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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 59 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: The Old Den


Tang Xiu silently trailed along behind the two criminals. He could tell that they were very careful and extremely vigilant. If he was not supported by his Spiritual Sense, it would be very difficult to tail them.


“Huh? They took a car?”


Tang Xiu was secretly vexed. Watching the 2 men board the Volkswagen, he quickly memorized the car’s plate number as they bypassed him in high-speed. He then rushed forward to the residential building’s front door and was quite lucky that he bumped into a cab when he got out from the residential area.


“Little Brother, where do you want to go?”


The fat driver cheerfully turned his head and asked.


Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as he used his Spiritual Sense to find that the 2 criminals’ car was about to drive out. He quickly pulled out a few hundred yuan from his wallet, giving them to the driver and spoke, “Uncle [1], do you see that Volkswagen that just came out from the entrance? Follow it secretly and don’t lose track of it. Do be very careful as not to get found out by those people in the car by any means.”


The fat driver hesitated, “Little Brother, you…”


Tang Xiu took a few more paper money from his wallet and handed them again. He was perfectly aware that money and wealth were even able to drive the Devils to work to death. Regardless of this society he was living in now or when he was in the Immortal World, this principle was the truest truth and truly useful.


It worked!


The fat driver gritted his teeth as he nodded and spoke, “Little Brother! Relax! This old brother often got asked to help trail others. These days, not only are men having affairs, but women also had illicit lovers. Ah, to think that these kinds of men and women who are fully satisfied with life blindly play crazily without purpose…”


Tang Xiu’s mouth twitched and curled up. He was quite amused and satisfied with this kind of misunderstanding. Tagging along with the cab driver’s words, he intentionally pretended to be angry, “If that loathsome woman in the car is really having an affair, I must really break her dog legs.”


Having heard it, the worries in the fat driver’s heart suddenly vanished.


10 minutes later.


Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled. The distance between the two cars was only 30 or 40 meters, however, even though the cab driver was very careful, the Volkswagen’s driver in front was as vigilant as before.


“Uncle, slow down and get some distance from that car.”


The fat driver hesitated, “Little Brother, are you really thinking clearly? We could lose them if the car is too far away!”


Tang Xiu replied, “Uncle, relax! We will never lose them.”


The fat driver laughed and then spoke while smiling, “Little Brother, you don’t have a driver license, do you? I AM the driver, how come you are more confident than me?”


Tang Xiu smiled, but he didn’t say anything. The Spiritual Sense he had was just like a cheat skill in life. With such a skill in this new-era of the 21st century, it was only natural that he had the confidence.


A few minutes later…


The smile on the fat driver’s face quickly vanished. Whilst looking at the intersection’s traffic light ahead, he let out a wry smiled, “Little Brother, we will lose them.”


Tang Xiu lightly replied, “Wait for the traffic lights and then speed up.”


The fat driver didn’t say anything.


After a few dozen seconds, the red light ended. The cab crossed the intersection and then accelerated forward immediately. But they quickly ran into the intersection’s traffic light again.


“I can’t see that car anymore.”


The fat driver spoke with a helpless tone.


Tang Xiu squinted his eyes before he lightly replied, “They didn’t turn and are still moving forward. Do it just like before. After you’ve crossed the intersection, then accelerate.”




The fat driver looked at Tang Xiu with an astonished expression. He had the urge to ask as to how Tang Xiu would know about it?


The next intersection…


Tang Xiu spoke in a deep tone, “Uncle, get ready to turn left.”


Turning left?


The fat driver’s eyes rolled and secretly cursed in his heart, “Who the hell do you think you are? A tracking radar? Even I myself cannot see the car, how the hell will you know about it?”


After continuing moving forward along the road, a happy smile emerged on Tang Xiu’s lips. Because when the cab was speeding up, his Spiritual Sense caught the Volkswagen again. The criminal who drove the car also had lowered his vigilance and no longer repeatedly looked at the rearview mirror again.


“Uncle, turn right in front.”


“Turn left at the intersection ahead.”


“Accelerate and overtake the two cars ahead…”




After turning left and right for nearly an hour, the fat driver was finally unable to bear again. With an angry expression, he mumbled, “Hey, Little Brother, are you playing me? I haven’t seen that car for half an hour while you are continuing to give me directions blindly! How it is possible that we can overtake them?”


Tang Xiu’s mouth tightened up before a smile surfaced on his face. He lightly laughed, “Uncle, you don’t need to worry. My directions are absolutely correct. If you are willing, just speed up and you can see that car in the next intersection ahead.”


The fat driver stared blankly as his eyes glanced at the 700 or 800 yuan in the dashboard container in front of him. He then spoke, “Little Brother, you might not be deceiving me. But if your words can’t be proved and we still cannot see that car, you must add 200 yuan more for me to pay the fine.”




Tang Xiu grinned and smiled…


A few minutes later, the fat driver was dumbstruck. The Volkswagen was seen tens of meters ahead as a disbelieving expression flashed in his eyes.


“Flap, flap…”


Suddenly, he was slapping his own face a few times whilst driving the car. Because the slap was quite powerful, the sounds were clearly heard. His chubby face was flushed scarlet in an instant.


“Damn, am I dreaming? But… I can feel the pain. This is not a dream. But how the hell could he accurately determine that Volkswagen’s driving route? His eyes have always been looking ahead and I’m absolutely sure he has never once looked at his cell phone or such electronic tracking devices. This… I-I… who is this Little Brother I’m driving? Could he be a kind of god that descended to Earth?”


The look in the fat driver’s eyes when he saw Tang Xiu before and now was entirely different. After keeping silent for a short while, he was unable to hold his urge to ask, “Little Brother, if I were to slow down the speed, are you still able to determine that car’s driving route?”


Tang Xiu replied, “It’s not a problem, but the car can’t be too far away.”


The fat driver’s mouth twitched for a few times. He turned his head and showed a thumbs up toward Tang Xiu as he exclaimed in admiration, “Amazing! This Old Big Fatty rarely admires others. But I really admire you! You’re just like a deity! Damn, if everyone were like you, maybe those companies that sell electronic tracking devices would have gone bankrupt and gotten kicked out of business.”


More than 2 hours was spent in this trailing…


From the fat driver’s words, Tang Xiu knew that the Volkswagen car had turned around and passed a lot of places in the urban district. Some of which were passed by twice. Eventually, the cab finally stopped near a dilapidated auto-repair garage.


“Little Brother, are you sure that your girlfriend hasn’t found out? Her vigilance and counter-detection ability is way too high. Even though I have long been a cab driver and am very familiar with the streets in Star City, if it weren’t for you directing me, I could have been left behind by her by more than 10 streets.” The fat driver smiled wryly.


Tang Xiu only faintly smiled. He then thanked the fat driver as he gazed at him leaving. Then, Tang Xiu circled around the auto-repair garage as he quietly approached it from behind.


The auto-repair garage had already been dilapidated. It was full with bad and rotten stenches everywhere. A tall man with a robust built was sweating all over his body full of muscles. His hand was holding repair tools as he was busy fixing a pickup truck.


Most of the building’s side was covered with a canopy. The inside space was a few hundred meters wide and filled with broken spare car parts that could be seen everywhere. In the innermost corner, the kidnap victim, Zhao Jing, was tied with a rag stuffed in her mouth. Although her clothes were still fairly neat, some big footprints could be seen on it. Her face was swollen and bruised, which could be seen that she had been beaten up.


The 2 men who guarded her were drinking their liquor and smoking. A lot of empty liquor bottles, as well as cigarette packs were on the table in front of them. Moreover, there were also 2 guns and several three bladed Mitsubishi army knives.


“One-Eyed, those two are surely having some fun watching there, aren’t they? Shall we execute our plan to videotape dismembering this b*tch’s limbs and dissecting her internal organs? I’m perfectly sure that when we send the video to Yuan Zhengxuan and Yuan Chuling, that father and son’s expression must be very f*cking marvelous.”


While putting on sunglasses, the one-eyed man revealed a cruel smile as his eyes swept over the Mitsubishi army knives. He then spoke with a cold tone, “This time, the revenge duty for 3rd Brother falls to Youngest Sister. Don’t be f*cking fooled by his usual fake female-like appearance. His blade techniques and skills are the best amongst all of us. And his 360 blades cut is like being dead but alive, even I’m also really vexed. This motherf*cking b*tch must be tortured while still alive with Youngest Sister‘s 360 blades cut.”




The shed building’s door was kicked open as the frameless glasses man carried a laptop bag and strode in. The transvestite also followed behind him and carried a big travel bag.


“Yo… youngest sister, you’ve come back. How about your surveillance plays?”


The transvestite threw the travel bag down and replied with a happy expression, “Of course, it was f*cking damn cool! Those bunch of retarded cops were going back and forth to Star City First High School for 4 or 5 times. But those retards didn’t find anything. You didn’t know how those f*cking cops’ faces looked like every time they left the school. Their f*cking dumb faces were as though their parents’ had died.”


The frameless glasses man swept away the liquor bottles on the table. He put his laptop bag on it and then said, “Now that bastard brat Yuan Chuling had already been picked up by the cops and his father’s bodyguards. Youngest Sister had observed them through the binoculars and Yuan Chuling surely went to Yuan Zhengxuan’s place.”


The one-eyed man let out a ridicule, “They deserve to be called a family, huh? Anyways, our snitch in the Public Security Bureau said that Yuan Zhengxuan has been very restless as this almost drove him crazy.


Unfortunately, he really has a good and strong heart. This psychological attack is neither causing him a heart attack nor vomiting blood and dying a tragic death.”


The transvestite spoke, “One-Eyed, when will we dissect this b*tch? After we kill this b*tch and that Yuan father and son, I wanna slit that brat Tang Xiu’s throat.”


The one-eyed man frowned and replied, “The hell you’re talking about that Tang Xiu’s brat? He’s just a retard! Why the hell are you killing him for? You also know that according to the information we had investigated, he is not the one who killed 3rd Brother.”


The transvestite man shook his head and said, “One-Eyed, I’ll really feel uneasy if we let that bastard brat Tang Xiu alive.”


One-Eyed waved his hand and spoke, “Fine, you can kill him later. The task to dissect this b*tch is yours, as 6th Brother is responsible for videotaping it. Remember that you must take the close-up shot when this b*tch’s face shows pained expressions. I want that f*cking brat Yuan Chuling to feel a hellish pain, like his heart is being twisted by a knife. Make him f*cking grieve and wish that he was better dead than alive.”


The transvestite rolled his eyes. He slammed his ass on the chair as he made a hand gesture to the frameless glasses and said, “6th Brother, this sl*t is a genuine b*tch. She also has good looks and body. Could it be that you don’t want to stick your f*cking d*ck and r*pe this b*tch?”


The frameless glasses man chuckled and spoke, “Haha, 5th Brother truly understands me.”


The transvestite cursed, “Bastard, you will know why I’m called the 5th Brother!”


[1] The raws wrote Shifu here which means master, skilled worker and a polite address for older person. I deliberately use Uncle. I usually use uncle to address them :D.

[2] I was tempted to write the One-Eyed man with Cyclops…

[3] Lastly, this is one of the chapters that take longer to translate… typos…

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I’m In Chinese 5 or 5th is a homonym for the onomatopeia of crying. 5 is wu in Chinese. I believe the reference the transvestite is saying is, “I’ll show you how I’ll make her cry.” As the transvestite is the WuGe (5th brother, also crying brother). Chinese puns m8.


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