Was it Tang Xiu who texted her?”


“Didn’t Teacher Han just shouted Tang Xiu’s name and then reveal a shy expression? Could it be… Damn, that’s f*cking impossible… How could Teacher Han have a crush on that rotten Tang Xiu?”


“Tang Xiu absolutely has sent a f*cking SMS to Teacher Han, causing her to be that furious and lose manners! That f*cking bastard…”


“Tang Xiu, you really deserve to be stabbed with a thousand knives…”


Yuan Chuling’s whole face was gloomy. Once again he heard his classmates’ derisive comments. But the cloudy mood immediately turned bright. His admiration toward his Eldest Brother Tang Xiu instantly turned skyrocketed to the peak. Tang Xiu was even able to make Teacher Han expose her “teenage girl-in-love” expression. There was no way anyone in the world could be just like his Eldest Brother Tang Xiu and would pull a stunt like this, was there?


“Damn, I absolutely have to learn Eldest Brother’s flirting skill to pick up some chicks!” Yuan Chuling secretly resolved this conviction in his heart.


Outside of school, Tang Xiu hadn’t left yet.


Using his Spiritual Sense, he continued his observation. There was no household in this residential building. The residential building was in a messy condition. This explained why the building had been vacant for quite a long time. So he deftly and skillfully opened the window and slipped in.


He was preparing to stay here for 2 days and closely watch the 2 men’s movements upstairs. At the same time, he also needed to find helping hands as soon as possible.


After carefully thinking, Tang Xiu then dialed Long Zhengyu’s number.


Star City, in a more than 10 storey building, Long Zhengyu was smoking and sitting on a soft leather sofa, chatting with his friends from Beijing. The other 2 young men were also smoking.


“Chu Yi, Bai Tao. The two of you know that this Long Zhengyu has never talked big. But that Little Brother of mine is definitely a dragon amongst men. Although I have only known him recently, but I can guarantee that nobody is more outstanding than him amongst the younger generation.” Long Zhengyu spoke seriously.


The handsome Chu Yi who was wearing a suit faintly smiled and spoke, “Big Brother Long, we have long been friends for more than 10 years. This is the first time I’ve heard you speak for others in such high praise. It seems that I have to meet him and get acquainted with him, to see whether he’s really as outstanding as you’ve said.”


Bai Tao also laughed, “I really have to see him. If he’s really like Young Master Long said, I will introduce him to my younger sister who has high standards and looks down upon any youths.”




Long Zhengyu couldn’t help but laugh.


The 2 friends who sat in front of him were the youngest generation of the prominent families from Beijing. They were also outstanding figures amongst the Beijing’s young masters’ circle. Even though he himself from the Long Family had also rapidly risen and developed in the recent years, but still he paled in comparison to the both of them.


“Ring, ring, ring…”


The phone rang and interrupted their conversation.


Long Zhengyu frowned. He took out his cell phone as a strange look emerged from his face after he looked at his phone. He then smiled and spoke, “Speaking of him, it’s him calling. Sorry, I’ll pick this up first…”


Shortly after…


He picked the call up and then spoke while smiling, “Little Brother Tang, what’s up?”


“Chief Long, I need a hand. Are you free right now?”


“Little Brother Tang, I’m only a few years older than you. Don’t be like a stranger. How about directly calling me Big Brother Long? Anyways, what kind of help do you need? Tell me. As long as I can do it, I’ll definitely fulfill it.”


“Big Brother Long, I want to find a professional manager for my business. I’m short on money recently and plan to create a small business. But I don’t have much time to manage it and can only entrust the management to a professional manager who can be trusted.”


“Do you want to do some businesses?”


Long Zhengyu suddenly stood up from the sofa. His eyes were rolling and flashed.




Long Zhengyu then probed, “Little Brother Tang, would you mind telling me what business you are going to do? Of course, if it’s convenient for you to tell me.”


Tang Xiu replied, “Cosmetics business.”


Long Zhengyu was silent for a moment and slowly spoke, “I got it. Little Brother Tang, I’ll give a potential professional manager to you within 3 days.”


“Thanks a lot.”


Long Zhengyu hung up the phone and slowly sat back on the sofa. He silently thought about Tang Xiu’s words. He was very clear that it was not because Tang Xiu was short on money. If Tang Xiu really needed money, he could have given him a few million since he rejected his 5 million yuan offer last time.




He said he was short of money. That meant that the amount of money he needed was absolutely astronomical. So he wanted to jump into business. This also meant very big business, and he also had the confidence to make money.


Do I want some slice of it?


Long Zhengyu gently stroke his chin and silently thought.


After a moment, he had made a decision.

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