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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 58 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: The Rage


Chu Yi and Bai Tao looked at each other as they looked at Long Zhengyu who was lost in thought. They were very puzzled. They could tell through the phone’s conversation, that Long Zhengyu deeply valued this youth.


“Young Master Long, what’s up?”


Bai Tao was a straightforward person and asked directly.


Long Zhengyu answered slowly, “He wants to do business and wants me to help him find a professional manager. I’m thinking which professional manager has the Midas Touch in Star City.”


Bai Tao smiled and replied, “Isn’t it an easy thing to do? Give it to me! I’ll find one from Beijing.”


A mature Chu Yi carefully thought. Hearing the dialogue between the two of them, his expression moved slightly as a thought to test Tang Xiu then emerged. He faintly smiled and spoke, “Hey, how about Kang Xia! If what Young Master Long has said about Tang Xiu is true, I think he also wouldn’t have a problem to recruit Kang Xia!”


“Kang Xia?”


Bai Tao exclaimed loudly.


Long Zhengyu faintly felt that the name “Kang Xia” sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he heard it. After being puzzled for a while, he then asked, “This Kang Xia is…”


Bai Tao swallowed his saliva furiously as he let out a wry smile and answered, “She is one of a few domestic brilliant professional managers. Ah, no! She is even more that, far more than world class managers. She came back from the World Financial Center Wall Street 3 years ago. Then, the Pang Group hired her at a sky-high contract. After she took over, she swiftly and decisively reorganized and reformed the corporation, expanding the company to 4 times bigger in just 3 years.”


“Two months ago the Pang Group’s 2nd Young Master, the Beijing Bad Luck Young Master Pang, who had always been pursuing Kang Xia for naught, attempted to drug her. He failed and caused Kang Xia to be furious. She then resigned directly from Pang Group’s CEO. That 2nd Young Master Pang is now still bedridden after being beaten by the Pang Family’s head!”


“The most surprising thing that makes people desperate is that when Kang Xia had left the Pang Group,  everybody thought that there was a chance to recruit her. But regardless of any price and means, Kang Xia refused all of them. My father even promised her 10% shares of our family group’s stocks. But she didn’t even flinch.”


Long Zhengyu’s eyes contracted as he was struck aghast with amazement. Others might be clueless of how huge the Bai Group’s capital was, but he was very clear. 10% of their stocks was equal to 10 digits in money.


“It’s her!?”


Long Zhengyu immediately recalled.


Chu Yi lightly laughed, “Well, to recruit her depends on Tang Xiu’s ability. If he can win her then I’ll definitely be convinced. Otherwise, I don’t think it will be necessary for us to get acquainted.”


Long Zhengyu squinted his eyes. He was very good at judging other’s personality and characters. But he couldn’t fathom Tang Xiu’s bottom. He even faintly felt that he could only look up to him, as an inexplicable worship feeling had sprouted in his heart. He firmly replied, “I believe that he can win her.”


Two days had passed…


During this time, Tang Xiu ordered Banshou, Dingzi and the others to help him buy a lot of materials. All the materials were then sent to his secret house. He spent 2 days to conduct hundreds of tests and experiments and was finally able to compose 2 kinds of skin health care product formulas and the manufacturing processes.


Skin Care Lotion!


Scar Removal Cream!


These were the 2 products named by Tang Xiu.


Skin Care Lotion had a powerful whitening and moisturizing effect, and its efficacy was 10 times stronger than those of high-end whitening skin cosmetics.


As for the Scar Removal Cream, it was able to rejuvenate scars and also eliminate freckles and acne.


He believed that once these two products were out on the market, it would cause a huge sensation. By that time, people who cared about looks and appearances, as well as having scars, would definitely pursue these 2 products.


The last thing that needed now was only a starting fund. He basically had no start-up capital which would be needed to register the company, setting up the factory, promotion, marketing, etc. Adding up all of that would require a huge amount of money…


Star City Golden Emperor Villa District.


The district was one of the best villa areas in the Star City. Only the haves and respectable people lived here. Each and every inhabitant in this district could even shake Star City.


In one of the villas, with a grim expression, Yuan Zhengxuan stared icily at the 4 suited bodyguards in front him, “It’s been f*cking 2 days! Are all of you useless idiots? Continue sweeping!!! Even if you have to dig 3 feet in the entire Star City, you must find my wife’s whereabouts!!”




The four big guys solemnly complied.


At this time, a middle-aged woman in a professional blazer strode into the hall and spoke, “Master Yuan, the Public Security Bureau’s Director Deng Jianmin and the Criminal Police Division’s Captain Cheng Xuemei have come. They are waiting outside.”


Yuan Zhengxuan’s complexion changed as he spoke quickly in a deep tone, “Quickly bring them in.”


Shortly after…


Deng Jianmin, with an ashen expression, strode along Cheng Xuemei into the hall. Their anger could be seen from their complexion.


When Yuan Zhengxuan saw their expressions, his mood turned heavier. He then asked, “Director Deng, is there any news?”


Deng Jianmin replied with a bitter and astringent expression, “After the investigation, we have identified those kidnappers’ identities. They are the A-Rank criminals in our wanted criminal list and are wanted for human organ trafficking, they are also currently being hunted by our target operation. Although we have yet to find their whereabouts, we have placed our forces at each city checkpoint. We’re definitely sure that they are still in the Star City area.”


Yuan Zhengxuan was burning with impatience. But he after all, was an experienced person and had long been through storms. But even so, he was only barely able to suppress his emotions. After a short moment of silence, he spoke in a deep tone, “Director Deng, I don’t understand. Those damned kidnappers are human organs traffickers and we don’t have any grudge whatsoever with them. So why did they suddenly kidnap my wife?”


Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei looked at each other.


Cheng Xuemei then spoke, “Mr. Yuan, according to our inference, your wife’s kidnapping should be related to your son!”



Yuan Zhengxuan looked at Cheng Xuemei with a dumbfounded expression before he asked, “What relation could it have with my son? He’s just an ordinary student at Star City First High School! How could it be possible that he’s related with this kidnapping?!”


Cheng Xuemei wryly smiled with a bit of apology, “A few days ago, one of Star City First High School students got kidnapped at school. The culprit was one of them. Your son and the other student tried to save that student and got rid of the culprit. Finally, they rescued that student and the culprit was killed by them.”


“Thus, we deducted that this kidnapping is their retaliation.”


Yuan Zhengxuan shouted with a disbelieving expression, “No! This is impossible! How could it be my son that killed somebody?”


Cheng Xuemei said, “Truthfully speaking, the one who killed the culprit was not your son, but another student.”


Yuan Zhengxuan took his cell phone out and was about to call Yuan Chuling. He then suddenly realized something and then immediately looked at the 4 big bodyguards. With a deep tone he spoke, “All of you rush to Star City First High School and bring my son here. Do bear in mind, you must by any means ensure his safety!”




The four men immediately left.


Star City First High School…


Tang Xiu looked at the messy apartment in the residential building. A satisfied feeling suddenly rose in his heart. He basically had never cared about such trifling issues like this in his 10,000 years of life in the Immortal World. He had a lot of people under his command to provide everything he needed.


“Ah, no!”


Tang Xiu’s complexion suddenly changed. He keenly realized that his view and frame of mind had changed greatly. The previous apathetic attitude he had toward everything had changed. But now, after he became a mortal again, he also got swayed by various emotions just like an ordinary person.


In the room upstairs, the transvestite man took the mirror as his big fair and white fingers pinched and watched Yuan Chuling in Class 10 through his binoculars.


“You said that the Tang brat has left? Ever since he left school that day, he hasn’t come back yet. Could it be that brat got scared because of the incident caused by 3rd Brother?”


The 10 fingers of the frameless glasses man danced on the keyboard, leaving only one piece of a blurred video screen. Dozens of monitoring screens were shown on his laptop screen, which showed all the surveillance cameras around Star City First High School. It seemed like he already hacked through the police monitoring system for city traffic.


“He’s just a brat! He has never experienced anything big as he got dizzy and was afraid after seeing blood. That Tang brat is only a damaged brain idiot. Just leave him be and not waste our time on a nobody! I’m just curious, when will those f*cking blockheads from the Public Security Bureau withdraw and stop monitoring the school?”


The transvestite man laughed, “Those blockheaded cops have investigated the school 4 times in these 2 days. Man, everytime I see that dumb disappointment on their faces, I really wanted to laugh a few times. I tell you…”




The transvestite man abruptly stopped speaking as he carefully observed the scene at the school with his binoculars.


“What the f*ck?”


The frameless glasses men frowned and closed down the laptop.


The transvestite man sneered, “It seems Yuan Zhengxuan still cares about his f*cking ex-wife and son, eh?! He even unexpectedly sent his four bodyguards to pick him up from school. I’m f*cking sure that those moron cops have told the incident at school to Yuan Zhengxuan.”


The frameless glasses man’s eyes squinted and ridiculed, “With our abilities, how can those f*cking idiots cope with us? Well… if that brat Yuan Chuling goes home, there’s no meaning in continuing the surveillance here. We’ll also withdraw.”




Class 10.


Yuan Chuling had been playing with his carbon pencil out of boredom. From time to time, his sight swept outside the window. He came to Class 10 mainly because Tang Xiu was here. But Tang Xiu actually played truant in these days, leaving him alone without anybody to chat with.


“Yuan Chuling, come out!”


The class’ teacher-in-charge, Han Qingwu, appeared outside the class’s door.


Yuan Chuling was surprised for a moment. Then, he got up and walked toward her. When he was about to ask, his complexion suddenly changed, because he saw that his father’s 4 bodyguards were behind Han Qingwu along with Cheng Xuemei in her police uniform. He also knew that Cheng Xuemei was the Criminal Police Division’s captain and was specifically responsible for investigating important cases.


There must be some accident!


And this should be related to his family!


“Yuan Chuling, your mother has been kidnapped. Come with us to your father.” Cheng Xuemei took the lead and spoke.


Yuan Chuling gasped and quickly asked, “Who did it?”


Cheng Xuemei replied, “Let’s go! I’ll tell you on the way!”


At the residential building, Tang Xiu, who was just cleaning up the living room to temporarily stay in this place, found that the 2 criminals upstairs were packing up and were prepared to leave the apartment.


“The time has come to clean up these threats!”


Without hesitation, he immediately tracked them from behind.



[1] I was quite in dilemma (joking  mode: ON) whether I have to use man in pink, transvestite or shemale… I chose the second term… :P. BUT, my deviant personality (serious mode: ON) wants me to change it into shemale…

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